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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm CDT

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tonight, the sprint to election day starts now. donald trump and hillary clinton barnstorming the battleground states. the rivals nearly crossing paths on a crowded ohio tarmac. their planes right next to each other. clinton calls in reinforcements, and trump reveals his strategy for the big debate. hermine's slamming into the east coast tonight. beaches shut down on this holiday weekend, costing businesses millions. now, a new hurricane on the horizon. president obama and vladimir putin in a face to face staredown. the president describing their blunt talk, but did they make a deal? a father's car stolen at a gas station. his twin daughters asleep in the backseat. tonight, his warning about turning your back, even for a
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a famous ancient rock formation destroyed, toppled by tourists. now, the hunt to find them. good evening. i'm cecilia vega. david is on assignment. we begin this labor day with breaking news on the campaign trail and the all-out sprint to the election. hillary clinton on her brand new campaign plane for the first time. the candidate, who hasn't held a press conference in late today taking questions from reporters, where she dismissed attacks about her health. today, alone, clinton making as many campaign stops as she's made in the last two weeks combined. her team fanning out, too. running mate tim kaine, vice president joe biden, former president bill clinton, even her one-time foe, bernie sanders, all out enforce today. it made for a crowded scene on the tarmac in cleveland.
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parked right there next to each other. donald trump making headlines tonight, too, saying he will attend all three debates. but we begin tonight with abc's david wright, leading us off in cleveland, with just 63 days to go until this election. >> reporter: tonight, as the final push begins, hillary clinton finally answered questions from her traveling press corps, including ones on russia, china and her health. >> are you concerned about conspiracy theories about your health and if that will affect conspiracy theories. there are so many of them, i've lost track of them. >> reporter: today's question and answer session was her first in weeks. it took place aboard clinton's brand new campaign plane, a boeing 737 nicknamed "hill force one." clinton's slogan, "stronger together," 'em plblaze sonned
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welcome to our big plane. so exciting. >> everything i did at the state department, i did in fourth rans of america's interest and our security. the state department has said there's absolutely no evidence of any kind of external influence, and i know that to be the fact. >> reporter: clinton's campaign has more events scheduled today than they've had for the past two weeks. team clinton swarming the end zone in bernie sanders' first solo stops on clinton's behalf in new hampshire. >> there should be no doubt on anybody's mind as to whether hillary clinton is the superior candidate, because in every respect, she is. >> reporter: at a labor day picnic in cleveland, clinton was suddenly overcome by a coughing fit.
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trump, i get allergic. "must be allergic to the media," tweeted trump's campaign wryly. "finally spent a minute with them." >> and david wright joining us in cleveland. hillary clinton not letting up on donald trump's trip to mexico. she's accusing him of choking on that big trip there? >> reporter: that's right, cecilia. clinton and her running mate, tim kaine, sat down with our friend david muir, and talked about the trip to mexico, saying he choked, calling, saying he caused a diplomati telling the mexican president one thing and his supporters another, calling that irresponsible. cecilia? >> david wright leading us off tonight. thank you. and a reminder just how tight this race is, clinton now holding a six-point lead over donald trump, that's found from a ten-point lead in early august, and as both candidates know, it is the battleground states where this race will be won or lost. here's abc's mary bruce. >> build that wall! >> reporter: tonight, donald
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sprint of the campaign. shaking hands at this county fair. >> we're going to bring jobs back to ohio, we're going -- >> reporter: trump blitzing the key battleground state where latest shows show clinton with a slim lead. and on his way, a rare move for trump, inviting the press to tag along on his plane. the same day hillary clinton started traveling with her press corps. coincidence? >> that what she's doing? >> i didn't know that. >> to become a citizen, you're going to have to go out and come back. >> reporter: but when pressed further, still not giving a clear answer. >> we're going to make that decision into the future. >> reporter: trump slamming clinton for ducking reporters, counting the days since her last press conference. >> she doesn't do press conferences. it's been almost 300 days. >> reporter: if hillary clinton held a press conference, what would you ask her?
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chance later this month. >> i think we have an obligation to do the debates. >> reporter: trump confirming he will attend all three debates. >> as of this moment, yes. >> what could cause you to change your mind? >> hurricanes, natural disaster. no, i expect to do all three. >> reporter: and with just 63 days until the election, he's taking new shots at clinton. >> she looks presidential. hillary clinton would be a disaster. >> and mary bruce is with us fr donald trump dropped some hints about how he's preparing for that debate, the first one in just three weeks. >> reporter: yeah, don't expect any traditional debate prep from donald trump. no mock sessions, no one playing clinton inner are hearsals. today trump expressing concerns about being overprepared. cecilia? >> mary, thank you. and david muir will be back here tomorrow night with hillary clinton and tim kaine, as well as the republican ticket, donald
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"gma," on abc news digital and of course on "world news tonight" tomorrow night. we want to turn now to the extreme weather. hermine packing a punch this labor day weekend. look at the high surf off rhode island. coastal flood threats and tropical storm warnings tonight along the coast of new england. at least two people killed, including the driver of this tractor trailer, blown over by a bridge. and in florida, where hermine made landfall as a hurricane, tonight, tens of thousands of residents still without power. abc's ginger zee with the storm track in a moment, but first, abc'sitez on the jersey shore. >> reporter: tonight, winds from hermine still packing a punch in parts of the northeast. in cape cod, massachusetts. >> whipping across the beach, waves are picking up.
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but a surprising number of people are actually out here. >> reporter: royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" got caught in the rough waters. they got out of it safely, but on the shore, rough, dangerous search. and lifeguards warn, it could be deadly. >> as soon as you get waist deep, you are swept down the beach. >> reporter: and all of those businesses along the eastern coast, fire island already saying they've lost millions. and look at these empty beach chairs on the jersey shore. the beach itself, even more barren. and small businesses, like the gables hotel and restaurant, taking a hit worth tens of thousands. >> the phones were ringing like crazy and there was a mass exodus from the island. >> reporter: a mass exodus. and so, here are you, left with all these open tables that would have otherwise been filled. >> i know. i know. and people miss their holiday. >> reporter: and cecilia, in the
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big, rough waves are going to keep tearing down these massive dunes. of course, they're going to need some repair for nor'easters in the fall and winter. cecilia? >> okay, gee yo, thank you. i want to bring in ginger zee. you have been tracking this for so long, and it's not over yet. >> reporter: feels like forever. and, yes, we've been tracking this system for weeks, cecilia. let's look at it. hermine, still a post-tropical smile clone with max sustained winds of 70 miles an hour. it will weaken as it keeps turning long island, all the way through cape cod. and that's why we are still paying attention to this. you pile on water for two, three days, and you are going to erode those beaches, major rip currents. i wanted to show you this. we will see some rain bands coming out of this, 20 to 40-mile-an-hour gusts with it and the shield of clouds makes it athe way back into parts of new jersey. then, we go to the middle of the nation, we've had big issues with severe weather the last 24
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minneap minneapolis. a quick look, hurricane newton, headed for cabo san lucas. >> ginger, thank you. overseas, president obama has landed in laos. the visit comes on the heels of the g20 meeting, opening with controversy on the tarmac and ending with a diplomatic showdown with vladimir putin. abc's bob woodruff is in the region for us tonight. rea >> reporter: today, tense moments on the sidelines of that g20 summit. president obama face to face with vladimir putin. >> the tone of our meetings are candid, blunt -- business-like. >> reporter: a 90-minute meeting, tackling everything from cyber security to a syrian cease-fire, between russian-backed president al assad and u.s.-backed rebels. but so far, no deal. >> given the gaps of trust that exist, that's a tough negotiation. >> reporter: that meeting on the final day of a summit that
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on the tarmac, chinese officials did not provide the traditional staircase and red carpet reserved for world leaders. instead, president obama had to exit from small stairs at the belly of the plane. mr. obama is now in laos, where he was scheduled to meet with the philippine president, now can receiving that meeting after the philippine president used a vulgar term, threatening to curse out president obama in person if he continued to question his state's controversial killing of drug >> reporter: now, obama will be the very first american president to ever visit the country of laos, and he will be stepping up the u.s. commitment to removing tens of thousands of those cluster bombs that have been left in the ground after being dropped by the united states during the vietnam war. cecilia? >> okay, bob, thank you. and just 650 miles away from where president obama was in china today, an act of aggression from north korea. in a show of military force, kim
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no warning given by the north korean government. the whouls promptly con contempting what they called as a reckless act. and back home now, to that controversial quarterback and his national anthem protest. tonight, two high profile defenders coming to colin kaepernick's side. president obama weighing in, calling it the nfl star's constitutional right to kneel in protest. but it's what one female soccer star did on the field and what she's now saying off the that is turning heads tonight. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernicks refusal to stand during the national anthem is gaining steam. even the president was asked about it. >> he's exercising his constitutional right to make a statement, i think there's a long history of sports figures doing so. >> reporter: u.s. women's
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before her game, calling it a nod to kaepernick protest of racial injustice. saying, "being a gay american, i know what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties." how long do you plan on continuing to take a knee and will it be taking a knee? >> i think at this point it will continue to be taking a knee. as far as how long this goes, i'm not sure. you know, i want -- i want to be able to affect change. >> reporter: support is growing for the embattled quarterback. the 49ers saying more kaepernick gear was sold last week than i >> he is receiving heavy boos here. >> reporter: one group voicing dissent. the santa clara police union, saying they may not provide security for games because of his statements about police. now, the santa clara police chief has reminded his staff that kaepernick is expressing his first amendment rights and it's their job to uphold that and provide public safety. cecilia. >> kayna, thank you. next tonight, imagine the horror of watching a thief
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daughters in the backseat. abc's steve osunsami has more. >> reporter: georgia police tonight are looking for a thief and a car jacker, seen in a video from this gas station surveillance camera, steaming a car with two twin 1-year-olds inside. >> ten steps away from the car. obviously enough for him to get in the car and take off. >> reporter: their father, lester chaney, couldn't get his credit card to work in the pump. he ran back to the car when he saw the sheaf. whoever stole it abandoned the car a quarter mile 1-year-old mackenzie was in her car seat in back, her twin sister, nadia, was found here. these aren't the first kids kidnapped during a car theft. this mom ended up jumping on the hood. her daughter managed to get out. >> and the lady was like, who is that getting into your car? i turned around, he's already in the car, closed the door. >> reporter: in florida, another mother is seen on surveillance video, fighting off two armed men, allegedly trying to steal her car with her 1-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son inside.
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land that slept through the whole ordeal. the father warns other parents tonight is that you should never leave your car running and unlocked like he did. cecilia? >> good reminder. steve, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. sorry to tell you, but it is back to work tomorrow. if you think the traffic on your way in is a pain, just wait until you find out how much your daily commute costs every year. and an inchent toppled, crashing to the ground. why these hikers say they did it and why authorities now want to find them. serena williams, now topping every tennis player ever, man or
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tonight, a famous rock formation reduced to rubble in just seconds, and all it took was a push from some hikers. now, the hunt is on to find them. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: even the people who captured this video couldn't believe it. oregon's beloved pedestal rock formation, immortalized by visitors to the coast, toppled intentionally. >> they were just standing on top of the rubble of the rock, just laughing, lik >> reporter: parkfficials found the rock in pieces and thought it must have collapsed naturally. but tonight, this video captured by two men flying a drone tells a very different and troubling story. in it, you can clearly see a group of people working to knock over the famous formation, which was protected behind a fence. >> they basically told me themselves that it was a safety hazzard and they did the world or oregon, like, a favor that they knocked it down.
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camera destroying beautiful natural formations. these boy scout leaders toppled a famous rock in utah, dating back to the jurassic period. actress vanessa hudgens was fined $1,000 for vandalizing land by carving into arizona's famous red rocks. in oregon, the accused vandals haven't been found. park officials say they are now working with the state police to find out who did this. cecilia? >> okay, name, thank you. and there's still dale earnhardt jr. putting the brakes on his season, but don't worry, nascar fans, he is not going away. and good news for giant pandas. they're not going away, either. we'll tell you more, when we come back. ? ? ? one smart choice leads to the next. ?
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$1,800 lost. and nascar racer dale earnhardt jr. is promising, he will be back in the driver's seat next season. earnhardt ending his season early after a concussion, but he's not yet thinking about retirement. at 41, earnhardt says he's got some good years left. and seriiena williams, a straight-set winner at the u.s. open, giving her 308 grand slam match wins, breaking a tie with roger federer. giant pandas. conservation experts say they are no longer endangered, on the list of threatened spee seals because they have been upgraded to vulnerable. the number of wild pandas in china got a big boost thanks to decreased poaching. and when we come back, the librarian with the million dollar secret. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies...
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and while most students were off today, students at cornell college were in classes. hear why. . tonight at 6. finally tonight, he was a librarian with a multimillion dollar se kreshgts and he left it all to the place he loved the most. bob morin spent nearly half a century cataloging books here, inside the university of new hampshire library. >> he would come to work every day in his 2003 honda, with over 100,000 miles, and he'd have his breakfast consisted of a coke and maybe fritos. >> reporter: and he had a secret. he saved and invested nearly every dollar he earned. and it paid off, big time. >> he ended up with a little over $4 million. >> reporter: and he left every cent of it to the university.
5:58 pm
would not have expected that he was able to leave those kind of funds. >> reporter: this janitor from vermont had a similar secret. >> never had an idea of it at all. >> reporter: he played the stock market, leaving behind a $6 million fortune to a hospital and library. as for bob morin, his legacy is the kind of stuff you might read about in a novel, and it's now etched in stone at the very library where he made his fortune and made dreams come true. thank you for i'm cecilia vega. don't forget, david's big interview from the campaign trail tomorrow. have a good night. picnic weigh in on raising linn
5:59 pm
hope of finding out what happened to their son, who disappeared from central iowa, more than three decades ago. pus, democrat hillary clinton brings her campaign to the quad cities area today. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 6. "it's not the biggest battle for the unions, but it is a battle the unions are willing to take on" celebrated the hard work behind better working conditions this labor day. you're looking at the hawkeye labor day picnic. it wasn't all a party. one of the issues the group was seeking-- a higher minimum wage for linn county. supervisors voted last week in favor of raising the wage. it was the first of three votes needed to take the county from 7.25 an hour to 10.25 an hour, by 20-19. only one supervisor voted against it.
6:00 pm
message at the picnic? the message at the picnic was to celebrate everything that unions have fought for over the years. but workers say they still have a long way to go a live band played while local union workers chowed down on brats and chips. kids played outside in a moon bounce while the adults mingled with politicians. "organized labor created this holiday, so once a year we come together and celebrate workers, and strife, and their been fighting for equality for years. and some of their focus has shifted toward the minimum wage in linn county "with worker production at an all time high, wages have been stagnant for over two decades. we can't have that. especially not in the united states of america " union member patrick loeffler calls linn county's three part minimum wage proposal a step in the right direction. "it lifts people up. it gets us closer to a livable wage. people need that money, it's not right for people. people are confined in their means and need to be lifted up. " he wants to


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