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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 21, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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as well making news in america this morning, donald trump and hillary clinton back together at a charity dinner one night after their final debate. the usually light-hearted affair took kind of a serious tone. breaking news from iraq. an isis attack in a major city that's key to iraq's oil production. the terror group striking back as the u.s another city moves forward. new allegations of customers being targeted by banking giant wells fargo. hear the details about who was allegedly being pressured as some of the bank's former employees speak out. and it's not a flash mob but a flash rob. the group that went into an apple store and came out with thousands of dollars worth of iphones.
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the presidential candidates are coming off a bit of an awkward night. >> yeah, i'd say so. you had donald trump and hillary clinton sitting inches from each other at a charity dinner and then delivering some cringe-inducing speeches, at times getting boos from the crowd. abc's stephanie ramos joining us with the latest. what we're learning the morning after. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning. what a night. well, really what a week. it's been a jam-packed week but no matter what your political stance is, last night was kind of fun and as you mentioned, a little awkward. both hillary clinton and donald trump took turns roasting each other but also poked fun at themselves. it's a routine stop on the road to the white house where democrats -- >> i took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here. >> reporter: -- and republicans. >> it's great to be here with a thousand wonderful people. >> reporter: unite for a few good laughs at the annual al smith charity dinner in new york city benefiting catholic charities.
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rattle on and on and on, i don't think so badly of rosie o'donnell anymore. >> reporter: this joke getting the biggest laugh. >> michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. my wife melania gives the exact same speech, and people get on he >> reporter: after some zingers, trump tried knocking clinton on corruption and her e-mails. that's when the crowd turned on him interrupting with boos which many observers say cis a first t the event. [ audience booing ] >> reporter: clinton started with some self-deprecating jokes about her stamina, paid speeches, but her main focus, trump, going after him with comments about women.
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liberty and sees a 4, maybe a 5 if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> reporter: clinton also taking a swipe at trump's temperament, personality and his relationship with the russians. >> donald really is as healthy as a horse, you know, the one vladimir putin rides around on. >> reporter: but last night ending on a handshake. >> reporter: today the candidates are back to business and on the trail. clinton is holding an event in ohio. trump is in pennsylvania and north carolina. kendis, diane. >> yeah, they plan to be in all the next five days. stephanie ramos in washington, thank you. and donald trump's refusal to commit to accepting the election results is drawing criticism from both democrats and republicans. >> president obama slammed trump as he hit the campaign trail for clinton in florida. but mike pence was quick to come to his running mate's defense. >> of course we'll accept a clear election result but we also reserve the right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a
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>> trump becomes the first major party nominee in american history to suggest that he will not concede despite losing the vote and then says today he will accept the results if he wins. that is not a joking matter. first lady michelle obama also chimed in during a rally trump's refusal to say if he'd accept the outcome of the vote is an insult to millions of americans. we have breaking news from northern iraq where police say isis stormed a power plant near the oil rich area around kirkuk killing at least 11 people. witnesses say the city has been rocked by multiple explosions and heavy gunfire. reports on iraqi tv say all or most of the militants taking part in the attack have been killed. military analysts say the predawn attack was likely aimed
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and in that battle for mosul the u.s. has suffered its first combat casualty. a roadside bomb exploded north of the city killing an american soldier, and u.s. commanders are warning of more casualties saying isis fighters have had plenty of time to plant ieds and that they'll likely use human shields inside mosul. that advance of mosul is creating a new refugee problem. civilians as well as isis fighters are fleeing that city heading for syria. the united nations predicts that as many as 100,0 cross into syria overwhelming the already crowded refugee camps there. a pro-syrian analyst warns the arrival of more isis militants further complicates that country's civil war. we have learned the names of the two americans killed this week at a military base in afghanistan. sergeant doug riney of fair view, illinois, was visiting that base when he was shot and killed. the other man identified as
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former nas contractor who is accused in a scheme that prosecutors call absolutely breathtaking. court papers indicate harold martin iii stole a massive amount of top secret data, many times larger than the amount edward snowden is suspected of taking. martin allegedly gathered the material over two decades, but the court filing doesn't say whether martin shared the material with another country. the justice department does say it is likely martin will be charged with espionage. philippine president calls his separation from the united states. during a visit to china duterte said his country will turn toward china and possibly russia. it comes after weeks of making controversial comments about president obama. duterte also slammed the u.s. economy, the military and what he calls generally discourteous behavior. u.s. officials are puzzled saying it's not clear what he means by separation. and the government has issued a mixed forecast for the upcoming winter.
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the south, which means no relief for the california drought. but there will be more cold and snow than usual in the northern plains. >> yeah, so government forecasters predict a normal winter in the northeast. but expect more rain than snow. private weather forecasters though say it'll be a harsh cold winter in the northeast. let's hope -- >> i think i like the first one. >> yeah, the government forecast is on point. >> let's take a look at the radar, shall we? you can see heavy rain moving through the northeast. temperatures however will be moderate with highs in the low well, still ahead, the lawsuit involving fake apple products on amazon. plus, caught on camera. see thieves getting away with $13,000 worth of iphones in just seconds. and what's with the sharks lately? getting into these cages. another frightening incident
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check out this terrifying encounter when a great white shark makes its way into a diver's cage. video shows the shark pushing its way right into that cage that, of course, is supposed to keep the sharks out. the diver says the whole thing was very frightening, and keep in mind, this is the location off the coast of mexico where earlier this week we showed you another great white smashing into and out of a shark cage. >> frightening scenes there. many patients with aches and pains visit chiropractors for relief and feel perfectly safe doing so. >> but as abc's mara schiavocampo explains, an ordinary neck adjustment may have led to the death of a social media star. >> reporter: new information about the sudden shocking death of "playboy" model and so-called queen of snapchat, katie may. >> hi, i'm katie may. >> reporter: the los angeles
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the 34-year-old mother's cause of death in february, neck manipulation by chiropractor. >> my followers are why i'm here so keep them coming. >> reporter: may had more than 2 million instagram followers before her death and was very active on social media. a short time before her death tweeting, pinched a nerve in my neck on a photoshoot and got adjusted this morning. it really hurts. days later tweeting, it still hurts. going back tomorrow. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> an 11th death is now blamed on a defective takata air bag. a woman died in an accident in southern california last month. she was driving a 2001 honda civic which had been recalled but the repair was never made. the inflators in the defective air bags can rupture spewing metal fragments. the older the inflator, the more likely they are to malfunction. apple is saying that a vast majority, nine out of ten, of
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sold on amazon were fakes and possibly unsafe. all came from the same supplier and were described as genuine apple products. apple is suing that company and amazon is no longer carrying the products. amazon is not named however in that lawsuit. an iconic cameramaker is getting into the smartphone business. >> we're talking about kodak. remember them. well, they're making a phone focused on taking pictures. the ektra as it's called has a 21 megapixel camera. that, by the way, is nearly double the size of the and google pixel. the ektra will be able to produce larger pictures. the extra megapixels. >> they're trying to trick us with this name. >> ektra, extra. when we come back, former wells fargo employees are now speaking out against the bank as the company faces new scrutiny. and a night many won't soon forget. of guests reaction and focus. whoa, what did he just say to
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wildfire season coming to california and officials are hoping a new app can limit their destruction. it is called wifire. the app helps firefighters predict the path of wildfires. the orange dots on the screen show exactly where the app projects the flames will advance. in august it cut down the time normally needed to track one wildfire from hours to less than five minutes. checking your morning road conditions, roads will be wet in washington state and the mid-atlantic as well as northeastern states. delays are possible because of the weather along the northeast corridor from boston down to the nation's capital. there's some new allegations this morning against wells fargo after the bank admitted its employees opened millions of fake accounts without customers' consent. >> there are former employees who are now speaking out telling "the new york times" they were encouraged to prey on college students, the elderly and people who spoke very little english. one man who left the company in 2010 said it was like lions
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has opened a criminal investigation into all of this to try to find out if bank employees stole customers' identities in addition to opening those bogus accounts. the environmental protection agency is being blamed for a delayed reaction to the flint water crisis. a watchdog's interim report found the epa had authority and information to intervene to protect the people of flint seven months before it actually declared an emergency. the drinking water was tainted by lead after the city changed its source to save money. the epa soon as they realized the city and state were failing to address the problem. authorities are investigating what's called a flash rob at an apple store. take a look. you'll see what i mean. surveillance video from the massachusetts mall shows a group of thieves in the store. they cut the security cords and made off with 19 iphones. apple is reporting the phones were worth more than $13,000. so far neither the phones nor the crooks have been found.
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on board that spirit airlines flight reported feeling ill after smelling a sweet odor. the plane was on its way from atlanta to los angeles. the mystery smell was only detected in the midsection of the jet and quickly dissipated. health officials greeted the plane upon its arrival at l.a.x. none of the passengers actually requested medical attention. well, there's finally evidence that bob dylan at least is aware that he has won this year's nobel prize in literature. there is an acknowledgement. you'll have to look to find it. it's burie >> so dylan has yet to publicly comment on the award. and it's still not clear if he will show up to accept it next month in stockholm despite the fact you get $740,000. >> we will collect it for him if he would like. >> absolutely. on his behalf. now on to some sports. >> last night's highlights from espn. >> good morning, america. welcome in to "sportscenter." he's doodling over there. that is john anderson. i'm lisa kerney.
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win away from their first fall classic in 71 years. >> i'm hanging the "w." game five, nlcs. vin scully spending his retirement at the ballpark. easiest way to do it. that's a unique way to do it. dodgers all fired up by that. 1-1 into the sixth. russell crushes one off joe b blanton. joe had a tough game one, tough game five. cubs take a 3-1 lead. russell homering again. now in eighth the cubs are up 5-1. and looking for more. the bases are chocked. javier field, seven rbis in the postseason. three on that swing of the bat. starts the merry go round, three would score and cubs win it 8-4 and go back to wrigley. thursday night football, aaron rodgers and the pack taking on the bears. third quarter, packers down 10-6. third and goal. rodgers to davante adams. adams caught 13 passes, one off the team record held by don hudson. more of them here in the fourth.
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completions passing brett favre to set a new packers completion record. green bay wins it, 26-10. >> look, now i made a light pole. >> more doodling. >> there you go. hang the "w." >> fly it, anderson. >> game six. >> have a great friday, everybody. for john anderson, i'm lisa kerney, bye-bye. >> it's not every day we get artwork from espn. thank you. happy friday. all right. up next in "the pulse," a long corporate relationship comes to an end. hear why metlife is saying so long to snoopy and the gang. dubbed starbucks uncle. details on why straight ahead. ? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ? ? trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle
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hillary clinton calling her corrupt. >> so that got a lot of shocked reaction from guests behind trump including tv anchor you see there maria bartiromo but the guy that got the most attention right there. many online commentators were saying he looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head and it really -- once you zoom in, you're like wow. >> wasn't expecting that. >> that's when he called her crooked. so no matter what happens to the cleveland indians in the w year i would say for one of their pitchers. ryan. he's not only in his second major league start ever. he pitched the tribe to the american league pennant this week. >> and he's getting married. >> yay. >> now even the lowliest major leaguer makes pretty good money but still not a lot left on the couple's wish list because someone told his fiancee to set up a registry at stores and the
4:23 am
and just like the bare essentials so she really actually helped me out and told me to register at pottery barn. i was asking my parents has anything actually shown up? >> so the fans, they're showing their love and pretty much completed the entire wish list from the registry. >> yeah. there's not a lot left. >> three things left. >> they had some modest items for 8 bucks. an insurance company did shot down snoopy because the company's mostly getting out of the retail life insurance business in the u.s. it figures it no longer needs a warm fuzzy "peanuts" cartoon characters. >> after 31 years the doghouse, flying beagle, good old charlie brown and the whole gang are being cut loose and getting rid of the blimps and cutting back on sports sponsorships. >> oh, no. finally inside a starbucks like you've never seen it
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checking our top stories donald trump and hillary clinton are campaigning in several swing states today after sharing the stage at a charity event in new york. they took turns roasting each other drawing both laughter and even boos. militants launched a predawn attack in and around the oil rich iraqi city of kirkuk killing at least 11 people. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack and this comes as iraqi forces are in the middle of a of mosul. the nfl is re-opening a domestic violence investigation into new york giants kicker josh brown. washington state police released documents showing brown admitted he abused his former wife. taking a look at today's weather, it'll be hot and dry in the southwest. a little cooler in the midwest but there will be heavy rain in the mid-atlantic and northeast today. finally this morning, a moment of silence for the late night comics who won't have any more presidential debates to
4:28 am
one. here are your "friday funnies." it was the third most watched debate in history. more than 71 million people watched, screamed at their tvs. we got a few new catchphrases and guillermo got a new hat out of it which is nice. i like that. >> we have some bad hombres here and we're going to get them out. >> yeah, bad hombres. i think he thinks he's running for sheriff. we g compadres, quesadillas. >> that i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. >> you really got me for a second there i actually believed you had a shred of integrity.
4:29 am
psych-out. a national psych-out like that classic joke you offer to shake somebody's hand, when they go to shake it you undermine our system of government. >> i didn't know that you could just not accept things. but if that's the case i've decided to not accept the results of my last acting audition and i'm proud to announce that i will be playing thor in the next "avengers" movie. >> hillary and donald were one seat dolan sitting between them like an unhappy couple hoping to get their marriage annulled. i would love to know how that is -- donald trump is not a self deprecating guy. a lot believe the whole reason he got into politics is because president obama roasted him at the white house correspondents dinner. if the cardinal starts making fun of him tonight he might try to run for pope. >> well, even the cardinal was saying after the event that it was the iciest place he's ever
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from your 24 hour news source, this is ??? . commuter congestion. the iowa d-o-t says a website could alleviate traffic on i-380. no legal authority. a iowa new court ruling questions the department of transportation's ability to give out speeding tickets. dormitory drug bust. several iowa state students are facing drug possesion charges. on october 21st. here's a live look at the city cam. first, meteorologis t britley


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