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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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their stock - from beer to food to tables and chairs. this was the scene at reds public house on 2nd st., where employees hope to have everything back and ready to go by the end of the weekend. the general manager here says volunteer help was huge throughout this flood event- now she hopes people will find it within themselves to come back downtown in force and really patronize these businesses, which have been closed for a week and missed out on a lot of revenue. at la cantina in downtown they rallied overnight to get back open. " we took everything out, gutted the restaurant just tobe we moved everything back in, that took two days, we're definitely ready to go now. " again the bridges open saturday morning, right now things are still looking a little like a ghost town down here, but that should change soon. in cr mc kcrg tv 9 news bruce let's go now to
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caught up with some people moving back into their homes. what did they return to? bruce, for the most part they came back to a house that sustained little or in most cases no water damage at all. still, i didn't hear any regrets about heeding the call to evacuate or the time and effort required to moving take a lot longer than picking up and moving out. one owner figured it took less than a day to remove belongings from a basement including the water heater and even the furnace. she thought it might take two weeks to gradually move everything back. part of that was there's no pressure to hurry now. and there's no regrets about all the work and expense that proved to be unnecessary. "if we didn't remove everything
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have gotten a foot in our upstairs so...and now my house is super clean " most homeowners got no water inside at all. one exception was the handful of homes on ellis blvd on the "wet" side of the city's temporary flood barriers. but even here, the crest of 22 feet stopped well short of the home and a foot of water in the basement came from the pressure on the storm sewers and backups. inspectors have started checking homes in the evacuation area for any flood damage at all. so far, they've found only a "small" number with any damage. live in cedar rapids, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. though people can start moving
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still open in cedar rapids. they're at saint paul's methodist church and cedar hillary community church. last night, 80 people stayed at those shelters. the shelter at saint paul's will close sunday at 2 p-m. let's turn now to meteorologist joe winters. he's live from mount vernon, where the mustangs are hosting the anamosa riders for our friday nigh lights game. joe, it's really starting to feel like fall for tonight's football games. an area of low pressure, cutoff from the east. it is close enough to keep more clouds in the forecast through saturday. as a result highs remain in the 60s. a warmup starts sunday, bringing 70s back into the forecast through the middle of next week. wednesday finds our next chance for measurable rainfall. have a great night and a safe weekend!tonight: cloudy. wind: ne 5-10. low: 57 tomorrow: mostly cloudy. a few sprinkles are possible, mainly east. wind: n 5-15. high: 66
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iowa are now eligible for federal help as they recover from storms and flooding more than a month ago. president obama has signed
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allamakee, chickasaw, clayton, fayette, floyd, howard, mitchell, and winneshiek counties. storms and flooding caused heavy damage there between august 23rd and 27th. that's when floodwaters hit spillville, decorah, clermont, and elkader. police in cedar rapids are investigating the death of an 18-year old. stabbed him to death early this morning at apartments near kirkwood community college. police have not released the man's name. t court southwest just after 2 a-m. emergency responders took the victim to mercy medical center. that's where he died roughly an hour later. a witness told tv-nine the victim ran to a nearby apartment, where friends tried to save him. "i was woken up to one of the roommates screaming, telling me to go get a towel, put it on his chest, and then she just told me to take the phone because she was going to start compressions because he stopped breathing."
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any arrests yet, but the do not think the public is in danger. police say they've brought in several people for questioning. the river loop public market cooperative in waterloo has closed the downtown grocery and restaurant had been open for five years. it focused on local products, but had money issues. and its lease with the city considering several options for the building, but won't say what they include. renovations for the building came from the riverloop expo project, and included gambling revenue and a one million dollar state grant. a dubuque group is pitching in to help eastern iowa's flood victims. and a big donation is helping make moving back a little easier for flood victims. stay with tv9. "they'll be put out into the
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donations from a national company is helping fuel people across eastern iowa as they recover from the flood. nexterra which is affiliated with the duane arnold energy center in palo made a big donation to the red cross this morning. it gave 25-thousand dollars, along with snacks and drinks...and it'll be going to people recovering from the flood. the red cross started delivering these items this morning to flood victims all the way from charles city to southern cedar rapids. the organization says donations like
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from house fires to flooding. "the red cross cannot do what we do without the support of the american people, we are thrilled to be part of this generous iowa and eastern iowa community. it's been an absolute joy to see the community come together, work together for each other and really help in time of need. " the red cross and salvation army together for flood victims across eastern iowa. red cross healthcare workers, mental health professionals, and case workers will all be available. the red cross says if people would like to give, they should consider a monetary donation. there are three ways to donate... you can go to "red cross dot org" or call 1-800-red cross... or text "red cross" to 9-0- 9-9-9. a group in dubuque is organizing
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louisiana. "resources unite" is asking businesses and families to collect things like cleaning supplies, baby items, pet food and school supplies. during the month of october "resources unite" is teaming up with the mckesson corporation and hirschbach motor lines to collect those items. at the end of the month volunteers will load semi trucks and haul all the supplies to the communities, including to louisiana. "it's kind of karma. i know that if i give to to come back. " "resources unite" will be providing boxes for people to fill with supplies for flood victims. we have information on how to get involved along with this story on kcrg dot com. zach johnson has a great opening match in today's ryder cup play. and hear how the hawkeyes are preparing for this weekend's homecoming game without their top wide receiver. an area of low pressure, cutoff
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east. it is close enough to keep more clouds in the forecast through saturday. as a result highs remain in the 60s. a warmup starts sunday, bringing 70s back into the forecast through
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week. wednesday finds our next chance for measurable rainfall. have a great night and a safe weekend! tonight: cloudy. wind: ne 5-10. low: 57 tomorrow: mostly cloudy. a few sprinkles are possible, mainly east. night: partly cloudy. wind: n 5-10. low: 53 sunday: partly cloudy. high: 72 low: 53 monday: partly cloudy. high: 74 low: 51 tuesday: partly cloudy. high: 78 low: 55 wednesday: chance of showers/storms. high: 74 low:
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high: 71 low: 50 friday: mostly sunny. high: 69 low: 46 saturday: mostly sunny. high: 69 low: 51 bruce and beth?
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... zach johnson had a strong finish this morning on day 1 of the ryder cup. stay with tv nine. ... it's homecoming week for
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without their top wide receiver matt vandeberg after he broke his foot in practice. ... with that loss, the hawkeyes will have to establish the run game. last year, iowa ran all over the wildcats with 294 yards, 204 of those came from akrum wadley. the players think the matchup will be similar to last year. "they're bringing a few guys back from last year. playing basically the same defense as last year, they don't change a whole lot. offensively, we don't change a whole lot. it's probably going to be the same game as
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plan standpoint." "i'd be really happy if we could eliminate some of the mistakes that have kept us from some big plays. we've had about 140 yards of offense on two runs taken off the board. to me, that's our focus right now is cleaning those kinds of things up." trt: 28 oc: "cleaning those kinds of things up" ... hard to believe it's week 6 of the high school football season. there's a huge class 3a, district 4 matchup tonight between west delaware and clear creek- amana. scott westerberg joins us live from tiffin. features a high-powered offense versus a stingy defense. on paper this looks like arguably the best match-up in eastern iowa as the clippers and hawks battle for the top spot in class 3a, district 4...i talked with clear creek-amana coach matt hughes a little bit ago and here's what he had to say about facing west delaware. "i see a really well coached football team, a real hard- nosed football team that plays
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a big challenge for us tonight." both defenses have been pretty good this season. you guys have three shutouts. they have a couple shutouts. what do you notice about their defense? "they're really physical. they play their responsibilities well. they do what their coaches ask them to do. you can tell they're really well coached and they're very disciplined in their assignments." --- safe to say this might be a little bit more of a low scoring game then some of the others you've had? "that's why they play the game. both defenses are good. both offenses have some power, so it's going to be fun. what a great you talk about the implications of keeping yourself in the drivers seat for the district title? "we haven't really. our philosophy all year has been, let's go 1-0 every week and focus on the game at hand and don't look forward to anything or look back at anything either, so our whole philosophy all year is do everything for the week at hand and the rest of it will take care of itself." do you think the kids have done a good job focusing on one at a time
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our kids. they amaze me at how focused they are and how they come out everyday just trying to get better and be coachable and do the things we ask them to do. i'm confident they'll come out tonight and play a good game for us." back to you, josh. back to you, josh. have 12 more games tonight on friday night lights end zone, including anamosa at mount vernon which you can see live on kcrg 9.2 starting at 7. ... day 1 of the ryder cup... cedar rapids native zach johnson was paired with jimmy walker in foursomes this morning... they faced sergio garcia and martin kaymer ... a tough start for johnson and walker... 7th hole, zach makes a huge birdie putt to halve the hole... he and walker are still 1 down ... but then they heat up on the back nine... 12th hole, johnson taps the ball
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hole, zach with the tee shot on the par 3... 240 yards away... it bounces onto the green and stops 5 feet from the pin... walker made the putt.. he and zach go 1 up ... they'd win holes 14 and 15... then on 16, zach looking to put the final nail in the coffin, he does and he knew it... johnson and walker come back to win their match 4 & 2... right now, the u.s. leads europe 5-3 sot don't care where he hits it and he doesn't care where i hit it. for us, it's all about team. execution becomes easy; there's freedom involved where you don't care where your partner hits it." trt: 13 oc: "where your partner hits it" thanks, josh. we'll be right
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now, live in mount vernon for a final look at the forecast. an area of low pressure, cutoff from the jet stream, meanders its way to our east. it is close enough to keep more clouds in the forecast through saturday. as a result highs remain in the 60s. a warmup starts sunday, bringing 70s back into the forecast through the middle of next week. wednesday finds our next chance for measurable rainfall. have a great night and a safe weekend! tonight: cloudy. wind: ne 5-10. low: 57 tomorrow:
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n 5-15. high: 66 bruce and beth? thanks for joining us for
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