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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  October 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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hundreds of thousands of people are leaving home in the southeast, as hurricane matthew approaches. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . flood waters have receeded throughout eastern iowa. but something else might be creeping up - mold. so that's prompting linn county public health to remind people to take precautions around mold. the fungus can cause coughing, kcrg t-v nine's samantha myers joins us in the studio samantha, you talked with a homeowner in palo? yes, i spoke with a woman who is dealing with the long term effects the floodwater have on her home. but she says she made sure to get as much water out as possible to prevent mold. 13:55:54;15 ""we just kept pumping water out
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it's not the first time jennifer cady's home as flooded, and she says it probably won't be the last living so close to water. 13:54:23;22 "we actually lived here in 2008 and we got about i would say 3 ft. on the first floor in '08 so we were pretty, pretty nervous about this one." the water pushed in the walls of her basement, making the home uninhabitable. but she made sure to get the water out. 13:56:18;23 "it takes a little bit of time to get things cleaned up get any mold and bacteria that's out but for the most part it was just groundwater so it shouldn't have been too, too bad as far as bacterias and stuff" linn county public health supervisor ruby perin says mold from flood waters can affect people's health. 13:44:26;18 ""mold can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, it can trigger asthma attacks, because it's linked to a variety of respiratory illnesses and diseases. some people don't react at all to mold." " the best way to find mold is
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streaking of water and you visually see some kind of organic growth or discoloration then you should just go ahead and assume that you have mold" and if you're unable to get rid of it, you may have to get outside help. she says she can't live in her home until her insurance company inspects it and a professional and her family are staying with friends, but she says it's been tough. bruce and beth? thanks, samantha. the community of palo says floodwaters reached 42 homes last week. but jennifer cady's home, the one you just saw, was the only one that had major structural damage. palo says flooding also damaged city roads, parks, and the wastewater system. the community still has to completely repair a main sewer
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us now. joe, can we expect more showers overnight? once again tonight the sky fills with clouds and a shower and storm chance develops. the morning activity looks scattered, with more widespread activity holding off until the afternoon and evening. heavier rains could fall with some of the stronger storms along with some gusty winds. the cold front sweeps across the area friday dragging down cooler, drier and windy weather. highs fall into the upper 50s and lower 60s into the upcoming weekend. have a great showers and storms late. wind: se 5-10. low: 60 tomorrow: showers and storms likely, especially in the afternoon and evening. wind:
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bruce and beth? thanks, joe. about two million people in several states are under evacuation orders tonight, as hurricane matthew approaches. the national weather service says and it could leave areas uninhabitable for weeks. people in florida, georgia and south carolina are stocking up on food and gas. some are also boarding up their homes, before they leave. " sot - "been waiting 30-40 minutes - just getting some plywood." sot - "we wanted to get batteries, but they're out of batteries." sot - "they're outta flashlights - then we pulled up to this gas station - and the pump we pulled up to - there was absolutely no gas." hurricane matthew has already killed 15 people in
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heavy rains and strong winds have also flooded villages and destroyed homes. the linn county sheriff's office has released the name of the man who died when his pick-up struck a train south of alburnett. he was scott blackford of marion. he was 44. the crash happened sunday afternoon where arabian road meets the canadian national railroad tracks. the sheriff's office says blackford's pick-up drove into the path of the train and caught fire. crash is still under investigation. a man will spend three years in prison for stealing corn seeds from two ag companies that have farm fields in eastern iowa. a judge sentenced mo hailong , also known as "robert mo," for conspiracy to steal trade secrets. mo was the leader of a group of six chinese nationals accused of stealing corn seed from dupont pioneer and monsanto fields in 20-11. that includes this one near dysart. investigators say they tried to smuggle the corn seed to
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looking into whether the president of iowa state university and others have been using school equipment and travel for personal business. the board's conducting the review after questions about i-s-u president steven leath's use of two university airplanes. leath has said he flew one of them for both personal and official business. when returning from a trip last year, he damaged that aircraft in a crash landing. grant county in wisconsin could get a office, jail and other county services. it would go up next to the orchard manor nursing home in the community of lancaster. this week, the county supervisors approved issuing up to 30 million dollars over several years for the new building. they still have to approve design plans and construction contracts before work can begin. a man in the town of washington says it's a challenge for him to go out in daylight or even listen to music. he says it's because of chronic
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jordee kalk explains. june 28th, 20-11 is a day that forever changed howard techau's life. 12:50, "i was at work and i just had this pain in my head." a feeling he describes as.. 12:59, "stakes being drive home in the top of my head and my ear and my eye." in shock, techau left work. 13:15, "i tried to drive home and i don't remember the drive home except i almost hit a car head on." soon as he got home. 16:31, "the mri's didn't show anything and i did a ct scan too to see if there's any physical damage which there wasn't." nearly a year later, and after a slew of medications, techau says doctors at mayo clinic in rochester, minnesota, diagnosed him with trigeminal neuralgia, or tn. mayo staff say the disease is triggered by a disruption in one of the core brain nerves. 22:50, "i basically had shingles inside the brain." since his diagnosis, techau says he's involved in a number of therapies. 25:20,
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eating without going into severe flair he also recently had surgery to install a neurostimulator. 19:59, "thats where the battery pack and generator go which helps him control most of his pain. 25:10, "it causes some numbness down in here now anyways but before this it would be severe pain now that his symptoms are manageable, techau says he wants to raise awareness about tn. 31:13, "theres a lot of loneliness with this disease people just shun you." and for others to understand why his behavior has changed over the past five years. 25:53, "if i would have came out here with all the brightness and stuff i would have to go inside." in washington, jordee kalk kcrg tv9 news techau is encouraging everyone to wear teal this friday to observe international t-n awareness day. some college students in cedar rapids are making use of thousands of sandbags that protected homes and businesses from floodwaters. they're turning them into handbags that people can purchase and use every day.
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cedar rapids. but thousands of sandbags remain. so what do you do with them all? some people are saving them. a group of students at mount mercy university has come up with another option-- sandbag handbags. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders explains what that's all about. cedar rapidians spent long hours in, at times, chilly temps building more than 250-thousand of these. nat sandbag some
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thousands helping build the bags. they were mid scoop at a bagging site when an idea came to mind. "we knew there was a potential that a lot weren't going to be touched. we kind of thought, 'what could we do with these bags? is there something we can do before they get chucked in the landfill?'" after some discussion, derek siddell says the kids settled on making the bags-- bags-- like these. "turn these sandbags into handbags." siddell is a leader in the school's chapter of enactus. that's a group that teaches said the sandbag handbag transition was a perfect group project for this year. nat siddell and his team have partnered with area nonprofits, which will stitch the bags together and print the logos-- turning these concepts into something people can purchase. a lot of them. the group hopes to produce about 2,500, the first being ready before christmas. "i think it's pretty exciting to see students get passionate about a cause."
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is something sustainable that we can do. instead, to have a commemorative item, where people can remember what we did." the money to buy these handy formerly sand bags will go back to the stitchers and printers. anything left over heads to the city for flood recovery. "people can have a piece of memory with them. it's not just a bag that they're using. it was a bag that was used to help prevent a flood." bags becoming bags, but representing so much more. in cedar rapids, forrest saunders, kcrg-tv9 news. sandbags ready for handbag manufacturin g. so mount mercy is asking for your help this saturday. volunteers are needed to empty and prep the bags at newbo city market from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. turning back to weather, joe, what a nice october day.
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morning activity looks scattered, with more widespread activity holding off until the afternoon and evening. heavier rains could fall with some of the stronger storms along with some gusty winds. the cold front sweeps across the area friday dragging down
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upper 50s and lower 60s into the upcoming weekend. have a great night! tonight: chance of showers and storms late. wind: se 5-10. low: 60 tomorrow: showers and storms likely, especially in se 5-15. high: 76 tom. night: showers and storms likely. wind: s 10-20. low: 52 friday: gradual clearing. cooler and windy. high: 61 low: 52 saturday: mostly sunny. high: 62 low: 41 sunday: mostly sunny. high: 69 low: 42
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showers. high: 67 low: 48 tuesday: partly cloudy. high: 70 low: 51 wednesday: partly cloudy. high: 73 low: 51 thursday: partly cloudy. high:
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the leaves are just now starting to change colors along the mississippi river in dubuque. and the dubuque area convention and visitors bureau says more than 400 leaf watchers plan to visit the city in the next few days.
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their peak the next two weekends. we'll be right back. stay with us here on t-v nine. today, republican donald trump
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performance of his running mate in last night's v-p debate. his opponent, democrat hillary clinton, was at home preparing for their nex reports. donald trump and hillary clinton.. stumping for votes.. and praising their running mates.. for a job well done. trump mike pence did an incredible job - and i'm getting a lot of credit because that's really my first so-called choice, that was my first hire, as we would say in las vegasare now preparing for their next big show down.. with their vice presidential candidates.. also back on the campaign
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could tell you from where i sat, donald trump won the debate. donald trump's vision to make america great again won the debate!" time kaine "the debate was a little feisty. i got to admit. i'm irish..." after a night filled with jabs and more than 100 interruptions-most by kaine-- in just 90 minutes.. kaine:"he called mexicans criminals" cut to pence: "you whipped out that mexican thing again. he, look--" experts saying kaine won on substance and pence on style.. kaine: "you are donald trump's apprentice.... let me..." pence: "senator, i think i'm still on my time." kaine: "i thought this was a discussion." but because neither did much to move that needle in winning over undecided voters.. anaylyts say.. that raises the stakes even higher for both trump and
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sources tell abc news.. once again, there will be mock debates and some time off the trail for clinton.. while trump's team says.. he was prepared last time.. and he will be ready round two. eh, abc news, ny we'll be right back. stay with
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on one with iowa coach kirk ferentz as the hawks get ready for the gophers. talk to the players they said they had a pretty spirited practice the last couple of days. i think the guys come out to good attitude and it was a hard weekend anytime you lose a game it just lingers with you so i was great to get on the field monday morning and that's always been the best thing after a loss is getting back with the players and
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maybe find some solutions and see if we can make some improvement you said you don't think it's a talent problem right now to execution problem. i think the guys are working hard putting the effort into it and got a good attitude we just have to tighten some things down work on our execution so that never comes easy and its easier to talk about and it's never perfect even last year at this time we were 5-0 still plenty of things to work on anytime you lose those thing get magnified. everybody has good and bad games a tough game for cole croston how do you work with that and how do you get coached for quite a while now watch watch players go through that when i played it was every game for me so i was easy but you watch a good player have a tough day and it just happens sometime so you flush it down you go back to your fundamentals and go back and study the tape both both good and bad and i think the biggest thing is you look back at your good film and say ok here's what i was doing a little bit differently get back on track. looking at minnesota obviously they like to run the football so that is a point of
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on offense of big physical their line is 320 or whatever it is across and then on the backs run really really hard the tight end is 6"10 and the quarterback is big they are really well coached and those backs run really hard we are going to have to play great team defense and play with grit. they are passing the ball better than havie in the past that makes them double tough. they are good group of receivers and they have good height as well very impressive group of offensive of players. it was media day for the iowa basketball team and the hawkeyes will have to rely on some young guns this season. josh has more from iowa city. 392, that's the number of starts the iowa men's basketball team loses with the graduation of mike gesell, anthony clemmons, adam woodbury and jarrod uthoff. this year, the hawkeyes return just 33 career starts, peter jok had 32 of them. that means the team will rely on several freshman to play
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it well. the young guys have adjusted to the fact that we need guys to step and play not like freshman. we need guys that can come in and be killers right away." "we have to figure out where we're going with our top five, but more importantly, our top 10. i think we have a very deep team. we have a lot of different position guys that can play more than one place." some of the freshman that could see some playing time include linn-mar mr. basketball jordan a lot stronger since i was in high school. they see me playing a 4 or 5 position. so tyler, ahmad and i have been trying to get into the weight room, get each other to push each other." "i knew this is where i wanted to go because i had an opportunity to play right away. whether that's five minutes a game or 30 minutes a game, i'm just ready whenever they call my name." in iowa city, josh christensen, tv9 sports college volleyball tonight iowa state lost to kansas 3-1.
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eagles got off to a quick start former xavier standout madsy richards with the kill.. and kirkwood has some players who can really hammer the ball.. this time it is alex miner with the fast ball.. and the eagles dominated at the net.. morgan grimm with the block and sometimes it just helps to be tall guttenberg native erica armstrong puts it away and kirkwood raises their record to 21-6 with the 3-0 sweep. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... once again tonight the sky fills with clouds and a shower and storm chance develops. the morning activity looks scattered, with more widespread activity holding off until the afternoon and evening. heavier rains could fall with some of the stronger storms along with some gusty winds. the cold front sweeps across the area friday dragging down cooler, drier and windy weather. highs fall into the upper 50s and lower 60s into the upcoming weekend. have a great night! tonight: chance of showers and storms late. wind: se 5-10. low: 60 tomorrow: showers and storms likely, especially in the afternoon and evening. wind: se 5-15. high: 76 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zach galifianakis. and idina menzel. and now, while we're at it -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: welcome. hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. wow, oh wow. i appreciate that. we have a lot to get to. i have no time for nonsense tonight, all right?


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