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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 29, 2016 1:06am-1:36am CDT

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>> announcer: heads up 'cause "the view" is live. fat shaming showdown. the former miss universe claiming trump mocked her weight gain, and how donald's not backing down. >> and you know, she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was -- it was a real problem. and can having sex be a
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how science says making love can make some people see the light plus kiefer sutherland talks about being "designated survivor" on this season's breakout hit series. hump day "hot topics" are here with whoopi, sunny hostin, joy behar, sara haines, and jedediah bila. now, let's get things started. ? hey! yeah. hello, hello, hello and welcome to "the view," y'all. welcome to "the view." welcome to "the view." welcome to "the view." welcome to "the view." welcome to "the view." yeah.
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first of all, [ cheers and applause ] i just have to call out, there is a perfect afro in the audience. >> yes, yes. >> it is right there. >> yes! >> very symmetrical. >> it is the afro we all wanted to have. thank you, link, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] alicia machado has been going public saying donald trump fat shamed her for gaining weight. and trump is not backing down. here's what he said about her yesterday on "fox & friends". take a look. >> she was the worst we ever had, the absolute worst. she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real
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we had a real problem with her. >> now, the average size of the american woman is size 16. that's the average size, so what message is he sending to female voters again with this? i mean, it's not like, you know. >> the message is don't vote for me. [ cheers and applause ] >> for me, what struck me is that secretary clinton again was able to drag him into he didn't even seem to see it coming. she played this game of dog whistle politics which i think was really effective because she said, and he called her miss housekeeping because she's a latina and she's a u.s. citizen now, american citizen now, and she is going to vote. what that said to me was, my goodness, she understands that trump needs at least 33% of the latino vote to become president and she's speaking to those
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i thought that was masterful, right, masterful. [ applause ] >> there's also a big problem here though which is that this guy doesn't know how to apologize, it seems. this happened a long time ago and everybody has a past and you will of us have said things that maybe we regret, but it seems as though he doesn't regret it because the comment here, the only acceptable remark is that was a long time ago and i was a different man and i'm deeply sorry. >> no, he goes the other way. here. >> only one? >> this is a big one. everybody wants to blame his handlers and saying why isn't he being told and i say you know what though, you're a grown man running for president and you're responsible for what you said and you're responsible for owning up and i don't care who your handlers are. grow up and say i'm sorry. that's what i want. [ applause ] >> what about the republican women that have stood by him and said i'm going to vote for trump. how is it that there are republican women who are still
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of all this. >> they should call him out. >> we're going to have kellyanne on tomorrow. >> they should call him out. >> one really cool thing is refinery 29 is doing something called the 67 project which is really cool. 67% of women in america are defined as plus size, size 16 and up, yet are left out in the media. they're trying to bridge the gap which is more population which is so empowering and so cool. if there were even more groups that trump could offend, not that they only -- everyone votes on certain issues but i was personally offended by that. i think women deal with body issues at a different rate and level. >> what gets me is that he's 236 flabby pounds himself. >> yes, yes. >> and it's like my father -- my father used to say people who live in glass houses should
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you know what was interesting, i thought the same thing. there was an incredible article and they said trump revealed he's 6'3" and 236 with a bmi of 29.5. if you have a bmi of 30, you're considered obese. if you look at a picture of trump right nix to jeb bush who is 6'3", he looks considerably shorter. if he truly is about 6'1" or playing with the numbers. >> speaking of disrespecting women, i mean, you know, trump's advisor, rudy giuliani. remember him? yeah. that dennison of good taste, he was mouthing off again on why he thinks hillary clinton doesn't have the judgment to lead the country. take a look. >> president of the united states, her husband disgraced
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didn't just stand by him, she attacked monica lewinsky. after being married to bill clinton for 20 years, if you didn't know the moment monica lewinsky said that bill clinton violated her that she was telling the truth, then you're too stupid to be president. >> speaking of that, rudy, you know, again, the pot calling the kettle black. [ applause ] your marriage didn't survive it, you know. your marriage didn't survive, so you should keep your mouth closed. and again, calling people names like stupid, you know, i hate to do it because i'm trying to be a grownup but look in the mirror, man. look in the mirror. >> you know something, rudy giuliani publicly humiliated donna hanover by announcing that he was dumping her on
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not -- don't bring this -- this is why i said to donald trump don't bring this stuff up because you are just as liable. honey, she's still married to her husband. [ applause ] >> what's strange to me -- exactly. what's strange to me is the republican party is always supposed to be the party of family values, and traditionalists -- and as joy often reminds everyone, i'm a traditionalist, a stand by your man through thick and out and worked it out and come out of it on the other end you would think would be virt tuous. >> jumping straight to her intellect the first thing i go to is a sign of strength. it's not always the easiest thing to leave. sometimes you need to leave. sometimes there's staying out but there's a fortitude that i actually recognize more that a woman that can stay through that. i find it interesting. >> it's not her problem. it's his problem.
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word, rudy, but stupid. you're marginalizing -- there are a lot of women who stay. i'm not here to judge. would i have stayed, maybe not, but that's not up to me. stay out of her marriage. you want to judge her on policy, you can judge her on policy and her record. leave her marriage out of it. that's here business. [ applause ] >> to the family value thing, family values hypocrite, between him and trump, they had nine wives, okay? >> nine? >> yeah, nine. >> wait, i've had lots of husbands as well but -- >> you're not a hypocrite. >> but i can't say why people break up. i don't know why they break up, but for me rudy giuliani has no business, no business talking about this or anything else. when it comes to disgracing a
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before, new york was not happy with you. >> no. >> okay, because we were pissed. we didn't like how you treated your wife. we didn't like what you did because you made us part of it. >> we didn't know about him in new york. we didn't know about it. i'm saying the country needs to know it again. >> well, you know, i'm just saying, shush. shhh, rudy. >> why is trump surrounding himself with ailes -- head go with crack head. >> we'll be back with more "hot topics". >> announcer: coming up, can trump and clinton supporters really get along? the ladies reveal if their politics have wrecked any relationships. >> announcer: our political view is smart. >> why is this race in a dead heat? >> that was so masterful and yet a missed opportunity by trump. >> announcer: and fearless. >> be really clear about how
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. >> announcer: still ahead, kiefer sutherland tells the ladies about his new mega hit ser series, "designated survivor". >> welcome back. national voter registration day partnered with thousands of organizations to get people to
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media company, the skimm, launched a nonpartisan "skimm the vote no excuses" campaign that has revenge registered over 85,000 people and counting. for more info, visit our website to see how easy it is. >> i want to correct something. >> hold on. joy needs to make a correction. >> right. i said that between gingrich and trump they had nine wives. i was wrong. it's between gingrich, giuliani. >> oh, i thought you -- oh, my god. i thought you said nine lives. >> no. >> oh, my god. see? that's what i was. female exotic dancers in louisiana are suing over a new law that forbids women under 21 from performing in a strip club. the law does not extend to the male exotic dancers, but should 18-year-olds be allowed to strip if they're of legal age?
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you're 18 years old, you can vote, you can serve your country, you can drive a car. >> can't rent a car. >> you can't rent acar. 18 is an adult so i don't like government coming in and saying we're here to tell you what's responsible and what's right for you. i may sit here and say that's a bad decision that can lead you down a bad path, but that's me making a judgment. i need these 18-year-olds who are adults to make that decision for themselves. i also like that it doesn't extend to men. that's a constitutional violation. i think the equal protection clause of the constitution is going to have a problem with it. what does that say to society? >> well, okay. here i go. i agree with you, if you're, you know, going to ban women from doing this, men should be included in the bill. but, one, at 18 there are many ordinances around the country where 18-year-olds can't work or perform in establishments that sell alcohol because the
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makes sense, but i also think if you look at strip clubs around the country, those clubs are regulated. you can't see them on every corner. you see them in a red light district and that's because legislature and society has determined that children and families shouldn't be walking by adult entertainment places. so there is a real space in our society for regulation, and i don't know why we're so uncomfortable with saying, you know what, it's really not okay on every corner. maybe it's really not -- >> this is not -- >> regulate the business brick and mortar without putting that on the dancers themselves? >> i think it's okay in our society to say at 18 you can't drink and you shouldn't strip either. i'm okay with that. >> all right. are you okay with at 18 you can't have an abortion if you decide to? >> that's a whole other thing. >> no, it's not. it's the same thing. either you're going to give
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what to do with your body and to make decisions for you, or you're not. so, you have to make a decision because, i told you a long time ago my mom and i had a discussion and i was railing about choice, you know, because i was like the person wasn't making the choice i wanted them to make and my mother looked at me and said, so it's just your choice then. you're marching for your choice because if you're talking about choice then you have to accept it's not just you. it never left my head. and so i feel like we ask a lot of 18-year-olds sometimes and sometimes 18-year-olds get themselves in a situation where they need to make some money. and i'd rather have them in a controlled environment if they choose that that's the best way for them to work their way out of there because no stripper wants to stay stripping forever. most of the strippers that i know and i know a lot of them --
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friends that do a lot of different kinds of things to take care of their families. and i don't judge because, you know, who am i? i'm not -- you know, it's not my place. all i can do is support them and try to help them get where they wanted to get to. it's a struggle, i know, but you have to think about it. >> i'm uncomfortable with it but i'm very -- >> i won't strip now. >> but i am comfortable with the notion that we this is a little off topic but i'm doing a report on "nightline" tomorrow on pole dancing. there are pole dancing competitions and i admit -- >> she and i did it. >> i asked joy to come with me. >> i did the pole dancing and whoopi lifted my butt up. >> and i will say i went in kind of with a preconceived notion of what pole dancing is --
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you? >> what was your preconceived notion? >> that it's a stripper thing. it should be an olympic sport. i couldn't do any of these moves that these women were doing and it did open my eyes to pole dancing. >> sometimes because it says it on television doesn't necessarily mean that's what it is. because we got a lot of our preconceived ideas from things we see on tv. you see a stripper on law and order she's dragging her leg along. it's a whole thing. we'll be right back with more "hot topics". >> announcer: "the view" would like to thank apple & eve for providing our entire studio audience with a bottle of their delicious juice. what are you doing right now? making a cake! uh oh. i don't see cake, i just see mess. it's like awful. it feels like am not actually cleaning it up.
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[ cheers and applause ] hey so a new study, a new study that focused on men alone found that having sex can be a religious experience. perhaps -- and i feel like we talked about this because i feel like you made this joke last week. making love releases the love hormone which boosts spi spirituality which explains why
1:33 am
conversation? >> we did. >> so let's go to something else. >> can i ask you one question? since you're a libertarian and you don't believe in regulations and everything, what else seatbelts? >> no, seatbelts, you're endangering the life of somebody else. if you're 18 years old and you want to strip you're responsible for your own fate. >> i just wanted to make sure. >> glad we cleared that up. libertarians and i really don't. >> libertarians support some regulations. >> not crazy regulations, like, you know -- i'm not even going to do it because there's just low-hanging fruit. why bother. women did come out on top in another survey that found that
1:34 am
more than men. are any of those right now? >> to me it's [mute]. >> did they beep her? >> of course they did. >> you better hope they did because it's $375,000 if they didn't. >> i warned them ahead of time. >> okay. >> can you beat me? >> no. >> i think that i swear a lot. it's really bad because some people say not using your word but it's so cathartic to drop certain words. whereas i don't judge other people for using them, the second it comes out of my mouth i'm like, that was so unprofessional. because it makes me think what my parents would do if they were standing there. >> i know. i grew up the same as you, sara, which was basically people that curse don't have the vocabulary to use an appropriate word. >> now you're smart enough to
1:35 am
now i'm around women that use a lot of flim flarm flarm all the time and that are brilliant. >> my father was very old-fashioned about that. here's a guy who fought the nazis. he used to pull out his own teeth, and yet you could not say the f word around him or he would have a fit. he was a tough truck driver and yet he was very squeamish about women cursing. >> for years this idea of the woman as this delicate little -- oh, i can't hear that can't hear it, you know. i love the words because i love the language. >> yeah, it's great. >> so for me -- i do, i do. because you know, we talked about a word today that i find really offensive, but adults allow their children to say it all the time. >> yeah. >> rudy giuliani said it. that was stupid. >> i hate that word. >> to me that's a bad word, that's an ugly word. but you can say several words
1:36 am
loving way, and you cannot say stupid with a smile. but you can use the f bomb with a smile. that's all i'm saying. >> yeah. good point. >> i'm very close but i'm not doing it. >> you know, i grew up in a house where my mom cursed, my dad, and my mom, it was colorful. she worked in theatre and she felt like sometimes that was the word that best expressed how you felt. because cursing was around me it wasn't a vulgar thing or a dumb th said it. we laughed about it at the dinner table and i had grandparents that cursed. >> you cursed in front of your family? >> i curse in front of my family now. it's expressive, light. it's okay to express how you feel. >> my grandson -- go ahead. >> i used to teach my -- >> i said he can swear if he wants, he's only five. then he got in trouble in school and my daughter blamed it on me. so you can't really let the kids


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