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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 23, 2016 1:36am-2:06am CDT

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you each have a sausage on your plate i selected based on your individual personality and temperament. is this blood sausage? because mine's pink.
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now take a bite of bread, a sip of water to cleanse the palate. mine smells spicy. show of hands. who heard me say "smell your sausage"? the box said these pigs were massaged daily, then killed from behind to keep the panic hormone from tainting the meat. they were murdered from behind? the three things i want you to pay attention to are bouquet, texture, and finish. you may begin. can i have some ketchup? we're done here. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> i beatmy kids regularly and it seems to do the trick. >> number one, brad pitt reportedly battling a claim of child abuse.
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is tln an investigation. >> alleged incident occurred on september 14th on a private plane. >> then inside jolie's powerhouse legal mastermind. >> i'm a lawyer. >> three reasons why one of hollywood's most famous divorce attorneys in stepping up. >> things in there that isn't anybody else's business. >> and number three, michael strahan revisits the live feud? >> i've been there long enough to understandow things. >> now saying about leaving kelly's side. >> and "insider" bonus. >> lots from models and celeb cities. >> our "insider style guide" breaks it down. >> now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> why she left. brad and angie split continued
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>> tracking disturbing new twist that number one, brad under investigation for child abuse. >> i beat hi kids regularly. seems to do the trick. >> probably wishing he could take back that offcolor jock from 2011. today reports surface he's under investigation or allegedly physically and verbally abusive with his child. >> alleged incident occurred on a private plane angelina, all of the child and other people. >> reporter: were traveling on back to los angeles. said brad had a one form of physical contact with at least one of his children. which child or what that entails is not clear but verbal abuse being alleged clearly.
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and pitt drinking at the time. >> it's open and won't comment on it in any shape. but closes source to brad and angie do confirm the investigation is going on and brad is separating fully? >> no official comments but source close to pitt says not taking it lightly. >> taking it seriously and will do whatever he's and feels it's unfortunate that negative information about him and family and children continues to be put out. >> come on. >> what are you doing? >> pitt played abusive father in "tree of life" and alcoholic with now ex-wife in bithe sea.
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more enticing than the newness of the relationship. >> now the costar of pitt's film marion cotillard that film relationship was taken offscreen confirms she and boyfriend are expecting second child. my love, best friend and only one that i need. and whom i respect will find peace in this moment. >> should the split get even uglier she's prepared. reasons she hired hollywood's all-star attorney. >> number one laura wasser is the go-to attorney for hollywood
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partners with father dennis and reped britney spears. kim kardashian and jennifer garner. >> take to 72 million instead of 79. >> reportedly charges a lot an hour and helped johnny depp figure it out and guided angelina from divorce from billy and revelations. >> things in there that isn't anybody else's business. >> single mother of two wins at any cost. telling vanity fair i try not to put personal feelings in it. third reason, she crushes for her clients. told "day" magazine, i have
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bull i'm result oriented. >> always baffled when they come in and say what do you mean? i went and did a movie two days after married and that's not half hers is it? >> yes. >> number three story, michael strahan reignites feud with kelly ripa. >> i could have told the bosses who made the decision to do it themselves but felt it was my obligation. >> cover of the new "people" magazine with gma cohost surrounded by kids seemed like warm-hearted story but story inside about kelly ripa is bringing back the drama. >> been around for years to see how she reacts to things. >> started a conversation.
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>> michael says disappointed to be labeled the bad guy after she left. that angered kelly because she claims she wasn't informed before the public. >> no abandonment because the news delivered three months before i was supposed to leave. no way, shape or form was it any of the things i read. i have a family and kids and honor >> welcome everybody to -- >> that was frightening. >> and kelly's cohost search continues. on the tonight show gave fallon a shot. >> jimmy fallon would be amazing as cohost of "live."
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premier and reveal. >> i called it. who shot j.r. >> which is back to roll the prize? boo-boo kitty or rhonda? in tonight's "inside take." >> it was andre. >> rut-roh. how could they kill off rhonda. are you happy your character is dead? >> it's a thing that happened. in that moment, that's not what i wanted, how i wanted it to happen. >> is she straight-up gangster, killed rhonda's baby and rhonda, should she worry about her character making it. >> what wh has justice ever been served with the murders that
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>> melissa mccarthy is the of white people. >> down to make fun of herself but people are bringing the heat on jimmy kimmel's main squeeze. >> looks like jim carrey impersonating matthew mcconaughey. >> all right. or hair. weekend generating cutting off signature dreads and removing pictures for new album "star boy" coming out soon. >> play a major league catcher is dream come true. >> getting pitch perfect details about the new fox series shattering the glass ceiling. >> this show is really in that
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>> it's a job going to be having sex with people. >> inside the world of legal prostitution, lisa ling goes inside the world famous bunny ranch. >> this is life. this is real life. >> and who is the pint sized prankster pulling a fast one on pop star parent?
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scared the heck out of mom. stole her phone. >> i love that. i did the same thing to my mom all the time growing up. >> so mean. >> britney spears is burned by her son. >> we've got even more scary pics and i do mean scary in "top
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mullets but john stamos in "full house" days. remember the days when we left just anyone cut our hair is this love you. >> drew barry more, just landed in seoul, korea, run to the store. >> and who needs football when you have holding on the to wife who posted shot before the date night. >> he is is back in prime time in the baseball series "pitch" about the first female baseball player in the major league. check out the promo. >> for the first time in history a woman has taken the mound in a major league baseball game. >> really cool. >> she's good.
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teley joining us. i need this to be more than a hollywood dream. >> getting there. spoke to the all-star cast including mark paul who revealed he's finally living out real-life fantasy. >> why was this the script that caught your eye? >> to play a cop, doctor or lawyer is all cool but a major league catcher is dream come in case you didn't recognize, that's mark paul gosler from "saved by the bell" and introducing newcomer kylie bun bunbury who plays the first major league pitcher. >> i loved about this character,
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with a dream. >> incredibly personal theme. >> being the father of 15-year-old daughter i'm excited about this message. >> enlighten us a little bit what are 15-year-olds into right now? >> blown away by what they know how to do. i did take a photo of our family and she came out, oh, my god, you can't >> see you guys, hollywood parents deal with the same thing as regular parents. >> you're a parent, you have a right to investigate the phone as far as i'm concerned. thanks keltie. coming up. >> would rather choose this than stalking shelves at walmart. >> lisa ling bunny ranch visit is exposing secrets.
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hollywood glam squad. from kim k. west to jessica simpson, secret style weapons. >> my life.
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still so much more ahead as
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are you a pimp? >> i'm not, i have a license to
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disgusting business until you legalize it. >> last november i sat down with the owner of the world-famous bunny ranch dennis who took me inside the private world of his establishment. >> compelling story. >> really was. >> and in the new season of "this is life" with lisa zeros in on brothels in the 21st century. >> our episode is about the people and women and what their lives are like working in world of legal profitation. >> it's a job where you're having sex with people. >> rather do this than stocking shelves at walmart. >> what i love about my work is i take people and worlds that you probably have a strong opinion about and really get to
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>> lisa was particularly intrigued by the women she met at the bunny ranch, a legal brothel in nevada, like london a young mom who travels many miles to get there. >> how are you feeling about everything? >> there's a little bit of nerves like any new job but feel like not hiding or doing something bad or illegal because i'm here at the ranch. >> no matter what you want to say about any of the women there, they're doing what they're doing to support their families. bottom line. >> from moms to college students paying off loans. on my visit to the ranch i met with all sorts of girls, some making ends meet and others averaging six figure salaries. >> $22,994. >> last night.
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>> lisa is shining a light on these women on her show which kicks off this sunday on cnn. >> my hope is people will watch the episodes with open mind and see no story is black and white. >> this is life. real life. >> she's so right. life is so often shades of gray rather than black and white. >> just was. switch to hollywood's not so secret weapons. >> talking about "glam squad". >> stars are giving them big love on social media. nooid stile gooid is breaking it
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squad members working today. uses each platform in a smart way. >> beauty "insider." >> see a selfie with her and kim kardashian but on her snapchat is a tutorial how she created that look. >> make sure you come away from the bend as you go down. >> atkin taking 1.7 million followers and turned into multimillion dollar empire. >> take over jen's snapchat. >> nobody know about her. she's really a model about what it means to be a modern day celebrity. >> and she's not alone. >> i'm on the way to the press conference. >> thing is a lot of hair and makeup artists are celebrity's good friends.
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symsome made him famous by association. >> clients are looking for hair and makeup artists with a big following and makes them celebrity. >> fortunate to have lots from models and celebrities. >> long list of clientele, jennifer aniston, nicole kidman and selena gomez, boosted to $1.5 million. >> using social media as tool to grow brand. >> and little baby north west has a $5,000 a week glam squad getting her ready for the paparazzi. >> i've officially heard everything. thinks keltie.
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tomorrow on the "insider,"
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divorce saga, what we know about brad's next move as rumors swirl about the reason behind the split. then bill o'reilly's media empire expands. what is next? >> to have fun. then the "the insider" story on the >> that's next "the insider" all right. before patrick dempsey auditioned for "bridget jones'
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here's the audition in case you missed it. >> i'm bregt. >> why? a baby? we are very, very, very disappointed in one bridget. su shall not pass? >> just stop. stop. i don't think this is working. that's "lord of the >> blah blah. >> are you making fun of me? >> no. >> you auditioned for -- >> yes. >> wow. that was a lot. >> how do you go up against that? >> you don't.
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