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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 1, 2016 7:00am-8:00am CDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, monster hurricane. hurricane matthew, the most powerful storm to develop in the atlantic in a decade. a killer in the caribbean. now setting its sights on jamaica. will it threaten the u.s.? our weather team tracking it by the hour. and twitter tirade. donald trump taking flack for hillary clinton is not backing down. >> in his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged, even for him. >> donald's defense? and will this battle hurt him with women voters? a police officer's plea. attorneys for the tulsa cop who opened fire on an unarmed african-american man now blaming
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that actually be a defense? >> this, as new video is released in another police shooting, sparking protests near san diego. >> are you okay? and search for answers. >> i'm not allowing anybody to go in there. >> that deadly commuter train crash in new jersey. this morning, safety concerns slowing the investigation. as the ntsb tries to gather evidence, does this recorder hold the clue to what caused that accident? hey, good morning. happy saturday. welcome to october, everybody. a few quick bits of business. before we dive in. first, paula is off on this saturday morning. we're happy to have the amazing cecilia vega on the set. and two, you may have noticed that we're all wearing pink. in rachel's case, pinkish. >> or very pink. >> ron's case, electric pink. all to kick off a very serious
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which we'll be talking about coming up a little bit later in the show. definitely. and on a very serious front, we start with the breaking news. hurricane matthew now a powerful category 4 storm. heading toward jamaica. packing winds of 150 miles an hour. the possibility of up to 25 inches of rain. the big question right now, of course, will it hit the u.s.? >> rob and his team have been tracking the storm closely all night. rob is here with the latest. good morning, sir. >> good is morning, dan. explosive development with t system for about a week. the past two days, this thing has taken off. as it entered the caribbean sea. just a tropical storm thursday. it starts to blossom here. yesterday morning, a category 2 storm. we saw it develop, drop 44 millibars and 80 miles per hour in 24 hours. only two other storms have done that, includiing wilma back in 2005.
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two times the rate that qualifies for that. who is in the threat for this? it's pretty low as well. the lowest category 5 on record. there's a tropical storm warning out for colombia. jamaica, a hurricane watch. i think on monday is when you'll feel the impacts of this. cuba on tuesday. into the bahamas wednesday and thursday. look at that. florida now in the cone of uncertainty. so we'll talk more about the potential impacts here in the u.s. here are the computer models. giving you an not in the gulf of mexico. but potential impacts for the eastern u.s. next week. dan and cecilia, back to you. >> you'll be tracking that all weekend. we turn to the race for the white house. a new fox poll showing hillary clinton with a post-debate bump. 61% of registered voters who watched said clinton won. a slight edge for her among likely voters. 43% to 40% over donald trump. add a 3:00 a.m. twitter tirade and it must mean one thing.
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washington with the latest. mary, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the election may be around the corner. but this morning, the issue dominating the campaign is donald trump's growing fight with a former miss universe. clinton has been blasting trump all week for shaming alicia machado. and now, seem -- it seems to be keeping him up at night. >> i mean, really, who gets up at 3:00 in the morning to engage in a twitter attack? against a former miss universe. >> reporter: hillary clinton ripping into donald trump over his latest twitter tirade. this time against former beauty queen alicia machado. >> really, why does he do things like that? >> reporter: trump spent friday's wee morning hours bashing machado. calling her disgusting. a con. his worst miss u. alleging she had a sex tape, all before 5:30 a.m. she fired back and called his attacks cheep lies.
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intimidate hear. their contentious relationship on display in this old interview. >> she gained a little weight right in the middle. >> i don't think so. >> she's probably right. >> i don't think so. >> reporter: clinton is painting trump as a misogynist. >> his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged even for him. it proves yet again he's temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. defended his early morning tweets, posting, at 3:00 in the morning, at least you know i'll be there, awake, to answer the call. clinton is not letting this one go. needling trump with her own early morning tweet. posting that 3:20 a.m. is as good a time as any to tweet about national service. one of her big issues. the longer trump's feud with machado drags on, the longer it will keep him from the issues. >> we'll talk about that with matt dowd in a few minutes. there's another story this
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only challenge. there's this new video tape released despite protests from trump's attorneys. it shows the candidate testifying under oath in a lawsuit he filed against a celebrity chef. abc's devin dwyer is on that story from washington as well. devin, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. these are tapes that the trump campaign did not want you to see. they were released only after abc news appealed directly to the judge. they show a presidential candidate in a setting like we have never seen before. te this morning, a rare look at donald trump giving sworn testimony in a lawsuit he brought. >> i do. >> reporter: trump is suing celebrity chef geoffrey zakarian who backed out of a restaurant deal in trump's new d.c. hotel after trump insulting mexicans in his announcement speech. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime.
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what you were going to say? >> yes. >> reporter: in the deposition, trump accuses zakarian of inflicting damages. >> if they would have gotten out quietly, it would have been a better deal for everyone. they made such a big deal out of it. and they didn't have to make a big deal out of it. >> reporter: he claims his controversial candidacy would have helped business as zakarian's restaurant. >> it's possible i could have helped him. >> help who? >> if he had the restaurant, it would be helped as opposed to hurt. >> why do you think that? >> i mean, i've tapped into something. i've tapped into illegal immigration and other things also. why did the campaign not want these tapes released? >> reporter: well, dan, the optics of this, of any deposition clearly are not great. trump is the most litigious presidential candidate in history. involved in more than 3500 legal actions over the past 30 years by one count. his campaign worried that these videos could be used against him in tv attack ads. dan? >> devin, thank you. for more on the state of the
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aforementioned political analyst matthew dowd, who joins us from austin, texas. good morning. >> good morning. >> let me start with one of the headlines. donald trump, it says opens up new line of attack on hillary clinton. her marriage. trump now says he may bring up bill clinton's sexual indiscretions in the next debate. to you think that will actually happen? if he does it, will it be an effective line of attack? >> um, let me pause for a second. no. careful in this. i have always remembered about the glass house philosophy, which is you don't throw stones when you live in a glass house in the case of this. and i was thinking today. it's bonnie parker's birthday today. this is a little bit like clyde barrow saying i'm not as big of a thief as bonnie parker. i think it's a bad strategy. >> don't throw stones. a lot of people saying don't tweet at 3:00 a.m. proof that hillary clinton got
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is he shooting himself in the foot with this fight here? >> well, i mean, since monday, since the debate, it's been a downhill slide for donald trump, mainly of his own volition. one thing we all learned when we were younger, don't communicate when you're angry, and nothing good happens after midnight. and in both those cases, donald trump violated both of those. he keeps this story going. he could have ended the story and moved on if he just engaged in it. clinton up by three. essentially, a dead heat. as you look over the latest polling, including the polling from the battleground states, what is your view on the state of the race right now? >> it's a fascinating thing, dan. the equilibrium of the race seems to be a hillary clinton three to four-point lead. every time it closes to even and then it expands and settle there is. and with the electoral college, slight advantage for hillary clinton.
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hillary clinton did not change the perceptions of herself. there's a majority of people that still don't like her. a majority of people still don't trust her. people got more unsettled in the aftermath of that debate than donald trump. the race trended back to that three or four-point hillary clinton lead. donald trump has to figure out a way to get this thing from the red zone into the end zone. he has not taken a lead in this race yet. the only way he can do that is probably with the next debate. >> thank you, matt dowd. appreciate your analysis as always. 38 days to go, but who's counting? the next debate just eight days away. it will air live here on abc. our own rock star martha raddatz is co-moderating. and the vice presidential candidates face off on tuesday. george and the entire team will be covering that. i'll be right there. live at 9:00 eastern right here on abc also. >> a lot to look forward to. if you're a political junkie. we move on now though to the female police officer in tulsa
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charges in the fatal shooting of an unarmed african-american man. lawyers for betty shelby now say she suffered temporary hearing loss during the incident, which is just one of many shootings setting off protests in recent weeks. clayton sandell has more. clayton, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the tulsa police officer accused of killing terence crutcher has entered her plea. her legal team is hinting as an unusual defense. of pleading not guilty to manslaughter. in the fatal shooting of terence crutcher. >> we have all the confidence that when everything is out there officer shelby will be going home to her family. >> shots fired. >> reporter: shelby's lawyer, scott wood, says the stress of the situation caused the officer to experience a type of deafness, claiming she never heard a fellow cop say he was ready with a less lethal taser
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true. but the real question is can that actually be a defense? >> reporter: officer shelby says crutcher was refusing commands. she fired when she thought he was reaching for a weapon. his family accuses shelby of pulling the trigger even though his hands were up and crutcher was unarmed. >> today was the first step towards the justice that we want for terence and his family. >> reporter: this as p shooting near san diego. protesters gathering on the streets for alfred olango. his sister says she called police to help her brother. but when they arrived, they say he refuses commands. then points something at the officers. they fire. killing him. that turned out to be this cigarette device. >> you killed my brother in front of me! >> reporter: now, those protests sneer san diego overnight were
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officials have not decided if the officers in that case will face charges. to the deadly train crash in new jersey. the damage from the crash is so severe, it's still not safe to access a second recorder in the front car. eva pilgrim is outside the train station. in hoboken. eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. investigators, this morning, still waiting to get access to the worst of this accident and that crucial evidence inside. >> reporter: this morning, the damage to this train station slowing down investigators in their search for answers as to why a new jersey transit train came crashing into the platform, killing one person, injuring 114 others. >> because of the asbestos, the unsettled structures that we're not sure about, i'm not allowing anybody to go in there. >> reporter: trapped in that daniel, key evidence. the event recorder.
7:14 am
the train. the info on one other event recorder now being downloaded at the manufacturer. invest combaters try to figure out how fast the train was going and if the brakes were used before that crash. >> we have multiple walking wounded. >> reporter: officials have not said how fast the train was going when it crashed. witnesses say the train was going three times faster than normal. the train hit with such violent force, part of the station's ceiling collapsed. debris raining down on hundreds of people waiting for trains. >> o o not just find out what happened. but why it happened. so we can prevent it from happening again. >> reporter: investigators are planning to speak to the engineer, identified as 48-year-old thomas gallagher. preliminary drug and alcohol tests from him have come back negative. the ntsb is doing further tests. the ntsb confirming there are several videos of the accident. investigators are looking through the videos at this time. dan?
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>> eva, thank you. a lot of other news overnight overnight. for that, we kick it over to dr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, dr. dan harris. we begin with a fire overnight at a dorm in dartmouth college. in new hampshire. driving more than 300 students from their rooms in the middle of the night. a fire at morton hall. students were evacuated. the fire under control and being investigated. no one was injured. the new developments in the investigation of the man suspected of planting homemade bombs in new york city and new jersey. the fbi and police raided the home in elizabeth, new jersey. they removed boxes of evidence. the suspect remains in the hospital unable to speak because of injuries suffered. the north carolina teenager accused in the deadly south carolina shooting rampage. he was charged with murder in the death of his father and
7:16 am
for allegedly shooting a teacher and two students in elementary school. one of the students is now on life support. and in italy, anti-mafia investigators discovered two paintings that were painted by vincent van gogh. they were found wrapped inside of a cloth inside of a farmhouse near naples. they were taken in a brazen heist in 2002. and a disgruntled customer went through an apple store in dijon, france, slamming and smashing iphones and ipads with a metal ball in his hand. the man was apparently infuriated. that's "en couleur" in french. because he was denied a refund. he's now under arrest. estimates of damage upwards of $50,000.
7:17 am
>> i got more for you. >> oh. you know what it's like when you're ready to board your flight or bus and you're traveling with someone else and they just can't keep up. check this out. that's president obama, of course. you recognize him standing at the door of air force one. after attending services for the late shimon peres. beckoning, shall we say, to his travel companion. bill clinton. famously climbing the stairs. off they went. we had a lip reader check that video. he went on to say, i said, get on the plane, man, or i'm leaving you. >> for real? >> yeah. no. >> he's notoriously tardy. >> he did not say that. >> i love the news with ron claiborne. partially factual.
7:18 am
>> including the fact that you guys are both doctors now. >> ph.d.. take you to maryland -- am i next? >> yeah, you're next. >> you're next, go for it. >> to maryland. the home of john hopkins where they pump out ph.d.s for real. this is ocean city. one of many spots that have gotten flooding in the past couple of days. six inches or more of rain there. really putting a strain on some of the infrastructure in maryland. north carolina, all the way back through the ohio river we have warnings for the coast. and especially for the chesapeake there. high tide, 1 to 3 feet. more rain today. drizzly conditions up and down the i-95 corridor. what you have had the past couple of days is what you're going to get today. maybe a little bit heavier across parts of the carolinas. meanwhile, out west, a strong system coming in. that pumps up the winds, not offshore, but on shore with this low. that increases the fire danger i think here especially across eastern parts of so cal and las
7:19 am
gusting winds to 40 and 50 miles an hour. this will bring cooler air. this may bring snow a stubborn m sits to our east and continues to spin, giving us the mostly cloudy skies and annoying sprinkles every so often throughout the morning. temperatures will be in the 50s to start, but will only warm into the 60s once again this afternoon. so, grab the jacket and a nice cup of hot chocolate and enjoy homecoming game today! if you happen to be tailgating it could get a bit chilly for some. tonight skies will start to clear out some. we'll call it partly cloudy and temperatures will drop in temperatures are expected to rise into the low 70s. today: mostly cloudy. a few sprinkles are possible. wind: n 5-15. high: 64 alo: 64 dbq: 63 iow: 64 >> it is saturday. in october. that means college football. we'll talk about that and recap our top story, hurricane matthew in the caribbean in about ten minutes. >> thank you, sir. now shall we turn to the great white north in the final
7:20 am
canadian road trip. will and kate, the duke and duchess of cambridge, set off to a remote island and arrived by canoe. lama hasan has the story. >> reporter: after a fun-packed family day with prince george and princess charlotte, the little heirs were guests of honor at a garden tea party. working the room and captivating the world. william and kate were on the road again, going straight back to work. traveling to haida gwaii. the remote islands formerly off the west coast of canada. we traveled on a hercules military plane, a bus, and a ferry to get there. yes, william and kate have traveled to these remote islands to soak in the breathtaking scenery. but they are here on a real mission. the royal duo traveling in style. paddling in a canoe no less. arriving to a welcome fit for a future king and queen. ? >> it look like they have had this incredibly romantic,
7:21 am
but, of course, they are here to work. they're here to shine a spot zen light on canada. >> reporter: touring a newly built health care center. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, haida gwaie. >> she always looks amazing. >> makes it look so chic. >> is the royal canoe different than the regular canoe? >> i don't know. >> the girl's got skills. here's what's coming up on "gma" on this saturday morning. the man acquitted of killing his ex-girlfriend's son. nick hillary speaking out this morning on the thoughts of the family of garrett phillips. plus, a woman and her husband drop off a car for an oil change. they get a wrecked car in return. how the abc news fixer stepped in to repair the damage. i got this my second month here.
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sits to our east and continues to spin, giving us the mostly cloudy skies and annoying sprinkles every so often throughout the morning. temperatures will be in the 50s to start, but will only warm into the 60s once again this afternoon. so, grab the jacket and a nice cup of hot chocolate and enjoy homecoming game today! if you happen to be tailgating it could get a bit chilly for some. tonight skies will start to clear out some. we'll call it partly cloudy and temperatures will drop into the low 50s. we'll see a bit
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low 70s. today: mostly cloudy. a few sprinkles are possible. wind: n 5-15. high: 64 alo: 64 dbq: 63 iow: 64 61 to 67 tonight: partly cloudy. wind: n 5-10. low: 52 alo: 52 dbq: 51 iow: 52 49 to 55 tomorrow: partly cloudy. wind: n 5-10 high: 71 alo: 71 dbq: 69 iow: 71 68 to 74 tom. night: partly cloudy. wind: se 5-10 low: 51 alo: 51 dbq: 52 iow: 53 48 to 54 monday: partly cloudy. high: 74 low: 51 tuesday: partly cloudy. high: 78 low: 55 wednesday: chance of showers/storms. high: 74 low: 56 thursday:
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and welcome back to "gma" on a busy saturday morning. happening right now, extremely powerful hurricane matthew is now a category 4. heading toward jamaica. that country under a hurricane watch. expecting winds of up to 120 miles an hour. dealing with more coastal flooding. also right now, colima erupts. ash and smoke is spewing. lava makes its way down the mountain. nearby villages evacuated with more than 300 people looking for shelter. it's october 1st. that means we're kicking off national breast cancer awareness month. cities around the world will hold walks and runs throughout the month. overnight in new york city, the empire state building, quite a sight. lighting up in the cause's signature color.
7:31 am
to mark the occasion. >> it's a bit loud. >> if you'll allow me, let me give a shout out to all the women and men, actually, dealing with this disease or who have dealt with it in the past. including two of our beloved colleagues, amy robach and robin roberts, who are now, as robin likes to say, thrivers. and on a personal note, my wife, who just came through treatment li a man on trial for murder convincing the judge he's the wrong guy. >> and nick hillary cleared of charges and speaking out about this closely watched trial that divided a community. in his first interview after the verdict, he sat down with elizabeth vargas. >> the defendant is found not guilty. >> reporter: even after the acquittal of nick hillary, this town is still torn. and a killer is still free. >> this is a death of a child. it stirs a lot of emotions. there's a lot of signs, you
7:32 am
>> reporter: these justice for garrett signs are a constant reminder. >> i'll always believed that nick hillary killed my son. >> reporter: tandy cyrus says hillary is the only person who had a motive to murder her son, garrett phillips. she says she ended her relationship with nick because garrett didn't like him. did you kill garrett? >> no, i did not. >> reporter: did you hurt him in any way? >> i had nothing to do with what happened to garrett. >> reporter: the prosecution says this video shows garrett leaving school. skateboarding home. leaving seconds later to follow him. garrett is strangled to death eight minutes later. did you see garrett skateboard by? >> no, i didn't. i didn't. >> reporter: because obviously, surveillance tape shows that he did to go home. >> yes. >> reporter: it's an extraordinary coincidence. given what happened. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: nick, a college soccer coach, says he was at the
7:33 am
but left after waiting six minutes in his car because it was raining. there is no dna, hair, or fingerprints that link nick hillary to the murder. something his lawyers argued in court. >> lack of evidence is reasonable doubt. this case is riddled and replete and rife with lack of evidence. >> reporter: the judge agreed. a crushing verdict for garrett's family and the prosecution. there's no doubt in your mind nick hillary is guilty. >> i would say flippantly that i would stake my l but in reflection, i would stake my children's life on it. >> reporter: your children's life? that's how sure you are? >> i am as certain as that. >> reporter: nick hillary insists he's innocent and he has never forgotten the young boy he knew and whose death he also mourns. >> i'm extremely, extremely sorry for their loss. they will always be in my thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: elizabeth vargas,
7:34 am
pottstown, new york. >> a painful story. let's check the weather once again. back to rob. >> hey, dan. let's talk about matthew. it touched category 5 status late last night. with 160 miles an hour for sustained winds. now at 155. so almost there. it's a strong category 4. drop -- tropical storm warning for this area. tropical storm wat the entire island of jamaica. the only thing that is our saving grace with this. a very small circulation. hurricane-force winds extend about 45 miles out for now. any deviation in this track would certainly help the island of jamaica. we're looking at impact on monday. tuesday in cuba and the bahamas on wednesday. thursday, very close to florida. we'll have to watch this very, very carefully. closer to home, a warming trend. the central part of the country. temperatures a good 15 degrees above average beginning today in the plains. and really, lasting for the next couple of days. kansas city getting to 80
7:35 am
the big game tonight is at clemson. looking for louisville. taking on the tigers there. 68 degrees. mostly clear. much better than the last time they played this time of year. that was when joaquin was giving them flooding. a stubborn low prm sits to our east and continues to spin, giving us the mostly cloudy skies and annoying sprinkles every so often throughout the morning. temperatures will be in the 50s to start, but will only warm into jacket and a nice cup of hot chocolate and enjoy homecoming game today! if you happen to be tailgating it could get a bit chilly for some. tonight skies will start to clear another big game. abc or espn. >> since she's not here, you'll be rooting for wisconsin? >> absolutely. >> i love it. loyalty. loya loyalty, ladies and gentlemen. thank you, sir. coming up next, an oil change nearly wound up costing one couple 10,000 bucks. until the abc news fixer stepped in. the advice you need to hear
7:36 am
why today is the perfect day to take your dog out on the town. it is all for a great cause. i did hear barking earlier. there might be dogs in the house. >> that's not file footage. >> a real, live dog in the house. live dog in the house. this piece is so you. i saw it and i was just like "oh, i have to have it..."
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all right. imagine you drop off your car at a local dealer for what should be a simple oil change and you end up with a disaster on your hands? >> one couple found their car in a crumpled heap and had nearly $10,000 in damage to boot. here's a lesson on how to be your own fixer. ?
7:41 am
barkley of california invested in their dream car. a beautiful mercedes they expected to last well into their retirement years. so when they took it in to the dealership for an oil change, they expected the dealership to treat it with kid gloves. >> this guy call me and say, mrs. barkley, there's been a little problem. we saw the car and -- rich says, holy -- it was really bad. >> reporter: according to a police report, an employee of the dealership drove the car ba turn. >> the car rammed into mine. and the whole side were just totally caved in. >> it was pretty apparent it was totalled. >> reporter: rich and jenny assumed everything would be taken care of. but the dealership's insurance company refused to reimburse them for the full replacement cost of their beloved benz. they would be out $10,000.
7:42 am
or leave it. >> we wanted to be put back in the same position we were before. >> reporter: frustrated, rich called in the abc news fixer, stephanie zimmermann. the dealer was part of auto nation. stephanie tracked down an executive and was clear. rich and jenny should not lose money on this. auto nation agreed to investigate and reported back our insurance company did not have the best interests of the customer at heart. adding it was an unfortunate situation. no excuses. the insurance company increased rich and jenny's settlement by another $10,000. so where did stephanie succeed? where rich and jenny stalled? >> don't be afraid to find the top dog. we found an executive at the company that owns the dealership and went straight to him. start out being the nice guy. calmly say, how can we resolve this? >> it's fixed. thank you, abc news fixer.
7:43 am
if for the abc news fixer, you can go to we like to point out, she has a name. it's stephanie. >> she sure does. >> she does. with school back in session, how to help your kids with the bullies in the classroom and online. and the big announcement from blake lively and ryan reynolds and what taylor swift has to do with all of it. that's ahead in "pop news." >> find out. has to do with all . that's ahead in "pop news." >> find out. re was almost always on my mind. where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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switch to u.s. cellular and get a whopping 7 gigs of data per line for only $49. time for weekend download. no parent wants to see their kids as a victim of a bully. but it does happen. we have here for advice, editor and parenting expert ericka souter. erik a, good morning. thank you for coming in. >> good morning. >> the trouble spots for
7:47 am
friends and current or former dating partners. as a parent, how do you spot the relationship that could devolve into cyberbullying? >> well, at that age, relationships turn on a dime. when a kid becomes a victim of bullying or cyberbullying, parents are not usually the first person the kids run to. there are things parents can do. monitor your kids' social media accounts. see who is posting w changes in behavior? are they more sad? despondent? have their eating habits changed? and you want to pay attention to whether or not they're hanging out with their friends, avoiding school activities. >> are there apps we should be on guard for? >> be careful of those anonymous messaging apps. the apps like yik yak or afterschool or whisper that allow people to post without revealing their identity. that can be a breeding ground for bullying. >> what about apps that prevent bullying?
7:48 am
that area? >> there are a lot of things available for parents. i love my mobile watchdog. due diligence. social shield. parents can monitor their kids social media activity. you can have them flag certain words that indicate bullying, violence, or words of a sexual nature. >> thank you, ericka. really appreciate it. we'll be right back with "pop news." we'll be right back with news." big in textiles. my great-grandfather bernard wrote existential poetry. ted their can-do spirit. and their double chin. now, i'm going to do something about it. kybella? is the first of its kind injectable treatment that destroys fat under the chin, leaving an improved profile. kybella? is an fda-approved non-surgical treatment for adults with a moderate amount of fullness... or a bit more. don't receive kybella? if you have an infection in the treatment area. kybella? can cause nerve injury in the jaw resulting in an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness, and trouble swallowing.
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? ooh. >> if you missed it, tory did a mega "deals & steals" event. 30 for 30 event. 30 deals for september 30th. today is your last chance to grab any of the deals at now we get to business. time for "pop news." rachel smith in her pinkish outfit. >> there's total pink in here, guys. >> i would say total pink might be a slight exaggeration. >> i'm blending in all the
7:53 am
except for rons. first up in "pop news." a baby announcement. hollywood couple blake lively and ryan reynolds have welcomed their second child today. the "gossip girl" alum gave birth in new york city, where it's been reported pal taylor swift swung by to meet the new addition. the sex and name have yet to be revealed. the new baby joins 1-year-old daughter james in the lively-reynolds family. >> i thought you said taylor played the role of doula during the birth. no? >> just pals. just popped on in. >> i just wanted to use that word on television. one of my favorite words. >> you went there. you did. way to nail it. check this out, 7-eleven is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the slurpee with a tasty twist. a little help from pop-tarts. check out this limited edition of the tasty treat featuring
7:54 am
messages. they come in frosted strawberry and blueberry. you can find them at 7-eleven until november 11th. >> rob's excited. >> not sure how i feel about it. >> take one for the team, rob. >> slurpee, iconic. snack treat. pop-tart. iconic. >> what goes better with a slurpee than a pop-tart? >> a pop-tart in a slurpee would have been my childhood dream. are you kidding me? sorry, mom and dad. i'm living the dream this morning. >> how are you news" with a pop-tart in your mouth? >> i'll try. >> this doesn't taste different from a regular pop-tart. >> it's just decoration. >> it's all about the decoration. >> fair enough. >> i apologize for doing "pop" with my mouth full of pop-tarts. it was worth it. all right. next up, guys. the best friends -- >> camera, b-roll please. the best friends animal society is gearing up for strut
7:55 am
to kick off all the fun, we have a few pals in here. we have carmela, grizzly. lizzie, and leo. all here with us. oh, my gosh. this is lizzie right here. how precious are they? so guys, strut your mutt has been -- >> can we feed the dogs pop-tarts? >> no pop-tarts. we have treats. if they want some. >> slurpee pop-parts. >> oh, lizzie. she's right there. uh-oh. strut your mutt is an annual series to help rai pets that are in need of a forever home and the organization has raised over $7.2 million for animal welfare. walks happening all around the country. here in new york city, it will be in tribeca. rob will be there. >> i'll be there. pier 26. >> adopt an animal. you can save a life and improve your own in one very inexpensive fell swoop. >> very true. >> thank you very much to the
7:56 am
so great to have you as always. >> thank you for having me. do i get to take a dog home as a party favor? >> on behalf of grizzly, good morning, america. see you tomorrow. grizzly, good morning, america. see you tomorrow. this is a kcrg-tv9 news morning update. meteoroloigst britley ritz is here with a quick check of your forecast. downtown bridges reopen this
7:57 am
reopening should ease at least some of the traffic congestion for commuters through downtown starting next week. people in cedar rapids can start returning their sandbags this morning. the city has set up two drop-off locations in town. one is at the tennis courts at ellis park on the city's northwest side. the other is on the northeast side at the noelridge swimming pool. those opened up this morning at 7:00. and the paramount theatre is
7:58 am
back into its main floor. people removed more than 800 chairs out of the main floor on sunday because of potential flooding. the theatre is asking for volunteers to show starting at 8:00. those stories and much more are coming up in just a few minutes on the kcrg tv nine morning news. and be sure to check out kcrg dot-com for coverage of all of the day's top stories. good morning from
7:59 am
8:00 am
saturday october 1st. starting out with a live look at here's what you need to know today. cedar rapids is starting to get back to normal after a this week's flooding. today traffic comes back to downtown. the city wants everyone with sandbags to return them starting later this morning. and the celebrations were about more than just football at last night's game in lisbon. from your 24 hour news source, this is the kcrg-tv9 sunday morning news. good morning and thanks for joining us. we begin with first alert storm team meteorologis t britley ritz. a stubborn low pressure system sits to our east and continues to spin, giving us the mostly cloudy skies and annoying sprinkles every so often throughout the morning. temperatures will be in the 50s to start, but will only warm


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