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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 17, 2016 7:00am-8:59am CDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, the massive battle to take down isis. thousands of troops marching at this hour. americans helping with the all-out assault in the air to stop the terrorists and take out one of their biggest strongholds. we are live on the front lines with a make or break battle this morning. a republican office in north caroli with a swastika. donald trump calls the attackers animals, as he doubles down on claims this election is rigged. >> the process is rigged. it's a rigged election. it's a rigged system. >> and hillary clinton faces a new blast of leaked e-mails. october surprise. a record wave of heat spreading across the nation. temperatures soaring near a hundred degrees. millions from texas to new york bracing for a major warm-up right now.
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>> this car rolls over, bursts into flames, a driver trapped inside. good samaritans rush in. >> please, hurry! >> the dramatic moment they formed a human chain to pull him free. and good morning, america. a lot to get to this monday morning. three weeks and a day before the votes are counted. weekend, that was his word. lashing out at the forces he says are rigging this election. >> trump calling alec baldwin's impression on "snl" a hit job. there he is imitating trump and clinton at the last debate. >> we're going to have a lot more on that. we begin with the breaking news. thousands of iraqi troops trying to take the key city of mosul
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abc's alex marquardt is on the front lines. alex, what's happening right now? >> reporter: good morning, we've been watching this battle for mosul play out in the valley with the forces up here in the hills and the coalition jets above, pummeling those isis militants below on the first day of this battle that will determine the future of isis. the battle for mosul beginning. an estimated 30,000 kurdish and iraqi troops fightin stronghold. those kurdish fighters zeroing in their mortars on isis targets below. targets selected and observed by american forces, including these soldiers from the 101st airborne division. a critical role played by some of the around thousand u.s. troops in iraq. that was one of the rockets heading out into the plains around the city of mosul. the sun has come up, the pace of fighting has picked up, as well. we've been able to see and hear
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for the first time, we're hearing gunfire as well, meaning the two sides are now closely engaging each other. the view of the fighting increasingly obscured by a thick, black haze. likely from oil and tire fires is the by isis to provide cover. if isis loses mosul, they lose their last foothold in iraq and their biggest prize to date. it would deal a devastating blow to the group. for morngs the u.s. and scale plans to retake mosul from isis, hoping to demoralize their enemy and energize resistance in this city. it's unclear if they will amount a full defense of the city or cross into syria where there is more territory. they're expecting 1 million people to flee the fighting. could be one of the biggest humanitarian crises this year. george. >> thank you, alex.
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for more on this right now. and martha, we have seen the public buildup to this battle for months. as alex pointed out, this is so critical because mosul is the last stronghold for isis in iraq. >> exactly right, george. >> reporter: but the u.s. feels confident that the iraqis will succeed although this will not be fast. this will be a huge step toward defeating isis governing and stabilizing that area will be a challenge. isis in syria is a much more complicated problem. you don't have a unified fighting force there. and very few u.s. forces to help them. this will be the challenge for the next president, george. >> martha raddatz, thank you very much. now to the race for the white house and the attack on a republican office in north carolina. the local headquarters fire-bombed. and a nearby building spray-painted.
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raleigh, north carolina as authorities search for who is responsible. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. authorities are here this morning trying to figure out who did this. there are all sorts of suggestions. the good thing is no one was hurt. police believe someone threw a bottle with flammable material through this front window of the orange county republican party headquarters sometime between saturday night and sunday morning. the fire inside burned furniture and caused smoke damage but went out on its own. much larger. >> this is a horrific, horrific act of political terrorism. >> reporter: this is, of course, a key swing state in the presidential election where polls show the race is tight. republican presidential candidate, donald trump, responded on twitter immediately, saying, animals representing hillary clinton and dems in north carolina, just fire-bombed our office in orange county
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represented the democratic nominee, who condemned the attack. they called it horrific and unacceptable and she is grateful that everybody is safe. >> we have a lot of cleanup to do. >> reporter: they're cleaning up graffiti that was next door. orb else. >> or else what? because we're not going anywhere. >> reporter: the graffiti was sprayed on the other side of the building. not the front for some reason. the democrats here are condemning the attacks a raising money for the workers here. in a few short hours, they have raised $13,000 online. jovrn? george? >> the latest now from donald trump. he's fighting hard from behind. bashing hillary clinton, the media, even "saturday night live" as he doubles down on claims the election is rigged. abc's tom llamas is tracking it all from trump tower. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. donald trump has yet to provide any evidence the election will be rigged in november.
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multiple groups are out to get him. donald trump's now peddling a new conspiracy theory. to explain his rigged election prediction. >> the election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing false allegations and outright lies in an effort to elect hillary clinton president. >> reporter: over the weekend, in less than 48 hours, trump mentioning the election being rigged more than 20 times. >> the process is rigged. it's a rigged election. it's a rigged system, and they take these lies and put them on front pages. >> reporter: trump, referring to the growing number of women accusing him of sexual misconduct.the growing number o accusing him of sexual misconduct. the republican nominee seeming to attack the looks of jessica leads, who says trump groped her on a flight in the '80s. >> believe me, she would not be my first choice, that i can tell you. >> reporter: trump also suggesting some of the polling
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system working against him. tweeting, the election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media, pushed by crooked hillary. not all republicans are on board. a spokeswoman for speaker paul ryan saying our democracy relies on confidence in election results, and the speaker is fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity. even the vice presidential candidate taking a different approach from his running mate. >> we' r >> reporter: as pence tries to soften the tone, trump is growing wilder in his accusations. now questioning if hillary clinton was on drugs during the last debate. >> we should take a drug test prior, because i don't know what is going on with her. but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning. >> reporter: this morning, hillary clinton's campaign is out with a new ad. it's called america's bully.
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time, including biff from "back to the future" and the members of cobra kai from "the karate kid." the clinton campaign says trump has insulted 274 people out on the campaign trail. trump has said he's not a bully, he's a counterpuncher. robin. >> tom, thank you. as hillary clinton stepped out of the spotlight this weekend, wikileaks released another batch of e-mails thought to be from her top aides. abc's cecilia vega joins us now with all those details for us. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: the clinton campaign calling this a crime reminiscent of watergate, but worse. 1,900 e-mails were released this weekend. we're talking about a slow leak. every day a new batch. and the clinton campaign knows this could be a problem for them every day until election day. this morning, thousands more e-mails appearing to show the inner workings of hillary clinton's campaign. wikileaks releasing the newest
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campaign chairman john podesta's hacked e-mails. one showing just how much clinton's team struggled to get her to apologize over the private server controversy. a top adviser writing, her inability to just do a national interview and communicate genuine feelings of remorse and regret is now, i fear, becoming a character problem. more so than honesty, i see no downside why her actually just saying, look, i'm sorry. i think it will take so much air out of this. podesta agreeing, saying, trying to figure out how to get her there and best way to execute. ultimately, clinton did apologize. >> as i look back at it now, though it was allowed, i should have used two accounts. one for personal. one for work-related e-mails. that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> reporter: abc news has not independently verified the e-mails.
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responding to individual documents. instead, accusing the russians of orchestrating the hack to help donald trump win. >> i don't give credence to the dumped documents because i don't know if they're accurate. >> reporter: a slow drip that has not let up. 12,000 e-mails so far. everything from when clinton should laugh during debates. >> whoo, okay. >> reporter: to her private speeches to wall street that seem to contradict her public positions. even this one, claiming clinton told a private trade union gathering that extreme environmentalists need to, quote, get a life. and donald trump has questioned whether the russians were behind the hacks. he has even questioned whether there was a hack at all, but his running mate, mike pence, seemed to take a different stand saying there's no question, george, that evidence suggests russia's involvement.
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community. thank you very much. let's bring in matthew dowd. and martha raddatz for more. three weeks and a day before the election. our polls show a four-point lead for hillary clinton. no question, donald trump behind right now. he needs major shift to get back in the race. >> when you looked at the race a month or so ago, i said it was about a field goal. today, we're in the final less than 22 days of the course of the race, it's as if he's behind by four or five runs in the ninth inning. it's a much different thing. can he come it will take a big debate. right now this race falls in about a six-point hillary clinton lead. it looks like it's headed towards an obama 2008 win than an obama 2012 win. >> martha, you spent time with voters in a key state of pennsylvania. one of the surprises i think you found is that that "access hollywood" tape didn't turn out for at least these voters to you spoke with to be a real game-changer. game-changer. >> what the voters said backed up our abc poll. they may not like what he said. may not think his apology was
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but many of the voters i talked to said, that it would not affect their decision. these were men and women, and one man telling me he was not surprised by the tape, and one woman saying she thought it was? funny. another saying she's heard that talk before from men and women. there were voters who were disturbed by the tape, but seemed to fall into the one-third in the poll who would not likely have voted for him anyway. >> matthew, pretty clear from our poll as enthusiasm for donald trump is down. he's lashing out at, the media. clinton. but claiming the whole election is rigged. >> that's what i think is important to focus on in this race, george. it's fundamentally not the undecided voters. what's hillary clinton's fundamentally it's change. and the tape is her enthusiasm level is up to what donald trump's supporters level is. that's a major change. it has caused a two-point lead
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watch the enthusiasm number. >> he's trying to rile up the base. >> they're both in the final 22 days of this, and they will be focused on their base and not undecided voters. >> thank you both. final presidential debate is wednesday on abc. i'll be anchoring our live coverage starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern. also this morning, now to new backlash from those recent clown scares across the country. we're two weeks away from halloween. target is announcing their pulling some of their clown costumes. abc's t.j. holmes is here with that story. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: get this, on target's website, you can still get, as an adult, a michael myers outfit with a fake butcher knife, but not a creepy clown costume. in this season where you're supposed to have scary fun, this creepy clown phenomena is causing some people and retailers to adjust.
7:15 am
gone international. bizarre bozo sightings caught on camera are lighting up social media feeds around the world. back home, this video on live leak apparently showing a knife-wielding clown approaching a texas home. this clown on the back of a detroit bus. with halloween just two weeks ago, these encounters are helping the scary clown masks are flying off the shelves. national costume retailer halloween express says its clown costume sales are up 239% this year. retailers, target tells abc news it's removing clown masks from its stores and scaling back inventory online. saying this decision was made out of sensitivity to the issue at hand. real or not, it's a creepy time to be a clown. >> look at this clown. >> reporter: even ronald mcdonald is keeping a low profile. with creepy clowns reported in at least 40 states.
7:16 am
>> hey, you the clown that was scaring those kids back there? >> reporter: as far as ronald mcdonald goes, they're scaling back the appearances. saying, hey, just being sensitive. and again overwhelmingly, police say these are pranksters doing all these things. social media causes it to spread like crazy. >> this close to halloween. all right, t.j., thank you. to amy for the morning's other top stories. starting with the police shooting suspect on the run. >> that's right. and an urgent search is under way for the man accused of shooting a fa fairbanks, alaska then stealing his police car. walking to the officer's side of the car with a gun drawn before opening fire. the sergeant is in stable condition. new video shows the aftermath of a horrifying crash in san diego. a truck plunged 60 feet off a bridge to a park below killing four people. the driver, a navy sailor is charged with drunk driving and vehicular homicide.
7:17 am
it crashed into an embankment. they formed a human chain to pull him out of the vehicle and carry him up that hill. thankfully, incredibly, he suffered just minor injuries. in sports, the dodgers got even against the cubs, shut out chicago, 1-0, with an impressive performance from pitcher, clayton kershaw. the series now moves to los angeles. finally, this election year has been pretty nasty. so, one candidate promising to get back to basics. ann collins is running for county treasurer in indiana. you have to see this billboard. it says it all. she says, i won't steal. and she adds, i know how to count. what more can you ask? no attacks. no empty promises. just back to the basics, and i think that clearly that is a sign of the times. like that. >> very simple message right there. >> exactly. >> thank you. let's go to ginger. ultimate indian summer in parts of the country.
7:18 am
the weekend storms that blasted through parts of the pacific northwest and the trough. where there's a trough, there's a ridge. so many folks closing in on records. des moines, 84. it stays with parts of the east coast. even new england. look at boston by tomorrow. 79 for a high. new york city stays there in the low 80s. philadelphia, and you know we're going to pay for this, so it doesn't last long. we'll come back with a whole lot more with what that heat is. i have to show you out of the northwest over the weekend. the winds 70 to even 100 miles per hour, and this man trying to stand in them. an ef-2 tornado in oregon.
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plan on a warm and windy day! clouds this morning , will be quick to lift north as warm and breezy conditions take over. there is no precipitation anticipated with either the warm front today or cold front tonight. highs will be within a few degrees of record in some spots, and we'll be monitoring the potential of breaking these. records are 1950. dubuque, 86, 1950. waterloo, 86, 1910. iowa city, 88, 1950. plan on dry conditions tomorrow and wednesday with on and coming up here on "gma," donald trump takes on alec baldwin and "saturday night live" for that scathing impersonation. >> i need all of my support toers get out there and vote on election day. mark your calendars.
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at a mobile home park -- but that the public is not in danger. the winneshiek county sheriff's office say calls came in about gunfire at a mobile home park around 6:30 last night in free an officer arrived at the mobile home park, he found 2 people were shot and killed. police haven't arrested anyone at this time. a woman is recovering from significant injuries today after getting a vehicle hit her while she walked across 1st avenue east in downtown cedar rapids. that's according to police. investigators say she was involved in a hit-and-run around 1:30 a-m sunday in front of the double tree hotel on first avenue. the woman is now at uihc. police expect her to survive. and they say alcohol was not a factor. a look at your first alert
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plan on a warm and windy day! clouds this morning , will be quick to lift north as warm and breezy conditions take over. there is no precipitation anticipated with either the warm front today or cold front tonight. highs will be within a few degrees of record in some spots, and we'll be monitoring the potential of breaking these. records are as follows: cea 1950. waterloo, 86, 1910. iowa city, 88, 1950. plan on dry conditions tomorrow and wednesday with only a small rain chance still on track for thursday : partly sunny, windy, and warm. wind: s 15-25. high: 83 tonight: mostly clear. wind: w 10-20 low: 59 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: nw 5-15. high: 70 tom. night: mostly clear. wind: nw 5-10.
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fancy feast medleys. ? wouldn't be standing there, you'd just be the guy with the weird hair you'd just be this guy with the weird hair ? a spoof of lemonade with the women in donald trump's life. he's fighting back saying the show has to be canceled. we'll have much more on that in a moment. he's on the offense, doubles down on the claims that the e election is rigged. saying the sexual misconduct allegations are all part of an effort to get hillary clinton ele elected. take a look at this. supermoon. did you see this over the weekend. it was beautiful. this is called a hunter's moon. the first full moon after the harvest moon.
7:31 am
there are two left in 2016. >> it was gorgeous. >> it kept me up at night it was so bright. it was beautiful. "saturday night live" kept a lot of people up as well. donald trump is fighting back. calling it part of the media's conspiracy to bring him down. >> reporter: serious matters of the republican aside, it's considered unusual in the entertainment industry for someone to call for a himself, hosted less than a year ago. that's what donald trump did this weekend after "snl" exceedic salvo. >> i love kids. i love them so much, i marry them. >> reporter: with the election ever closer, this weekend's "saturday night live," another show case for the donald trump impression of alec baldwin. >> number three, women can't be
7:32 am
>> reporter: sparring with kate mckinnon's hillary clinton in a debate spoof. >> we disagree on almost everything. but i do like how generous he is. just last friday, he handed me this election. >> reporter: alas, not everyone appears to be laughing. trump tweeting, watched "saturday night live" hit job on me. time to retire the boring and unfunny show. alec baldwin portrayal stinks. media rigging ago. remember. >> part of the reason i'm sheer that i know now take a joke. >> reporter: back then, trump pronounced himself pleased with the outcome. >> we had a lot of fun last night. it was terrific. it was well received. >> reporter: of course, satire is not intended for >> i want to talk to you about a
7:33 am
tradition, sexual performance in the white house. >> reporter: later, darryl hammond scored with bill clinton sendups. and will ferrell would turn his george bush impression into a one-person show. is. >> you have to admit, it's a good plot twist that i turned out the be a smart one. >> "snl" can do these that stick. it's hard, sometime, for voters to distinguish between the portrayal and the actual person. >> reporter: but nothing topped tina fey, as 2008 vice presidential nominee sarah palin. >> you know, hillary and i don't agree on everything. >> anything. i believe that diplomacy should be the corner stone of any foreign policy. >> andky see russia from my house. >> reporter: palin would later appear on "weekend update" and move to the beat.
7:34 am
la ? >> reporter: truth is -- >> he's either not that rich. >> wrong. >> reporter: if they're not making fun of you on "snl," you're not making news. >> my microphone is broken. >> reporter: no comment from "snl." alec baldwin's retweet trump. >> we're going to talk to you more about that. joining us now is dean obeidallah. he used to work for "snl." let me ask you. how do comedians view trump? has that view change during the tam pain? >> when he first started running, we viewed him like a kardashian. he was a punch line. everyone republicans said they would event vote for him.
7:35 am
i think our comedy evolved. i really hope xheed cans can turn back into a punchline and make america laugh again at trump. that's part of the problem. donald trump not liking being laughed at. lashing out. now "snl." >> he used to be in on the joke. had fun with it. we have seen him turn on comedians in the past.
7:36 am
you can see him folding it into what he's trying to say. >> he may not win new votes. his base is probably going to love it. >> i wrote an article about how ridiculous this was and his supporters are fighting me on twitter saying he's right. the aun fair show. even sarah palin. no one criticize more. laughed at it, rolled with the punches. that's what you should do. america, we have a rich tradition of political come did i. it's so important, this is shortening my life expectancy, this campaign. >> politicians have, in the past, used comedy to help them and broaden the base. >> absolutely. we saw hillary clinton go on
7:37 am
galifian galifianakis. comedy will reach people that won't watch a debate, a serious speech. it's the greatest thing to use. donald trump fighting against it when he actually has pretty good comedic timing. he should be using comedy to help him. instead, he's fighting this. 22 days out, you're going to tweet about cancel "saturday night live" i don't think that is the most americans right now. the end of orange juice. why the drink may be disappearing from breakfast tables this year. and the big wh why officials are showing up at the airports. (laughs) (laughs) what does cleanripple texture do? catches all the stuff that you want to get out. this is really nice. this one is, like, it goes the extra step. it gets it all clean.
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at it, at least you didn't spend too much time making it. campbell's one dish recipes. made for real, real life. time now for our big board. the team of insiders standing by live. linsey davis is here at the table with us. her story is coming up.
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the controversy. 49ers quarterback off the bench, getting his first start since he began the national anthem protest. his team lost, 45-16. stephen a. smith joins us. kaepernick showed up. he had a muhammad ali t-shirt. he knelt down. other teammates did as well. let's take a listen to how he was received when he stepped on the fiel [ crowd booing ] >> i don't think many are surprised by that reaction on the road, you're usually booed any way. then what he's been doing. explain the environment around the game. >> it was very divisive, obviously, robin. you have some people believing that he's just un-american. that he is not what america is all about. they believe that he's disrespecting the flag, disrespecting the national
7:41 am
disrespecting what america supposedly stands for. as a result, they have a lot of vitriol for him. another segment of the populus want to applaud him, thank him for his bravery, courageousness. they wanted to take selfies with him after the game. talk to him. it's one of those situations where, it just heightens and illuminates that we're a divided nation right now. it's incredibly polarizing times. we all know it. we watch not the his situation, essentially, epitomizes that. i wasn't surprised at all by what i saw from the fans in buffalo. they just felt the way they felt. others feel otherwise. >> he seems pretty unfazed by the criticism. >> those are rare occurrences right now, i think people realize the impact of what's going on. like i said from the beginning, i knew the consequences of what could come with this.
7:42 am
>> bigger issue for him now as player is the play of himself and his team. >> there's no question about it. the 49ers stink. let's be clear about that. listen, he didn't play miserably. at the same time, 13 for 29 for 187 yards is not that impressive, though he made some plays with his feet. the 49ers don't have playmakers on offense pip don't know if they have players on defense. they looked like a franchise right now. they are the worse he plays, he'll get more attention. >> stephen a. smith unplugged. let's move on to the flight ban for samsung phones. u.s. air safety officials are issuing an emergency order that prohibits people from taking the galaxy note 7 on planes. gio benitez has the story. passengers trying to fly with
7:43 am
penalties. >> we're talking veer potential punishments. up to $180,000 if fins. up to ten years in prison. that's if you sneak these phones sboonon to these planes. even if you get them on the checked baggage, they don't want them. we're learning new information about the batteries. the troubled batteries that are causing the problems. "the wall street journal" is saying samsung was using self-testing. doing their own testing instead of using third party testing like other phones. no doubt, a lot of people will >> no doubt. also, let's be realistic, if you own one of these phones, you're traveling, what are you going to do? are there suggestions? >> we're learning right now, samsung, robin, is going to be at some of the busiest airports. probably here at laguardia. samsung reps will be here. they'll exchange it. but samsung is sending boxes to
7:44 am
boxes. pop the phone in, send it back. they don't want it here. if tsa sees it, they'll send you home. now the a breakfast staple in jeopardy. o.j., orange juice? once the morning's beverage of choice for so many is plunging in popularity. american consumption is down 13%. what's up with o.j.? >> o.j. is going the way of spam, at least i zbloe, yeah. >> something you used to enjoy for breakfast, now, not so much. the primary reason is health. for years, orange jus was marketed as part of a complete breakfast. recent years, evidence suggests it's not as healthy as we thought. it's high in fructose. a lot of carbs. and the poor citrus farmers have the trifecta. people are not as interested in
7:45 am
>> this is so serious. you have the usda shifting guidelines? >> that's right. any day care could not give orange juice there to kids under 1 year old. you have school districts following suit around the world that are removing orange juice from the school. one thing i read. i tried it myself. if you google orange juice good for you. the two top hits, one is the nuer drinking orange juice. and the other is why orange juice is slowly killing you. 27 grams of sugar, in 12 ounces of orange juice. it's the same ad as a pack of m & ms or a can of soda. >> we drank it growing up. who knew? >> i like freshly squeezed orange juice, which is much better for you.
7:46 am
try to model for him. we sneak juice in the other room. >> can i have my kambucha. >> it's supposed to be really healthy for you. >> it's just good. it's just good. >> kambucha, good, o.j., bad. that's the takeaway. thank you very much. coming up, we hear from the heroes seen many this amazing rescue video. hay they've is a woman trapped in her suv as it takes on water. the end to expensive treatments. a potential breakthrough for parents. ve my students. i want them to be successful. i can't imagine doing anything else. i was twenty-eight years old when i felt my first lump. a year later i found out i had breast cancer. i told my students, i promise you i will come back. cancer treatment centers of america, i felt like they really cared about me. i met my team of doctors and my care management team. they helped me manage the side
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? just stop by walgreens. ? then sit back and enjoy the savings. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. everyday millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you back now with the amazing rescue. good samaritans rescuing a woman who accidentally drove into a pond. >> good morning, robin. one massachusetts woman lucky to be alive when a woman accidentally hit the gas when
7:49 am
>> did it go under? >> reporter: it's a desperate race against time. watch as the suv quickly starts to sink. it's driver, a 68-year-old woman, trapped inside. pounding on the passenger window. >> go to your back window. >> reporter: a quick-thinking good samaritan wastes no time. just as he opens the the door to help the woman out. >> you got to come out. >> reporter: the vehicle takes on water and submerges. >> i lost her. i lost her. >> reporter: but then -- >> behind you. >> reporter: the woman reaches the surface, gasping for breath. just as the first bystander starts to fatigue, dan jumps in to hemp. >> she had this terror, frantic look in her eyes. i knew she couldn't swim. i grabbed the cushion that had handles on it. i flung them toward her. she grabbed it. >> reporter: the whole incident lasting less than three minute
7:50 am
the hospital recovering from mild hypothermia. this was just an accident. the driver was not impaired in any way. the first responders made to it the scene moments late person they said if the good samaritans were not there to help, it could have ended much differently. >> so fast. >> scary. heroic, heroic efforts by those good samaritans. coming up, "d stars" behind the scenes in the ballroom. that and a whole lot more. motivation monday, "gma." hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. vern from voya? yep, vern from voya.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
welcome back to "gma" on a monday morning. this is not the image you want to e see flying out of philadelphia. ground stop now. that's the airport. visibility less than a quarter mile. we have red flag warnings. wall fire at least 6,000 acres.
7:55 am
7:56 am
generator may have caused the deaths of a man and woman in waterloo. investigators found the two people -- and two dogs -- dead in their home. neighbors told police the man and woman were cleaning their home at 40-11 e. shaulis road yesterday -- that's on the southeastern edge of the city near the cedar river. the 2 may have been using a generator inside the house's attached garage. property, last month. police say a friend of the victims alerted authorities after finding 1 of the 2 unresponsive. a medical examiner will conduct autopsies soon to find an official cause of death for the man and woman. police don't believe there are any signs of foul play. 11 former students from the iowa braille school in vinton now have names on their gravestones. they were unmarked for nearly a century. singing
7:57 am
students at evergreen cemetery yesterday. local historian richard farmer found the lost student's information through the school's registration books. the mary ingalls society raised more than $6,000 dollars to get the graves marked with stones. the group hopes the students are never forgotten. and now here's your first alert forecast. plan on a warm and windy day! clouds this morning warm and breezy conditions take over. there is no precipitation anticipated with either the warm front today or cold front tonight. highs will be within a few degrees of record in some spots, and we'll be monitoring the potential of breaking these. records are as follows: cedar rapids, 86, 1950. dubuque, 86, 1950. waterloo, 86, 1910. iowa city, 88, 1950. plan on dry conditions tomorrow and wednesday with only a small rain chance still on track for
7:58 am
warm. wind: s 15-25. high: 83 tonight: mostly clear. wind: w 10-20 low: 59 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: nw 5-15. high: 70 tom. night: mostly clear. wind: nw
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. donald trump is doubling down. on his claims the election is rigged. bashing his opponent, the media, even "saturday night live." as hillary clinton faces a new batch of leaked e-mails. 22 days until the final votes are cast. also this morning, is it finally the end of expensive ivf treatments? and new hope for those trying to start a family. dr. ashton breaks down the latest research. and "dancing's" breakout star, terra jole. scoring big in the ballroom. now, she and her pro marter in, sasha, opening you about their unique challenges. >> i've never danced with an arch-sized partner before. >> i've never danced with a little person before. >> how they're inspiring each other and america. as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
and good morning, america. welcome to monday here in times square. and robin, you are bringing something very special this morning. everybody's got something. and that's the name of my podcast, where people share their stories at embracing and beating life's challenges. extra special. extra special because amy, elizabeth vargas, and dan harris are going to join us. we're going to talk about how colleagues can help each other through th >> i'll be tuning in to that. >> it's no different. no different than any other work place. the way we have bonded together. >> you're a family. we're family. >> where do you find the time is what i want to know? >> amy, when she's not here, it's because she's somewhere in october addressing. we'll talk about that coming up. love you for that. also coming up on "good morning america" this morning, who -- who likes saving money? let's just say it. who likes it?
8:02 am
bulk up your bank account. they work. now let's go back to amy with the morning rundown. good morning. and the big story this morning. a major battle under way against isis in iraq. at daybreak, 30,000 iraqi and kurdish troops launched an offensive to retake the city of mosul. overnight, the coalition bombed with artillery. the operation may take several defense secretary ash carter calls it a decisive moment. there are concerns of a major humanitarian crisis. back here at home, republicans are calling an attack on a gop office in north carolina political terrorism. the building was fire-bombed and a slur about nazi republicans scrawled nearby. no one was injured. donald trump is blaming hillary clinton and her supporters. clinton called the attack horrific. democrats are raising money to help reopen that office.
8:03 am
wisconsin today. he's warning voters that the e election is rigged. he's unleashing more allegations as clinton opens up a bigger lead in the polls. tom llamas has the latest. tom, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning. donald trump is heading out west this week. first the midwest and the rockies and then las vegas on wednesday for the debate. he's preaching this message of a rigged election. >> the process is rigged. it's a rigged election. it's a rigged system. the election is being rigged by corrupt media pu allegations and outright lies. >> reporter: in his latest conspiracy theory, he's saying the media wants hillary clinton to win the election so they're putting out stories against him. over the weekend, in less than 48 hours, trump mentioning the election was going to be rigged more than 20 times. so far, he has yet to provide any evidence of that. amy, back to you. >> all right, tom llamas, thank you very much. wikileaks says founder julian assange has lost his
8:04 am
so-called state actor. he's been holed up in ecuador's embassy in london. while continuing to leak e-mails that appear to be from hillary clinton's campaign chairman. the latest batch include transcripts from clinton's speeches at goldman sacks where she seemed to have a softer take on wall street in those speeches than in public. held captive for more than two years have been reunited with their families. they say they went 40 days without food. nearly 200 girls are still being held by boko haram which is reportedly willing to negotiate to release more of them. well, finally, even if we won the lottery, we couldn't afford this. take a look at a russian billionaire's new superyacht. it's the biggest ship of its kind. longer than 1 1/2 football fields. it features eight decks plus an
8:05 am
$400 million. but i love the name of this. it's called sailing yacht "a." he has the 5678d and motor yacht "a." i can't wait for the "b" series to come out. >> that's amazing. >> maybe a discount on the "b" series. >> that looks like the bad guy in bond, his yacht or her yacht. >> but is he happy? >> exactly. >> make us all feel better. how about some news that goes "pop," lara? >> we begin with "pop news." nearly 200 fans walked out of her show in tampa bay on sunday night after the comedian began bashing donald trump. "the tampa bay times" said that schumer called the candidate quote an -- orange, sexually assaulting, fake college-starting monster. she asked a fan to join her on stage to explain why he was voting for the candidate. when fans booed, she invited them to leave. the audience members saying it
8:06 am
one tweeted, the people who left didn't leave because we don't share her political views. it's just i went to hear jokes. but with an audience of 8500 people, the show did go on. >> a lot of tension everywhere these days. >> a lot of tension, even in comedy. you were talking about it earlier. also in "pop news" this morning, two, not one, but two surprises from sarah jessica parker. the "sex and the city" star revealing in an interview with almost didn't do the hbo show that made her so famous, because she thought she would be trapped and unable to do other things. she tried to get out of it. after she was given the job. thankfully, executives at hbo convinced her to stick with carrie. just do it for one season, see if you like it. thank goodness, she liked it. she really liked it.
8:07 am
film installment of "sex and the city" is in the works. saying it rests in the butler's pantry, not on the table. somebody is holding it fairly nearby. >> how close is the butler's pantry? >> don't you have a butler's pantry? >> nah, can't say that i do. >> hopefully, it's near the table. >> back together? >> her show, "divorce" is really good. >> it's really well-written. if you haven't seen "divorced" it s.j.p. moment. >> love her. finally, in "pop news" the desert trip megaconcert we have talked about. they put on a show that will have people rethinking the nickname, old-chella. saturday night, sir paul mccartney called rihanna up on stage. >> wow. >> to sing their hit, four five seconds, no sign of kanye who also collaborated on that song. mccartney enjoyed it immensely, telling the estimated 80,000 concertgoers we finally found someone under the age of 50. old-chella, as it's known, ended
8:08 am
with incredible riveting performances by living legends roger waters of pink floyd and the who. if that is what getting old looks like, bring it on. >> something tells me old-chella will be back. >> i've heard nothing but great, great things. >> incredible. amazing lineup. "pop news" off to great star this week. the bar is set high. coming up, new hope for couples trying to start family. the breakthrough that could make fertility treatments more affordable. plus, behind the scenes in the ballroom with dancing's terra jole. how she and her partner are getting in sync. and the moment she says everything changed. i love you so much. that's why i bought six of you... for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever... that's why you will stay in this drawer... forever. i can't live without you. and that's why i will never, ever wash you. protect your clothes from the damage of the wash
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dry eyes? talk to your doctor about xiidra. ? stand by me ? stand by me, back here on "gma."
8:13 am
we're going to go behind the scenes with her and her partner, sasha, just ahead. first, a new study to those trying to start a family. could mean more affordable ivf treatments. dr. jen ashton is joining us this morning. i know you're very excited about being there. thanks for joining us this morning. you have a jam-packed schedule. can you tell us what about this study is all about? >> yeah, robin. so really exciting stuff coming out of salt lake city and this meeting. one of the major themes of this year's conference, affordability for infertility treatments. this particular study comes out of usc, university of southern california. they looked at women 35 years of age and younger with good prognosis for fertility treatments and treated them with what's called modified natural cycle ivf. so that's basically three days of medications instead of two weeks of medications. they found that they did pretty
8:14 am
they had a good live birth outcome. they saved over $7200 per live birth. this is significant because we know ivf is expensive. it's still expensive with this but it's a step in the right direction. about 1 in 4 u.s. couples struggling with infertility request ksh -- cannot afford the treatments they need. this is less is more. very encouraging news. >> less medication. easier on the body? >> i think it's easier on the body. on the mood, and the mind set. it's easier on the bank account. all of those things matter potentially lower complication rate of something called hyperstimulation. but again, it's not for every infertility patient. these are for women under the age of 35. but you're starting to see this trend of infertility specialists trying everything they can to lower costs because they want this to be more affordable to more people. >> and jen, what are you also excited about this conference that you're going to be hearing?
8:15 am
the biggest infertility and fertility conference in the world. there are more than 4,000 experts here from all over the country and the world. and they hit every aspect of reproductive medicine. affordability is a big thing this year. genetic advances. huge, always important advances in male factor infertility. the mental health aspect of patients dealing with these and polycystic ovarian syndrome. and so much more. i'm going to try to see as learn as much as i can today. i feel like a kid in a candy store. >> thanks for being our eyes and ears there. and bringing back all that great info for us. thank you, jen. you take care. have a good time. dr. ashton will answer your questions on twitter. and coming up, the best new tools to put more money, more money in your bank account. come on back. i was energetic. i was active.
8:16 am
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8:19 am
i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. welcome back to "gma." the best audience all week. [ cheers and applause ] little joke i got from tom. let's go ahead, guess what? i don't know if you have seen this girl dance. but terra jole is killing it on
8:20 am
it's latin week this week. we're about to hear from her. go ahead. we're going to check on the plan on a warm and windy day! clouds this morning , will be quick to lift north as warm and breezy conditions take over. there is no precipitation anticipated with either the warm front today or cold front tonight. highs will be within a few degrees of record in some spots, and we'll be monitoring the potential of breaking these. records are as follows: cedar rapids, 86, 1950. dubuque, 86, 1950. waterloo, 86, 1910 on dry conditions to it's time now for our series, "real money." this morning, we're going to look at how to save for retirement with some new tools. rebecca jarvis joins us. a lot of new apps help people do it right. >> there's so much help out there for you, george. we're taking the heavy lifting and guess work out so your money can grow. even if you're setting aside tiny amounts, these resources
8:21 am
okezi and leanne met at work. he's a doctor. she's a nurse. last november, the two were married. they both believe it's never too early to think about the future. >> retirement is something i'm thinking about and have been contributing to over the years. >> since i became a nurse, i saved some money. i would like to put more in. >> reporter: enter lauren lyons cole. certified financial planner. some charge more fees than others. to analyze the fees, there's a great service called feex. >> reporter: feex tells you when you may be paying too much in fees. and when it's smart to consolidate accounts. lauren says to remember, everybody little bit helps. she showed them an app for saving called digit. >> digit analyzes your checking account and spending pattern and judges how much you can save
8:22 am
maybe it's $3. maybe it's $30. they'll automatically transfer that amount from your checking to your digit savings account. >> reporter: lauren's most important tip, don't get overwhelmed. if you need a professional, there are places to find that online. >> one of my favorites is guidevine. they interview advisers. they put videos and their investment -- before you schedule an appointment you can see if this is the right person for you. >> reporter: and we have one more bonus resource for your 401(k). it's called blooom. with three "os." for a small monthly fee, it invests your retirement account for you, potentially saving you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars each year. >> that's a lot of money. rebecca, thank you very much. now, lara, a little dancing. >> a little dancing for you, george.
8:23 am
doing well in the ballroom. we went behind the scenes to see how they put together the special dances. >> she's a fan favorite for her grace and positive attitude. now the mom of two is opening up about overcoming her challenges. and how she hopes america will see her. ? she's 4'2", but no one in the ballroom stood taller than when terra jole scored the first 9 of the season on "dancing with the stars." o her reality show, little women l.a. -- >> what's up, ice princess? >> reporter: she has a condition called dwarfism. >> the most common type is called achondroplasia. >> reporter: how does she do it? >> i've never danced with an average-sized partner before. >> i've never danced with a little person before. >> he's also never met a little
8:24 am
before. very excited. >> reporter: her dance partner, sasha farber, adjusting the moves for her small frame. >> she inspires me to create bigger and better numbers. there are specific things she can't do. one of my steps would be three of terra's steps. >> this week, he was like, clap above your head. i was like, uh huh. that's really going to happen. >> reporter: all the while balancing motherhood. her 1-year-old is also diagnosed with dwarfism. >> i want them to see that they can do it, too. i don't want them to feel like there's limitations out there. >> reporter: and about her newborn son, grayson, delivered on camera, terra says she's anxious to see his medical results and see if he's average height or a little person. >> i called, what's going on? they said the results still aren't in. it almost felt like an elimination. >> reporter: her mission is for america to see her as more than just a little person. >> in the beginning, i said there's going to be a moment where i hope you no longer think of me like you're dancing with a little person.
8:25 am
and sasha is now looking at me like i'm terra, which is great. i hope america will, too. >> reporter: her biggest fear was not making it past the first round. i would say so far, job well done. >> i think she has achieved that. we see her just as she is. >> great story. >> absolutely. >> you can see more "dancing with the stars" tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central. here on abc. we have more dancing. check out this police officer getting into formation.
8:26 am
8:27 am
protesting in iowa of late, the f-b-i is investigating a fire at a bakken pipeline construction site in jasper county. investigators say something or someone set fire to these machines in reasnor on saturday night. the fire destroyed one backhoe and 2 bulldozers working on the line. the town's arson and points to pipeline protesters. the pipeline will go through 18 counties in iowa. people in the north fayette and valley community school districts can offer their thoughts on a formal merger between the districts. the keystone a-e-a filed a petition for the merger in september. the opening meeting starts at 5:30 tonight at the high school library in west union. the schools already share high school classes -- and activities such as sports. and now here's your first alert
8:28 am
plan on a warm and windy day!
8:29 am
8:30 am
? welcome to my house ? [ cheers and applause ] we are live here in times square. the audience here. this monday, monday morning. >> a lot of energy this monday morning. jesse, kick it off. >> did you know that christmas is now less than ten weeks away. >> oh >> it's amazing. >> he's excited. you been a good boy this year? you got a big one coming up then. people already talking about gifts, obviously. >> lara is done with her shopping. >> no, i'm not. >> are you really? >> i'm not. the whole hip thing threw me off. i'm usually done by august. >> they're not talking about
8:31 am
reddit is talking about the most insulting gifts ever received. apparently people don't put a lot of thought into things. someone wrote, the first time i met my future mother-in-law was at christmas. she went into my travel bag and took out pair of my own socks. she put a bow on them. and then presented it to me as a christmas gift. >> number one? >> welcome to the family. >> let's just start with going let's start with the going -- >> creeper. >> yeah, totally. >> ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. >> didn't she get insult fpd guy thought it was a joke. she didn't think it was funny. yes, yes. i read that story. i was like, oh, no. >> you can't choose your significant other's parents? another person shared after
8:32 am
won a gift. it was a yodeling pickle ornament. >> yes. >> i think we have a picture of that. that's what a yodeling pickle ornament apparently looks like. that's the most disturbing christmas gift. >> it's amazing. >> i think we're going to move on, on that note. >> i'm with you, george. thank you for bringing that. >> merry christmas, everybody. get excited. [ cheers and applause ] >> fawn-filled -- >> i mean, hard to top. speaking of yodeling pickles. this -- i'm talking about dating, ironically. how much information do you give on a first date? does anybody -- do you hold back? yeah, i mean, that's the sort of big question. >> somebody you've met online? or -- >> you're on a first date. i went on a first date. you're newly dating, how much do you tell about yourself in terms of work?
8:33 am
all chatting about. we thought it might create a nice conversation out there for you. there's a big sort of movement where people are not giving their real names. they're giving fake names on first dates. one of the thoughts being, it was a psychologist who said it enables you to find out if you're compatible before you get into things that do have an influence. like what someone does for a living. it gets creepy. u' you meet this -- we'll call him tom. and on the third date, he goes, by the way, i'm dan. >> if you're going lie about your name on the first date, you're going lie about everything else. >> there is this whole article of women saying, i want to it be about -- nothing else but what really matters. compatibility. one woman had a very racy job, i won't get into in the article, but it's funny. she said, if people knew what i did for a living, that's all
8:34 am
>> that's a liptle different. zpler . >> everybody today googles people. >> what if you are compatible. you say, by the way -- >> by the way, i'm not really george? what is your real name? >> i don't think i would make that one up. >> interesting. two interesting topics. and now we're about to meet a very interesting man. an inspiring man as well. a police officer make something many people smile. he's gt a viral video just gone -- people are going crazy. check him out doing a little formation. ? [ laughter ] >> oh, i love it. >> he's got it. look at him, look. >> lieutenant deuntay diggs.
8:35 am
lieutenant, thank you for coming on. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> we love seeing your smile and your dance. tell us how this all came to be? >> well, i was at the pep rally at north stafford high school and the energy was a little by low. it was spirit week. i saw the opportunity to engage with the students. i just jumped in and took a chance. >> you've been taking a lot of chances. we love what your principal had to say. scott mcclelland, when dealing with kids, level-headed and seek to find ways to inspire kids to make good choices. stafford county is fortunate to have a law enforcement officer of his caliber. that must make you feel great. >> it absolutely does. i'm so very fortunate and blessed to have this opportunity. >> and, you know, you have a -- quite a fascinating back story. one of the first openly gay cadets at the military institute. first openly gay police officer on your police department right now. what is your message when you're
8:36 am
>> well, my message is really that, you know, law enforcement officers are human beings. and that they can come to us and they can trust us. and so, i engage with them and i want them to to understand that, you know, there's a journey to success. and so, we talk about that. talk about making positive choices. >> and, we thank you for that, because so many times, when we're in the media and showing stories that's going on, you know what's going on around the country, it's wonderful to how do we bring this -- how do we bridge this gap between some in the community and what's going on with police officers? >> well, it's really just stepping out and showing that we're human. and engaging with the community. and so here, the stafford county sheriff's office, we focus on community policing. part of that zbegt out and dancing with the kids and engaging in ways they wouldn't expect.
8:37 am
sheriff here is much about that and stands behind me. >> speaking of dancing. >> would you mind? >> come on, come on. >> oh, yeah, let's go. let's go. ? [ cheers and applause ] >> whoa! oh! no, he didn't. >> it's over. it's over. >> thank you so much. he didn't have to be asked twice. so great. thank you. >> congratulations. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> wow. oh, my goodness. that's the second time we've had man do a split on that screen here at the breakfast table.
8:38 am
>> those three topics should wake us up for monday. coming up next, how everybody's got something.
8:39 am
8:40 am
and a very happy welcome
8:41 am
at robin's podcast next.plan on clouds this morning , will be quick to lift north as warm and breezy conditions take over. there is no precipitation anticipated with either the warm front today or cold front tonight. highs and all that brought to you by let's go back to robin. >> thank you, ginger. cannot think of a better way to cap off season one of my podcast, everybody's got something, than with my dear friends, amy and dan harris. we'll hear from them along with our colleague elizabeth vargas. first, take a look. the happiest person in the whole wide world. everybody's got something. >> i feel like i had a huge secret. >> it's such a gift to receive
8:42 am
publicly. amy is wrapping up her first mammogram. >> you said the thing that absolutely made it my mind to do this thing. to have a mammogram in front of 5 million people. you said to me, i guarantee you, if you walk into that ma'am-o-van, you will save a life. a few short weeks later, words i never expected to hear, i was told that i have breast cancer. i was telling you i had n i was standing there with stage 2 invoicive cancer. >> and had no idea. >> had no idea. felt perfectly healthy. because you gave me that nudge, i feel like it's on me. the onus is on me now to give back. and to pay it forward. >> you told your story. and so beautifully well. let's hear dan harris's story. 2004. good morning, america. >> i -- uh -- had a panic attack
8:43 am
statins for cancer production. this wave of fear rolls over me and i -- my heart starts racing. my palms are sweating. my mouth dries up. my lungs seize up. i can't breathe. >> reporter: years of covering war-torn regions took a toll on dan. >> i got depressed. my way of coping with it was stupid. i started to self-medicate recreation nal drugs. >> reporter: am many and dan both advocate for a cause they believe in. there were bumps along the way. amy, you do not, like all journalists, don't want to be the story. >> what i wasn't totally prepared for was some backlash. because, there are many cancer groups out there who don't a agree with certain treatments.
8:44 am
i believe that what i have to say snow when i speak around the country is a better message than it was before. >> for you guys, going splik, i really don't think you had a choice. it's kind of a no mf brainer from a public health perspective to go public. you absolutely both saved countless lives. i decided to do it because i, as a result of having this panic attack, found meditation, which was useful to me. i felt that, too, was a public health message. medita when you have become distracted and start again and again and again. and anybody can do that. >> thank you for making your mess your message. and for sharing your something. with us. ? so remember to always be kind ? >> that is a perfect way for me to tend first season and full disclosure, elizabeth was supposed to join us. duty called at the last second.
8:45 am
called "20/20," i had to do a shoot. so sorry to miss it. >> i said can cow please be here. so happy for you. message you're sharing. your book has been on "the new york times" best seller's list for four weeks. people are reaching out to you. share your story. >> obviously, i'm more in the vein of dan but even worse, i guess. i was very -- i have been struggling with anxiety and i chose to self-medicate with alcohol. it turned into an addiction. over the last eight years. 60% of women who are alcoholics also suffer from anxiety. i've been absolutely amazed i get messages every day, many of them people stopping me on the street, to say, thank you for talking about that. i suffer from anxiety too. i drank, too, to self-medicate. or somebody i love is going
8:46 am
the discussion, because -- >> that's such taboo. >> whether it's breast cancer or anxiety especially with anxiety and addiction, there's an anonymo enormous stigma. >> this is a very busy month for you. >> and you, as women. >> you did something last week. >> i was in san francisco, greensboro, i'm going raton this weekend, st. louis after that. to jacksonville this month. you're in the same rotation. it's about spreading the message of early detection. the confusing guidelines saying women can wait till they're 45 orks 50. i was 40. i walked in thinking, cancer couldn't happen to me. i'm at average risk.
8:47 am
my message to women everywhere is that it can happen to you. it's up to you to get the test, make the appointment. starting at the age you want to make them, not when a regulatory agency says you should. >> in my recovery, meditating has been a boost. you've helped bring to it the forefro forefront. >> i've been doing my best. i can't name any names, but her initials are amy robach, i can't get her to meditate. >> he was looking at me when he was talking. anyone can do it. >> no, no it's true. >> it's true. anybody can do it. amy is one of these people. amy says, i can't dpoipt i can't clear my mind. my message is, you do not have to clear your mind. that is only do fbl you're enlightened. congratulations, or if you have died. the whole point of meditation is
8:48 am
your breath, a mantra. when you get lost, you start again. >> exactly. it helps people get through their something. it really does, amy robach. >> okay. >> happy to be talking with you on your podcast. >> you were an amazing guest. we're posting it today. you really shine a light on very spreg things. >> hey, guys. also, it's a message that in the work place, and our work place happens to be very public. but it's no different than anybod and coming together helps. >> there's a little bit, they say in recovery, don't compare in despair. you look at everybody else and think, their life is so fantastic why is mine so painful. when you talk about it, people you admire and watch on television every morning, like robin roberts and amy robach might have something difficult or challenging. >> once again, everybody's got something. download the podcast on itunes and robin
8:50 am
8:51 am
we're back now with our chief health and medical editor dr. rich besser and his wife, jeanne. congratulations on this cookbook. this is a lot more than a cookbook. >> i wanted to show that healthy eating can taste good. you don't have to give up your favorite foods. you'll find tacos. st but in a healthier version. >> i' you nodding. yourself the tester at home. >> i am. this is her sixth book. i have eaten every recipe in every book. >> multiple time. >> our son, jack, is here. he's eaten them all as well. >> a good, growing, he will thi boy. what are we starting with? >> part of what i wanted to show is that you don't have to sacrifice flavor by being
8:52 am
everybody clofs them. making it at home, you control what you put in there. instead of white rice, using brown. lean beef and beans and avocado and cheese. you don't have to give up your favorite foods. compared to a restaurant chain, you'll save half the calories by making it at home. instead of 43 grams of fat. mine has 18. and the restaurant version has ov and we have 200 milligrams. >> almost 1500 mill gams of sodium. that's what you're supposed to have in day you're saving it if you make it yourself. >> and it's still delicious. >> i love this idea. i always have bananas in the house because our son likes smoothies. i remembered my childhood
8:53 am
bananas. i used to pu ed d to puree them. i put nem in the food processer, and, purr ray it. >> after their frozen. >> and if you puree it, it becomes this incredible treat. you're saving calories, so much fat. and you're eating real food. >> it's fantastic. >> it tastes just like ice cream. but -- >> get any out there. what you to think? >> pretty good? [ cheers and applause ] much healthier than going the ice cream route. >> you can still have chocolate and peanuts. >> this is not a sacrifice at all. >> everything in moderation and portion control. >> great stuff. the book is great, too.
8:54 am
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it's family affair. the i'm telling you. delicious. delicious. thanks, everybody, fsh watching. enforcement agencies are considering whether to provide their officers with
8:57 am
overdosing. bettendorf police officers say they are tracking how many overdose calls they go to each year. now, they are looking into training for officers - as well as cost and storage- of the drug, naloxone officials say the city's fire department and e-m-ts already use naloxone to prevent deadly overdoses. a large employer is moving to downtown cedar rapids -- but it's an economic riddle that's clouded in mystery for now. the city will make the announcement late this morning -- but is not revealing the company involved. the employer will be moving into this building, 211 3rd av august. cedar rapids mayor ron corbett and city manager jeff pomeranz will hold that news conference at 11:30 a.m. and now here's your first alert
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