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tv   Newsline 30min  KCSMMHZ  February 29, 2012 6:00am-6:30am PST

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university of tokyo. the hope is that it will help raise the university's name recognition and ultimately attract new students. >> indian students are very talented. we hope they'll choose our university and that the number of students from india will increase even if just by one or two. >> reporter: the university /s welcome to "newsline." hopes that the number of i'm michio kijima in tokyo. another japanese company is in students will spur activities big financial trouble and doing and also within japan's business damage control. competitiveness. nhk world, new delhi. tokyo-based aij investment advisers lost most of the money entrusted to it by a corporate joining us in the studio is pension funds. here's how it breaks down. our commentator and former bureau chief in new delhi. the aij is short the $2.5 billion it managed for its customers. the president says the firm lost why is the university of tokyo trying to attract more about half of the money in the last three years. international students? sources tell nhk the firm >> well, the university is incurred losses every year since concerned about its future. it was founded in 1989.
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japan financial services agency ordered aig business advisers to here's a table of the leading universities. suspend business for one month. it assisted criteria such as our sources tell securities and citations, student/teacher ratio exchange surveillance commission and diversity of student aij suffered around $20 million in losses from investments in population. in 2004, the university of tokyo one year alone. was ranked 12th. but last year it dropped to 25th. with tough international the securities watchdog now competition, schools are working harder to recruit with talented suspects the investment reports were on to see cover up the ballooning shortfall. students. >> we would like to use this we learn the firm gave its client a report stating it logged an annual profit of more office to further increase than 5% last year. a brokerage firm sent the document. collaboration between japanese aig president is the shareholder and indian academia as well as of that business. the firm reportedly told the academia business cooperation. >> do you think the university securities regulator it had no will be able to increase knowledge enrollment as it hopes? aij had suffered losses. it said it simply passed on the >> it won't be easy. report it received from aij. there's a lot of competition for good students from asia. so what's going to happen to the singapore is one major client's pension funds? competitor that's been doing if aij has no assets remaining the clients will not get any money back, meaning they'll well despite the natural
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suffer losses as a result. resources, the country took recouping the losses through inspiration from its founding profits, if any, from future father who decried universities investment is virtually impossible, so one option would to be its biggest asset. be for the companies of those in singapore, you can get by by effected to pay additional money to cover the losses or they may have to gain the consent of speaking either english and subscribers or pensioners for chinese, and it can be lower benefits. attractive for students. therefore, no surprise that yale now reaction was some of the aij clients. of the united states plans on fuji electric says it started entrusting aij with some of the approaching singapore next year. that's going a lot further from pension money nine years ago. just opening an office. the company says as of the end yale is actually collaborating with the national university of of last year, invested funds in singapore to establish an aij amounted to around $150 million. that accounts for about 9% of autonomous college. total of corporate pension >> is the competition to attract funds. more students likely to get more the electronics maker says its heated? >> yes. pension plan will take steps to japanese university is hoping to ensure that problem will not affect pension benefits. attract such students and contribute to the growing trend a tokyo-based systems of education. >> thank you. development company called scsk corporation started entrusting money to aij in 2003. its figure now stands at about $67 million, or 13% of its
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hi there and welcome back. overall pension assets. the snow that has spread in scsk says it plans to make up central japan caused a little for the losses, if any, to bit of travel disturbances. ensure its employees will also more than 190 injuries due receive pension benefits without to the snow that had accumulated fail. the japan securities and also 300 or more accidents. investment advisers association says it may tighten its rules to but that has tapered off, n much prevent a reoccurrence of a massive corporate pension losses by a member organization. of central japan as a the association plans to review low-pressure system is moving your way the next 24, bringing its annual survey of the internal administration of its lots of drier and calmer weather 252 members. with the high pressure that will be dominating much of the area. the association currently asks members around 100 questions such as whether or not they this low-pressure system is going to be developing as it regularly hold internal moves the northeasterly inspections. direction, and that's going to be another round of wet weather they will add new questions such as whether they are audited by outside firms. to come for us in the central >> translator: we take this portion of japan. showers will still linger in southeastern china, and this aij incident as a very serious could become heavier. and it's going to be another and significant problem. round of very heavy rain. the association will put its perhaps in some areas in and utmost efforts into preventing a reoccurrence of this kind of scandal. around shanghai. this rain band is likely to spin >> the financial services agency all the way toward japan toward
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meanwhile has launched an the end of the weekend. industrywide investigation into inland china, it's going to be the asset management operations of the nation's investment firms. snow in higher elevations. it's going to be clearing in the the agency has ordered over 260 indochina peninsula, but scattered showers will linger on in the philippines. investment firms to submit a report within two weeks. taking a look at your the agency wants to find out how they manage funds and also if they undergo external audits. temperatures, toward frigid, minus 8 degrees. japan's government has begun we have a triplet of actually 11 asking experts to offer their views on a proposal to let in shanghai, seoul reaching 13 princesses remain members of the degrees. and tokyo, looking at 15 degrees imperial family after marriage. for the thursday high. on sunday, those digits will under current law, princesses become single. must abandon their status when so it's going to be a bumpy ride they get married. for us for the week and toward but if the practice continues, next week for us in tokyo here. the family may lose all its branches by the time the only let's head over to the americas. grandson of the current emperor ascends to the throne. the winter storm is going to be bringing severe activity up to the government, therefore, began the great lakes region. reviewing the system of imperial the snow is going to be piling succession with a view to up. already in wisconsin we have reports of 30 centimeters that creating houses headed by accumulated, additional of 10 to married female members of the family. the two experts invited to a 20 centimeters of that white government hearing, both stuff could be piling up. expressed support for the idea, but a government official noted let's take a look at the outlook the idea is contentious. we have here. toward new england, this is going to be stretching.
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this is a mix of precipitation, >> translator: the proposal is really controversial. but out toward the north, as i the government is hoping for mentioned, heavy snow. and here with the moisture surging up from the gulf states and the associated front from the system was going to be france various views. sweeping across the gulf states and the midwest. so severe thunderstorms and >> teikyo university professor something to be aware of, akira imatani said he sees no problem with creating imperial houses headed by princesses, locally heavy rain, damaging such a practice existed winds, large hail, and even previously. isolated tornadoes still cannot be ruled out. imatani said the right to head we have reports of 11 tornado an imperial house should be touchdowns yesterday. this is a very strong storm. limited to emperors' daughters out toward the west, toward the pacific northwest and into and granddaughters and that their husbands should be given california, heavy rain could be no nonhereditary quasi imperial status. possible in cascades and in sierras. a well-informed journalist on this could actually be accompanied with very strong the imperial family said it winds and gusts reaching up to seems strange that japan has no 100 kilometers per hour. imperial houses headed by princesses in an age when women have the same rights as men. sustained winds of 50 to 70. >> translator: i feel we should that combined could bring you have allowed women to have low visibility, reduced imperial status after marriage a visibility, as well as blowing long time ago. snow and snow drifts. taking a look at temperatures. the major question is well, los angeles at 16 degrees emperorship. and oklahoma city reaching up to if people decide we should keep 21 with lots of sunny spells for the emperor system in general,
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your late day. and new york at 7 degrees with we need to approve this idea. >> the government plans to hold heavy rain. let's now take a look at europe. one or two hearings in each of turkey's going to be disturbed the coming months and to seek with a heavy dump of snow. public opinion as it decides on its view. still yet to come toward the mitt romney is staying out east. to the north, that's all going in front in the race to lead the to be heavy snow, as well. toward southwestern norway, the u.s. republican party in this fall's presidential election, precipitation is going to be a mixture of wintry precipitation. but rick santorum is still out toward the west and central nipping at his heels. portion of europe, well, things romney claimed victory in are looking continuously warmer. vienna reaching up to 14 degrees nominating contests in two more states. already. and lisbon at 15. here's the extended forecast. ♪ this gives the former massachusetts governor a boost heading into next week's so-called super tuesday votes. [ cheering ] >> thank you, arizona. great victory in arizona tonight. and thank you, michigan. what a win. this is a big night. thanks, you guys. [ cheers ] >> romney won the arizona primary by a wide margin over former senator rick santorum, as well as other candidates. romney is considered a moderate. santorum calls himself a
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conservative heavyweight. romney also won in michigan, but the race between him and santorum there was tight. romney had been expected to win easily in michigan. he was born in the state. his father was once the governor. santorum gained support by highlighting the fact that as we've been reporting, romney opposed the bailout of the auto industry while north korea says it will supporting the rescue of the immediately halt enriching financial sector. romney and santorum are expected to be locked in a fierce race uranium. and they've dismissed calls to for next tuesday's super contest in 11 states. blow up them. that's is for "newsline." i'll be back in a half-hour. a group of evacuees from the thank you for watching. bye-bye. fukushima nuclear disaster has filed a compensation claim for more than $5 million with tokyo electric power company. the mayor and evacuees representing 47 people from 22 households visited the government's arbitration body in tokyo on wednesday. they filed documents which demand tepco pay about $5.5 million in compensation for the hello, this is nhk world tv. tainted land, evacuation, and
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mental suffering. our first choice of the week looks at how china's rising futaba hosts the damaged plant, divorce rate has created a new and all 7,000 residents have been displaced to various areas business opportunity. across the country. among some of china's newly it was the first to file for rich, a mistress has become a government-backed mediation. symbol of financial success. they were not satisfied with the now around 2.5 million marriages compensation scheme previously proposed by the plant operator. end in divorce annually. the town formed a team of "china wow" looks at a profession that's tackling this defense lawyers in december to file for arbitration. problem. next, a program that focuses >> translator: tepco should on women in broadcasting. understand how we feel and accept our demands as soon as possible. in the past, broadcasting had a reputation for being a boys club. now many of television programs are created by women. we follow a director working at >> they plan to file claims once a month for the evacuationyes the forefront as she balances work with the procedures upon marriage and childbirth. that have produced documents. and last, the latest edition major japanese milk producers say their products have passed the government safety standards for cesium. the government decided to introducing new technology that tighten safety standards from might change the world of medical care. april and consumer concerns about the nuclear accident at the fukushima power plant.
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under the new standards, milk will be allowed to contain bioimaging allows doctors to 50 becquerels of cesium per kilogram, or one-quarter of the observe cells in real time. current permissible level. join us as we explore how it exciting technology could help the japan dairy industry detect early cancer or association announced the results are of radiation screens tests held at 124 factories, metastas mostly in eastern japan. metastasis. stay tuned. about 60% of the milk factories mainly in the tohoku regions, participated in the survey. the association said the amount of radioactive cesium in milk before shipping was below the lowest detectable amount, ten becquerels per kilogram, at all of the factories they have checked. next we go to bangkok to find out what's going on in the region. >> reporter: india has reported its slowest gdp growth in almost three years as efforts to tackle inflation cool business activity. it may increase pressure on the government to do more to improve the country's economic performance.
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nhk reports from new delhi. >> reporter: the indian government said on wednesday that the country's gross domestic product expanded by 6.1% in october to december. that's 0.8% points lower than the previous quarter. india was one of the first countries to recover from the global financial crisis of 2008. the central bank raised the interest rates several times to counter spiraling inflation. loans became more expensive, and the sales of big-ticket items slowed. special repo exports are also slowing
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through the economic crisis. the growth for smaerch expected to be 6.9%. the reserve bank of india is expected to face mounting calls to lower interest rates to try and boost sagging growth. nhk world. campaigning has become in the presidential election in east timor, ten years after its independence from asia, one of the poorest nations is struggling to stand on its own. nhk world report from delhi. >> narrato >> reporter: 13 candidates launched their campaigns on wednesday. the winner of the march 17 vote will lead this nation 1.1 million people. the representative is seeking a second term. he pledged to step up efforts to tackle poverty.
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>> translator: our country has serious problems such as malnutrition or lack of education. and those problems are becoming more serious. >> reporter: another strong candidate is a former army chief. he told voters the country needs to stop depending on foreign aid. >> translator: we shouldn't rely foreigners or the united nations. we have to prove that we can stand on our own two feet. >> reporter: east timor will hold presidential and general election this year. over the last decade, the united nations has supported the reconstruction of the country, but it's likely to depart the country at the end of this year. east timor is still struggling
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to be economically independent. where w no significant industry of its own, around 40% of the population still lives in poverty. whoever wins the presidential election will have a long and difficult road ahead. nhk world, delhi. now in pakistan, severe shortage of fuel are causing misery for consumers. as one solution, pakistan decided in early february to press ahead with a controversial gas pipeline from iran despite criticism. the obama administration is trying to isolate iran because of its nuclear program. as nhk world reports, the energy situation in pakistan is becoming increasingly desperate. >> reporter: a long line of cars in islamabad.
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the line stretches more than four kilometers. they are desperate to buy not gasoline but natural gas. >> translator: i've been waiting since this morning. >> translator: i'm worried the situation may get even worse. >> reporter: but six out of ten in pakistan lean on natural gas. pakistan is a leader of natural gas so governments have built the nation's energy policy around it. but supplies have become increasingly unreliable. militants have blown up pipelines, and government finances are in disarray. the there have been public
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protests. gas prices have been rise being 10,000 a month. anger was fueled even more by an offshore policy of favoring government and industrial users of allegra consumers. amid the shortages of natural gas, they're turning to food. the shortage of energy, electricity, gas, is getting serious in pakistan now. so to people who use it -- it's increasing. now there's another program increasing demand that's caused prices to surge by 50%. this woman cooks for 15 members of her family. she has to burn food in her
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garden as there's no gas for her stove. >> translator: we want the government to restore gas supplies so we can send our kids to school and get back to our normal routines. >> narrator: amid the chronic manager resources, different sources are in the spotlight. this solar power plant is scheduled to be completed by the end of march and supply energy to parts of islamabad. by using a grant from japan, the plant is the first in the country. as it looks to the future, the government has high hopes for renewable energy. >> almost all of the country is receiving sunshine for longer. i feel there is a lot more
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potential. >> translator: it makes me happy if pakistani people understand what sustainable energy is and how useful it is by introducing this plant with japanese support. >> narrator: renewable energy could one day help solve pakistan's chronic energy situation. but for today, people have little choice but to carry on waiting for things to improve. nhk world, islamabad. >> and that wraps up our bulletin from bang acc. north korea will comply with international demands that it immediately halt enriching uranium. once again, north korea has announced it will comply with international demands that it immediately halt enriching uranium. education is a competitive
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business in asia as in other parts of the world. and the best graduates are a prized catch for employers in the region. for universities and colleges promising to nurture top talent, the battle for students is inten intense. now japan's most press tiejs pla learning is ramping up promises to students, especially from india. [ applause ]. >> this monday the university of tokyo opened an office in bangalore to recruit students from india. bangalore is also known as india's silicon valley. the city is home to many i.t. businesses and research organizations. the indian government has
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focused its education initiatives on mathematics and science. it has succeeded in cultivating many talented students. countries all over the world are competing to secure top-quality students, especially science majo majors. 100,000 indians study in the united states. that compares with just 500 in japan. there is the director of the university of tokyo india office. he's leading the school's efforts to catch up his first project was to conduct a survey exploring indian students' attitudes toward japan. it targeted students particularly interested in japan or in learning japanese. the results show that even among these students, one out of three want to study in the united
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states. >> if i go to the usa, i will get more opportunities in terms of jobs. and admissions for a doctorate. u.s. universities are some of the best in the world. >> reporter: feeling alarmed, yoshino tries appealing to the students' examiners. he also set up an alumni association for indian and japanese graduates of the
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