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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CDT

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good morning, america. two major stories breaking overnight. >> this is matthew. pray for us! trail of destruction. at least 11 killed as hurricane matthew tears through the caribbean sweeping away town, unleashing raging floods. >> the deadly storm taking aim at the u.s. now. a hurricane warning in florida. >> destruction could be catastrophic. >> states of emergency up through north carolina. millions of americans on alert preparing to evacuate. gas going fast, stations sold out. stores running out of supplies. our team tracking the monster storm right now. and a fiery face-off. insults and interruptions at the vice presidential debate. >> and -- >> you are donald trump's apprentice. let me talk about -- >> senator, i think i'm still on my time.
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russia and their running mates. >> the insult-driven campaign -- >> i'm just saying facts about your running mate and i know you can't defend him. >> both campaigns declare victory overnight while hillary clinton and donald trump prepare for their next faceoff. our powerhouse political team here to break it all down. and good morning, america. two big stories developing this wednesday morning. last night. tuesday night fight night for the vice presidential candidates. they shook hands there but feisty throughout the 90 minutes and of course, right now, that massive storm barrelling towards the u.s. >> that's right, george. all eyes on matthew. take a look at this satellite picture. the storm stretching 700 miles wide taking aim at the southeast. >> this is a huge state in four states, florida through the carolinas already under states of emergency. president obama will meet with
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evacuate. >> yeah. they are already on the move, and the deadly storm has slammed into haiti and cuba. team coverage from the center of the storm and right to ginger with matthew's path right now in >> right now, category 3 storm, matthew, north of cuba, its urgent target is the southeast obamas lew will move north at 10 miles an hour and nudge nort freeport both in the warning and while warnings right here at home, vero beach to ft. lauderdale on alert. melbourne, lana parrilla, daytona beach in that watch including jacksonville and just because you haven't seen a watch issued yet if you're in georgia, south carolina or north carolina, it'll come. this is all a function of time and we're looking for a thursday night into friday southeast florida, and then it goes friday and saturday as it makes it up to the north carolina area, and out by sunday. extensive wind damage, rainfall
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>> thanks so much, ginger. before it hits the united states, hurricane matthew setting its sights on the bahamas, the southern islands bracing for heavy winds, rain and what could be devastating flooding. abc's alex perez is in nassau for us this morning. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. the bankrupt of the storm expected to hit here in the bahamas tonight. but overnight, the storm making landfall in cuba. here in the bahamas officials say they are preparing for a catastrophic worst case scenario. the prime minister says no island will be spared. now, officials have spent the last few days tryi tourists. there are some 3,600 tourists here on the island. about 1,600 have already been evacuated. officials say they will be watching everything here very closely. george? >> okay, alex, thanks. in haiti the destruction severe. officials warning of a life and death situation. abc's linsey davis is in port-au-prince right now. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. still a bit of rain here. a hurricane warning does remain
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dodged a bullet, there are some rural areas that are absolutely devastated, and fears remain for mudslides, and possibly cholera. winds reaching 145 miles an hour tearing through haiti. category 4 hurricane bringing torrential rainfall. the coastal town here swept away by flooding. flash floods ripping through villages. this man dangerously tries to cross the ru raging. it's already 15 feet higher from where it would normally be, and still it continues to rise. police closed down the bridge. people in this village are unable to make it to port-au-prince by car. the damage in some of haiti's rural areas could be catastrophic. the majority of people live in makeshift homes. before the storm struck authorities tried evacuating the most vulnerable but many refused to leave fearing theft.
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this rain, mud slides. this morning assessing all the damage in the impoverished country is proving difficult with communications cut off in many areas after bridging gave way and roads became impassable. standing water and mounds of trash fill several streets in the capital city. the haitian government asked the u.s. government for help in their relief effort. though, the full toll and devastation here on this island is not yet known. the death toll across the caribbean is now up to at least 11. george. linsey davis, boy, what a horrible situation down there in haiti. >> a lot of concern there, george, but also a lot of concern here at home as well. as we mentioned the carolinas, georgia and florida all under states of emergency and millions are preparing to evacuate ahead of matthew. abc's gio benitez is in miami. good morning, gio. >> reporter: michael, good morning to you. we have those state of emergency declarations, but we also have
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those mean that conditions could start in just 36 hours. this morning, millions from the florida keys to the carolina coast bracing for the worst. south carolina governor nikki haley joining north carolina, florida and georgia to declare a state of emergency. ordering all 1 million coastal residents to begin evacuating. >> and make sure you get out of harm's way. >> reporter: traffic already piling up last night after it was announced starting at 3:00 a. east will be reversed. you can leave the coastline but you won't be able to get back in. with gas going fast, drivers are forming long lines to fuel up, stocking up on propane and plywood. >> we jumped to, like, four different stations to get gas, and no gas. >> reporter: the short supplies even triggering panic at the pump. some people even calling 911. police urging residents to be patient. food and water supplies dwindling by the minute. >> crazy, all the water gone. all of south florida is stocking up. >> reporter: matthew could be
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1999 when 2.6 million residents in five states were ordered from their homes. and you may remember the el faro disaster, a ship that sank a year ago during a hurricane that killed 33 people. well, reports this morning that the company may be sending another ship into this storm's path. no doubt, this is a huge concern, guys. >> all right, gio, thank you and that's a massive evacuation. >> it certainly is. and i used to live in charles, south carolina and i know for a fact they take hurricanes seriously. a reason it's called the low country. because many parts of irt it are below sea level. the entire southeastern coastline is at risk along with charleston. to ginger with a look at the storm's path. >> and, amy, i want to get straight to that track. of course, it comes through the bahamas and as a category 4 the current track has it thursday night into early friday morning affecting parts of southeast and central florida and runs parallel and hugs along the
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georgia. close to charleston and wilmington and, of course, where this track takes it out to sea, the national hurricane center puts this together and that is exactly where we'll go now, to the director. dr. rick knabb. and rick, as we look at this, no direct landfall but there will still be huge impact, right? >> right. we don't know for sure if matthew is going to come ashore in the u.s. starting with the potential in florida or not. it is possible that the core of matthew could come ashore in the hurricane warning area in florida, so people need to be preparing for the major possibility of a storm coming ashore. but even if the center stays offshore you could still have hurricane conditions on the coast, you don't have to be near the center of the storm to be at the center of action in land areas. >> i think that's exactly what people need to hear this morning. the heavy rain, storm surge, even though you're not right in it, it can affect you. thank you so much, dr. knabb.
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talking about want to show it to you graphically. this is what it would look like. up to six plus inches, so you could see ten plus in some of these coastal area, you add the waves, the winds, that surge, this could be bad even if it just hugs parallel. >> we know you will be tracking it, and we'll come back to that later. right now, the race for the white house and all from the first and only debate for the vice presidential candidates with 34 days until the final votes. tim kaine and mike pence went toe-to-toe and tom llamas has more from farmville, virginia. >> reporter: two very different styles last night at the debate. senator tim kaine aggressive, forcing governor mike pence to defend donald trump's policies and his statements. the debate was heated at times but also very difficult to watch with all the interruptions. >> there's no limitation --
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candidates sitting just inches from each other showing they, too, know how to fight. >> six types tonight i have said to governor pence i can't imagine how you can defend your running mate's position on one issue after the next. and in all six cases he's refused to defend -- >> let's -- don't put words in my mouth. >> reporter: from the start senator tim kaine playing attack dog mentioning donald trump around 165 times, spouting what sounded like rehearsed attacks. >> you want a you're hire president in hillary clinton or do you want a you're fired >> reporter: governor mike pence on defense but not losing his cool. >> well, first, let me say i appreciated you're hired, you're fired thing. senator, you have used that a whole lot, and your running mate used a lot of -- kaine kept firing regardless if it was the same attack. >> he called mexicans rapists and criminals. he called them rapists and criminals. when he says mexicans are
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>> reporter: at one point, pence showing his frustration. >> you whipped out that mexican thing again. >> can you defend it? >> there are criminal aliens in this country, tim, who have come into this country illegally who are perpetrating violence. >> reporter: also frustrated debate moderator elaine quijano. >> you are a donald trump's apprentice. >> i think i'm still on my time. >> reporter: constantly having to break up the back and forth. >> gentlemen -- >> you can't meet -- >> the people at home cannot understand either one of you when you speak over each other. >> reporter: front and center at the debate, trump's tax issues claiming a $916 million loss in 2005. >> used it the way he was supposed to and -- >> how do you know that? you haven't seen his taxes. >> because he's created a business that's worth billions of dollars today. >> how do you know that? >> reporter: pence putting the spotlight back on kaine and clinton claiming the democrats were turning the race into an
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way you said he said them, he still wouldn't have a fraction of the insults that hillary clinton leveled when she said that half of our supporters were a basket of deplorables. >> tom, as you pointed out, that was a pretty polished performance from mike pence and we know trump was tweeting during the debate said he thought pence did a good job but wondered if he was rankled when he did not defend trump and his record. >> reporter: it's still unclear. was saying governor mike pence clearly won that debate, and right after the debate, trump sent out a couple of tweets. this one saying, mike pence won big. we should all be proud of mike, but in the middle of the debate, he seemed to be trolling senator tim kaine. retweeting this, kaine looks like an evil crook out of the "batman" movies. >> love those retreats. thanks very much.
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she joins us now from farmville, virginia, with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning. i guess it's no surprise the clinton campaign is declaring victory, a big win for them too and the pin is in full effect this morning. this, tim kaine, after the debate, he showed up at a watch party, all smiles and you can see him right there. take a listen to what he told reporters after that debate. >> it was intense. >> you were awesome! it was the fastest 90 minutes of showbiz. >> reporter: yeah, showbiz. say kaine's job was one thing, he had to hold mike pence accountable for donald trump's kmi comments and his policies, and they say he did that. you heard him in tom's story talk about mexicans are rapists repeatedly and brought it up four times, a repeated line of attack but the clinton camp, one aide is saying not even pence could defend donald trump. they say that the onus was on mike pence last night to shift
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performance, and they say he fell short of that overnight. >> one of the other big headlines from last night, were all of those interruptions, kaine taking some heat for that. >> reporter: yeah, he certainly is, even from clinton allies. you know, former chief obama strategist david axelrod said it did not serve him well but one kaine aide told me he did what a vice president is supposed to do on that stage, fought the fight, guys. they say this morning, that he took one for the team. >> all right, cecilia vega, thanks so much. >> all those interruptions are what everyone is talking about this morning and abc's jon karl is also covering the debate for us. and good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, michael. for all the talk of donald trump interrupting hillary clinton. in that first debate, these two talked over each other even more. especially tim kaine who found himself repeatedly scolded by the moderator. take a listen. >> i know you can't -- >> senator, please, this is the governor's two minutes. >> don't put my words in my mouth. i'm not defending him. i'm happy to defend him and most
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false, and the american people know that. >> senator, please, this is governor pence's two minces. >> reporter: we crunched the numbers. pence interrupted kaine 40 times but kaine interrupted pence almost twice as often 70 times and that's almost two interruptions for every minute that pence spoke, but pence kept the fact-checkers busy. on several occasions, he denied that donald trump said things that donald trump did, in fact, say. and this moment really stood out inarguably, vladimir putin is a better leader than president obama. >> that is absolutely inaccurate. >> and i just think a guy -- >> said he's been stronger on the world stage. >> no, he said leader. >> reporter: but pence did say it and he said it less than a month ago. >> i think it's inarguable that vladimir putin has been a stronger leader in his country than barack obama has been in this country.
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while pence will win points on style in this debate, there were several points where he was, let's just say, george, less than factual. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. let's talk about more with matthew dowd and cokie roberts and pick up on the point jon was making there. mike pence, cool, calm and collected through most of the debate. tim kaine on the attack and putting his points on the board so in the end was there a winner? >> i thinkt i think mike pence came out ahead but didn't help the ticket. didn't help donald trump. i think tim kaine didn't help himself but he helped hillary clinton. mike pence to me was a little bit like a running back that runs well with the ball but doesn't block for the quarterback and let the quarterback get sacked a number of times and that's donald trump. >> here we go with sports analogies. >> you knew it was coming. >> i think he actually -- pence actually did help with the conservatives who were nervous about donald trump. he was calm, cool, collected. he was a solid conservative. they are going to vote for trump anyway, but he probably made
7:17 am
particularly at the end where he talked about roe versus wade and women's ability to make choices themselves. >> so they were each speaking to their bases so it shows where this campaign is going in the final 34 days, matthew dowd. they're not really worried much about the voters who are sort of undecided right now. each side is really trying to speak to their base and get them energized. >> i think they decided which is probably an accurate assessment that the not going to vote. the undecideds can't stand either candidate. don't trust either and is not connected to the campaign and all about movement and watch the polls and they move based upon whose supporters are most energized. right now hillary clinton's supporters have caught up to donald trump and i don't think that changed last night. >> cokie, i wonder what donald trump can take away coming up sunday night. mike pence in many ways did what donald trump should have done, not take the bait. >> and if he had done it with the momentum he had going into that debate, he'd be in a much better place right now.
7:18 am
bait. people get under his skin and he gets mad. >> donald trump doesn't need to settle substance. he needs to figure out the right style and tone. >> this might be his last big chance sunday. >> there's two more debates, but as the debates go, the ratings drop. he needs to win this debate or it's very difficult to win this election. >> that's a town hall debate with our martha raddatz and it is going to be an interesting one for trump to handle because he can't get mad at jane q. citizen like he gets mad at us. >> thank you both very much. and of course, that presidential debate is sunday night here on abc. as cokie said martha raddatz co-moderating with anderson cooper of cnn and i'll anchor the live coverage at 9:00 eastern. now back to ginger. >> that's what we'll do. anyone from virginia to maine, this is for you. the latest computer modeling taking that trough we've been talking about and pushing it out to sea so bad for the southeast. better as far as northeast new england.
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seconds. first though, the cool cities brought to you by edward jones. precipitation should be short lived and mainly confined to the early to mid-morning hours. from there, a spectacular fall afternoon is on track with a return to sunshine and highs well into the 70s. the wind will not be as strong as yesterday. late tonight into tomorrow, multiple rounds of rainfall become likely again, with a final round of rainfall possible thursday night. that final round will probably be the strongest and create the bulk of the rainfall totals, which should exceed 1" in some locations. behind this front, get the jackets out! it'll be a return to typical october for friday and saturday. enjoy your day!today: showers possible early, then clearing. wind: sw 5-15.
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se 5-10. coming up here on "gma" that georgia father on trial for the hot car death of his toddler son. we'll tell you what he was caught saying on tape right after the little
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in morning. such a vocal issue in 2016, some officers in des moines are working to try and raise money for them. they are doing it through a program called the guardian project. the project raises money in the private sector to buy body cameras for each des moines a major need for the next generation of body cameras, but there is no funding plan for the next 5 or 6 years in the city budget. right now, the project raised close to $600,000. iowans are being asked to get out and move with a short walk today. it's to support the healthiest state initiative, which hopes to turn iowa into the fittest state in the nation. today, people can meet in the city square park in marion at noon. a group walk was scheduled in cedar rapids, but cancelled because of flooding -- still you're free to walk
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se 5-10. low: 60 tomorrow: showers and storms likely, especially in the afternoon and evening. wind: se 5-15. high: 76 tom. night: showers and storms likely. wind: s 5-10. low: 53 showers and storms late. wind: se 5-10. storms likely, especially in the afternoon and evening. wind: se 5-15. high: 76 tom. night: showers and storms likely. wind: s 5-10.
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welcome back to "gma." you are looking live at hurricane matthew on the move. this storm headed towards the u.s. after hitting haiti and cuba. now barrelling north. millions of americans preparing to evacuate facing threats of heavy wind and potentially devastating floods. we have team coverage of the storm this morning. >> all across the southeast president and face-off overnight, vice presidential debate, tim kaine and mike pence going head to head taking aim at donald trump and hillary clinton. just 34 days until the election. a new report is out about yahoo! allowing use of the government to spy on its customers and scanning hundreds
7:31 am
government demand. yahoo! said it complies with the laws of the united states. major league baseball playoffs started with a bang. toro toronto blue jays and edwin encarnacion hit a walkoff home run leading his team to an 11th inning victory and putting them into the series and tonight the san francisco giants will take on the new york mets. >> knew in an instant. >> oh, yeah. >> our executive producer told us the yankees are where they belong, out of the playoffs. >> ooh. >> why did you just throw michael under the bus? >> michael korn, that guy. >> you know wherhe okay. we have a lot to get to, but first, let's get the latest on that hot car trial, where a father is facing murder charges for leaving his son in a scorching suv for hours and now video showing his reaction to the death is raising big questions and steve osunsami has the details from the courtroom. >> reporter: in court this morning, jurors will hear more from witnesses who saw the moment when justin ross harris bailed into this parking lot on his way home from work. this was in june of 2014.
7:32 am
brakes screeching and just yelling going on. >> reporter: during opening statements harris' attorney says this is when he discovers the lifeless body of his son in the backseat of his suv still strapped in a rear facing car seat after more than seven hours in the hot car. >> ross loved that little boy more than anything. cooper's death was an accident. >> reporter: harris cried in court reliving the day, with murder and second degree child cruelty pleading not guilty saying it was an accident. >> he has always acknowledged this was his fault, that he was responsible but what you're going to see during this trial is that responsible isn't the same thing as criminal. >> reporter: but police are testifying that harris didn't look remorseful and shared video from inside this police cruiser where they say he seemed more concerned about the air-conditioning than his dead son. >> feels like i'm not getting -- >> the air is all the way up.
7:33 am
vehicle. >> reporter: harris' attorneys point to another piece of video from the same cruiser. >> oh, my god, oh, my god. >> reporter: prosecutors say harris left his son to die on purpose because he wanted a child-free life and had been sexting with other women that day. they say he knew the heat could kill after watching videos online. a point his lawyers deny. >> you see a child left alone in a vehicle, please call 911. >> reporter: harris is now divorced, but his ex-wife is about to take is stand, and share that she too thinks this was an accident. >> our thanks to steve osunsami for that report. joining us now nancy grace, the hoegs of -- host of "nancy grace" on hln. and, nancy, so many dramatic moments in day one of testimony. what stood out most to you? >> well, i find it very ironic that he, justin ross harris started crying during his
7:34 am
realized, realized his son was dead, he never shed a tear. another thing that struck me is this, maybe i'm projecting but i recently lost my father and i remember there in the hospital they said, okay, you can leave now and there was just something innate, i did not want to leave him. justin ross harris had no problems leaving his child's body. he left him there and i find that very, very disturbing. a lot has been made of justin ross harris' sexting including allegedly to an underage girl. do i like that? no. i want to hold my nose at it, but that does not a murder make. what will be more probative or helping the state prove their case is if they can come through with what was alleged in some of the search warrants that he had actually been searching. how long does it take an animal
7:35 am
was he searching a new life, child-free? and another thing, i drove that exact drive that he took that morning. he went into chick-fil-a with his son. not a drive-through. they all saw the son, cooper, happy, laughing. put him back in the car, he had less than two minutes to drive. what, he forgot his son was alive in two minutes? how can that be? it can't. >> so you hit all the key piece the prosecution. in terms of the defense, you heard in steve's report that harris' ex-wife is going to take the stand. what do you think that will do to bolster the account? she's expected to say it is an accident and supports her ex-husband. >> okay, this is what i would do. if i were the prosecution i would not call her and i'll tell you why. because if you let the defense call her, then you'll have her on cross-examination. they kind of threw down the gauntlet and said, look, the state is not going to call her,
7:36 am
i'd rather have her on cross-examination. what do i think of her? "a," she says she -- she doesn't believe this was intentional. it was an accident. that her husband that she knows so well would never have done that. well, did she know he was with hookers? did she know he was cheating? if she didn't know that much, how does lie to save his own skin? that's what i would argue. >> a lot coming up in the court case. nancy grace, thanks so much for joining us, as always. >> thank you. michael, you got the big board. >> i got the big board. coming up, ben stiller's secret health battle. how he discovered he had cancer. the test he says saved his life. we're back in two minutes to talk about that. >> yeah. on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo.
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richard besser right here and the story plays off ben stiller. he's opened up about a recent bout with prostate cancer. diagnosed two years ago, aggressive form of cancer and he talked about it with howard stern. >> at first, i didn't know what was going to happen. i was scared. you know, i was scared. i didn't know -- you know, the one thing it does, it just stops everything in your life when you get a diagnosis of cancer. i was really lucky. as i learned pore about prostate cancer, i learned that, you know, i was someone who had a case that could be treated. there are a lot of people kwho who can't. >> because it's too late. >> they discover it too late. >> so, rich, he says he was really lucky. this test was necessary for him. he wouldn't have discovered it. otherwise, but there's a real debate about this test in so he >> he had a psa test, a screening test for prostate cancer that would have been high. they would have done a biopsy and found this. but this is a really tricky question. you know, there's no medical organization that recommends that all men have this done and the government panel recommends
7:40 am
here's why. most prostate cancer is very slow growing and will cause no harm, but this test detects all prostate cancer, and if you have positive and surgery, and you're convinced it saved your life but the studies looking at psa testing showed little if any effect at all in deaths from prostate cancer and the surgery and radiation from prostate cancer very high complication men are left with sexual dysfunction or other problems. >> there's so much controversy surround this test. what do you think? what do you think a man should do. >> you'll weigh it differently. people will hear ben's story and say, wow, i want that test. you never want to have this unless you sit down with your doctor and say, let's talk about the pros and cons. a lot of people say, just go the test and they get a result, and they say, it's a little high. what should we do? they say, i didn't think about that before.
7:41 am
aggressive and it's not absolutely essential but what's the harm in taking the test? >> the problem is that 80% to 90% of men told when they have a high value, go on to have the bio biopsy. why not, let's do that test and if shows a problem almost all men have their prostate out. not just a blood test, it leads to other things that could have harm. >> wow. well, tricky. i got to think about that. star maria sharapova. her two-year doping ban reduced to 15 months and overnight the grand slam winner sounding off about it on "charlie rose." take a look. >> i was so shocked in the first place because i was taking a substance that was completely legal for ten years and then all of a sudden i'm sitting in my bedroom, i get an e-mail from the itf saying, i had this violation. i just thought how could i have not known this? there were so many ways i could
7:42 am
>> well, abc news contributor christine brennan joining us now. christine, you hear what maria sharapova said, i didn't know. there's so many ways i should have known but she was suspended. do you think they did the right thing by reducing her sentence? >> michael, i do not. i believe that she should have served the full two-year suspension, rules are rules. if you want to have rules and want to have drug testing, she twice failed the drug test for it and this notion she says, i didn't know, how could i have known? in december of last year telling her this drug was about to be banned. she took it for ten years. it's a performance enhancer. now she says she's opening e-mails. i like maria sharapova a lot and she's great for the game but this is the dog ate my homework. >> isn't it a debate over that? over whether or not this is a performance enhancer? you say it is. she says it isn't and, rich, i want to bring you back in on
7:43 am
>> meldonium, it was developed in latvia to improve endurance and it's believed that it helps you recover -- well, you know, there's not a lot of science that shows it's works but taken for that reason and because it supposedly helps you recover from your workout faster and lets you go longer. so whether or not it truly does that is uncertain, but that's why people use it. >> wow. >> thank you, guys, both and christine brennan. last night's vice presidential debate looking at a little different way. social med e at the candidates and jon karl back with more on that and they were having a lot of fun with this on twitter, jon. >> absolutely, i think the funniest moment of the debate actually was when the republican party on their website declared mike pence the clear winner. now, george, that may not be surprising, but they posted that before the debate started. oops. so that really is -- stuck out for me and this moment during the debate, take a listen. >> donald trump can't start a
7:44 am
without shooting himself in the foot. he loves dictators and has a permanent mt. rushmore. vladimir putin, kim jong-un. moammar ghadhafi and saddam hussein. >> oh, come on. >> so, george, michael, i used to live about two miles from mt. rushmore. so after that moment, i spent a fair amount of moment trying to imagine kim jong-un on that. >> well, you lived near mt. rushmore in yeah, yeah, we can talk about that. [ laughter ] lot of funny tweets going around always a lot of funny tweets after a debate. do you have a favorite? >> yeah, there were a lot of good ones but this one caught my eye. check this out. if i wanted to watch two white dudes bicker near a woman named elaine, i would just watch "seinfeld." >> i thought that was excellent. >> i thought that was beautiful. >> did you watch? >> i channel surfed and found the baseball game much more entertaining.
7:45 am
>> i did watch a part of it, and i'm just surprised that donald trump did not have another tweet storm at 3:00 a.m., and i'm disappointed in him that he wasn't able to do that. >> michael, why did baltimore not pitch zach britton, what was that all about. >> i was watching the debate. i wasn't watching the game. i'm sorry. >> you guys are channel surfing just about like everybody else. >> christine was the best, waiting up for the donald trump tweets not coming. all right. christine, thank you. all of you, thank you for being with us. coming up, new concerns after that kim kardashian robbery. did her social media posts that may have made her vulnerable. one thing you should do on your phone before you post online. you want to pay attention to
7:46 am
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7:48 am
kardashian was robbed at gunpoint and security experts wonder if geotagging on her phone gave up her location. t.j. holmes is here with that. do you like that song? >> yeah, just loving it. i was grooving before you came to me. just keep it playing while i do my intro. look. right before we came on the air, i made an instagram post and i geotagged it. it didn't say i was in new york or times square but 1500 broadway. you may not is a $4 million ring but you may got, where you are and what you're doing. >> on our way to givenchy. >> getting ready. >> in the hours leading up to the robbery social media mogul kim kardashian west was publicly documenting her way through the night. >> show's about to start. >> reporter: now some including her famous friends, like karl
7:49 am
laggerfeld are saying her habit of public postings may have led the thieves directly to her. >> you cannot display your wealth and then be surprised that some people want to share it with you. >> reporter: something the kardashian family has talked about on their reality show. >> kylie is snapchatting and not concerned about our location being known. >> reporter: security experts say it's not just stars who might be inadvertently sharing too much. this man was sentenced to eight years behind bars after using instagram to find the addresses of 33 women, stealing their jewelry and laptops. >> he was able to the social media platforms and find photographs and place them on a map and drive to the victims' locations. >> reporter: what should you do? >> if you're taking a picture, it might not say this has been taken in new york city but it carries that information behind it. >> reporter: some of the biggest potential danger, geotagging your posts with locations and keeping your cell phone data switched on. >> now, in kim's case some people say it could have been an inside job and investigating what might have happened.
7:50 am
every single time. almost -- >> go ahead. >> don't instagram. >> oh, george. >> oh, george. >> come on, george. >> it's always so simple with him. >> i didn't know about this at all. when i first started i didn't fro it was geotagged until one of the followers say you know your location is coming up. they looked out for me. >> someone said to me. you told us exactly where you are and i freaked out and changed it on my phone. >> be aware, folks. >> don't insgr >> there you go. it's as easy as that. coming up next here on "gma," hurricane matthew turning toward the u.s., the southeast on alert. ginger following it all and the dancing drama after a big surprise twist. two couples booted and babyface is here live. coming ? they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
back h back here on "gma." matthew is still a category 3 hurricane in the southeastern bahamas and wanted to time it out. nassau, thursday morning, then it goes through freeport, and the outer bands starting to be felt thursday into thursday night. that's the closest proximity for parts of florida into jacksonville and look at charleston by friday night. much more to come but this segment brought to you by the
7:55 am
7:56 am
high number of traffic deaths in the state this year is slowing down its investigations . so far this year, 285 people have died in vehicle crashes in the state. that's 40 more deaths than at the same time last year. the state patrol says it's investigating at least 125 of those deaths. and that number is also up from last year. but the patrol troopers are in charge of handling those investigations, along with their other duties. the state patrol says many of those deadly crashes are also happening on rural roads. so it's using a program called "high five" to encourage people to use seat belts. the president of iowa state university is taking some heat for using a small plane that belongs to the school to fly to and from north carolina. steven leath and his wife own a home and business in that state. those flights cost thousands of dollars in
7:57 am
shows a university plane flew leath's brother and sister-in-law to a college basketball game... and a celebrity bow hunter on 4 trips that mixed business and hunting. iowa state says all the flights were justified. and now here's your first alert forecast. overall, today should be another decent day. as mentioned yesterday, any precipitation should be short lived and mainly confined to the early to mid-morning hours. from there, a spectacular fall afternoon is on track with a return to 70s. the wind will not be as strong as yesterday. late tonight into tomorrow, multiple rounds of rainfall become likely again, with a final round of rainfall possible thursday night. that final round will probably be the strongest and create the bulk of the rainfall totals, which should exceed 1" in some locations. behind this front, get the jackets out! it'll be a return to typical october for friday and saturday.
7:58 am
5-15. high: 75 tonight: chance of showers and storms late. wind: se 5-10. low: 60 tomorrow: showers and storms likely, especially in the
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and hurricane matthew slams into haiti. the monster storm on the move north towards the u.s. and states of emergency from the florida to the carolinas. millions of americans racing to evacuate. our team tracks the latest. michael j. fox on a mission to battle those battling parkinson's. how his family is making him stronger and how those famous "back to the future" shoes could help find a cure. surprise twist, two couples out of "dancing with the stars." a secret so hard not even the pros and stars knew. >> this season is the hardest season ever with "dancing with the stars." >> vanilla ice, witney and babyface and allison saying good-bye. and they danced all the way here to say -- >> both: good morning, america.
8:01 am
a lot to get to this wednesday morning. of course, we are tracking hurricane matthew. it's still a major threat coming towards the united states. ginger is going to have the latest on all that. then we have team coverage on that massive storm, it's already 700 miles wide right now. four states in the southeast under states of emergency. and millions of americans are getting ready to evacuate. there you see the long lines of people lined up to fill up at gas stations. >> yeah, before the storm. >> yeah, and look at this, you guys. supermarket shelves already are preparing themselves for matthew. >> okay, so let's get right to paula faris with the morning rundown. >> good morning, to you. the east coast bracing for hurricane matthew at this hour. evacuations getting under way in florida and in south carolina where up to a million people are being urges to head at least 100 miles inland. it has caused what's being described as catastrophic damage on haiti.
8:02 am
roads completely washed away. the water shoulder high in some areas. and communication to part of the country completely cut off making it hard to assess the scope. and now it's bearing down on the bahamas and ginger has the latest on the storm track in good morning. ginger, good morning to you. sdmrt update. from the national hurricane center, category 3 storm max sustained winds have dropped to 115 miles per hour. still on hurricane warning through the bahamas, also ft. through melbourne to daytona beach, jacksonville and orlando and watch the track as it hugs close to florida that is thursday night through friday morning when you start to feel the effects. friday through saturday parts of georgia into south carolina and friday into sunday it makes its way away from land and watching it as it gets further away and later in the weekend that's where it goes and we'll update you. >> thank you. we want to check in with gio benitez in south florida where
8:03 am
is asking people to prepare for the absolute worst. gio. >> reporter: good morning. we have hurricane warnings in place. those mean that conditions can start in just 36 hours. but we also have state of emergency declarations in four states, georgia, florida, north carolina and south carolina and in south carolina we're seeing massive traffic. people asked to leave the coast. 1 million people and after 3:00 p.m. today, they won't be able to get back to the coast. we're also seeing panic at the pump. so many trying to get gas but officials right now are there will be enough gas, they say, if you just start early. if you're anywhere along this coast, you just need to be prepared. paula, back to you. >> a reminder to be vigilant, gio, thank you. reaction coming in to last night's vice presidential debate. donald trump's running mate mike pence remained largely unflappable while tim kaine jumped to hillary clinton's defense and attacked trump. he says he's unfit to be in
8:04 am
>> ronald reagan said something interesting about nuclear proliferation back in the 1980s. he said the problem with nuclear proliferation is that some fool or maniac could trigger a catastrophic event. and i think that's who governor pence's running mate is. exactly who -- >> oh, come on. >> who ronald reagan warned us about. >> kaine repeatedly challenged pence to defend donald trump's most inflammatory comments but pence refused to take the bait. and instead took direct aim at hillary clinton. >> if donald trump had said all the things that you said he said in the way you said he said them, he still wouldn't have a fraction of the insults that hillary clinton leveled when she said that half of our supporters were a basket of deplorables. >> now, pence and kaine interrupted each other more than 100 times. felt a little bit more than that in case you were counting but one sign of a good night for governor pence, he gained 7,000
8:05 am
kaine. sadly no rematch between the two but four days till the big showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump co-moderated by martha raddatz. looking forward to that. >> that is sunday night. now it's time for "pop news," lara. >> thank you very much, george. good morning, everybody. lady gaga is getting game day ready for the super bowl halftime show, a little bit early but revealing her prep might not be different from the players themselves. she's telling ryan seacrest's radio show stra? >> i talked to her about it. she was on fox and she said she dips her head all the way under. i would just go waist below. she's tougher than me. >> for her voice? >> it's for your whole body. it just feels like it reinvigorates your whole body. >> you still do it? >> no. >> just checking, also, by the way, getting ready for that big weekend, taylor swift, great news for you this morning. the grammy award singer has
8:06 am
at&t to help do their super saturday night show in houston the night before the game and making her fans' wildest dreams come true, posting this jersey, lucky number 13 and saying, this is going to be fun for us too. >> a great party. >> a great party. i know you'll be there. >> oh, yeah. in "pop news," joe biden undercover. the vice president lending his dry sense of humor to "funny or die" to a good cause. he and adam devine entering a frat party though he's having trouble blending in. >> hey there, college student. >> check the two on the left. >> that's okay, friends of mine on the football team. >> clear. clear. >> i'm back in the white house talking to barack obama. i mean about the frat house, so watching the program about llamas on youtube. >> good try, sir. biden does have an important message, though.
8:07 am
campaign. that's made to remind college students to protect each other and to stop sexual assault on pledge campuses. >> he is so committed to that cause. >> he is and also has a great sense of humor. >> and always wears that suit. >> you know what works george, you stick with it. finally in the classic hit "the rain," he sings you're just a squirrel trying to get a nut. you know what, michaele, he does sing that. >> i know. questioning whether it was a squirrel trying to get its nut or another rodent. >> it was a look that amy gave me after you said it. >> there's a reason i bring it up. a new study deduced that squirrel was probably a female. trying to follow the cameras. this is a test. the study from northern arizona university has put gender roles in a nutshell concluding while lady squirrels carry -- care for their babies and gather nuts for the winter, the boy squirrels leave their burrow mostly to,
8:08 am
>> that's about right. >> scientists discovered this by putting fitness collars on squirrels. initially they were looking to determine why male squirrels were more prone to getting eaten by predators. well, now they know. the homer simpson-like lifestyle just chilling in the sun makes them more likely to end up a tasty treat. >> why was this study done? i'm just curious. >> to see why male squirrels get eaten more readily. >> oh, okay. >> to humiliate male squirrels, obviously. >> and that's "pop news," everybody. >> all right, great job, lara. and coming up, double elimination on the dance floor hearing from "dancing's" booted couples next. and michael j. fox is here. he's going to give you a chance to step into the "back to the future" shoes that could help
8:09 am
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? the way you make me feel ?
8:13 am
welcome back to "gma." that is laurie hernandez and val tearing up the ballroom getting dancing's first perfect score of the season. >> obviously. it was not perfect for everyone, though. two couples sent packing. kenny "babyface" edmonds and his partner allison joining us live. here's a look at the double elimination. ? a surprise twist on "dancing with the stars" so secret not even the pros or was coming. >> we're going to have a double eliminati elimination. the scores and votes tonight are as important as ever. >> reporter: the curtain closing for two couples tonight. >> babyface and allison. vanilla ice and witney. >> reporter: it was good-bye to babyface and vanilla ice. >> i love dancing and i want to keep the top hat going. it's been epic but tough grind, you know. >> reporter: the rapper bringing his high energy to the ballroom balancing dance practice with a
8:14 am
five cities, five days, so that's my entire rehearsal week. ? >> reporter: his viennese waltz tied for sixth place in week four. >> much improved on all levels. keep it up. >> reporter: leaping from the bottom of the leaderboard in the face-off round against rick perry, the duo forming an unlikely bromance on set. also heading home legendary r&b singer and songwriter babyface. ? slowly ? his tango and babyface also disappointed with his performance. >> i was like, what is going on with you right now? >> reporter: but the star says he's leaving the stage with no regrets. that's right. no regrets. joining us now kenny "babyface" edmonds and his partner allison holker. thanks for flying all night long. >> thank you for having us. we're really excited to be here. >> and we're excited to have you, but not under these circumstances.
8:15 am
you kind of -- something -- you were a little off. >> i went spaghetti. >> you went spaghetti. >> yeah, you know, and it just happened, and it happened. >> you know, that happens to a lot of people. it's not the only time that it's ever happened to someone on the show. everyone gets the nerves and gets a little nervous going on that stage. he did an incredible job and he should be proud of his journey. he came out and nailed it through the weeks so one little mess-up but that shouldn't stop his energy. >> his happiness. people were saying this has been what you believe is the hardest season. >> absolutely. >> the competition this season is so hard. you know, all the pros are really, really strong this season. everyone is really coming for that mirror ball trophy, everyone wants it and really driven and focused and all the celebrities are just phenomenal. you know. >> i was saying earlier when i saw you earlier how amazing -- amazed i am for guys or anybody that goes out and
8:16 am
of work but one thing i was amazed, you work with madonna and you work with barbara streisand and you worked with michael jackson. but when you saw maureen mccormick on the show, you were like spaghetti. >> oh, well, exactly. it was marcia brady to me. i saw her the first time and i said, oh, my god, marcia brady and then i felt like i was on a tv show. >> did you get a chance to know her? >> she's the set i got to know everybody and everybody is so cool. that's what's so nice about the whole thing. you create this family atmosphere and it's like going to camp and then coming back, having friends for life. >> everybody says that. that is a beautiful feeling. and it's fun to watch that on the show. also really nice to -- you said last night you were glad you got the chance to dance for your mom. >> exactly. i think -- i mean, that's why i went there. and so i can come out of there saying mission accomplished and i know she's proud. she's looking down and saying
8:17 am
>> absolutely. and with the competition still going, who are you both rooting for? >> listen, laurie and val are at the top of the leaderboard and laurie is just adorable. like, i have grown to be really fond of her. we've gotten close and i call her my little lola. so good luck to you, lola. i'm righting for you. >> you think they'll be a little hard to beat, i imagine. >> how about you, kenny? >> my boy's from indiana, james, james hinchcliffe, so i'm a hoosier boy so i have to go with him. >> you have to go with the hometown. >> i got you. >> congratulations to you two. really, really amazing, amazing dancing and don't forget to watch "dancing with the stars" monday night at 8:00, 7:00 central. >> and we'll have more on that and right here, michael j. fox is with us live and he's got a very special announcement. don't go anywhere.
8:18 am
8:19 am
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i believe? the projected wave heights as it gets closer, hurricane matthew, florida, could reach 15 plus, even 20 feet is the red and the white is represented by 25 feet. that would be an incredible amount of water. remember, that's not just at the shore, but it's the piling up of water and waves and then you put the rain on top and that's where
8:22 am
it hugs along and that piling of water plus water falling. mentioy precipitation should be short lived and mainly confined to the early to mid-morning hours. from there, a spectacular fall afternoon is on track with a return to sunshine and highs well into the 70s. the wind will not be as strong as yesterday. late tonight into tomorrow, multiple rounds of rainfall become likely again, with a final round of rainfall possible thursday night. that final round will probably be the strongest and create the bulk of the rainfall totals, which should exceed 1" in some locations. behind this front, get the jackets out! saturday. enjoy your day!today: showers possible early, then clearing. wind: sw 5-15. high: 75 tonight: chance of showers and sto and those shoes. we're going to talk about those in just a second. mike is a man on a mission. decades after being diagnosed with parkinson's disease, he's running a path-breaking foundation to fight it and acting in "the good wife." a look at years of big hits. >> i need to borrow your --
8:23 am
>> michael j. fox >> michael j. fox hoverboarded into history as time traveler marty mcfly in "back to the future." >> are you telling me you built a time machine out of a delorean? >> and he cemented his place in tv history with seven seasons on the '80s hit "family ties". >> well, how do i look? >> middle-aged. >> reporter: mike met wist wife tracy on set and married 28 years and have raised four great kids and while starring in "spin city," fox revealed his private battle with parkinson's disease, a chronic and progressive neurological condition that has no known cure. since 2000 the michael j. fox foundation has funded over $650 million in parkinson's research and today mike is here with a big announcement to help change even more lives. a big welcome to michael j. fox. thanks. great to have you back here. >> this is great. >> you got to tell us about the shoes. that's the big announcement. >> the shoes are amazing.
8:24 am
i wore a pair of shoes called the nike mag. they were self-lacing and space age and funny how much modern shoes follow that pattern and looked like the mags, but the mags in 2011, nike gave or put up 1500 pair for auction and it raised $10 million for the foundation. >> $10 million? >> to help research but these sneakers, people love "back to the future." so it was a perfect storm, and there's a big demand. so now they're -- there's a lottery, $10, go online, to our foundation, our website and get a $10 chance at a pair of nike mags. >> for such a good cause. i'm lucky to serve on the board of the foundation with you and you guys have raised so much, $650 million for parkinson's research, and this is a pretty exciting time because you're on the cutting edge of a real revolution. >> well, it's great.
8:25 am
the first year of the foundation we realized this was a huge not to untie and i was really enthusiastic but it's a major undertaking and to mix metaphors we're chumming out in the water. all different areas of research whether drug research or genetic research or whatever, what have you, and now the big fish are starting to come up. big drug companies are following our lead on compounds we've targeted, and we've had follow-on funding and we will fund a pharmaceutical company to do initial research and derisk it for them and then what happens they make breakthroughs and it's open. >> you're starting to learn a more from people like you who have parkinson's with wearable technology and can really teach us so much about what's going on. >> the technology is amazing. the watches and the devices that people can wear that track the disease 24/7. so you get a much more complete
8:26 am
with parkinson's and the thing about parkinson's, everyone has their own version so what we're doing is through research is finding ways to attack whatever issue you may have, and right now we have a one size fits all drug therapy and we need to find other drugs that target specific versions of the disease that affect different people differently. >> and all of you at home can help fund that research by entering the drawing for these pair of nike mags it. you can do it on the nike website. the foundation website. also on our "gma" website as well. the drawing ends october 11th. 100% goes to the michael j. fox foundation. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> sarah jessica parker is here
8:27 am
gabby giffords was in cedar rapids, trying to encourage people to vote for candidates who support gun control measures. giffords survived a mass shooting in january 2011 that left her with a severe brain injury. giffords' appearance was part of a national bus tour that's focusing on trying to until election day. bernie sanders will campaign in des moines this morning. the vermont senator's stop starts at 10:30 on drake university's campus. yesterday, he spoke at a rally for hillary clinton in minneapolis. sanders, who won the wisconsin primary and nearly won iowa in february, will also campaign for clinton in madison and milwaukee today. democrat hillary clinton's daughter is campaigning for her mother in iowa today. chelsea clinton will be at at
8:28 am
and now here's your first alert forecast. overall, today should be another decent day. as mentioned yesterday, any precipitation should be short lived and mainly confined to the early to mid-morning hours. from there, a spectacular fall afternoon is on track with a return to sunshine and highs well into the 70s. the wind will not be as strong as yesterday. late tonight into tomorrow, multiple rounds of rainfall become likely again, with a final round of rainfall possible thursday night. that final round will probably be the strongest and create the bu should exceed 1" in some locations. behind this front, get the jackets out! it'll be a return to typical october for friday and saturday. enjoy your day!today: showers possible early, then clearing. wind: sw 5-15. high: 75 tonight: chance of showers and storms late. wind: se 5-10. low: 60 tomorrow: showers and storms likely, especially in the afternoon and
8:29 am
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? ? the time of my life ? >> i couldn't hear our announcer because you were so loud and happy. great wednesday crowd here. on "gma." and michael, let's kick it off. >> let's kick it off. here's what i'm bringing to the table. getting ready to see these two kids with basketball skills. they're sweeping the internet right now. maya and kaley lopez. look at them go. ? you know me just bust a move ? >> wow. >> how old are they, michael? >> they are 8 and 9 years old. and they're killing it on the court. i can't get my girls to talk to each other and they can do this together. they rock the same drills at
8:31 am
amazing and are joining us live, everybody. maya and kaley. so, kaley, when did you fall in love with basketball? >> i fell in love with basketball when i saw my dad play basketball so he inspired me to play basketball. >> maya, what position do you play on the basketball court? >> i play my sister plays guard and i play point guard and shooting guard. >> oh, wow. we just watched your youtube video. you both are amazing. so can you show us a little something? >> yeah. >> all right. ? pump it up while your feet are stumping and the jam is pumping ? >> oh, wow. ? pump it up a little more get the party on the dan floor ? [ applause ]
8:32 am
? get your booty on the dance floor make my day ? [ applause ] >> look how cute they are. >> you two are so arguized you even finish perfectly. >> they nailed it. >> look at that in proud smiles. >> who is your favorite basketball team? >> our -- my favorite basketball team is the sparks. >> the sparks -- oh, really. yes. have a little message for you from your favorite team. check this out, girls. ? go maya, go kaley ? ? go maia growth. >> kaley, maya, we're so happy you're sparks fans and got the whole gang here. hope you come to our next sparks game back at home.
8:33 am
[ applause ] >> so you girls, you get to go to a sparks game and i'm sure you'll meet the team there. how does it make you feel? >> happy. >> happy. >> well, i tell you what, you keep on practicing, keep on dribbling. keep on shooting. keep on doing all those things because as you say your father is an inspiration to you. you're inspiring a lot of other kids out there yourself so thank you both very much for waking up and joining us on "gma." okay. bye. [ applause ] >> i could watch them play and i could watch them smile. >> i'm serious. they're doing that together. i can't get my kids organized to do anything together in impressive. >> and i know you're bringing something to the table today. >> something that makes me smile. >> something that makes you happy. >> what would that be? >> i might like a little karaoke on the side and this might be my
8:34 am
yes, bon jovi. [ applause ] and speaking of bon jovi, can you imagine you're out there singing "living on a prayer" and thinking you're good and bon jovi comes up and surprises you for a great cause. seeing it here first. take a look at what happened. >> let's do it. ? >> he so hot. >> no, no, no. ? i'm a cowboy ? ? on a steel horse i ride. >> who is that guy? >> wanted. ? dead or alive ? ? halfway there ? oh living on a prayer ? >> aaagh. ? take my hand we'll make it, i swear ? [ screaming ] >> the beard is real.
8:35 am
>> knew you were too clumsy -- >> you didn't think it was me? >> that is so great. i would have screamed too. >> me too. i did scream when i saw it. >> i love that it was incredible and amazing for a cause. you can enter a chance to meet bon jovi yourself and win so many other cool prizes at owe and watch the entire video on our website on yahoo! >> $10 well >> exactly. [ applause ] >> yes. >> michael strahan's go-to karaoke song. ? i believe i can fly ? >> that's a good one. >> you like to slow it down. >> i love bon jovi too. >> i usually need a partner and go a little "islands in the stream". ? islands in the stream ? ? that is what we are ? >> george, what about you? >> one that anybody else is
8:36 am
partner? >> john mayer. >> oh, wow. >> you didn't even think about that. >> that was a plea. >> what about you. >> michael bolton. he can sing some pretty good stuff. ? when a man loves a woman ? >> there you go. >> or maybe just michael strahan. >> no. my -- my dream karaoke duo would be, you know, me and george. >> i was going to say that george and come -- >> i just want -- >> i want to see him belt it out. >> same day i dance with you. one day. >> so in other words, it's not happening. [ laughter ] but, you know, recently i went down to the jersey shore had a chance to hang out with john, interview john. it's going to air next week on "gma" -- >> jon bon jovi. >> just in case. >> to you it's just jon. >> you sing with him.
8:37 am
a dream come true. i keep talking over because i don't want you to hear it. [ applause ] >> wait. what are you singing? >> what song? >> "you can't go home." >> how does it go? >> no. >> you talked about a lot of things also -- >> we talked about a lot of things about his charity work, about the band, about richie leaving the band. something he never talked about and his new album not for sale" which is coming up and going to be released soon so it was great. great time to hang out with him at the shore. got on stage and rocked out if you want to call it that. >> see it all next week. >> all right. >> great. >> sarah jessica parker is here
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
welcome back. celebrating 50 years counting from dundee, michigan and time for marvelous news. benedict cumberbatch in "dr. strange" had help launch an initiative with marvel called marvel studio hero acts. and for every fan that does this the studio will donate $5 to the foundation save the children and go up to a million dollars. go to our
8:41 am
and now here's your first alert forecast. overall, today should be another decent day. as mentioned yesterday, any precipitation should be short lived and mainly confined and that weather brought to you by windows 10. george. >> thank you, ginger. nice welcome here for sarah jessica parker. i know it's hard for all of you to believe it's been 12 years since we saw bradshaw in "sex and the city" and now sarah is back on hbo with a new comedy "divorce." let's take a look. >> you spent last christmas fishing in alaska. >> no, no, hang on a second. that's the only time of the year that the chinook salmon run in those numbers and you said you didn't mind. >> i didn't mind. it was the best christmas i have had in years. >> you're welcome. [ applause ] >> welcome back.
8:42 am
things we'll learn about this, this is not frances your character is not carrie bradshaw. >> no, she's i think it's important that she not be carrie bradshaw. got to play that character for 12 sublime years written by extraordinary writers and telling a very specific story and so i want very much to find and feel i did find another woman who is equally as compelling, >> pretty complicated. >> complicated. her life choices have been radically different than carrie's and i think it's a story no less appealing though it's very different. a less buoyant portrait of this city and environments but i think it's a story that relatable even if you don't identify. i think you can understand this particular kind of strife and
8:43 am
i was working so i didn't get to see the premiere. >> you had a good excuse. >> ali said it's this great balance of funny and emotional and loved the music. the music is a character. >> the music is beautiful. >> but did say it rings so true with everything she's seen in her life in her friends all around. >> i'm so happy to hear that. that's how all this began about four years ago i went to my partner. we have a company at hbo and said, you know, i'm are -- for the most part people are in long-term committed relationships whether in the traditional sense or married. you know, and observing institution and everybody was at a different place in their relationship and i recognized that there are so many stories about the american marriage and the american commitment and probably true elsewhere. but we were focusing on life
8:44 am
contemplated divorce, survived divorce, didn't survive divorce, children making divorce that much more complex and painful. people that have contemplated affairs. had affair, the marriage survived affairs despite, you know, the marriage didn't survive so i think these are all stories that are happening. smart people making not great choices, you know. >> but meeting each other even when coming apart. >> this is the greatest discovery about divorce, no one for the most part equipped to divorce, right? we're not, i because hopefully we don't do it and we do it once but what i discovered about divorce was that you need the other person to divorce. like the whole idea of separating really requires you to actually hold like stand next to this person and try to reach consensus, be civilized but you are desperately in need of this other person which i find bizarre and challenging and maybes for great storytelling.
8:45 am
talk to you. iffers time in the studio. >> i know. i feel i'm like -- [ applause ] >> where is brittany? >> britain. >> brittany. >> hi, brittany. >> hi, sarah. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. i have a question. >> okay. >> what is your favorite set you've ever been on. >> brittany, this set. [ applause ] i heard you guys are the best audience allee that's what i heard on out outside. >> amanda. >> amanda. >> hi, sarah. sfwlur's so close. have you met brittaniy. >> i have. so my question is for you that you're so synonymous with new york city. what is your favorite part about the city? >> ah, i think the memories that you can make. the things that still surprise me, the yet explored street corner, neighborhood. i'm in love with this city as
8:46 am
so many years ago. long before you were born. but i think those of us who choose to live here are sort of involuntarily pulled towards the promise and sort of a lot of what we're feeling in this room is what the city gives us so i have endless memories and looking forward to more. >> we're feeling what you're giving us. thank you for coming in. >> thanks, georg up, "the birth of a nation" star
8:47 am
8:48 am
i'm here now with armie hammer who plays sam turner with a torn conscious in "the birth of a nation." he becomes master to his childhood friend nat turner, a relationship that gets more complicated as they get older. take a look. >> do i hear 2.50.
8:49 am
>> right. she on. with the right teacher. like that. work a long time. >> there it is. 2.75. >> should be a shame to watch it go waste for a little pride. >> what the hell would you know what's a little and what's a lot, huh? >> man, you know, you play a slave owner which in a lot of ways is a villain in that time. >> sure. >> i guess in our country's history and it was -- it's so but i'm just curious, i know you. when you're on set and doing that, how do you get away from that? >> it's hard, man. it was not -- it was not a -- it was not a fun movie to make in the sense of, you know, jokey-jokey. it deals with really heavy subject matter but we owed it to the people involved in the rebellion and owed it to our country's history to be honest and show the reality of what
8:50 am
>> you made this transformation not physically. >> yeah. >> the hair, the teeth, everything else. did that make it easier for you to get away from the character once you weren't on set. >> yeah, it was just a mess. i had a crazy beard and horrible fake teeth that nate maked me. there was a picture of me on the wall and someone doodled on my teeth like someone draws a mustache. you forgot to take this down. no, that's what we're going to do to your teeth to town. >> i have to live with it every day, my friend. but the one thing everybody says about this film that's important, the one word that continues to come up. why do you think the film is important for people to see. >> i think it introduces a lot of interesting things in the conversation of race and shows the beginning and origin of how race relations work in this country. a lot of things we don't realize whether it's, you know, the origins of policing which people were catching runaway slaves
8:51 am
you have to deal with it. >> makes you emotionally raw. >> you say it's not a happy set. heavy subject matter but what were some things you were able to do to lighten it up. >> i -- funny story. i actually bought a pig from one of the extras. they showed up -- if that will supposed to bring a pig and brings this hog and it's enormous. it's like -- it's almost as tall as i am. it's -- nate looks at it and says, it makes me nervous. if it runs wild we won't be able to get this thing and bigger than pigs were back then. the man was like, i didn't want this pig. i guess i got to drive it all the way home now and i said, so, wait. would you sell it. he said, how much. i said, how much do you want for it.
8:52 am
i was like, dude, here's 300 buck, thanks for the pig. and we had it for a little bit then i cooked it for the whole crew and we had a big barbecue. >> yep. >> i know. you know i'm not going to judge you because growing up i had a pet pig too and the family enjoyed the pig. >> see. i understand that man. congratulation, your next big project, you and your wife, another baby. >> we have another baby on the >> there you are. beautiful couple. >> yeah, yeah. >> but you messed up and gave away the gender on on "kimmel." >> maybe i did. maybe i didn't. okay, fine, maybe i did. totally did. i'm not so good with the secret thing which my wife enjoys. >> congratulations on the baby. congratulations on the movie. this movie is very, very -- it's incredible movie. you're amazing and "the birth of a nation" opens nationwide friday.
8:53 am
owl out.
8:54 am
8:55 am
? "good morning america" is brought to you by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> that was a packed wednesday. watch "designated survivor" tonight at 10:00 eastern and elizabeth vargas has a little cameo if thanks for watching,
8:56 am
league baseball team became a national inspiration over the summer. a player's mother was
8:57 am
away. jen garcia died from pancreatic cancer. the johnston mother still made the trip to williamsport, pennsyvlania to watch her son j-t and his teammates in the little league world series this summer. it was there that... the amazing happened. while being interviewed live on e-s-p-n, her son smashed a home run out of the park. a moment that touched youth baseball parents in iowa... and people everywhere. a long time hotel and restaurant property on the west bank of the cedar river in cedar rapids will not reopen after last week's cooper's mill have decided to accept a city buyout offer, selling their business for $5.2 million dollars. the land will eventually become part of a west-side flood protection levee. and now here's your first alert forecast. overall, today should be another decent day. as mentioned yesterday, any precipitation should be short lived and mainly confined to the early to mid-morning hours. from there, a spectacular
8:58 am
70s. the wind will not be as strong as yesterday. late tonight into tomorrow, multiple rounds of rainfall become likely again, with a final round of rainfall possible thursday night. that final round will probably be the strongest and create the bulk of the rainfall totals, which should exceed 1" in some locations. behind this front, get the jackets out! it'll be a return to typical october for friday and saturday. enjoy your day!today: showers possible early, then clearing. wind: sw 5-15. high: 75 tonight: chan se 5-10. low: 60 tomorrow: showers and storms likely, especially in the afternoon and evening. wind: se 5-15. high: 76 tom. night: showers and storms likely. wind: s 5-10.
8:59 am
9:00 am
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