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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 30, 2016 1:06am-1:36am CDT

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[ cheers and applause ] hey, i'm outside "the view" studio taking over the b.e.t. "vote your voice" truck to make sure no one gets left behind on election day. find out how you can ride along later in the show. let's get things started! >> all: vote your view! vote your view!
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because "the view" is live. donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway is getting in the hot seat in "hot topics," and nothing's off the table. and another gary gaffe. johnson's latest on-air brain freeze that's a major third party foul. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment in the former president of mexico. >> but i'm giving you the whole world. >> i know. plus oscar winner lupita nyong'o and david oyelowo. "hot topics" are in the house with whoopi, behar, sara haines, jedediah bila, and raven-symone. now, let's get things started. [ cheers and applause ]
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hello, hello, hello and welcome to "the view," y'all! welcome to "the view." welcome to "the view." welcome to "the view." welcome to "the view." welcome to "the view." so we want to let you know that raven is going to be outside of the b.e.t. vote your voice registration truck all show long and that's not the only ride you can atake. rock the vote also kicked off their bus tour this week, so go to our website to see if they're pulling into your wn and speaking of rocking the vote -- thank you. i feel that the three of you really understand me. speaking of rocking the vote, libertarian candidate gary johnson just had another brain freeze during a live town hall with his running mate, bill weld. take a look. >> who's your favorite foreign leader? >> who's my favorite? >> any one of the continents,
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respect and look up to. anybody? >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment in the former president of mexico. >> but i'm giving you the whole world. >> i know, i know. >> anybody, pick any leader. >> trudeau, trudeau. sorry, did i say that out loud? this comes on the heels of president obama warning that a vote for a third party candidate who has not really a big chance of winning could potentially be a vote for trump. do you agree with that? was that a brain freeze? that? >> well, yeah. >> i'm a libertarian. i'm going to need therapy because of this guy, because of gary johnson. it's so frustrating and what's most frustrating is he's fighting to get a seat at the debates. i've been out there saying, yes, you should have one, and you're not doing your homework. what are you doing. libertarians always get a bad reputation. people say they don't know anything about foreign policy. that's not true.
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but gary johnson as a representative of libertarians in this election seems to not know much. it's embarrassing. >> maybe he's getting briefings from sarah palin. you never know. >> this was not a gotcha question. there are gotcha questions out there. >> name one person of a foreign leader you respect. >> do you still think he deserves a seat at the table? >> i like to hear everybody's voice but for me these are disqualifying moments. you're going to be president, you're going to have to meet with these f if you can't identify them -- >> he'll learn who's who. when he does a state dinner he'll get to meet everybody. somebody will write it in a book and say, that's trudeau. >> i totally agree but i'm still a big believer that it's better to vote for someone than no one. it's a voice and a vote that people have lost their lives over and fought so hard for.
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this election. that's not good enough because even if people say your vote is thrown away, it is better to use it than not. >> joy is tossing to a clip. >> i am? >> yes. >> oh, yeah. you know what, this is an old clip. i don't want to pile on the guy but he says he used to smoke marijuana. maybe that's the problem. look at this clip. watch this. >> there would be an examination of me and bill weld as who we are and what we have done and whole debate and not say anything -- >> what's with the tongue? he had the tongue. >> i don't know what he was trying -- was he trying to make a point? >> i think he's trying to be funny but this isn't funny. this is the problem. you're running for president. let us make the jokes. let joy and whoopi make the mistake. you're running for president. stop doing that with your tongue!
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with your tongue, make your tongue work for you instead of against you. president obama suffered the first override of his presidency when congress rejected his veto of the 9/11 bill that would allow victims' families so sue the saudi arabian government for having a role in the 9/11 attacks. now, at the risk of getting a lot of heat for this, i find -- i'm not sure that it's a good idea because, a, the 9/11 commission did not prove that saudi arabia was complicit in this, and also does that open us up in vietnam, does it open us up with the iran -- >> and iraq. >> it's unprecedented. >> it's unprecedented. i get the anger and the feel but this is not an election year topic, you know, because people aren't voting what is right for the country.
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saying you were against 9/11 families. i don't think anybody is against 9/11 families, and including me so don't text or e-mail -- don't send me a whole bunch of stuff. i lost friends, okay. >> the vote was 97 to 1. i mean, we've never seen that in his entire administration. why this particular vote? >> it seems like because it's an election year everyone is going to be seen as voting against the 9/11 victims which that's not the this does open us up because we're involved internationally -- >> in lots of stuff. >> it's murky. >> even secretary clinton said she would have voted with the majority. >> it's wrong. >> that's it. >> you know, you can't -- it is not a good idea. if you want to sue people, sue the people who did it. >> yeah. >> don't -- because i didn't vote for the iran contra. i'm not part of iran contra. i don't want anybody suing me. i don't want them suing the country saying i had anything to do with it.
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he's 100% right because what he's saying is we are doing drone strikes around the world. our military people, our intelligence people would be brought into foreign courts. that is not -- >> it putsur people in danger. >> we'll be right back. >> announcer: next, donald trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway, hits the "hot topics" table. do i even have to tell you to stay tuned? >> announcer: no matter what your political view is you got to -- tell 'em, whoopi. >> exercise your right to vote this november. >> vote your view and register now to vote. it's easy. >> i mean really. >> for more information visit our website. >> announcer: don't miss "the view" tomorrow on abc. it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room
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? >> announcer: still ahead, lupita nyong'o and david oyelowo. lupita nyong'o and david oy [ cheers and applause ] as this week is proving yet again, there has never been a presidential candidate anything close to donald trump, which is why this lady may have the hardest job in politics. please welcome trump campaign manager, kellyanne conway. [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much for being here. first of all, i want to give credit where credit is due because i think that i have seen some positive movements in the
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on board and i think a lot of people at home would acknowledge that too so thank you for that. but i want to get right to it. speaking about monday night a source within the trump campaign has said that trump's failures in that debate were more about execution than preparation. a lot of people want to know, did he lose nis nerve in that moment? >> i thought he was a complete gentleman to her and he hasn't gotten a lot of credit for that. at the beginning he said very graciously secretary clinton and then he said may i call you secretary clinton? and sheor said i want you to be happy, it's very important to me. at the end of the night after she hit him with some really negative attacks, he said to her i came here to play rough and say some things about you but i won't do it because your family is here. i don't think he gets credit for restraint and restraint is a presidential virtue -- >> i'm talking about policy though because i was at home and i was, in truth, jumping through my television on issues like the
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on so people are saying there were missed opportunities for him to come back and have responses to that. where was he in those moments and will he be there next time? >> he will and he obviously knows all those issues, had prepared all those issues, jedediah, but he actually was answering the questions asked of him. sometimes mr. holt was asking the question and sometimes hillary clinton was injecting with something that had not been asked and he was answering them literally. but you're right, this election is what it has always been -- >> wait a minute. >> you're part of 70% of the americans including women who have said i want this country to go in a different direction, if you say you want change, if you care about the $12.9 million women who have no health insurance, the women in poverty, i think the choice is very clear. >> you just did what he doesn't do. he doesn't give any information, and i'm glad to see you here. it would have been nice if he
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the guys are. how come he didn't come today? [ cheers and applause ] >> i'll invite him. >> he has been invited on numerous occasions to this show. >> he's also not in new york -- >> kellyanne, honey, i'm a new yorker. don't b.s. a >> i'm not i'm a new yorker too. i would love for him to come to "the view." >> is he scared to come because we're women? >> i will tell you the truth. he actuay >> he did? what else did he say? >> when i was invited on the show, he said i hope you'll do that show. but he's on the road every single day. he gave 40 speeches in one -- >> nothing on policy, kellyanne, and you know he has been very vague. listen, he's -- >> whoopi, that's not fair. he's out there every single day. no, no, sorry. >> i have to say something and he says nothing. he goes out and says we're going to make america great again, he
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he says all these people are bad but i'm not going to tell you why they're bad. [ applause ] >> if i may respectfully disagree. he's out there every day, you can see it because it's televised or an youtube. ten-point plan to reform the veterans' administration. five-point plan for middle class child relief. >> where was it monday? where was it monday night? why didn't he -- all the things that you're talking about are great. >> i don't remember. >> why weren't they present? >> and you will hear more about it. and i agree with all of you that there is so much to be held to account in hillary clinton's record -- >> no, we're talking about donald, baby. don't -- >> i want this election to be about him. >> go ahead, paula. >> you talk about things we're going to hear more about and the fact that he did leave a lot of things on the table but yet even after the debate he said, i wanted to say i got out everything except for the transgressions of bill clinton. he says he didn't go there because of the respect that he
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there? is that fair game? >> and is it relevant really? >> is it fair game? what does he have to gain? >> i'm not advising him to go there. it's fair game to think about how hillary clinton treated those women after the fact. she called monica lewinsky -- >> how about how he treats women all the time. >> that's talked about all the time, whoopi. that's talked about constantly. to answer your question, i can tell you the thing about donald trump that i hope you would all give credence to is he is surrounded by strong women. thousands of women over the years -- >> let me ask you something about hillary -- >> and they get promoted. i'm the first campaign manager for a republican presidential candidate. >> wouldn't you turn on the women if your husband was cheating on you? you would turn on them, too, wouldn't you? >> no, i wouldn't. my mother did. my mother had that experience and she left. i was raised by a single mother, and i'm sure there are many watching your show and that's who i am. i was raised to be very
1:25 am
take, and to think for myself and to be entrepreneurial and to think about family and faith and values. i was raised by a single mom who took her high school degree and went and supported us. she -- you know, that's how i got through catholic school and college and law school. in fact, i was raised in a household that looks like this. i was raised by my mother, her mother and two of her unmarried sisters. >> that's why we're so shocked that you're supporting him. that's why. that's why. >> he said just this week, he was talking about miss universe, alicia machado's weight, saying she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a problem. in the past he's called her an eating machine. i feel uncomfortable as a woman but i'm curious how you felt about those comments. >> i don't discuss people's weights and their looks. i'm sure on your twitter feed right now you have viewers discussing my looks and intelligence. >> did you say to him --
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>> did you reprimand him for that and say, listen, why are you saying women are fat, why are you calling women fat pigs? >> yes, i did. >> what did he say? >> that he gave that particular woman a second chance. the company involved wanted her terminated -- >> he's too good. >> that's the truth. i want everybody to know this. she was in breach of contract and the company wanted her terminated. he gave her a second chance. the choices were give her a second chance or terminate he also has said publicly i think last night, he's talked to her very briefly over a number of years. this was 20 years ago and she obviously has a troubled past that i won't get into -- >> so what. it has nothing to do with her being fat or skinny. >> this country, listen, we spend $60 billion -- >> kellyanne is sticking around. we will be right back for more. .
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>> announcer: tomorrow, "snl" weekend update anchors colin jost and michael che hit the "hot topics" table. and star of the sizzling new series "conviction", hayley atwell. >> we're back with kellyanne conway. come on, y'all. >> trump has always questioned hillary's health and was doing
1:32 am
something and if not why does he keep talking about this issue? >> he's talking about her stamina and energy because he's on the road every single day giving speeches, talking about policy. we looked at just their august calendars and she spent a lot of time with donors at fundraisers and he spent a great deal of time at rallies. i've been to this rallies. 15,000 people and 5,000 more trying to get in. i saw the new abc news poll that came out on sunday and 75% americans said that donald trump is healthy and fit to do the job of president -- >> let me ask you something -- >> 53% of americans said hillary was. that's america, your poll. >> what's with the sniffles? >> he said he didn't have a cold. what was the sniffling about? >> and what's with the water? >> i ges he was thirsty. >> remember they went after marco rubio for that?
1:33 am
why five people on her staff pled the fifth and took immunity. >> here's the problem. once you open that can of worms, we have to then open your can of worms because, you know, as we have said, where are -- he said he'll release when the -- he'll release when here e-mails are released. now, they've gone in and looked and the fbi said no. he says, oh, no, they didn't really do it. where are his damn tax returns and why don't we i'm tired -- i know what size hillary clinton's bra cup is. i know how much she p spent on her bra. the transparency is insane -- >> that's not true. >> i'm sorry. what i want to know is what she was hiding in 33,000 e-mails she deleted. >> what the donald trump hiding by not releasing that information. >> there is a 104-page financial disclosure form -- >> she has never been hacked. i want to know, since every
1:34 am
it, where are the tax returns? [ applause ] that's what i want to know. >> i'll repeat what he has said many times. it's under audit. >> it's bull, it's bull. >> what is he hiding? >> under president hillary clinton -- >> what is he hiding? >> he's not hiding anything. >> i think he is. >> there's no denying that hillary clinton did delete more e-mails than she turned over. i want tas that's breaking from news week, that one of trump's companies spent money in cuba with during fidel castro's regime. >> read the whole story. >> this is treasonous. >> read the entire story. it starts out with screaming headlines as it usually does that he did business in cuba. it turns out that he decided not to invest there. if you read the entire story. >> are you denying that his company spent any money in cuba? >> i think they paid money, as i
1:35 am
paid money in 1998. we're not supposed to talk about years ago when it comes to the clintons but with trump -- >> he's the one. >> i don't believe you're allowed to spend money unless it's a humanitarian effort or a government effort in that context that you're dealing with, this particular regime. >> it's not going to work in miami. they're not going to like that. >> the question is did he spend money. he's very critical of cuba, of castro, and he gave a speech to the cuban national foundation in miami critical of to do business with castro. he's talked about the cuban embargo even on this trail. again we're talking about did his hotel invest money in 1998 in cuba. no. did she get money from seven foreign governments while she was secretary of state, yes, and somehow that's not relevant. >> we know that. we found that out. >> what did they get for it? >> here's the question -- >> they got access, they got
1:36 am
spend time with the secretary of state. please. trump has done the same thing. >> foreign government? >> he kind of is to me. >> why did the clinton foundation take money from saudi arabia which hates gays and women? little girls don't have any human rights? >> we will ask her that when she comes. but i want to know first about those taxes and i want to know about your foundation. when is that foundation going to release their information so we can find out how much money has co >> that is there. the foundation releases are there. that's why this one reporter -- >> he used the money on the foundation to buy paintings of himself. >> that was at an auction. that's an auction. >> mielania bid on them. >> kellyanne, how do we get him here? donald, come talk to us. >> i would strongly suggest it and i hope when he's here he'll


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