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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  September 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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enough in paying workers a higher minimum wage he was one of just two business owners to sign a support letter from living wage linn county. that's a higher minimum wage support group pushing supervisors to pass the increase. some of his workers have watched the debate as well, even though they earn more now than the top minimum wage in linn county would be in january 2019. "i've worked for some small business owners side by side with the owner, and i can see how they'd have trouble paying more. but at the same time, if you want good help, you want to pay one supervisor says most of the negative comments have come from small businesses in rural linn county. he thinks most won't object to the first one dollar increase, but it's the amounts after that that could be a problem. dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. the linn county supervisors will vote for the third, and final time, on the minimum wage ordinance this monday. each
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own local ordinances that would allow them to avoid the increase. re-locating and re- opening. that's what the owner of riley's in cedar rapids has decided to do one day after a kitchen fire heavily damaged the building. the fire at the diner, which is on first avenue, started around four yesterday afternoon. fire crews believe a small vent fan overheated in the ceiling above the dishwasher. a majority of the roof is gone, and the rest of the diner has heavy smoke damage. kcrg-tv9's jordee kalk is i plan for the diner? riley's will re-open at 6:30 friday morning. but it won't be at this location, it'll be just a few blocks down the street at daisy's garage. richard pankey owns both restaurants. pankey says the plan is to start offering the breakfast menu at 6:30 every morning. after 11 on monday through
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pankey tells me he hopes this is the best way to ensure his customers, and staff, are satisfied. " 1:11:21, "so hopefully the same riley's crowd will go down there, eat off the same riley's menu at daisy's garage, same staff will be down there, so nobody loses a job, everyone can go down there and there's ample seating."" pankey says the goal is to eventually re-open riley's at its downtown location. he esim damages. tonight at 10, hear why pankey says this restaurant is so important to his family's history. live in cedar rapids, jordee kalk, kcrg tv9 news. new documents show former cedar rapids washington high school principal ralph plagman offered to write a recommendation letter for a substitute teacher involved in a sex scandal with a student. kcrg t-v nine obtained emails through a freedom of information request. today, that teacher, mary beth
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charge of sexual exploitation by a school employee. she is set to go to trial in november. but during an interview with kcrg, she admitted that she had a relationship with a student last school year while she was a substitute at washington high school. the cedar rapids school district says administrator s mishandled initial investigations of the case. in may, washington high school dismissed haglin from her job as a substitute beca the relationship. but in a may 18th email to the group that runs the substitute teacher service for the area, washington's secretary said plagman approved a new method for covering the classes and that was the reason haglin was no longer needed. that allowed haglin to sub in the district again in june. in another email to staff the same day, plagman said haglin was leaving "because of a personal matter involving a friend."
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recommendati on. and his responses was, "sure. glad to." none of the emails we obtained show any notice from plagman to the district regarding the allegations against haglin. plagman and two other administrators resigned this summer once the allegations against haglin became public. meteorologist joe winters joins us now with our first alert forecast. joe, we're looking at some more rain tonight, right?
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pointing the finger at democrats for not funding the fight against the zika virus. "2:56 i've heard accusations that republicans somehow don't want zika funding, well if 52- out of 64 republicans suppo vote for it/ how come are the democrats complaining how comes the democrats aren't voting to get this crisis money to where it's needed." senator grassley made those comments during his weekly conference call. they come a day after a bill that would have funded zika research failed for the third time. the democrats blocked the bill over a part they say would have prevented money from going to planned parenthood. the congress has until the end o the month to pass the spending bill. or the
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evicting linn county from one of its properties. and that's forcing court administrators to move a huge archive of old files to a new storage site. kcrg t-v nine's forrest saunders is in the studio tonight with more. forrest, how many files are we talking about? more than seven thousand five-hundred boxes or about 700- thousand individual files. as you can imagine, it'll take a lot of work. in about a year, the city plans for some new flood control efforts. all the old files there are headed about three miles south to a new spot. iowa law requires the county to keep the dusty, seldom used records for ten years, sometimes longer depending on the type of file. when they get to the new home, officials say there won't be much left over space. " the area we are going to is much smaller than hubbard. we will be full to the brim. "
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gone electronic and is no longer adding files to the archive. linn county pays about 50-grand each year to rent space at the hubbard ice building. the new spot will cost a bit more, 54-thousand to start, with a 2.5% increase per year for 10 years. this will be the third time the county has moved its documents since the 2008 floods. the new lease will last 10 years, so it won't likely happen again for at least that lo thanks, forrest. the new university of iowa children's hospital will begin accepting patients in december. but today, t-v nine was able to tour the new building. among its features are m-r-i, c-t scan, and ultrasound equipment that are designed specifically for children. it also has different types of lighting to keep patients alert during certain times. other types of lighting help nurses and doctors do their jobs.
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the red lens allows the clinical staff to chart, while the red lens doesn't of a patient that's sleeping. " the 11th floor of the children's hospital will have more than two dozen in-patient and infusion rooms for kids with cancer. money from the university of iowa dance marathon helped provide much of the funding for equipment there. and the university is also preparing to unveil another major project... the public can see it after a ribbon-cutting friday afternoon. but you can get a sneak peek when t-v nine broadcasts live from hancher tomorrow morning. we'll look at how hancher got its start and how the 2008 flood destroyed the old building. and we'll give you an extensive look at the new facility that's tomorrow on t-v nine, starting at 4:30 a-m. some students at western dubuque high school are learning at a college level this year. they are taking a special class that's teaching them how to think like
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how to build robots. that's
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are learning this year. the school is offering the class after receiving a grant from the monsanto fund. kcrg-tv9's katie wiedemann takes us inside the new robotics class. for these western dubuque students, this early morning science class
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"you show up, you have fun. never a dull moment putting stuff together. " but this hands-on class has them thinking about really being a grown-up. "i want to be an engineer and this is just something i think is really fun." in the class students are taking raw materials and turning them into small robots that function similar to a remote controlled car. there's no right or wrong way to put the robots together, so students have to figure out the best way to build. you'll ever seen. " karl stubben teaches the class and say students learn the most by doing a lot of trial and error work. "i think it gives them a bit of an edge if they want to go into engineering. i think it gives them an edge in any field where they're trouble shooting and problem solving. " real world lessons mixed in with a lot of fun. in epworth, katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news. monsanto will be presenting the high school with a 25-thousand dollar
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that's happening tomorrow night during the volleyball game at western dubuque high. the iowa city west football team is already turning some heads this year. the trojans are off to a perfect start after going 5-7 last year. stay with your 24 hour news
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move across the state tonight again bringing
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has already fallen, especially north, flash flooding remains an eminent threat. by thursday morning we dry things out for about 24 hours before the next chance for wet weather arrives. friday brings scattered showers and storms to drags down cool fall air for the upcoming weekend. have a great night! tonight: storms likely. heavy rain is possible. wind: w 5-10. low: 67 tomorrow: partly cloudy. wind: nw 5-15. high: 82 tom. night: partly cloudy. wind: light e. low: 62 friday:
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possible. high: 78 low: 62 saturday: turning mostly sunny. high: 72 low: 57 sunday: mostly sunny. high: 75 low: 51 monday: increasing clouds. high: 79 low: 57 tuesday: chance of showers, cooler. high: 69 low: 57 wednesday: partly cloudy. high: 67 low: 52 thursday: partly cloudy.
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and don't forget this winter you can help keep kids warm with our coats for kids campaign. we're collecting coats all this month. go to for a full list of donation sites. you can also donate money online. the hawkeyes will have a big task saturday night receiver allen lazard. scott has that story. and iowa city west is loaded with star power this year and they're off to a fast start. stay with tv9.
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be a suprise because they are loaded with talent. for the first time this season, the iowa city west football team cracked the top 10 rankings in class 4a after a huge win last week at 4th ranked muscatine. the trojans beat southeast polk to open the season and confidence is riding high. the trojans are led by one of the most highly coveted receivers in the country, oliver martin who already has 267 yards and 3 touchdowns. but the trojans feel they have a more balanced offense this year with matthew huff at eunning back and devontae lane at the other wode
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tv9 sports. up hosting cedar falls friday night and then the battle for the boot on 9.2 the following week. the cyclones allen lazard is one of the most gifted receivers in the country. the 6"5 junior from urbandale has a caught a pass in a school record 24 straight games. he had 6 catches for 129 yards and a touchdown
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defense this week. he's a big wr he has good hands, good ability and he runs good routs. it's our job to make it tough on him just and limit him what he could do. we our going to have have to get physical with him tough and try to keep him from making the big plays we are going to do this game game not get the big plays and get in the endzone. if you overload of too much for him they talented great running back their whole group of receivers we have alot of respect for the quarterbacks a good player so i just have to do what you do and play as well as you can sot :35 oc: "as you can " i will go one on one with iowa coach kirk ferentz tonight 10:00. wrestling news. minnesota fired j robinson today after allegations that he helped cover up his wrestlers' sale and use of the drug xanax. robinson led the gophers to three national titles in 30 years. the kernels will open the
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game one of their three game series. game two will be thursday night at home and if necessary game three will also be at veterans memorial stadium. thanks scott.
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move across the state tonight again bringing a heavy rain threat. with all the rain that has already fallen, especially north, flash flooding remains an eminent threat. by thursday morning we dry things out for about 24 hours before the next chance for wet weather arrives. friday brings scattered showers and storms to eastern iowa and by saturday drags down cool fall air for the upcoming weekend. have a great night! tonight: storms likely. heavy rain is possible. wind: w 5-10. low: 67 tomorrow: partly cloudy. wind: nw 5-15. high: 82 thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 6. we hope you'll be with us again
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