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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 15, 2016 7:00am-8:00am CDT

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good morning, america. new overnight, donald trump fighting back. tossing the teleprompter and lashing out as more women accuse him of sexual misconduct. >> he then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me. >> trump says none of it is true. >> i am a victim. plus, the latest on hillary clinton's e-mail saga. answer. extreme weather. several rare tornadoes tearing through coastal oregon. >> whoa. >> blowing up transformers. over 100 homes damaged. >> it's just like a bomb went off. >> now, seattle is in the bull's-eye bracing for a once in a decade storm. flight plan. the department of transportation taking action, no samsung galaxy note 7s allowed on planes.
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forbidden hazardous material for fears they could explode. the stiff fines you will face if you do not cooperate. and dramatic rescue. >> you gotta come out. >> bystanders plunging into a pond to save a woman who's trapped in her sinking car. the race against time as the car is submerged. >> there she is. >> helping her swim to shore. one of the heroes speaking out this morning. good saturday morning. i want to thank you for joining us. we want to get right to our top story, donald trump firing back at his accusers criticizing the women alleging sexual misconduct for their looks as well as their motives. >> there is overnight from charlotte, north carolina, surrounded by female supporters who took the stage to defend their candidate. >> but trump as we know is quite capable and comfortable with defending himself. he's now blaming a conspiracy which involves the clinton campaign, the media, as well as
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>> the scandal is most certainly growing. as we come on the air this morning, two more women have come forward to allege that trump made unwanted sexual advances. we're going to kick things off with abc's mary bruce who is in our washington bureau. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. well, donald trump this morning says he is the victim here. he's denouncing his accusers, blasting the media for reporting the allegations and saying this may poison the minds of the american voter. >> i actually like my speech better without teleprompters. >> reporter: this morning, donald trump is off prompter. >> it doesn't work. that means the company doing the teleprompter is in the back. that means they didn't do a good job, so i won't pay them. >> reporter: and in full attack mode. >> it's a total setup. >> reporter: trump stepping up his denial of sexual misconduct allegations. >> i am a victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country.
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>> for personal fame, who knows, maybe for financial reasons, political purposes. >> reporter: and going after their looks. >> you take a look, look at her, believe me, she would not be my first choice, that i can tell you. man. >> reporter: this as two more women come forward, kristin anderson tells "the washington post" in the '90s she was sitting on a couch at a trendy new york nightclub when -- >> the person on my right, who unbeknownst to me atha was donald trump pus their hand up my skirt. >> reporter: she says trump did to her what he bragged about on that 2005 tape. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. you can do anything. >> that explains it. that's explain what happened to me. >> reporter: but trump said it never happened. calling the allegations totally ridiculous. >> one came out recently where i was sitting alone in some club. i really don't sit alone that much. i was sitting alone by myself
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and then i went, wah. >> reporter: also accusing trump, summer zervos, a former contestant on "apprentice." >> he then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again very aggressively and placed his hand on my breast. >> reporter: this a statement trump said, "i vaguely remember ms. zervos. to be clear i never met her at a show told or greeted her inappropriately a decade ago." late last night the trump john barry who they say is zervos' cousin. in the statement johnbarry says ever since she was on "the apprentice" she said nothing but glowing things about mr. trump. abc did not reach mr. barry to confirm his statements. >> trump's running mate mike pence went on tv saying the campaign would present evidence within hours to disprove these mounting claims. have we seen anything? >> reporter: well, this morning we are still waiting for that
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mike pence says there will be proof coming out to refute these women's claims and back up trump's denial. so stay tuned. paula. >> all right, mary, thank you. also overnight, hillary clinton weighed in on what she calls trump's mistreatment of women. all of this as her campaign is facing a fresh batch of hacked e-mails dropped by wikileaks and abc's devin dwyer joins us from our washington bureau with more. good morning, devin. >> reporter: good morning, paula. hillary clinton said overnight she gets no satisfaction from the controversy surrounding donald trump, but as she debate, her team says she won't shy away from those accusations of sexual assault. this morning, hillary clinton taking donald trump to task over those sordid headlines prompted by as many women accusers. >> the whole world has heard how donald trump brags about mistreating women and the disturbing stories keep coming. if we do our job in 25 days,
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the news every single day. >> reporter: at a seattle fund-raiser clinton lashing out at trump and his new strategy of scorched earth attacks. clinton getting some help from her top surrogate, president obama. on the road in ohio friday, he unleashed on trump. >> and he figures that if he makes our politics, just toxic then maybe you'll just figure out you got no good choices and you just get discouraged and you just don't vote. >> reporter: the president laying out the stakes in stark terms. >> equality is on the ballot. kindness is on the ballot. democracy itself is on the ballot right thought. >> reporter: meanwhile, clinton answering new questions under oath about her private e-mail server. her team submitting written answers in a lawsuit filed by the conservative group judicial watch. asked about details of her decision to use private e-mail, clinton answered 20 different
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>> the thing that you should be apologizing for are the 33,000 e-mails that you deleted. >> all right, devin, i want to ask you, wikileaks has claimed they have 50,000 e-mails from the clinton campaign. so far they've released roughly 11,000 so when will they be releasing more and what can we expect? >> reporter: paula, wikileaks says they plan to release thousands of pages of these e-mails every day up till the election. now, keep in mind these are e-mails from clinton campaign manager john podesta's hacked account. so far no bombshell in here, but they do reveal some insensitive language towards catholics and latinos. some reveal the calculated, highly calculated inner workings of the campaign. the clinton team is not confirming the authenticity but claim russia is behind them to help donald trump. paula and dan. >> 24 more days of this, devin, thank you. and for analysis we want to bring in abc news political contributor kristen soltis anderson who joins us from washington this morning.
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>> good morning. >> so first and foremost trump is saying this is all a conspiracy, a coordinated effort between the media, the clinton campaign, as well as foreign governments. but is that even possible? >> donald trump is certainly choosing to call out a number of different groups that voters really don't trust, whether it's the media, whether it's foreign corporations or governments and whether it's the clinton campaign, it's easy for donald trump to kind of pit himself against these things that people don't like. whether it's coordination, i think it's mh we know as an oppo dump, off opposition research, where one campaign digs up dirt on the opponent and then feeds it strategically to different media outlets so on wednesday night when these allegations really began to come out in full, you saw media outlets across the country print and online and tv, you saw folks in local markets that are key to this election all running with the story, it's not necessarily a conspiracy, but it certainly is well coordinated by the clinton campaign. >> in a normal world where
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news, these wikileaks e-mail dumps from hillary clinton's campaign chief would be the top story. so, i'm just -- as a pollster in the current environment, are these leaks even making a dent in your mind? >> the reason these wouldn't make a dent is because already they're confirming what many voters believe about hillary clinton. we've seen in polls for the last over a year that people don't necessarily trust her, that they think that she holds different positions behind closed doors. the things in here that might be the most damaging are the sort of insulting comments about catholics, about latinos, things like that, groups that the clinton campaign would like to hang on to in this election but for the most part when it comes to behind-the-scenes e-mails versus allegations of sexual misconduct, one certainly is going to get more attention than the other so i suspect this is unlikely to make a big headline unless we see something that really changes people's perception of hillary clinton. >> and, kristen, as a pollster we know that those "access hollywood" tapes were really
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consequences so far of these sexual assault allegations on trump? >> before all of this came out donald trump tended to be at about 42% in most polling averages. if he was going up or down, against hillary clinton it was mostly because hillary clinton's numbers were moving. we've now in the last couple of days seen at least two major national polls come out with donald trump only at 38% of the vote meaning it's not just that he's losing these independents or swing voters but he's also of supporters. that's going to make it much hard story put together the 270 electoral votes to become president. >> excellent insight. thanks for joining us. 24 more days until the election but four more until the final presidential debate and that's wednesday night. abc's chief anchor george stephanopoulos will be leading our live coverage starting at 9:00 eastern. >> that's twice you mentioned 24 days. somebody may be ready for this thing to be over. we're going to move on now, though, to the other developing story this morning.
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spawning at least two tornadoes in oregon damaging more than 100 homes, and it could get even worse today. rob is all over the story this morning. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning. surreal video watching that waterspout come onshore in oregon, ef-2. with winds to potentially 130 miles an hour. only four times since 1950 has the state of oregon seen a tornado greater than an ef-1. and this is the damage it did. the mayor of manzanita declaring a state of emergency and several homes completely destroyed and as you mentioned over 1 00 homes seeing some sort of damage. also over 100,000 people at one point without power as seattle got hit with this thing as well plowing into british columbia and the intermountain west and storm number two, an old typhoon, but it's going to regenerate and starting to strengthen now and the track of this is key is to how strong the winds get but pretty confident that the coast will at least see 80 mile plus winds and then from portland to seattle we could very well see damaging winds in excess of 50
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rainfall, the record rainfall that they saw during the day yesterday. a number of watches and warnings out including a hurricane-force wind warning, the east coast still reeling from hurricane matthew a week ago and some spots, the hardest spot in north carolina with the inland flooding the waters are still rising there today. phillip mena is live for us in kinston, north carolina. good morning, phillip. >> reporter: rob, good morning. hard to believe but parts of this area were all of this floodwater from matthew rushinin from all directions and it's quickly turning the heart of this town into an island. this morning, part of north carolina preparing for the worst. new floodwaters now forcing kinston residents to evacuate homes and businesses one week after matthew hit. several waterways now converging on the neuse river rising to record levels in a matter of hours. in nearby princeville over 80% of the town now also submerged.
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>> all the way down there. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: kim kilpatrick can only watch helplessly as her home of 18 years is nearly swallowed by the river, now 20 feet higher than normal. >> i guess i'm trying to numb myself. i don't have any more tears. >> reporter: the rising waters fueled in part by the over 18 inches of rain dumped by matthew. the storm's death toll now rising to 45 in the u.s. 24 in north carolina. residents hoping they don't lose everything. >> i'm praying that we will be this is our family home. this is where my father and mother raised their children. >> reporter: this is one of the poorest areas of the country. the mayor here telling me that it took them a decade to recover from hurricane floyd and, unfortunately, paula, the flooding this time is even worse. >> that resident saying she had no more tears. such a heartbreaking story,
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we want to move now to an emergency order from the transportation department. beginning at noon eastern today, the galaxy note 7s will be banned from all u.s. flights because of their potential to ignite or even explode. now, the faa is threatening to confiscate any phones if they find and keep you off that flight. and adrienne bankert is at l.a.x. for us this morning with more on this ban. adrienne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, paula. yes, you know, the signs are already lit up here at this tsa security checkpoint. not only here but all across the co you mentioned starts today, so if you have the samsung galaxy note 7 on you, you'll either have to ditch your phone or lose your seat on your plane. new overnight, abc news confirming southwest is joining delta and two other major airlines in placing fireproof bags on its flights. bags like this one designed to contain an explosion caused by a burning phone aimed at protecting passengers from possible flare-ups like the
7:15 am
a baltimore bound southwest flight last week. this is the latest headline in what is the largest recall in cell phone history and some flyers are feeling uneasy. >> my first time on a plane, i'm panicking freaking out. >> reporter: meanwhile, federal authorities enforcing an emergency order banning samsung galaxy note 7s on board aircraft and passengers caught with the phone, they'll be denied boarding. >> this is a small price to pay for safety. we cannot have these phones bursting into flames on flights. >> reporter: the department of transportation issuing a stern statement saying passengers who attempt to evade the ban by packing their phone in checked luggage are increasing the risk of a catastrophic incident. the question is, how difficult will enforcing the new ban be? >> this is a safety factor and really we don't have any choice. >> reporter: those failing to cooperate with the new rules could be criminally prosecuted and face fines of nearly $180,000. now, a lot of those airlines
7:16 am
flight months before the samsung galaxy note 7 recalls, however, recent incidents with those lithium ion batteries overheating causing major concerns has added urgency to getting more of those bags on board. began dan and paula. >> that ban beginning at 12:00 eastern. adrienne, thank you. >> i feel like we haven't heard enough from rob marciano this morning so far. >> we never hear enough from rob. >> what else is going on in the weather department? >> wildfires, as a matter of fact. we'll take you out west to north of reno, nevada, where there is one cranking there and did damage to over 20 homes burned unfortunately. it's a small fire relatively speaking but 2,000 acres, with zero containment at this point, and we've got more winds that are coming in today in advance of this next system that we just spoke about about five minutes ago so we have high wind warnings and watches posted all the way into the sierras. it includes reno and that fire. 38-mile-an-hour gusts there & when the winds gust maybe 40 miles an
7:17 am
of that low probably going to the puget sound and will really crank the wind ras long the coast there. in the east, beautiful but crisp morning. we have freeze warnings and frost advisories this morning and in some cases we'll see a rebound of the temperatures to near 80 degrees in detroit, new york city and d.c., indian summerlike warmth. the clouds hae viewing area and they'll stick around all day. the sunshine may not be here to warm us up, but the winds are! we'll experience strong southerly winds today at roughly 15 to 25 mph and gusts will be stronger. this so high temperatures into the 70s this afternoon. these pesky clouds will begin to fill will rain and we'll see the chance late in the evening and mainly into the overnight hours. the rain will let up for sunday and partly cloudy skies will be the story as well as much warmer temperatures. highs are expected to rise into the middle to upper 70s. think that's something? wait until monday where we could reach near mostly cloudy and wind and, yes, we have more weather coming up in about 10 to 15 minutes, and ron is looking
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>> a lot of rob marciano. >> i know. >> could you just hand the baton off to ron right now. >> there you go right there, my bic pen. >> thank you. >> i've had it. >> good morning to you, rob and the rest of the gang. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news, the u.s. backed saudi arabian led coalition is claiming responsibility for that bombing at a funeral in yemen last weekend that killed more than 150 people. a saudi arabian investigation concluding that coalition jets bombed the funeral after receiving wrong information. it also said that it failed to follow proper procedures to make sure that the target was not civilian. and back here in the u.s. an alleged terror plot foiled in garden city, kansas. federal authorities arresting three men they say were plotting to bomb an apartment complex and also a mosque used by somali immigrants. the suspects, curtis allen, patrick stein and gavin wright, all members of a small militia group. they're charged with domestic terrorism that carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. prosecutors say the attack was planned for the
7:19 am
and a setback for the families of the victims of the 2012 newtown, connecticut, school massacre. the connecticut judge dismissing their wrongful death lawsuit that they filed against remington arms, the company that made the rifle used by adam lanza to kill 20 students and 6 dulls at sandy hook elementary school. the judge saying federal law shields gun manufacturers from liability for the criminal use of their products. and a set of 1-year-old twin boys born conjoined at the head, beds this morning for the first time. doctors at a new york city hospital performing the surgery to separate jadon and anias mcdonald. that was on friday. the operation took more than 20 hours and required a team of 40 medical experts. doctors saying that the boys still face a long road to recovery. honda is recalling more than 350,000 of its new 2016 civics because of a parking brake defect. the carmaker saying they found the vehicle's electric brake may
7:20 am
turned off, which could lead to the car rolling away. honda saying it hasn't received any reports of actual accidents caused by that problem. the new defect can be fixed with a software update. and finally a police officer in south bend, indiana, taking his love of "star wars" like dan to the streets. officer paul stavan. lightsabers, i'm not sure armed is the right word. to help him direct traffic. the jedi officer is also known for putting on colorful shows for young people and older people waiting to cross the street. >> i think you should do the newscast like that, dan. just saying. step it up, man. >> dan should do that. >> it would be unmore way to get my child to admire me. >> are you that proficient with a lightsaber? >> no, i am not. i admire his proficiency. however, i cannot do that. >> make it clear. >> i'll work on it. next weekend i'll bring my "a" game. coming up on "gma" this saturday morning, take a look at this video. this is incredible.
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right there which is sinking into a pond. the strangers who leapt in to save her. you'll see their work and what they were telling her as that car was going down. plus, he is known as baby buns, and we have the incredible story of this couple. they're sharing their joy as their miracle baby finally comes home from the hospital nearly a year after he was born. rachel is going to have this remarkable story. we're right back with it. "good morning america" is brought to you by cigna, together all the way. ? baby love my baby love ? scalpel. i have no idea what i'm doing. i'm just a tv doctor. i never went to college. (scream) i don't do blood. but now, thanks to cigna, i can do more than just look the part. is that a foot? we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses.
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the clouds have taken over the viewing area and they'll stick around all day. the sunshine may not be here to warm us up, but the winds are! we'll experience strong southerly winds today at roughly 15 to 25 mph and gusts will be stronger. this southerly flow will warm our high temperatures into the 70s this afternoon. these pesky clouds will begin to fill will rain and we'll see the chance late in the evening and mainly into the overnight hours. the rain will let up for sunday and partly cloudy skies will be the story as well as much warmer temperatures. highs are expected to rise into the middle to upper 70s. think that's something? wait until monday where we could reach near
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storms are possible late. wind: s 15-25. high: 70 alo: 70 dbq: 70 iow: 70 67 to 73 tonight: showers and a few thunderstorm s possible. wind: sw 5-15. low: 62 alo: 58 dbq: 62 iow: 62 59 to 65 tomorrow: mostly cloudy turning partly cloudy. wind: s 5-10 high: 75 alo: 75 dbq: 75 iow: 75 72 to 78 tom. night: slight chance of showers in far northern iowa. otherwise, partly cloudy. wind: s 5-15 low: 64 alo: 63 dbq: 64 iow: 64 61 to 67 monday: partly sunny, windy, and mild. high: 79 low: 64 tuesday: partly cloudy. high: 71 low: 63 wednesday: partly cloudy. high: 66 low: 49
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there is hope! hey, welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, donald trump is firing back hurling personal insults at his accusers as more women come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. two on friday, in fact. meanwhile, hillary clinton is dealing with wikileaks releasing another batch of hacked e-mails, hacked e-mails campaign. france remembers. francois holland leading a national ceremony in niece marking three months since an islamic extremist plowed his trucks through the crowds celebrating bastille day killing 86 people. the nixon library opening again after a year-long renovation closed it to the public. the library is complete with an exact replica of nixon's oval office. now, former secretary of state henry kissinger looked around
7:31 am
and apparently it's quite interactive. there's a gallery right there that can take you through the watergate scandal and take photos on the couch or behind the desk and feel like el presidente. >> you can delete entire minutes of conversations on the tape-recorder. do it all yourself. >> i don't think that's part of it. >> i'm going to be in trouble now. coming up, a story that's got us all talking. the little boy known as baby buns home from the hospital almost a year after he was born. his parents over the moon and sharing the latest on thei >> oh. >> to add another member to their family. this is an incredible story. rachel is going to have that coming up in a few minutes. but first here, incredible video, a rescue caught on camera. >> bystanders rushed into these cold waters of a pond in massachusetts all to save a woman who was trapped in her car. you can see that car singing and marci gonzalez joins us with more. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. we're told the driver was trying to park near that pond but
7:32 am
of the brakes, and had a few bystanders not jumped right in, police say there is little chance she would have survived. >> you gotta come out. you gotta come out. you gotta -- >> reporter: this morning this dramatic video underscoring just how lucky the driver of this suv is to be alive. >> help! >> reporter: you can hear the screaming and commotion after the vehicle accidentally plunged into this pond in arlington, massachusetts, friday afternoon. >> was there just one person in there? >> reporter: a bystander deep, cold water calling out instructions to the 68-year-old woman trapped inside the vehicle. >> go to your back window. >> making it to the suv just in time. >> i could see somebody in the driver's seat and they were pounding on the passenger window. >> reporter: you see the good samaritan open the vehicle's door to help the woman out and within seconds the suv goes under. >> you gotta -- i lost her. i lost her.
7:33 am
but no sign of the driver until -- >> there she is. >> reporter: the woman gasping for breath as dan frasier swims out to help. >> hold on to this. hold on. grab on. >> reporter: reassuring the woman. >> no, you're not. you're not dying. >> reporter: bringing her to safety on the shore. >> we just saw this woman struggling. we were just very glad we were able to help her in this really, really urgent time of need. we'd be having a different conversation right now, no question about it. it's just an extraordinary act of courage and heroism. >> and first responders were there within seconds to help her out of the water and get her to a hospital where we're told she was last listed in good condition being treated for mild hypothermia and expected to be okay. >> incredible story. >> absolutely. can you imagine? >> more proof that people from massachusetts are valiant. >> says the massachusetts native. >> i mean it's a coincidence.
7:34 am
connecticut are just as valiant. >> absolutely. that's rob marciano from somewhere in connecticut. yeah, there it is. >> nice work. we take you to portland, oregon, my second home, spent a lot of time there. yesterday had record rainfall. 2 to 3 inches of it falling in some of the small streams overflowing and, you know, the leaves getting in the storm drains and people got stranded because of it. also, high school football, corvallis, look at this coming down in sheets. forest grove playing crescent yesterday and the game went on. i think forest grove won or crescent city? anyway, just congratulations to both of them, all right. for getting through that torrential downpour. all right. the reason it's raining so much, we've got an atmospheric river set up meaning across nearly the entire pacific. a very dense stream of moisture in some cases tapping some of the tropics, and we're going to see a lot more rain with this next system coming in. hopefully this is a case where the opening act is worse than the second act but right now we
7:35 am
later this afternoon will be damaging not with just rain but wind as well. the cloude viewing area and they'll stick around all day. the sunshine may not be here to warm us up, but the winds are! we'll experience strong southerly winds today at roughly 15 to 25 mph and gusts will be stronger. this southerly flow will warm our high temperatures into the 70s this afternoon. these pesky clouds will begin to fill will rain and we'll see the chance late in the even this weathercast brought to you by lowe's. this just in, crescent valley won because -- against forest grove which i know you were very concerned about. >> i was very concerned. i didn't know if you were going with the whole parent approach that everyone wins. >> might get a little rain in the ohio state/wisconsin game tonight. but it shouldn't be like what we just saw >> any rain getting down to california where they need it? >> not in southern california. northern california. >> any other questions for rob? rachel, dan? >> i think i'm good. >> open q&a session. where did you get that tie, man? great tie. coming up here on "gma," the big news for the baby who's been followed by thousands on
7:36 am
his parents struggled for 17 years to get pregnant and then their son known as baby buns had to spend months in the hospital. the emotional homecoming this morning courtesy of the one and only rachel smith. keep it here. >> look at him. ? baby love ? ook at him. no matter what you love, oor to ceiling. now get up to $40 off our best paint via rebate and make your home happy, at lowe's. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx,
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? baby love ? wow. >> ooh. look at that. big news this morning for a baby that's become a social media sensation. >> the little boy known to hundreds of thousands of facebook followers as baby buns has graduated from the neonatal intensive unit. he is finally home after nearly a year and rachel has more on the happy news. >> i know. this is such a great story, guys. good morning to you all. so this couple, they struggled with infertility for 17 years and became an internet sensation with an emotional pregnancy announcement that many of you probably remember. it's taken over a year, though, but the family is finally under one roof. check it out. >> this is my first car ride. >> reporter: kaleb is a healthy 13-pound baby boy. >> the miracle is here. >> reporter: but he's overcome unbelievable odds. after 355 days in the hospital, the little miracle now graduating from intensive care
7:41 am
papers. >> reporter: little kaleb has been a viral sensation since the day dana griffin graves made this video. >> what's in the oven? revealing her pregnancy to her husband arkell. >> you're pregnant! >> born 16 weeks premature weighing only 13 ounces dana shared every teeny step of his journey on arkell and dana's baby bun facebook page. >> although he had so many different things that went wrong, there was so much more that he could have had. >> reporter: 193,000 fans following along as kaleb snuggles his first favorite toy. and makes some of his first joyful coos. >> without them we would not have been able to make it. >> reporter: but best of all that miraculous ride home. >> he was truly supposed to be here.
7:42 am
can you give us a smile? >> that is an awesome story. and that cap on him is just amazing. that little kaleb has a big brother, keelyn who dana and arkell adopted 14 years ago, so just a happy household and it's really great to see their facebook page has become this forum of sorts for other families that have experienced premature births in their family. >> and families, i'm sure, that experienced infertility. 17 years and many -- multiple miscarriages. >> these parents have also read the messages to the baby, to baby kaleb while he was in the hospital as just support and encouragement to this little guy. so cool to see that. he is loved. >> he is loved that. >> i can't believe they stole my nickname for rob, though. >> what? >> baby buns. coming up here on "gma," good tips for parents on how to help their kids with their homework without everybody getting totally stressed out. we'll be right back with that and baby bun, as well. >> i was like, what's that.
7:43 am
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? time for "weekend download." with the school year underway, kids are hitting the books, so how do you help them with the onslaught of homework and stress? here with some advice and parenting ericka souter. >> hi. >> good morning. thanks for coming in. all this talk in the educational community about cutting back a little on the aforementioned onslaught of homework. where do you draw the line between making things easy and making things too easy. >> let's get real, dan. when there is all this homework there is a lot of pressure and stress on parents. i didn't start meditating until my son hit grade school. it was so stressful, but a lot of administrators and teachers are reacting to that. they're worried that all
7:47 am
a lot of schools and teachers scaling back on homework but if your child is enrolled in an academically at risk school it's unlikely you can get them to change their homework policies so a lot of parents are questioning is this the right environment for my kid. >> how do you know when we've crossed the line between good stress, you know, a certain amount of stress and bad overwhelming potentially destructive stress? >> well, there's a lot of pressure, and it begins at an early age now. but there are signs th a look out for. number one, is there increased crying, anxiety and arguing. there are also physical symptoms, are there headaches, stomachaches, decreased appetite. all those shut set off alarm bells in a parent's head. >> if your child is in a school that is academically rigorous and a lot of homework, how do you make time for downtime and family time for the rest of the gang? >> during the week it's unlikely there's any time with homework and extracurriculars and sports so the weekends become that much more important.
7:48 am
like setting aside time to go to a sporting event together on a saturday or sunday. there's also game nights. now, your older kids may roll their eyes but kids get into it. we have a lot of fun once it gets going and also projects can you do together. pick a service project, volunteer together and that way you're spending time together with the added benefit of helping others. the important thing is find time to bond where you're not worrying about homework. it makes everyone's life a lot happier. >> i like make sure the parents meditate. >> yes. >> ericka, thank you very much. and we'll be right back with
7:49 am
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7:53 am
going to -- let it out. moving on literally. people in really great company, kind of like ourselves, we're in great company today, but moving on brad paisley first up took the time out of his "country nation" college tour to pay a visit to some younger students in nebraska. so the country star and the father of two made the surprise visit to field club elementary in omaha. paisley sang parts of four songs with a gym packed of little fans and teachers and said he felt bad that the kids wouldn't be able to make to one of his free concerts at the university of lincoln because they had posted this heartfelt video on youtube asking him to pay a visit to their school and boy, did he. when the teachers reached out on youtube, and i read that paisley's dad is the one that informed him that this video was out there and leave it to mr. brad to deliver. great guy. >> basically his dad said, you have to do this. >> yes. >> like all good parents should. >> and he is a dad of two
7:54 am
bieber also finds himself in really good company during the european leg of his world tour kick his visit into high gear on this soccer field driving by and saw students at highgate school playing, and he asked them to join in. of course, the school took to twitter sharing photos of the students with justin giving fans an up close look at the pop star holding the soccer ball, even showing off his swift goal on youtube. and the p. ex-teacher reveals player. >> yeah. >> if he shows up, you have to let him score. >> i mean, yeah, but one of the girls said whenever he showed up, they were like, what's going on. they were a little confused. and then as he got closer, the p.e. teacher was like, oh, i know who that is immediately and the girls spotted tattoos and, of course, everyone was just trying to keep their cool. >> of course. you have to let the biebs score. >> are you a belieber, dan? >> ron says -- >> he owes me 20 bucks.
7:55 am
>> really? >> that's a long story. >> that's an upcoming "pop news" -- >> justin bieber. >> $20. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. moving on, check this out. one irish grandma's got some skills and she is not afraid to show it. take a look at granny. okay. you guys, you guys have seen this, right, the viral bottle flipping. >> boom. >> bam. granny nailing it. not just one bottle. >> two. >> dos right there. >> even the grandson is impressed. >> there times in a row. isn't that amazing? >> really, really, ron? unbelievable. the shades in tow and all, granny looking cool, 82,000 views on facebook. >> four times in a row. that's incredible. >> i mean -- >> hold on. >> different angle here. >> whoa. >> should we do a little flip-flop right now? >> don't do it, paula? >> no? >> if we only had a bottle. >> i don't. we don't have a bottle but can do a flip cup. >> ladies and gentlemen, the
7:56 am
necessarily reflect the views of abc news. we'll be back tomorrow morning. what did you say? >> you ad-libbed that, didn't you? >> i did but they have it there just in case. see you tomorrow. this is a kcrg-tv9 news morning update. meteoroloigst britley ritz is here with a quick check of your forecast. back now to today's top stories. presidential nominees are dealing with scandals ahead of november's election. two more women have come
7:57 am
of meteoroloigst britley ritz is here with a quick check of your forecast. presidential nominees are dealing with scandals ahead of november's election. two more women have come forward, accusing republican donald trump of inappropriately touching them. and newly leaked emails from the hillary clinton campaign appear to show the democratic nominee's relationship with wall street. more than 1 thousand people will walk in cedar rapids to raise awareness about alzheimer's. the annual walk to end alzheimer's was supposed to be a few weeks ago,
7:58 am
and area boy scouts are collecting donated food from doorsteps this morning in cedar rapids. the annual drive collects about 50 thousand pounds of food for local food banks every year. scouts distributed plastic bags to homes for the drive last month. those stories and much more are coming up in just a few minutes on the kcrg tv nine morning news. and be sure to check out kcrg dot-com for coverage of all of the day's top stories.
7:59 am
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kcrg-tv9. is waking up with kcrg-tv9 it's saturday october 15th. here's what you need to know today. two more women say donald trump inappropriate ly touched them more than a decade ago. and.. the republican nominee says it's all a lie to derail his campaign. after flooding washed out an annual walk in cedar rapids, people will be back in purple this morning for alzheimer's awareness. and a unique collection at the univers eventually lead to a cure for cancer. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is the kcrg-tv9 sunday morning news. good morning and thanks for joining us. we begin with first alert storm team meteorologis t britley ritz.


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