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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  September 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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here in eastern iowa honored the heroes and victims of the september 11th attacks today. not many of us make it there... so people at one cedar rapids church celebrated their oldest member who's 102 years young. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . taps memorial wall today as new york marked the 15th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. this is a live look at one world trade center, built near ground zero over the last decade and a half. it's lit tonight in honor of victims and heroes lost during a terror attack on the two towers,
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8-thousand people gathered at the ground zero site, today. thomas henry mcguiness, michael gregory miginty... there, for four hours, they listend as people read the names of the nearly 3-thousand who died in new york, virginia and pennsylvania. ceremonies were also held at the pentagon and the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville. cornell college is bringing back an annual dozens gathered near the college chapel to honor those who lost their lives on 9-11. kcrg tv9's jordee kalk explains why the peace pole is a staple of the college campus. faith leaders,nat devoted followers from several religions. nat and those non-religious, all gathered at the college chapel sunday afternoon. with a message of peace. noah/student 19:03, "i just thought if there is anything i can do to help just at least one person get peace in their lives should be worth an hour of my life." some shared how 9-11 changed their lives. 22:29, "that includes
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college chaplain catherine quehl-engel challenged the group to think further. 23:20, "for the lives lost but also to create a container for other national and global tragedies."this peace pole went up on september 11th, 2002. the first time a service like was held. 23:17, engel- "i felt even if i was the only one standing here i would do this." services were held annually for five years. sunday, on the 15th anniversary, it was brought back. 23:30, "to be in solidarity with those who know struggle that know loss and be on the side of love." to teach a new era of students about tradition. 25:56, "they really want to lear know the way to do that is through spiritual healing and wisdom. those gathered were encouraged to write a memory of people impacted by global tragedy. particularly 9-11. 20:09, "for our generation. i think it's something that's really defined how we see the world the service culminated as
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peace pole sometime this semester. staff says the current one is too weathered. plus, the new pole will have more languages. some people in waterloo rolled up their sleeves, grabbed a trash bag and cleaned up a local park today. itw 11th's national day of service and remembrance. community members started at first presbyterian church and spread to local neighborhoods. one 11-year-old told us why he helped out. "i thought that it would be fun and plus i have to get community service hours for boy scouts. " participants included members of the first presbyterian church, the walnut neighborhood association, even the cedar falls high school's foreign exchange students from kosovo.
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shootings across the nation, some in williamsburg decided it was time residents got to know the people behind badge. organizers thought it coincide perfectly with september 11th. oh, say can you see! the day started with the national anthem and raising of the american flag. people got a chance to check out the vehicles of law enforcement, meet the k-9 officer and talk to members of the sheriff's office, p-d and fire department. kids got to try out the us he hopes people will see law enforcement in better a light. "just to appreciate what they do 24/7. you know, they're always on duty, you never know what is going to happen when you report to a fire or an accident or a police event, " kids could also register their fingerprints. it's a way to combat child abduction. meteorologist chris havely joins
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forecast. chris, it was a beautiful day for all of those events. will this continue into the week? we're wrapping up a beautiful mid-september weekend, but we're not done with the great conditions yet. tonight, skies will remain clear, and although it won't be a chilly as last night, we'll still drop into the 50s. more sunshine can be expected as we start the workweek, and our gradual warming trend continues. a new system arrives monday night and into tuesday, bringing the chance for showers and a few thunderstorms. another shot of cool air will follow for mid-week, with more rain possible thursday evening through friday. this time period appears to be the best chance for through early next week, dry and seasonable temperatures will be the theme as high pressure will have a grip on one person is dead and another seriously injured after a crash in jackson county. the iowa state patrol is trying to figure out how two vehicles collided head-on about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. they were navigating a curve near the intersection of 150th street and highway 61 in maquoketa. the drivers of those vehicles
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vogt, a 26 year old from dubuque, died at the scene. an air ambulance took ricky burnett to university of iowa hospitals for treatment of serious injuries. he's 34 and from andrew. the johnson county sheriff's office says a marion man drowned this weekend in the iowa river. first responders got the call of a person in the river, just north of the benton street bridge in iowa city, about 6:30 last night. around 7:45, they pulled nathan he was 20 and was attending the university of northern iowa. the sheriff's office is asking for information from anyone who knows what happened, or saw twedt go into the river. call this number, 319- 356-6020. eight hundred. that's how many sex offenders are moving from a mount pleasant correctional facility to one in newton. the move is happening because the sex offender treatment program is shifting to that town. the state says newton's facility uses cells instead of a dormitory- style
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the newton prison holds about 12-hundred inmates. around 800 of them will be sex offenders. tomorrow, the linn county supervisors will vote for the third and final time on whether to raise the minimum wage. one more favorable vote means the county would incrementally move to 10.25 an hour by 2019. the first increase would happen at the beginning of next year. hillary clinton's doctor says the presidential nominee was recently made news when her violent coughing distracted from a stump speech in ohio. the doctor said clinton had been experiencing a cough related to allergies, lately. clinton has been put on antibiotics, advised to rest and modify her campaign schedule. she is said to be "recovering nicely" after becoming overheated at a 9-11 ceremony, this morning. one cedar rapids woman is proving that age is just a number. at 102 years young, some say
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energizer bunny! that story is coming up next. stay with us. a cedar rapids woman turned 102
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church and the congregation decided to throw a party. kcrg tv9's phil reed finds out her secret to a long life. members of noelridge church wait in line to greet audrey johnston with a birthday hug, and a picture. they served cake and coffee during a birthday bash
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we have something like this. and my church family means a great deal to me." johnston has lived in iowa her whole life. she was born in keokuk county, and moved to cedar rapids in 1967 after her husband died. "to get a job. i knew i was going to have to build up my social security. and there weren't that many jobs available. " she says she eventually found a job at rockwell collins, and a church that likes singing to her happy birthday to you her best friend donna lala is 20 years younger than the 102 year old. "she's a very precious gem of noelridge. i've called her my energizer bunny for years because you couldn't keep up with her. " thank you for coming out and johnston says her her age. "i just ignored it and all at once there it was. but it's amazing to me to think that i am as old as i am. because that sounds awful old. " in cedar rapids phil reed kcrg tv9 news the johnston family must have
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that also lives in iowa. it's an event eight years in the making... the public got the firsthand today. the university of iowa held an open house for anyone wanting to take a peek at the new auditorium. the u-i demolished and then rebuilt hancher after major flooding in 2008. the replacement carries a total price tag of 176 million dollars. fema funds and contributions from the state and private donors paid the bill. hancher's executive director says today's open house drew in thousands, even more than the ribbon cutting on friday. "i love it because hancher is
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exciting for us. this is exactly how we wanted to open this great wonderful hall. " hancher's first show will be later this month. we've been covering the grand opening all week. you can see all of our stories right now on kcrg dot com. turning back to weather... chris, what can we expect for the morning drive?
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mid-september weekend, but we're not done with the great conditions yet. tonight, skies will remain clear, chilly as last night, we'll still drop into the 50s. more sunshine can be expected as we start the workweek, and our gradual warming trend continues. a new
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into tuesday, bringing the chance for showers and a few thunderstorms. another shot of cool air will follow for mid-week, with more rain possible this time period appears to be the best chance for significant rain. from saturday through early next week, dry and seasonable temperatures will be the theme as high pressure will have a grip on our weather pattern. next weekend should be
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wind: s 5-10 low: 54 alo: 54 tomorrow: mostly sunny and breezy. wind: s 10-20 high: 80 alo: 79 tom. night: mostly cloudy. chance of showers overnight. ... iowa is off to a fantastic start, but iowa state faces a lot of questions after
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dropped one spot in the usa today coaches poll from no. 10 to no. 11 after beating iowa state last night in a landslide 42-3. so, the cy-hawk trophy stays in iowa city for
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westerberg have a recap. josh the iowa offense was really ballard tonight's game 198 yards rushing to one and 37 passing and what a game for the senior matt vandeberg with seven catches for 129 yards. he is faster than people think yeah he is white but it really fast and a lot of people think he is not as fast he's a trustworthy guy he is going to be where he needs tto be and i can't count him to be their. and i just to the off-season now that we have been together for a full year it is really nice to have that is a pass we work on all the time in practice because i know it turns up in games and so when you put get that situation in a game we are able to convert. those were beautiful plays and i just really well thrown balls and a nice nice catches he had that one drop which i know that was too easy probably if you can make some plays like that that's gonna make you tougher to defend. and what a night for vandeberg not only did
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field right after the game he proposed to laura bulanda for intern ifor kcrg tv nine and i guess she said yes yes that was amazing i don't have any other words for it. wasn't quite as fun in the iowa state locker room scott no the players talk about how to keep it from falling apart right now campbell said you know i don't know my quarterback is it still joe lanning but jacob park played and he needs to look at that. and see what's going to happen he even mentioned mike warren michael needs to step his game up didn't just fn alot of competition in the back field so things not great at iowa state right now they need to go back to the drawing board and see what they got for next week i thought they really controlled the first half of the football game their ere spits were we were able to get to get ourselves get some momentum and as soon as we got any momentum you know it es penalties a self- destructing the kind of took ourselves out of it you just don't walking and all of a sudden everything changes. night i think the one thing we do have is we are really good kids we got to learn how to play
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era and i feel like people thought was going to win games but it starts in the lockeroom that is where the spark needs to come from. it's fair to say the compition might get tougher next week with five-time fcs champion coming in town. you don't win five national titles in a row without being a pretty good football program the are going to bring in some great athletes and maybe give iowa a little bit more test next week right back to you josh. .. and i'm joined right now by the legend himself, chuck long, for the sunday night spotlight. he's our the big ten. chuck, what a routing by iowa, 42-3 over iowa state. four of the past five meetings have been decided by six points or less... what impressed you most about iowa in their dominance against the cyclones? "both the offensive line and defensive line really controlled the game and the line of scrimmage. starting with the offensive line, they just came off the ball, they were in great unison, their pad level was low and they just blew the iowa state defensive line
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set the tone early. and that's usually where it's won when you look at games." speaking of the offensive line, james daniels was out at center. so the hawkeyes brought in sophomore lucas legrand who's a dubuque senior grad. how do you think he did when you had a chance to see him run the offense? "i don't think they missed a beat. they had a couple of snaps early, the quarterback-center exchange was a little rough at first, but they got in a groove again. after a while, you didn't know who was in there because it was such a smooth operation. but i thought they handled themselves very well." the passing game was something we saw a lot of on saturday. matt vandeberg with another big night, 129 yards, a 25 yard reverse and he also got engaged after the game. vandeberg is really showing that he's capable of being a no. 1
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their go to guy. i think he and c.j. have good chemistry. they've obviously been together longer than some of the other receivers have with c.j. it's nice to have that when you're a quarterback... what i love about matt is he attacks the ball. some receivers wait for the ball; he attacks the ball when it's in the air and he attacks it at its highest point, which is good coaching." let's talk about the defense. the big thing was covering allen lazard. he still had 7 catches for 111 yards, but he wasn't a big factor in the game. he had the one big play that led to a field goal. and the defense stood its ground on that drive because the cyclones had it first and goal at the 10. what impressed you most about the defense? "one of the things they did better in this game was get off blocks. first game, they weren't getting off blocks like they should've been and that's
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him on friday. i thought they really got off the blocks all across the board. and josey being back makes a world a difference." chuck long joining us for the sunday night spotlight. we'll be right back, stay with tv9. ... t we asked u.s. cellular customers with our strong signal. you posted from the seashore. you shared from your hike. you showed us this sunset. you posted from the farm. and you adventured way out there... a lot of amazing places. ?? u.s. cellular put towers where the other guys don't. so join our network, and start sharing your moments
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away from advancing to the midwest league championship. tonight, they traveled to clinton for game 2. ... there will be a game 3 as clinton wins 6-1... the lumberkings grabbed an early 2-0 lead in the third... the kernels got a run in the 4th, but clinton scored four unanswered runs after that... game 3 will be tomorrow night in
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the championship. ... major league baseball action, reds and pirates... prairie grad scott schebler lines a base hit to left center, it's an rbi double... he finished 1-for-5 with 2 rbi's... he has 27 for the season... the reds shutout the pirates 8-0 ... red sox and blue jays... former hawkeye pitcher matt dermody pitched in the 8th inning for the blue jays... dermody going up against the heart of the red sox lineup, but he gets david ortiz to chase the breaking ball, take a seat big papi... next batter, dermody with another strikeout... he did his job... red sox win the game 11-8 ... nfl football is back... some local players with some big games... tampa bay at atlanta... 2nd quarter, jameis winston finds former hawkeye brandon myers for the touchdown... that's actually his first touchdown catch since 2013... bucs win 31-24 ... cleveland at philadelhia... former hawkeye christian kirksey gets the sack on eagles quarterback carson wentz who
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tackles, all of them solo... but the eagles win 29- 10 ... northern iowa lost to montana on saturday, 20- 14. it was the first time the griz made the trip to the uni dome since 1987. ... it was also a homecoming for one montana player, cedar rapids native mccauley todd... the wash grad is in his senior season at montana. he's made 10 starts in his career and is currently a backup tackle... he says it was a pretty exciting homecoming. "it felt phe game that i've been looking forward to my entire career. honestly, it wasn't a pretty game by any means, but just a gutsy team win. it felt awesome. i mean, everybody battled their butts off and defense played lights out. if there's a better defense in the country, then i'm unaware of it. but it felt great, great team win." trt: 19 oc: "great team win" ... tomorrow for on iowa live, our guests include the voice of the hawkeyes gary dolphin, former hawkeye hap peterson, pat harty from, scott doctherman from the land
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? ? announcer: he gets to the five, dives for the goal line, he's over. that's a touchdown, iowa! picked off, desmond king with another one. and he's going the other way. one man to beat. handoff again to daniels, with a cut back. first down, he may go! and the ball's out and the hawks are on it. the hawks are on it. the hawkeyes relentless pursuit of perfection is complete. desmond king again! >> iowa football with kirk ferentz is powered by iowa corn. with marvelous balance on offense, equal mixture of run to pass, and a suffocating defense, iowa football stymied iowa state 42-3 saturday night inside kinnick stadium. it's the widest margin of victory by either school since 1997. welcome to another week of iowa football with kirk ferentz powered by iowa corn.


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