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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 26, 2016 1:06am-1:36am CDT

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it's october 25th, time for new viral videos "right this minute." wedding guests start brawling until somebody stepped in. see why taking it outside made things so much worse. >> escalated quickly. >> this guy is ready to feast. >> i could watch this over and over.
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going viral. a dad appears to be -- >> giving his child a beer. >> a video that's got the internet all foamed up. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web. including a comedian caught in an elevator. >> broke it, really? >> everything from elevators, church halloween parties, and drinking his kid's juice box. >> if you want to eat the whole thing, you have to figure out how to open it up yourself. until then, i take my pass. >> wedding day. the happiest day of your life. right, this is what it's all about. family and fighting. oh, head butts and punches. >> oh.
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just another afternoon with the fam. >> was this the bride and groom's family? >> no real word as to whose camp they belong to, but the good news is, they've gathered everybody involved in this fight, threw them out of the wedding hall and said get out. >> good. >> yeah, they've been kicked out. look out! >> holy cow, what is happening? >> wow, that escalated quickly. >> when the other guy in the an opportunity and said, pow! and took off. police are still looking for this guy. four guys were transported to the hospital. no word how severe the injuries were. you see two get up. next video inside a fast food restaurant. poor girl had no idea what stru her in the back of the head. it was a beer can.
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had no idea his unintended target got hit. he was intoxicated. when you put these two videos together, he walks right past her. she has no idea that's the guy who caused her head to ring. >> little boy is trying to help and goes check on her. that's really sweet. >> yep. this guy walks right on by, disappears out the door. police also looking for that guy. >> the video i'm about to show you is making the internet quite upset. needless to say, it is going crazy viral. this is in turkey. it's been blurred and for a very good reason. that man is said to be a father of five. the child, the boy next to him, a 3 year old, is said to be his son. it does appear as though the man is giving his child a beer. >> dad of the year right there, ladies and gentlemen.
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out there don't find this particularly funny. >> so what? everybody's so quick to judge and they don't have any concept of what's really going on in the video. >> question is, are they breaking the law? in the uk you are legally allow to give your own children alcohol to the age of 4 if you really wanted to. you're not breaking the law. everyone is making a snap judgment off what looks like a 14-second video. >> no word whether authorities are involved or are is illegal to give children under the age of 18 any alcohol. but i think what people are really reacting to is not whether it's legal or not, but whether it's correct or not for the future of the child. >> the kid probably won't have an alcohol problem. i remember some guys giving my little sister a sip of beer when she was 2 at a fourth of july party. i didn't think it was right and i still don't. my thoughts are consumed
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insurance form? >> cctv from china. inside a grocery warehouse. doink! >> what? >> is that like a flat bed? >> it's a motorized tricycle, yes, flat bed. these two ladies say they couldn't stop it, because the floors. as you could see, back straight into the door, completely opens up. >> delivery elevator? >> yes, yes. that is an and crashed down into. however, by the looks of it, we're still on the ground tloor. >> still a drop, though. >> you can see it happen, bang, right there, eventually settles to the side. the video cuts and we see the rescue people trying to figure this one out. eventually you can see the women are forced out, miraculously minor injuries if that. they are eventually taken off and you can see where this tricycle ended up.
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out of here. it's pretty nicely jammed in. >> imagine having explained that. >> what happened? this is what i mean. >> insurance form must be just brilliant. >> just go to the video. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need tuesday's buzz word, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> "rtm" buzz word coming up in just a "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. i got a couple of fail videos for you. i don't have to say anything more than that. that's somebody's pet frog. let's see what happens next. >> missed it. >> does the poor frog need glasses? >> i could watch this over and over. if you notice, the frog was able to stay attached to its owner and not completely fall down.
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>> still going to get him. we're all sitting here laughing like we've never made a mistake. >> speak for yourself. >> this poor frog can't cut a break. in another video posted by the owner, you see the frog trying to go for the fish, but as you can see, two panes of glass between them. doesn't stop him from trying. i'm going to get you. >> that's a little unfair. sad, kind of cruel. >> you sensitive? you want a cookie? >> you see right there, in this viral video, uk video -- >> whoa! >> those are insects, common in south asia and they are known to be some of the best camouflaged animals in the animal kingdom. >> why do they call them leaf insects?
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that when baby girl gets married, it's a big deal. it's over the top. well, he's catching a lot of flak for just how big he went for his daughter. these are the invitations that the family sent out. it features a beautiful decorated box and when you open the box, there's a bollywood style movie playing on an lcd scre pretty penny on these invitations. >> if they got it, why not? >> here's the thing, he is one of india's richest politicians, however -- >> i like the sound of that, richest politician. >> he was stripped of his title and sent to jail for three years for tax evasion.
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problem. >> he's out on bail and planning this wedding and it's rubbing people the wrong way because of his history and because of the lavish style which they are going about it. the other thing, the wedding is set to take place next month. it's going to last about 11 days, it's going to cost about $82 million. >> shut the front door. >> $82 million? >> holy -- that's ridiculous. >> how many people can you feed with that money? >> come on, it's going to rub
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>> young mcdonald had a gator farm. 35, he teaches his 2 year old how to handle the gators. >> e, i, e, i, o. >> he's been around gators all his life, grown up on the farm and wrestling his poor gator for a long time. now dad's decided it's time to let junior loose. there he goes. >> one, two, three, >> look at that. look. honestly, people are going to blow their minds about this video. dad has been teaching him well. see how he did it absolutely perfectly? >> if you're going to live on a gator farm, responsible thing to do is teach the kid how to handle the gators, how to be around them. >> nailed it. i love they put the go pro on, as well. that was textbook. >> next video, in the car with his little baby girl.
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so, she works with her. ? can you take me -- ? higher ? >> got to work with what you got. >> goes through all the litany using the word -- ? baby there ain't no mountain -- >> high. ? enough ? >> that's creative, too. >> knows that one word and dad's working with it quite ? life is a -- >> high. ? i'm going to ride it all night ? >> one woman, one motorcycle, one amazing cause. how she's helping other women next "right this minute." still to come, she's the dog who spent her days -- >> in a cage, cramped. >> see how rescuers stretched her out and turned her life around. >> happy to be alive and have
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plus, there's another ipad mini to give away. tuesday's buzz word for your
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my check-up was great. promotional considerations provided by -- how strong is allegra-d?? my congestion's out of my way strong. allegra-d?. a fast non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d?. i know she looks hunched over, but this dog is very happy. life wasn't that great for her before she was picked up by the animal rescue in poland. they said that she was living in a cage cramped in her feces waiting to die. her health, obviously, not optimal, but because she was
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they say that she suffers from contractors, when your muscles harden and shorten and that's what she suffered from. they think that massaging her legs for more mobility. >> i thought she was doing that perfectly, you know, they'll hunker down to show they are submissive to you. >> weirdly enough, it's the same thing that happens to all people when we sit at work all day, actually shortens the hip muscles, you h >> right there, she's up on all fours, she's okay, then she hunches back down. this dog now has a new leash on life, so to speak, but you know what the good thing is, they rescued her, because cramped in a cage in her feces, thinking that's some kind of life. >> just cruel. >> that's it. fundamentally right there, happens to be alive. happy to have someone to play with. >> good thing is, she now has a new home.
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probably, if you're like me, going to make you feel so useless. >> she picks up these weights on each hand, gets down in a squat, lifts them over her head and then starts lunging. >> that, i'd have a concussion within about .5 seconds. fall on my noggin. >> you can see why she's so strong from head to toe, the amount of stabilizing she's no wonder she looks so incredible. >> who is this super human? >> this super human is a personal trainer. >> no. >> strength motivator. >> i'm shocked. >> she's kind of awesome. but also watch this. she says it took her an hour to be able to pull this move off. >> oh!
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up on each other. she's jumping on top of both of them, rolling under and doing it all over again. >> an hour of trying that, i'd be too exhausted to pull it off. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> get over to, click w >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can enter on each every day. >> let's reveal tuesday's buzz word, it's apple. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button, and enter tuesday's buzz word, apple. >> later this week we'll have a bonus give away, where one winner will receive an ipad mini and another will receive a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. a comedian on his way to perform finds himself in a funny
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the beginning of this video is rather underwhelming. see the fire cracker there. i can see you are not well. however, when we slow this down to 200,000 frames per second, this thing becomes amazin it explodes, looks like a death charge. you can see the front of it start, you can see as the light moves along it, then you see on the top it's a reverse icicles forms and boom, all explodes in one go. it's just science for the brain, man. >> like it expanded and contracted and gives you a light show. >> it's pretty crazy, right? >> you can see the shock waves moving through the water. that is neat. >> another one of those youtube
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>> you can destroy stuff, these guys perception, i think we're going to keep an eye on these guys. this was awesome. >> i know what it looks like when i used to throw them in. >> never give up. >> a comedian that a lot of young black church kids identify with. >> ain't no trick or treat in this house. ain't no devils in this house. we're going to revival! >> it's exaggerated, of course, but growing up we didn't go trick or treating.
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>> ain't no trick, ain't no treat, ain't no devil standing between me and heaven. >> we have harvest night at church tonight, so we can dress up as bible characters. joe, you're going to be naked, cover yourself up with these and you're going to be adam. >> and now today, little more leniency. >> we can wear costumes, but no ghouls and goblins. you can be a ninja for the lord an the darkness of the devil. >> seems like a good compromise. >> right now kevin is on tour, so he's going viral for another reason. >> me and greg are stuck in an elevator. >> wow, it's writing himself. >> he's periscoping the entire thing. people on the internet are just rude. somebody wrote -- >> fat kid broke it. really, that's how you feel? kind of hurt my feelings.
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hard. i'm five pounds lighter, why would you say that? >> they are in there forever until someone is able to get them out. >> hallelujah! >> now he can get on to work, but before he does, we've got him live via skype "right this minute." welcome, cam! let's talk about your sketches, because they go viral the second you put them up. why do you think people identify so well? >> you know, i just try to things that are very specific to my life. you just hit what resinates with people if you are really authentic, which i plan and hope to be, guys. >> tell us about your experiences as a kid on halloween, how much of that sketch was your life? >> oh, that was 100% my life. my mom calls me once a week and complains about the videos that i make because they are telling on her, but this is my life. she shouldn't have held me from halloween for so many years. i wouldn't have these emotional
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why do you do them? your bread and butter, do you do this for fun? >> exactly. i do them for fun because i'm bored. not many people will periscope when they get stuck in an elevator, but hey, man, when life happens, record it. >> don't you think that shows a lack of faith you didn't lay hands on the door and they didn't open, you had to wait for somebody to help you? >> absolutely. you're 100% correct. my faith is not strong enough to i prayed before and couldn't get the door open, so i just called the people. >> you have a plethora of things that you do and you're on tour now. how can we find you? >> the easiest way is first page of my website, you'll always see where i'm going. i'm taking the stairs. that's a look at today's top viral videos. if you're looking for more, has them.
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it's an all new show today "right this minute." three ladies are terrorized by a man with a loaded gun. >> but these women are fighting back. >> see the miracle turn of events that saved their lives. the sonogram showed a baby's heart in the wrong place. >> but luckily, doctors were able to put her heart back into her chest.


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