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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 3, 2016 1:06am-1:36am CDT

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>> with a night of music and art, hosted by himself. you can help too. go to to get involved. >> the kind of activists that have no fear and get results. >> good man. >> yes, chris, you are. amazing to see stars using their celebrity for a good cause. >> definitely, james, thank you. bares his soul in scotland. >> there's going to be times where i say the wrong thing. because i'm human. >> and why is idris elba in a kickboxing match? why is madonna there? that's next. when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplet form. it's the only cold and flu caplet
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bieber breaks down. "the weekend" is hitting the road.
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breaking down these trending stories in "the dish." justin bieber is explaining himself after storming offstage during a concert in england. >> there's going to be times where, you know, i say the wrong thing. because i'm human. >> the superstar performing in scotland, baring his soul between songs. >> i'm not a robot. there's going to be times where i get upset. >> bieber blaming the media for twisting his words. >> all i was simply doing was wanting people to listen. and kind hear me out a little bit. >> fans are going to be able to very soon. the singer announcing the star-going legend of the fall world tour. the 26-year-old posting the tour dates on twitter calling it phase one. the weekend will kick things off in europe beginning in february before coming stateside in april. idris elba kicking things up a notch literally. the actor in a very real kickboxing match in england. the 44-year-old stepping into
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the fight part of elbe's new discovery channel show "idris elba fighter." the series will see the golden globe winner travel the world training as a kickboxer. wilma donna be traveling with him? the singer spotted at elbe's fight, sharing video with her 8 million instagram followers. the singer's appearance sparking dating rumors. elbe taking to twitter to shoot them down writing in part, am i sleeping with madonna? no. don't believe the hype. for more find us on facebook at "celebrity page" tv. we're sending it back to the west coast, james has more on another star making headlines for her hbo series "insecure." >> yes, going from youtube sensation so creating and starring in her own hbo series "insecure." and audiences can't get enough. we're getting a closer look at the ground-breaking show from another one of its stars.
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>> her outfit! >> making the talk show rounds, saying her new comedy is partially based on a web series she created in college. >> looking at you and i think, ain't nothing awkward. >> insecure following the lives of two black women trying to navigate their way through life in los angeles. >> white people love white people also love molly. and we love molly too. >> the actress at a charity event in l.a. >> what i love is the universality of the story. i feel like i've had so many people of different races say, we love the show. thank you so much for watching. >> yvonne can relate to her character. >> even though i'm a single gal in l.a., i think i have some of molly's worlds. i think eve shared some of her
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>> catch "insecure" on hbo sunday nights. it's hilarious. moving over to ray charles. the late singer taking center stage in the special "ray charles: r&b legend." >> ray charles grew up very poor. he built up an empire. he was a smart businessman. he knew how to negotiate. and he knew when to cut bait when he didn't feel like he was being treated fairly. $75 million when he passed away. >> he also has 12 children from 10 different women, 21 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, and he's got 2 ex-wives. >> each of his kids only received $500,000. when they received that, they had to waive their right to any future claims. >> they tried to get state authorities involved but the officials told they will, you don't have enough documentation to stand on.
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have the legal ground to try to get an accounting out of the estate. >> what's at stake is more than just the money. the children are concerned about recordings, videos, and their father's artifacts. most of the assets from the ray charles asset went to the ray charles foundation. there's no one to check in on where the money's going in the foundation and who it's going to. >> you have to wonder, is this what ray charles would have wanted? >> see more on "ray charles r&b legend" thursday night on >> the holidays are around the corner. we're making things easier with early ideas in this "hollywood hot list." the galaxy tab pro s from samsung is a two in one for everyone on your list because you can stream, browse, and game on this super display. it runs windows 10, is powered by an intel processor, has a bundled keyboard so you can create, write, and edit just the way you would on a laptop.
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cast and crew. here's your sneak peek. >> brothers. we are far from home. far from our friends and loved ones. >> out here we must take charge of our fate and fortune. >> season 5 of "hell on wheels" is the beginning of the end. what you're going to see this year is everything we haven't had a chance to do in previous seasons. >> shot at winning this race. >> whose side are you on anyway? >> same side as you. >> he's joined the enemy. i will grind him to dust when i meet him at the california border letter. >> finishing this project was the 19th century equivalent of neil armstrong walking on the moon.
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>> he came from truckee with maps. >> you think we employ -- >> i am beginning to think you want to get caught. >> it's changed the world. it changed our conception of time. it changed everything. >> "hell on series and season 5 volume ii are available to order on amazon now. coming up, returning to the world of angels and demons for a third time. we're taking a look at "inferno" star tom hanks by the numbers. that's next. closed captioning provided by -- pain strikes at the nerve level. and so does new icy hot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine
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hanks' box office battle, the star making the media rounds promoting "inferno." plus a big social media discussion going on about how much this photo of bill murray looks like him. so of course there's no better time to take a look at the star by the numbers. tom hanks and bill murray have more in common than the picture. both belonging to an exclusive group who have hosted "saturday night live" five or more times. hanks has hosted nine times since 1985. >> any questions? >> when he isn't on making hit films, the star is watching his favorite flicks. his top five movies include "fargo," "elle fant," "boogie nights," "the godfather," and topping his list, "2001:a space odyssey." hanks has played a wide range of roles from a courageous captain to the creator of disney. the star portraying real people in six of his films. his incredible performances winning him two oscars for best actor, one for his work in
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gump." >> you never know what you're gonna get. >> the actor's hard work and dedication have paid off. the 60-year-old has an incredible net worth of $350 million. and that's tom hanks by the numbers. >> that's going to do it for us from the "celebrity page" studio.
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it's november 2nd, time for great viral videos "right this minute." a guy who may have had too much to drink stumbles towards some tracks and decides -- >> it would be a great idea to take a nap. >> see how an angel tries to save him from an eternal sleep. >> got to go. >> elephants stick together to cross a river until -- >> uh-oh, lost my footing. >> the moment the herd rallies to save the baby in the middle. a bride dazzles in a dress costing -- >> $633,000. >> why the couple who cut this cake probably don't need a new toaster. >> it's just so over the top. >> plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as
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and gayle bring the best from the web, including more halloween videos just posted like this jeanne in a bottle. >> he even created his own magic carpet. >> why the only thing missing is the magic part. >> oh! >> reports say that the man in this video may have been drunk, based on this man you see here wobbling very close to those railroad sure there will be a bell going off, as well. >> so drunk my head is ringing like crazy. ding, ding, ding. make it stop. >> yeah, and that's probably why he thought it would be a great idea to take a nap right there on the tracks, because he falls down and stops moving. and so the driver gets out of the vehicle, running over to this wobbly man, tries to wake him up. you see him.
1:31 am
>> got to go. >> yes. the guy eventually grabs the man, pulls him out of the way, as the train passes by. >> the man who jumped out of his car to save the other person on the tracks is to be commended, because he put himself on the line to save that person. >> now, from that incident to this very unfortunate one in china. keep an eye on the woman on the right of thecr >> oh, oh, oh! the whole way! >> the whole way. >> you just see her ankles turning, like, multiple times. >> she does start moving as this security man runs over to her and people do come to her aid. >> saw how it happened. just on that second step, kind of caught her heel and did it
1:32 am
phone. fortunately, you see that medics arrived quite quickly. >> looks like she didn't lose her call either. >> still on the phone. >> fortunately, she's going to be just fine, although she is pretty banged up. when you're an elephant and you're in danger, you don't have to worry if you're the smallest one in the herd, because somebody's going to come help you. smallest one right there. elephant nature park in thailand, and they are uh-oh, lost my footing. and boom. like dominos, one falls, they bump into each other, the baby gets pushed around. guess what, mom, nanny, everybody else come to the rescue. >> takes a village, right? they all come in and surround the baby like a huddle. >> shows the intelligence, they work together as a team, really understand danger, as well, for the baby. >> look how cute it is. i'm okay, i'm okay. i can keep up now.
1:33 am
>> also getting attention, this sweet little calf. this video comes to us from the david sheldrick wildlife trust. this video was actually captured in october of last year, but they just released it online. they say she was undernourished but when they were called in, you can see all the people in the village overcome with love. they all wanted to see her off and watch as she was loaded up into this plane. >> that's got to be the most random feeling for a wild fly. >> may have been odd, but she was completely relaxed. she was head butted, they took their hand away, hey, like your dog, hey, don't stop. >> although this video was captured a year ago, you can see her nowadays and even a year later they say she's still small for her age because as soon as they thought she was ready to be fostered, something would happen with her health and they'd have to keep her, but they believe with all the care she's given, eventually she will be able to
1:34 am
these two fellas, because it's 2016, there's cameras all over the joint, duh. here they are rummaging around the house, you hear them asking about a safe. well, they found the safe in an upstairs bedroom. >> looks directly into the camera. they are going to have them by the short and curlies. >> exactly. not only do they look directly into the camera, they say the on camera. >> hey, i haven't seen you since i came to your house. >> yeah. like when we robbed the other houses, you remember on october 16th? >> these two have got to be some of the silliest robbers i've seen. as funny as this is, it's not funny to the home owners, because they did get away with the safe. they put the safe in a trash bin so they could get it down the stairs, into the car, and inside
1:35 am
some cash. the next video also takes make in australia, features another robbery, but it's not funny at all. this camera picks this action up off in the distance. 57-year-old woman, and you see a man walk up behind her, snatches her purse, and slams her to the ground. >> look at this disgusting human being. >> so good, though, look at her go. >> from what we know, this is the only footage they have to go on. she was taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises to her legs and arms. >> situational you are, what you have going on, be aware of what's going on around you. it's the best thing you can do for yourself. brendan brown who watches in dallas is our latest winner in the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> you could win, too. all you need is wednesday's buzz word, be at least 21 years of age, and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> "rtm" buzz word coming up in
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>> i don't have any children of my own -- >> that you know of. >> that i know of, so i missed this special moment in life. >> what we have here is a very large rifle on a very large range, and down range is a target. the target is full of colored powder. either blue or pink. see where this is going, the whole family has gathered, mommy, daddy, daughter, and young son. so far the score is 1-1. that's about to change. let's find out which way it's going to go. first shot misses. >> it's a girl. >> a girl. two ladies in the house.. >> congratulations go out to the 704 tactical family. >> what if guns aren't your thing? golf balls may be more towards your interest. they like the golf ball. >> is this also a reveal?


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