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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 6, 2016 4:00am-4:31am CDT

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have a great tuesday. making news in america this morning, the presidential candidates start the final sprint to election day. both hillary clinton and donald trump are making campaign stops in crucial battleground states and their attacks are sharpening as the polls are tightening. and president obama making history becoming the first u.s. president to visit the southeast asian nation of laos. that leg of his trip following some tense episodes during a summit in china. a computer glitch has british airways checking in some passengers the old-fashioned way. the issue is causing major delays. we'll check in on what's being done to try to fix it. hang on tight. this little guy making quite a splash for doing this but some asking how young is too
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a good tuesday morning. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. we begin with the race for the white house entering the home stretch with just two months to election day, both donald trump and hillary clinton are hitting the ground running. >> they're both offering the press more access as they trade some new jabs. abc's maggie rulli is live in washington with the latest. maggie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nick and diane. we have 60 days to go, just over 60 days until we get are in an all-out sprint calling on their teams to fan out and campaign in full force. it is a campaign blitz today focusing on must win states. hillary clinton will rally the troops in florida while trump is in virginia and north carolina. on monday both candidates faced off in the highly contested battleground state of ohio where it was a crowded scene on the tarmac in cleveland. clinton's trump's planes parked
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both now for the first time traveling with press. aboard what's been nicknamed hill force one clinton took questions from the press for the first time since july 31st on foreign diplomacy and her health. >> there's no evidence of any kind of external influence. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump was shaking hands at this ohio county fair. >> we're going to bring jobs back to ohio. >> reporter: and answering questions on his immigration policy. >> i'm not ruling out anything. >> including a pathway to legal status -- >> no, to become a citizen you're going to have to go out and come back in. >> reporter: then the candidates didn't hesitate to get in a few jabs after she was overcome by a coughing fit midspeech. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager mocked her on twitter, must be allergic to the media. finally spent a minute with
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nick and diane, remember how tight this race was? clinton now holds a six-point lead over trump according to a fox news poll. that's down from her ten-point lead earlier this month making her time in these battleground states do or die moments for both campaigns. should be an interesting week, guys. >> abc's maggie rulli from washington. maggie, thanks very much. breaking news, president obama has announced that the u.s. is doubling their funding bombs in laos in the next three years. he met earlier with the president after a rainy arrival ceremony. president obama is also expected to hold a town hall meeting. the president of the philippines is expressing regret after calling president obama a vulgar name. the diplomatic flare-up led to the cancellation of a meeting between president obama and president rodrigo duterte. duterte was responding to
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philippines. there were also diplomatic tense moments between president obama and russian president putin over syria. the two leaders met for 90 minutes at the g20 summit. the goal was to work together to start to target extremist groups like isis but so far no deal. and lawmakers are returning to capitol hill today for a short election season session. congress has less than a month to pass a temporary spending bi shutting down october 1st and they're also trying to resolve a dispute over money to fight the zika virus. the gop leadership is hoping to let vulnerable republican lawmakers return to campaigning as soon as possible. conservatives are mourning the loss of longtime activist phyllis schlafly. she first helped defeat the equal rights amend. . she was politically active into
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convention recently since her first. she attended as a trump delegate. schlafly died yesterday in st. louis at 92. what was once hermine is weakening. it is still churning up waters. most beaches are closed because of the extremely high waves and wind rip currents. accuweather's paul williams is tracking hermine and a new hurricane. good morning, paul. >> hermine continues to churn off the east coast bringing in scattered showers pushing across boston and the nantucket area but is going to move towards the northeast. before that happens, the impact, we're expecting, rough surf, coastal flooding. and with this orange a moderate opportunity and high chance as you go up towards the new york area. it's expected to curve away and high-tail it out towards deeper
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hurricane newton, a totally different story, expected to go through the baja and downgraded to a tropical storm but that's not going to weaken enough to take away the rainfall that will cause widespread flooding. the twin resorts of los cabos are preparing for the arrive of that hurricane putting up sandbags and pulling boats up onto land. as we move of summer, it's beginning to look like winter in montana. as much as ten inches of snow in some of the higher elevations. early snow isn't that unusual. the big sky ski resort had some in july but those ski resorts won't open until thanksgiving. in afghanistan, a major gun battle has erupted between security forces and a group of suicide attackers in kabul and this follows an attack on a charity organization which killed at least one person and hurt several others. yesterday at least 24 people
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front of the defense ministry. the streets are said to be deserted over fears of more attacks. the u.n. security council is expected to meet today after north korea launched three missiles. the launch was an apparent show of force timed to coincide with the g20 summit in china. the u.s. condemned the launch and officials said they were discussing the proper response with allies. and an 18-year-old woman in australia had some explaining to do after this. that's her car upside down in the water. near a boat ramp. >> it turns out it was all because of a spider. she said a large huntman's spider dropped on to her lap from under the visor, and it caused her to freak out and ditch the car. she said at the time she didn't know that. still ahead, british airways deals with problems worldwide. plus, funny man
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what's being called a tune-up. what we know about his condition coming up. and a major life change for oprah winfrey? it was news to lots of people including most importantly oprah herself. stay with us. a leading consumer testing publication recently tested the top laundry detergents.
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encounter. a computer glitch is causing long lines at many british airways counters. they said its teams are working as hard as they can to fix the problem. many are checking in the old-fashioned way. harsh reality about commuting as you head back to work. americans lose nearly a thousand dollars a year because of traffic. commuters in the nation's capil 1800 bucks. if you're going online, more and more, you'll be looking at an app for that. in fact, smartphone apps account for half the time we spent on line and use computers for only a third of our time. tablets make up another 11% and phones are becoming more convenient than any other devices as those screens continue to grow. high-tech help arrived for tourists trying to find their
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airports. >> humanoids speak japanese and english and can process images and voices and their goal to work autonomously by december. when we come back an update on the major league pitcher struck down by a line drive to the head. the florida state seminoles stage a big comeback last night though was it good k work? you may trod me in the very dirt, but still like dust, i rise. you can shoot me with your words... you can cut me with your lies... you can kill me with your hatefulness. but still, like air... we rise.
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? give extra. get extra. the east german car wasn't fun to drive but these firefighters made it fun. they hope their hoses to it turned down the water and magic happened. probably the most fun anybody has ever had with one. >> i think you're right. today it won't be fun driving along the gulf coast
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the western plains and the pacific northwest. flay, airport delays in boston, new york and minneapolis. former soccer star lauren holiday is thanking friends and fans after it is revealed she's battling a brain tumor. mia hamm and others are wishing her well. >> a fair ski diagnosis for lauren holiday, the unforgettable goals like this. >> setting in and intended for morgan, holiday, goal. >> she is just been a stalwart on the field. >> never left my sight. >> reporter: now off the field the 28 mom-to-be faces her biggest battle yet eight months pregnant diagnosed with a brain tumor. according to the paper it is
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but surgery have to waits until after the baby is born. >> everything she's been through as an athlete will make her tough enand stronger. >> dr. jen ashton has more on that at 7 a.m. a pitcher for the angels is recovering after a frightening injury, a warning this may be difficult to watch. matt shoemaker took a line drive to the head on sunday. it was 2r568ing at hour. he suffered a skull fracture and internal bleeding. shoemaker is able to speak. comiic actor chevy chase is back in rehab. 30 years ago he went into the betty ford clinic. he is best known for "saturday night live" and national lampoon
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care. they found a million dollar worth of pot plants growing in the backyard of the home. the day care license has been revoked and the house now condemned. the man known as johnny football is johnny student again. he is back at texas a&m. the former heisman trophy candidate is only back as a student and left after the 2013/'14 school year to enter the nfl but manzielle's football took he was released in march. the quarterfinals of the u.s. open get under way today. >> as for last night's sport, highlights now from espn. we're taking this more seriously than we usually do. not really no. >> ole miss/florida state, final game and it lived up to the billing and what every other game lived up to and it was just
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francois to travis rudolph. florida state is going to make a lead after trailing by as many as 22. the worm turned and it the end francois four touchdown passes here to izzo, 45-34. your team can lose but if you hit three home runs you're the highlight. ryan dozier, gone. 407 feet. his 36th homer of the season. just number one on the day, though. number two, bottom of the third, this one, 429 feet. homer 37, twins still leading here at 3-2. now we go for number three, bottom of the 8th. pancakes for dinner, dozer did it again, 38th homer of the year.
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i don't want coffee anymore. >> pancakes. >> pancakes do sound good, don't theyy. >> oh, yes. next in "the pulse" we are going for a ride with this young water skier. why his parents are now catching backlash. cheers to this new world record details on exactly what's going on. coming up. tes, like me, there's a moment of truth. victoza? lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. victoza? works with your body to lower blood sugar in three ways-- in the stomach, the liver and the pancreas. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza? may help you lose some weight.
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that, quote, six people who know me well have called today congratulating me or surprised they weren't invited to my wedding. it's not true. >> that's why we didn't get the invite. >> clearly. >> now we know. >> otherwise we'd be there. next up, the special relationship between these two. florida state wide receiver travis rudolph and autistic sixth grader bo paske. now, they became pretty popular when this went viral. that's paske sitting with him alone in this cafeteria. >> they got together again yesterday giving him his own seminoles jersey and got tickets to last night's florida state game against ole mississippi. >> yeah, ole miss. rudolph did not disappoint. he caught a second quarter touchdown helping fsu to its big comeback win.
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to have a dinner with paske. they're really trying to ride this karma thing out. >> fantastic. good news story. we love it. now, a north carolina mom and dad are facing criticism online after posting this picture of their 6-month-old waterskiing. they claim little auburn now holds the record as the world's youngest water skier. >> but many people are calling this child endangerment and calling for auburn's parents to be prosecuted. auburn's dad tells abc necessary to keep him safe and that they would not have done this if he wasn't ready. and it seems like -- >> is he having a good time? >> i can't see his face. >> i mean, scrunched up. i mean, that could be a grimace or a smile. >> it looks fun. >> it does look like a lot of fun. you know what else looks fun. check this out unless you think this is a waste of whiskey. hopefully it got consumed. but this at a bar in dubai each shot glass is dumped into an
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in total 4,578 glasses later they set a world record for the domino drop shot. >> okay. it took five months to plan this stunt apparently. 160 employees to set it all up and two hours to count how many shots successfully dropped. dubai now holds 130 guinness world records, most of them just as obscure as this one. >> i still want to know what happened to the whiskey.
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checking our top stories, donald trump and hillary clinton are heading south today after campaigning in ohio. a new poll shows the race tightening with clinton holding a six-point lead. and during his historic visit to laos, president obama announced that the u.s. is doubling its funding to clear bombs in the country, $90 million over the next three years. millions of cluster bombs were left unexploded in laos after the u.s. bombing campaign during the vietnam war. post-tropical cyclone hermine is moving closer to the northeast coast. there is a tropical storm warning now in effect from new york's long island to nantucket. showers and storms will begin to increase in the southwest ahead of hurricane newton, a chance of severe storms in the upper midwest and rain along the gulf coast. and finally this morning, you may be familiar with the following concept if you've seen a particular episode of "the
4:28 am
human. >> and that's exactly what one actor in hollywood is doing to help make ends meet. rob hays of kabc in los angeles has all the details. >> reporter: chuck mccarthy is an actor. like most hollywood actors, mccarthy needed a second job to help pay the bills. that's when he thought maybe being a dog walker would be cool until he realized it's more than just walking. >> i didn't want to pick up dog poop, and that's kind of what you're getting paid for with dog walking. >> reporter: but what he thought if he took the dogs out of the equation. >> you know, at first i was like jokingly saying, i should walk people, but then the more i thought about it, the more i realized that there is really a market for that. >> reporter: that is when chuck the actor -- >> i'm the karate kid. >> reporter: -- became chuck, the people walker. >> i am a people walker. i walk people and instead of dogs. >> oh, watch out. >> i charge $7 a mile and there's no leashes involved.
4:29 am
>> yeah. >> reporter: but once mccarthy posted his signs around town, the fine started to ring. his business hit the ground, well, walking. >> walking is great exercise. >> reporter: so you may be wondering who is going to pay to be walked when walk is free. people buy bottled water and water is practically free, but then it dawned on me, the peop about walking, it's about talking. >> i try to do more listening than talking. >> going to be on. >> something people need to get out and experience human interaction, get off their phones. >> reporter: these days, it's not uncommon to ask him for a selfie. >> celebrity. >> he's hoping it'll happen more as an actor soon instead of a people walker but for now he's proud of this gig, a business that quite literally is a walk in the park. >> most of the time unless it's a walk in the neighborhood. >> reporter: in griffith park, rob hays, abc 7, eyewitness news. >> and that's what's making news
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from your 24 hour news source, this is ??? . take two today in linn county. supervisors will make another move toward raising the minimum wage. "my disease is taking my life. my disease is killing me." this dubuque woman wants the law changed in iowa so she says she can die the way she wants to. but not everyone agrees with her. and some commuters in johnson county will work this morning as construction begins on this bridge. good tuesday morning! it's 4:30 on september 6th. here's a live look at the city cam. and we saw the return of the


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