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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  October 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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you saying that what you said on that bus 11 years ago, that you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope women without consent." "i have great respect for women. nobody has more respect for women than i do." but think clear it to anyone who heard it, it represents exactly who he is. " right off the bat, trump takes questions about those controversial comments he made 11 years ago. is the ca do? we find out. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . tonight, republican donald trump was on the defense when asked about his comments on women back in 2005. he took on democrat hillary clinton in what's been called a scorched earth debate. a-b-c's karen travers recaps the debate from
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tension was clear - no handshake between the two bitter rivals donald trump?under fire for that 2005 audio recording, with his crude comments about women. sot trump this was lockerrom talk. i'm not proud of it. i apologized to my family, i people hillary clinton?with days to prep her response - saying trump is not fit to be president. sot clinton i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it's clear exactly who he is and then 15 minutes in?trump goes nuclear - accusing former president bill clinton of sexual misconduct. if you look at bill clinton, far worse, mine are words, and his was action hillary clinton not willing to engage: i'm reminded of what my friend, michelle obama, advised us all. when they go low, you go high the two candidates battled it out over clinton's emails and private
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not in charge of the law in our country. because you'd be in jail. . and trump defending himself against reports that he may have avoided federal taxes for nearly 18 years. cooper: did you use that $916 million loss to avoid paying personal federal income taxes? trump: of course i do. of course i do. she complains that donald trump took advantage of the tax code. well, why didn't you change it when you were a senator? karen travers on-camera close: and monday, it's back to the battleground s. hillary clinton campaigns in ohio while donald trump is next door in pennsylvania. but no doubt this debate will loom large on the president obama has now weighed in on trump's controversial comments. the president said they are disturbing and show that trump is unfit to be president. "it tells you he doesn't care much about the basic values we try to impart on our kids, it tells you he would be careless with the civility and respect that a real vibrant democracy requires " obama said that while
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senate candidate in illinois earlier today. turning to weather and meteorologist chris havely. chris, can we expect to see more sunshine tomorrow? we're wrapping up the weekend on a clear and quiet note. temperatures will the potential for frost will be gone for monday morning. clouds will slowly be on the increase monday, but it'll be a mild day as temperatures climb back into the 70s for most areas. a weak system will move in monday evening, and will bring a small chance for a few showers monday night. however, we will be dry and mild again for tuesday, before a more significant cold front pushes in to the area late tuesday night. showers and a few storms are likely overnight into the first half of wednesday. some of the coolest air of the season will quickly move in behind this front, so
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post-tropical cyclone. the storm has killed at least 21 people in the u-s. it flooded homes and south carolina. it also left tens of thousands of people without power tonight. in haiti, the storm also killed more than 500 people. that death toll is expected to rise. starting tomorrow, cedar rapids will begin collecting any dry and wet sandbags from homes following the flood. the city says people can put those bags in a couple of spots. the driveway-- or on the street near the curb, if there's
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7 o'clock tomorrow morning. people should avoid putting sandbags near parked vehicles. it could take about three weeks to collect all the bags. people can also take sandbags to two locations. one-- noelridge pool. it's open through tomorrow. also ellis park. that site is open through friday. cedar rapids will begin fully enforcing on-street parking tomorrow. the city says it has re- installed all parking meters in the downtown area after flooding. sportsmanship is a concept coaches and parents often stress to young athletes. it's about doing the right thing on the field of competition. it's about respecting your opponent. and sometimes, it's even about helping your opponent. kcrg-tv9's john campbell has the story. for those of you not there last night, you missed something pretty spectacular. i felt it was more important for adam to finish the race than me. it is those moments in sports and life you realize
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about. last thursday, 916 runners took part in the mvc cross country supermeet at noelridge park in cedar rapids but this is not a story about the winners. but then again, actually, it is. this is story is about two runners in the boys jv race. evan hansen is a sophomore from city high. adam todd is a junior at cedar rapids washington. from epilepsy and associated autism. this is a story about this picture. two runners from competing schools. hand in hand. you see adam todd is fascinated with ambulances and he veered off course to check one out. that's when evan hansen came to the rescue. i started running behind him . eventually he
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finish the race with him. for a mile and a half team hansen and todd pushed on. i was saying stuff like lets go adam. we can do it . we are almost there. as they approached the finish line other members of the city high team ran long encouraging adam. it was amazing. i pushed him in front of me at the finish line. i wanted him to be in front of me because he finished it by him self. i can't tell you the immense pride i felt and same thing for coach hart. we we were both choked up. you coach 30 years it is moments like this that make it worth it for someone to be aware of someone else in a race says so much about that person. people around we moments. you could see by the smile on adams face things were going to be all right..... we
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thrilled about finishing the race. dale says adam knows he had a special buddy on the has relied on his dog everyday, until recently. joey damisch goes to kennedy high school. his dog, sparky, had been going to school with him every day to help with confidence and anxiety. but just last week, sparky came down with tetanus, which is very rare in dogs. now, sparky is battling for his life at iowa state university. " 19:07, "they think they have have found the area that was infected, they're 99 percent sure, and that was the toe and to be on the safe side, it got into the
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did" joey says he's thankful for the support people are showing him during fundraisers for sparky's medical bills. but what he wants most is his best friend to come back home. one woman in eastern iowa is making a comeback after being diagnosed with breast cancer last year. she crossed the finish line at the especially for you race today with tears of joy. her story is our show you care spotlight, and hawkeye defense came to play over the weekend. we'll tell you what went right.
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to fight breast cancer by taking part in the especially for you race this morning. but for one eastern iowan woman, it meant something special. kcrg-tv nine's brea love has that story in tonight's if you spent time downtown sunday morning, things looked like a sea of teal. the race means different thing for different people. some use it as a sign of celebration, others remembrance. but this year's race is all about the fight for suzanne staab. 55:46 "it was exactly a year ago right now that i went in for my physical and mammogram and they found something." she was diagnosed with breast cancer just days
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race. she had surgery, but her tests came back with a high reoccurrence score. that meant chemo and radiation. 57:19 "i have two teenage girls and that was maybe the hardest part telling them and having to watch them go through that with me. i have an older son and daughter and law and they're wonderful too they've all been there with me" and friends too, supporting her from the end of december until now, all dawning their team suza-palooza shirts. staab is finished with radiation and starting to get her strength back. she wants to urge everyone to remember early detection is key. 58:57 "i didn't know i had anything wrong with me, i had
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more than 481 thousand dollars for the especially for you fund. that helps pay for mammograms and other breast care services for people in need. turning back to weather. chris, we're wrapping up the weekend
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be a tad warmer than what we had saturday night, so the potential for frost will be gone for monday morning. clouds will slowly be on the increase monday, but it'll be a mild day as temperatures climb back into the 70s for most areas. a weak system will move in monday evening, and will bring a
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be dry and mild again for tuesday, before a more significant cold front pushes in to the area late tuesday night. showers and a few storms are likely overnight into the first half of wednesday. some of the coolest air of the season will quickly move in behind this front, so expect temperatures to fall throughouth night, with some potential for a freeze. tonight: mostly clear. wind: se: 5-10 low: 47 alo: 47 dbq: 45 iow: 48 44 to 50 tomorrow: slight chance of showers late. partly sunny. wind: s 10-15 high: 72
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showers. wind: s 5-10 low: 53 alo: 53 dbq: 53 iow: 54 50 to 56 tuesday: mostly sunny. wind: s 10-15 high: 74 alo: 53 wednesday: showers likely in the morning. high: 58 low: 58 thursday: partly cloudy. high: 56 low: 36 friday: chance of showers. high: 62 low: 40 saturday: partly cloudy and mild. high: 72 possible high: 74 low: 53 monday: partly cloudy. high: 73 low: 52 thanks chris. ... josh is here. it's hard to
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away. we're not even halfway done with college football. it was media day for the iowa hawkeyes earlier this week, jess settles and i talk
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victory at minnesota winning 14-7. ... the defense was able to hold the gophers to just 102 yards rushing... the
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the last three games... the defense also collected three turnovers. the team says there wasn't many changes, everyone just did their jobs. "we really didn't change anything. i felt like we had a great week of practice, especially our tuesday and wednesday. we did what we had to do. we prepared very well for it. and we just took what we did in practice onto the field today." "wish i could give you one word or one sentence answer, but it's just...hopefully it's a cumulative thing; something we're buildi 100 percent today, but it seemed like we were much better when we gave up a 7 or 10-yard run, it wasn't killing us." "we needed to come out big right away to get those big stops, those three-and- outs. and it's all credit to the d-line, they did a great job up front. we had a lot of confidence after those first couple of three-and-outs. it just made us play even better in those next couple of stops we had. people were just feeling good about themselves." trt: 42 oc: "feeling good about themselves" ... the main theme at media day for the iowa men's basketball team was youth. a lot of freshman will play significant minutes
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and more in this week's sunday night spotlight. ... jess, the biggest theme last year was an experienced starting lineup. this year, it's a lot of new faces. what's the biggest challenge for this young squad? "the big challenge is can these freshman rise up when the lights are on. they're having good weeks of practice. cook is a beast, he can rebound, he can run and he's physical enough to have a great year. bohannon, a him because they need shooters, and he can shoot. you look at pemsl's shoulders, he likes to scrap. and i've heard a lot of players say the surprise guy has been kriener, that he plays hard, that he's physical. can those guys step up and give the veterans minutes. if they can, then they will have a good year." i was going to ask you about cook since you're a post guy. what impresses you most about him? he can dunk it on anyone. "he can dunk it on everybody. he likes to dunk it people. he likes to tell people he's dunking it on them. he
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throw line a lot. and that's one of the keys to becoming a great player. you have to get to the free throw line in this league to get points, to get otr players in foul trouble. and he will have a monster year, it's just how soon and how impactful can he be." what's the challenge for a coach here? is it going through the growing pains because i'm sure iowa wants to go to the ncaa tournament again? "we always talk about the freshman class a lot during media day, but when the ball gets tipped, it c williams have to be good at the point guard position. peter jok has to have an all-american type year. dom uhl has to really raise his game. nicholas baer has to really improve his skill set. so, it's fun to talk about the freshman, but the veterans have to play well." over the years we've seen players like devyn marble, aaron white, jarrod uthoff, and now it's peter jok's turn. he took advantage of the new nba rule. it looks like he's trying to take his game to the next level. "he's improved every single
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when we said peter jok couldn't play defense? now, he can play defense. remember when we said he couldn't create his own shot? now, he can create his own shot. then, he can't put it on the floor. now, he can put it on the floor. now, it's a matter of can the guys around him get him good screens, get him in a good position to score so that he can get good clean looks. cause i'll guarantee you, every coach in america is going to be putting two guys on him, sometimes three." and what have you seen from the big ten? who's the favorite this year? " is wisconsin. nigel hayes, like peter jok, went through the nba process and he was told to come back to school. so, they have hayes, happ and koenig. they're the veteran team who will be heavily favored. michigan state has the mcdonald all-americans coming in. indiana, yes they lost yogi ferrell and troy williams, but they also have a young group of guys who are really good, thomas bryant. and then, can the two bigs from purdue, can they adjust without a.j. hammonds? can they get up and down the floor. i look
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have a chance to be in the middle, and maybe make a run if the young guys can improve. and if dom uhl can have that other year that you've been talking about that our seniors have been having." ... and i'll have more sports after the break, stay
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conference tournament the last three years. ... today was the final day up in waverly... and beardsley, a western dubuque grad, completed the four-peat with a score of 311, winning by four strokes... she's the first women's golfer in iowa conference history to four-peat... wartburg finished 2nd overall, central
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title... but a big congratulations to rochelle. ... golf, the final crandic tour at amana... this event featured groups of four playing best ball ... 6th hole, par 5... justin pansegrau chips it on the green and sets up a nice short birdie, which his team would make ... onto the 7th hole... chris james looking to make birdie for his team... and it disappears ... 9th hole, par 4... 2nd shot, nick miller who was named the player of the year in the open division team... they'd make it... dan dalziel was the player of the year for the senior division ... college volleyball, tennessee at kentucky ... kentucky has some local players, including cedar falls grad kaz brown as she fires a rocket for the kill... she comes back later in the set with some more heat... kaz finished with six kills ... but she's not the only local player... dike-new hartford grad brooke morgan is
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had 3 kills... she's six- foot-five, so she can create problems at the net as she comes up with the block... kentucky wins 3-0 ... nascar sprint cup in charlotte, jimmie johnson should just be playing the boys are back in town all night... he takes the checkered flag for the first time in 24 races... the victory also advances him to the round of 8 as he chases that 7th sprint cup championship... landon cassill finished 19th thanks josh. and now to first alert storm team meteorologis t chris havely for your final forecast. we're wrapping up the weekend on a clear and quiet note. temperatures will be a tad warmer than what we had saturday night, so the potential for frost will be gone for monday morning. clouds will slowly be on the increase monday, but it'll be a mild day as temperatures climb back into the 70s for most areas. thanks chris. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. don't forget the kcrg-tv9 early morning news beginning at 4:30 a-m. have a
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? ? announcer: he gets to the five, dives for the goal line, he's over. that's a touchdown, iowa! picked off, desmond king with another one. and he's going the other way. one man to beat. handoff again to daniels, with a cut back. first down, he may go! and the ball's out and the hawks are on it. the hawks are on it. the hawkeyes relentless pursuit of perfection is complete. >> iowa football with kirk ferentz is powered by iowa corn. >> to quote my broadcast partner ed podolak, saturday's iowa-minnesota game was like a 1960s throwback, a grueling defensive struggle far from a pillow fight, but over 60 minutes, the hawkeye offense made enough big plays to help load that beautiful bronze hog, floyd of rosedale back on the equipment truck to iowa city. welcome to iowa football with kirk ferentz.


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