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tv   Newsline 30min  KCSMMHZ  April 18, 2012 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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welcome to nhk world "newsline." the tokyo metropolitan government is warning 9700 people could die if a major earthquake were to hit directly under the capital city. the death toll would be 50% more than earlier estimates. the government's first estimate in six years is based on a worst-case scenario of a magnitude 7.3 quake occurring in the northern part of tokyo bay. they also say the quake could be closer to the surface than previously assumed. it said about one-third of tokyo's wards could experience
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tremors up to a magnitude 7, which is the maximum on the japanese scale, and it could predict the area could experience tremors of 6-plus. the government says such a quake could collapse or heavily damage 47,000 buildings and if the quake hits at 6:00 p.m., fires could destroy 200,000 buildings. >> translator: i can't imagine what might happen. >> translator: when i think of last year's disaster in tohoku, we could be next, so we have to prepare. >> millions of people would be stranded in such a disaster. collapsed buildings and fires would keep nearly 5.2 million people from being able to return home. of these, 1.6 million would have to seek shelter outdoors. the government also estimated tsunami damage to tokyo resulting from a magnitude 8 quake occurring at an underwater trough south of tokyo.
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it says a tsunami up to 2.6 meters high could surge into tokyo bay, but would be blocked by sea walls and floodgates. if all of the floodgates were damaged and could not be shut, 16 wards would be partially flooded up to about one meter and that would destroy or heavily damage up to 2,500 buildings. the operator of the fukushima daiichi plant has sent a robot inside one of the damaged reactors. the inspection was aimed at pinpointing areas where water is leaking. the utility needs to repair the leaks before it can remove fuel rods and decommission the plant. tokyo electric power company plans to fill the containment vessels with the reactors with water before retrieving the melted fuel rods. but highly radioactive wastewater continues to leak out of the containment vessels of the number 1 to number 3 reactors. so tepco first has to repair the damage to the containment
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vessels and suppression chambers underneath. tepco on wednesday sent a robot with five cameras and a do si meter into a scaffold. workers maneuvered the robot to check about 90% of the upper part of the 125-meter doughnut-shaped chamber, but they found no serious damage or deformation. the utility says there were no leaks, or water leaks or traces in manholes on the chamber where leakage had been suspected. tepco has not been able to confirm the conditions of pipes connecting the suppression pool and the containment vessel where the company also suspects water is leaking. myanmar's pro democracy leader aung sung suu kyi is planning her first overseas trip in over 40 years. let's get the details from patchari raksawong. >> the last time the nobel peace
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laureate left myanmar was back in 1988. her national league for democracy party said the newly elected lawmaker will visit norway and the united kingdom. aung san suu kyi was under house arrest for much of the last 40 years under the then military rulers. she won the nobel peace prize in 1991, but her detention meant she was unable to receive the award in person. the nld said aung san suu kyi may visit city hall, the venue of the award ceremony for the nobel prize. the former independence leader elected president on monday has made his victory speech. he called for the people to work together as the country approaches the tenth anniversary of end ens. >> translator: we have to unite all of the people to make a better future. your task is not finished.
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every minute, every second, you have to utilize the opportunity to make a better life for children and those who have no job. >> he's the national hero who led the struggle for independence from indonesia. it reflects dissatisfaction with the status quo. ten years since they gaped their freedom, the country remains one of the poorest in asia. development has been supported by u.n. peacekeeping forces. but they're expected to leave by the end of the year. the newly elected president now faces the challenge of making sure t can stand on their own two feet. thai prime minister is on an official vision it to china to discuss talks, including boosting bilateral trade, hoping to strengthen economic ties with asia's biggest economy and help
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thailand recover from last year's devastating floods. he met the chinese president on wednesday, during her three-day official visit to china. she earlier held talks with the premier. chinese state media reported one pledged to boostly lateral trade to $100 billion in four years. the thai leaders are expected to meet their counterparts from china. china is thailand's largest export market and second largest source of imports. last year's floods were the worst in thailand in decades. the crisis slashed the nation's economic growth in 2011 to just 0.1%. the latest asian development bank report estimates post-flood
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reconstruction and government stimulus measures will bolster growth to 5.5% this year. they earlier set a june deadline to finish key projects, such as the construction of 4,000 small dams along upstream stretches of the nation's rivers. but observers say many projects are already behind schedule. with the rainy season fast approaching, there are worries. tie land remains unprepared for another catastrophe. next, to cambodia where the trading on the country's stock exchange began for the very first time on wednesday. it reflects cambodia's recent economic boom and recovery from decades of civil conflict. we have a report from phnom penh. >> reporter: ringing in the first trading on the stock exchange, it was a symbolic moment for cambodia. the country has transformed
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itself from one that relies on foreign aid into an attractive destination for investors. so far, only one company is available for trade. a state-owned water company was the first to issue shares. it rose by 50%, almost the upper limit. many foreign investors attended the first trading day. cambodia's economy is one of the most promising in asean. >> translator: the securities market is the gate for foreign visitors who can take part in cambodia's economic activities. the came body yan security exchan
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exchanging rose last year. opening the exchange is the key part of the government's strategy to privatize state-run businesses, and attract investment from abroad. cambodia's economy is growing at a high pace. abundance of affordable labor is attracting more foreign firms. the economy is expected to grow about 6.5% this year. the opening of the stock exchange in cambodia is integrating members to exchanges as the path of its goal to create original economic community in 2015. nhk world, phnom penh. and that's going to wrap up our bulletin for today. reporting from bangkok. a south korean envoy has stressed that his country should strengthen cooperation with
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japan and the u.s. to prevent north korea from taking further provocative action following last week's missile launch. the north claimed it was attempting to launch a satellite. >> translator: the u.s., japan and south korea must work closely to coordinate action to urge north korea to give up its nuclear program. >> shin referred to a unanimously adopted presidential statement from the u.n. security council. he called it an important message to the north as it has the support of china and russia. he said the north spent more than $800 million to develop the rocket and build a launchpad. in addition, the south korean government estimates that north korea spent $340 million celebrating the birth of the nation's founder kim il sung last sunday. the unification ministry said new statues of kim il-sung and his son kim jong-il cost an estimated $39 million to build.
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fireworks and other performances on the anniversary cost $17 million while expenses for repair work at a luxury hotel in central pyongyang were estimated at $210 million. the officials say the money could have been used to buy a fuel year's worth of food for the entire population in the famine-stricken state. north korean leaders have reacted to u.n. criticism with some criticism of their own. the security council issued a presidential statement that strongly condemned the launch. it said the north koreans used ballistic technology, and pyongyang issued a statement in response. it said north korea rejects the council's violation of the north's legitimate right to launch satellites. the document also criticized the u.s. for halting food aid. for halting food aid. u.s. officials promised the aid in february. the north koreans agreed to suspend the missile and nuclear programs. the statement says they're no longer bound by the agreement
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and it also says north korea is able to take retaliatory steps, but does not go into details. a senior u.s. state department official says he isn't surprised that north korea is abandoning the agreement. mark toner said it was part of what he called a pattern of bad behavior. toner responded to concerns that the north koreans may be preparing for a nuclear test. >> we can't preclude anything at this point. but again, clearly, reminding them of the security council resolutions and also very clearly conveying the fact that the security councils will take appropriate actions. >> toner hinted at the possibility of additional sanctions if north korea returns to provocations and the u.s. has suspended its plan to send food aid. olympus is trying to lead a serious case of serious fraud
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behind. the company plans to seek approval for the new board members at an extraordinary shareholders meeting this friday. the company proposed executive officer sasa as the new president. former executives of the firm's major banks are also being put forward, kimoto held a post, and they want him to be the new chairman. the new director proposed is fujizuka. it's touching off a controversy. nhk world spoke with former chief executive officer michael woodford. he blew the whistle on the company's attempt to hide huge losses and was later fired. >> good morning, mr. woodford. >> good morning. >> reporter: woodford is back in tokyo to attend the shareholders meeting. he proposed the plan for the new management team. >> not just myself, but two largest advisory firms iss and
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lewis glass recommend against the nominations of the chairman and for president. so it's not a personal issue. but the reasons are the same, in that this concern in relation to the banks controlling the company, in the battle days of japan, as you well know. >> reporter: woodford recently released a memoir on the scandal. he says the idea of appointing former banking executives to the top management goes against shareholders' interests. that's because they are major vendors to olympus and share hold erlgs at the same time. woodford also criticized the nomination of two resigning directors as operating officers. >> so the capital markets in japan, when i'm asked, to have this scandal where all the board are meant to be stepping down, and then two of them come back in in other positions, it just makes a mockery of what i'm sure the government and people of japan want.
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>> reporter: financial scandals at other japanese firms that also fuel distrust among foreign investors about corporate governance in japan. >> the way japan is perceived, it's almost like a banana republic, because the olympus story, and it continues to be the case, tells the world what is wrong, basically what olympus is saying is business as usual. >> what is needed to restore foreign investors' confidence in japan? >> you should follow the american model, and go for a majority of non-execs. although at the moment the recommendations of just one non-exec by a federation in japan, and most importantly the non-execs, you need to frame in law that if they don't demonstrate oversight and scrutiny, that they can be in both criminal and civil law be held accountable. i think the opinion at the moment is a lot of people in
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japan want a change, but they don't know how to change. and the olympus story is a testament of how far this country has to go. >> some criticized the selection of former bankers isn't good, as they may only be after their own interests. however, olympus defends its plan. it stresses that a majority of the directors are from outside the company, and will have proper corporate governance. the governor of tokyo has stirred up a controversy over a chain of islands in the east china sea. he suggested his government plans to buy the senkaku islands. he spoke to reporters in washington one day after he announced the plan in a lecture at a u.s. think tank. he said the tokyo government was negotiating with the owner to purchase three of the islands. japan's chief cabinet secretary responded to the plan by suggesting that the central government could buy it if necessary. ishada said his staff would go
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ahead with the negotiations just the same. >> translator: china says it's unreasonable that japan is actually controlling the island, and it will take bold action to change this. it's very scary. a virtual declaration of war. >> china also lays claim to the islands with their foreign ministry, denouncing the plan. it says any union unilateral action would be responsible. >> translator: our country is carefully watching every japanese move on this issue. we don't want japan to impinge on our sovereignty, and we don't want the issue to harm our mutual relationship. >> a japanese expert on the dispute say he's not surprised issue t issue. the governor tells the world
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that the senkaku islands are part of japan, and that the tokyo government intends to administer them. his message has no doubt reached china. the governor has been taking steps assuming that china will react. the story of the "titanic" has captured the imagination for 100 years. the world's biggest ship at the time set sail from england, then sank in the atlantic ocean. people around the world stopped this week to mark the anniversary. nhk world's andy ford reports. >> reporter: it was on april the 10th, 1912, that the titanic left southampton for her maiden voyage to new york. but the ship never arrived. just four days into the voyage, it hit an iceberg and sank. over 1,500 people lost their lives.
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here in southampton, the city from which the "titanic" launched exactly 100 years ago, a number of events are being held to mark the occasion. more than 500 of the crew members who died in the tragedy were from southampton. a parade was held to commemorate the tragedy. with children carrying placards for each of the crew members who died. >> i think it was very emotional, actually, and very touching. and they have all these placards with the crewmen. it's really nice to see them all remembered so many years later. >> reporter: on the same day, the maritime museum featuring exhibits from the "titanic" opened in southampton. visitors can see exhibits related to the ship and crew members, as well as mockups of its interior. a pub sits near the docks from
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where the "titanic" departed. the pub has been doing business since the 1800s. people say that on the day the "titanic" departed, something strange happened here. three brothers were having a drink before boarding the ship. >> they were going to get ready to go, but then this lady come in and said she had a premonition of the boat, something happening to the boat, either sinking or catching on fire or something like that. and they got a bit -- kind of dubious about it and stayed for another drink. >> reporter: as a result, they missed boarding the "titanic" and their lives were spared. grandsons came in, explaining that the story. and also saying that if he had got on the boat, then he wouldn't be here today as well.
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>> reporter: a local southampton man is trying to pass the story of the "titanic" down to future generations. peter boyd smith owns an antique shop. he says his grandparents suffered a terrible loss. >> i realized that they had lost all their friends, literally. and that's common in southampton, because southampton was so devastated by the number of men who went down, the crew. people just didn't talk about it. >> reporter: his grandparents refused to talk about the tragedy. however, peter does talk about it, believing that the tragedy can still teach us valuable lessons. after meeting survivors and collecting their stories, he decided to publish a book on the tragedy. >> it was the largest ship ever built, and man's arrogance was pushing her as fast as they possibly could. hopefully that will never, ever
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come again. >> reporter: even though the "titanic" set sail more than a century ago, the tragic memory lives on. andy foord, nhk world, southampton. and now here are the latest market figures. overcast today here in tokyo. highs up to 20 degrees. for more on what tomorrow will
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look like for here and elsewhere, we go to mai. >> thank you very much, gene. yes, let me start off talking about australia, where a rainstorm has been impacting the coastal areas of new south wales. the flooding condition is already very bad. looks like it's going to be an ongoing situation for the rest of the work week. we already have reports of 116 millimeters of rainfall in the past 24 hours just north of sydney. but this is going to be accumulating even more. what's happening is there is a high pressure system over tazman sea. this makes this counterclockwise flow of moisture picking up humidity and dumping down on the coastal areas in and around sydney. we already have flood watches posted for much of the rivers in and around sydney. the flood situation looks like it will be worsening, as you can see in the next 48 hours. 100 millimeters or more of rain
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accumulation could be found in the southeastern areas. now, this is on top of what we have been talking about for the past -- nearly a week already. so the land is very, very saturated. we will keep you updated with this situation. now, heading over to japan, yes, we did have a very nice day, gene, as you mentioned. but the southern half of japan will be looking at some showers to be lingering across the area for the next couple of days. also on the southern tip of south korea in the next 24 hours. the rain will be more significant here in southeastern china. the report of 200 millimeters just in the span of 24 hours in guondon province. this is on top of the ongoing heavy rainfall as well as thunderstorm activity. still, we cannot rule out lightning, damaging gust situations as well as hong kong and makau. over to the north we have a winter storm moving through
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mongolia. that is going to be surging a lot of cold air in the wake of the system, dropping those temperatures down to 3 for the high. we saw high teens for wednesday's high. so that's a very bumpy ride up there. keeping us warm here in beijing at 23, as well as chongching. and in tokyo, 15 degrees. a little chillier than yesterday. or today, i should say. heading over to the americas now, we have a system that is a weakening front moving across, and snow accumulation over the higher grounds. nothing too significant, though we may see a few thunderstorm activity moving across the great lake regions, and then towards quebec. a few thunderstorms across the mid-atlantic coastal areas could get strong. we cannot rule out hail and chances of stronger thunderstorms that could be accompanied with damaging gusts as well. the normal territory weather is returning here in northeastern
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section of the united states. toronto looking at 9. 19 in new york. and you'll see lots of sunny spells here in los angeles at 25 degrees. heading over to europe now, still very messy situation in the western portion of europe. wet, windy, gusty conditions will be prevailing. and snow will accumulate on the higher grounds of spain and france. thunderstorm activity could be popping up, especially in the peak heating hours here in the balkans and across much of turkey. temperaturewise, 13 in warsaw. we're looking at very sunny skies here in vienna at 17 degrees. showers in paris at 15 degrees. here's your extended forecast.
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we'll be back with more news in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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