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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  June 4, 2012 2:30pm-2:59pm PDT

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journal." >> these are our top stories. in st. petersburg, the u.n. and russia agree the plan for syria is the best way forward. more documents from the vatican are linked to -- leaked to the press. >> arrested in berlin. the manhunt for a suspected canadian murderer. vladimir putin has pressed the eu to drop travel restrictions for russians at the summit in st. petersburg.
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he wants visa-free travel for his people. developments have been overshadowing the conference, particularly the concreted conflict in syria. >> the escalating crisis in syria was on the agenda as talks between the president -- russia's president and eu leader. they knowledge to differences between the crisis in syria, but they agreed on the peace plan put forward by kofi annan. >> they might have some divergent assessments, but we fully agree that it provides the best opportunity to break the cycle of violence in syria, avoiding civil war, and finding a peaceful, lasting solution. >> russia has said it has no intention of shifting its stance on its soviet-era allied. president vladimir putin ruled out regime change in syria. the german foreign minister and
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his french counterpart also discussed syria on monday. the two did not speculate on military interventin, but said they were committed to stepping up pressure on syria opposed to remaining allies. -- syria's remaining i lies -- allies. >> we must try to make sure no one tries to hold a protective hand over the regime in syria. >> they will tour the middle east in an attempt to bring an end to the violence in syria. >> syrian rebels say they have pulled out of the u.n.-sponsored peace talks and will no longer respect this cease fire. >> a meeting in turkey, syria and opposition members agree that armed conflict was the only way to liberate the country from alice thought -- al-assad. rebel groups said they had killed more than 80 government soldiers over the weekend.
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>> for more on the street, we're joined in the studio with our mideast correspondent. thank you very much for joining us. does this announcement signaled the end of kofi annan's peace process? >> yes, indeed. the plan has been dead before. now it is ultimately dead. there is no real alternative to the plan of kofi annan. we have to be realistic. the free syrian army is only one branch of the opposition. it is a chaotic situation in syria. the failure of this peace plan of kofi annan means the road to a civil war is wide open now. >> how widespread is the violence in syria at the moment? >> the whole country is in turmoil with two exceptions. that is the capital, damascus, and economic center of the country. this is very important. it means the sunni merchant class in serious the continues to stay close to the syrian regime.
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therefore, it is simply an illusion to assume that the government is weak and that it is about to be toppled. they will see very bloody months ahead. >> ok. we saw a report about the eu. are we expecting any change on russia's report for bashar al- assad? >> the russians do not care about the syrian regime. they are concerned about their own interests on the military, political, and economic level. for them, syria is an important ally and they don't see -- wish to see a regime change in syria as it happened in libya. the russians will change course as soon as the price is right. the west is really making a mistake by simply pressuring russia rather than, instead of offering russia something viable for the future. >> as always, thank you very much.
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nigeria has begun three days of mourning for 153 victims of some the's plane crash that killed all on board. rescue workers spent the day searching for bodies in the debris. there's no indication of how many people were killed on the ground. it went down in a densely populated suburb. aviation officials say both engines failed on the boeing minutes before landing. it is 23 years since the tenement's square massacre and on this anniversary, china is rejecting calls to release those still in jail over the demonstrations. on june 4, 1989, after weeks of largely peaceful protest, tanks moved into central beijing. several hundred people are known to have been killed. human rights groups say authorities detained as many as 1000 activists in recent days, preventing a protest on the anniversary. a political row has erupted in berlin over reports that germany
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has supplied israel with submarines that can be armed with nuclear weapons. >> a news magazine is reporting that israel has been equipping the german-made vessels with nuclear-tipped -- >> there criticizing the deal, saying the submarine should only carry conventional weapons. >> germany says selling submarines to israel has been part of its foreign policy for years, and given german history, so is real security. military cooperation is a part of that, and that is report -- reflected by of supplying weapons. the opposition are calling for a review of the export license if it is confirmed israel is equipping the vessels with nuclear-weapons, but that is not likely to happen. the submarines are delivered without weapons and the government will not speculate on what might happen further down the line.
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israel has already received three of the subs. three more will follow by 2017. israel is reportedly considering placing another order. >> for more on this, let's go to our chief parliamentary correspondent. melinda, the submarine deal was originally pushed through by if -- by the former prime minister. why the criticism now? >> that has been the government's argument today. it has been saying, look. this is a policy of long- standing and it goes back to the time when the opposition itself was running the government. the opposition says it had understood these weapons deliveries to be conditional on requirements such as an end to construction of settlements in palestinian territory, and the opposition is saying, look, those conditions were not met. therefore, the submarines ought not to have been delivered.
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the government says in response, listen, we cannot dictate to israel what conditions they must fulfil in ordere submarinen order, is this development just -- a threat to future deliveries? >> there is now quite a bit of opposition criticism. the left party is saying weapons deliveries should be halted, that the rest of this contract should not go through to deliver three more submarines by 2017. the rest of the opposition, the greens and social democrats, are simply saying they want a further explanation. where that goes remains to be seen. >> thank you very much for that. >> spain is the focus of the eurozone's debt crisis as it prepares for a new bond issue. in the meantime, there are positive things on the market. >> spanish unemployment has fallen for a second month, even if only slightly. the number claiming unemployment
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benefits dropped by 30,000 last month. joblessness in the fourth- largest economy in the eurozone remains high. the figures come amid the report that angela merkel has urged spain to use funds to prop up its banks. >> our markets correspondent sent us more on the banks in monday's trading. >> not only the banks in spain are under-capitalized. also, banks in portugal are in dire need of fresh money, and they probably won't get this money from private investors. in cyprus, at least one bank seems to be so much in need of fresh capital, many on the market think that cyprus will be the next country to tap the eur- rescue fund. despite this, shares of many european banks were in demand this monday. behind this is the speculation that the governments will not drop the banks, and that soon, the european central bank will
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show up to provide at least short-term monetary relief. >> let's get a closer look at the market members for tuna. frankfurt. down on the day. more than 1% lower. euro stoxx bucking that trend. in new york, is a downward trend for the dow jones industrial average, albeit just lightly. up by a quarter of a percentage tie. -- point. the italian newspaper says it has received more secret documents taken from the vatican. they include letters sent by the pope's private secretary. >> the paper says the documents were received after the pontiff's butler was retained. >> the new butler accompanied the pontiff to milan on sunday. pope benedict led thousands of
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war pressure -- worshipers in an open-air mass. back at home in the vatican, more trouble is brewing as the scandal continues to escalate. despite the rest of the key suspect in the case, the pope's former butler, more documents have surfaced. letters apparently bearing the signature of the pope's private secretary were published by la republica newspaper, reported late implicating him. lombardi said he was neither surprised nor concerned by the documents released. >> the pope has not been weakened by the difficulties he is facing. he is trying to deal with them with serenity. dozens of documents have revealed power struggles, corruption, and intrigue at the highest levels of the catholic church. they paint a picture of the church hierarchy in disarray. a journalist, who broke the
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story, said the leaks come from a number of stores. a note included with the latest documents appeared to confirm that. it warned of many more revelations to come. >> we will be going live to the queen's diamond jubilee celebrations in london in a moment. >> here is a look at some of the other stories making boat news around the world. 17 years after a series of deadly attacks in tokyo, police have arrested a former member of the cult responsible for the acts. the group killed 13 people and injured more than 6000 when they released a nerve gas in the subway system. >> in istanbul, thousands protested plans by turkey's government to limit access to abortion. the government wants to make abortion illegal. that amounts to a virtual ban. turkish law now allows women to abort up until the 12th week. >> police in berlin have arrested a canadian accused of
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murder after a week-long international manhunt. >> the former porn actor allegedly killed a chinese student in montreal and then fled to new york. >> police apprehended the murder suspect near the center of berlin. an employee of the cyber cafe recognized him. the employee took immediate action. >> i stopped the police officers and told them there was a man they were definitely looking for. >> interval confirm the manhunt for magnotta, who allegedly murdered a man in his apartment. police believe he then dismembered the corpse and placed dave -- a video of the murder on the internet. >> most of the officers have been there all night long. this is the kind of crime scene they have never seen in their
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life. i can consider that a horrible crime. >> at this point, magnotta had already fled to paris. police tracked is cell phone signal. before they reached the hotel, he fled again, this time by bus to berlin. a witness reported seeing him. after the journey, magnotta was taken into custody without incident. >> to britain now. quinellas a bit the celebrating 60 years on the thrown together with some royalty. >> thousands of gathered around buckingham palace in london for a concert headlined by music legends such as stevie wonder, elton john, and tom jones. >> all that time on a boat will do it to you. >> we have lots more coming up after the break. don't go away.
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stay with us.
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>> welcome back. testers are shying away from the debt-ridden economies of europe and the u.s. right now. what alternatives are out there? >> turkey is hosting the world economic forum and has been showered in praise for its economic prowess. >> its current deficit is still a concern for some, but the business world as well aware of the nation's ambitions. it is more than just a regional player. >> green fields on the outskirts of istanbul, field that will soon be transformed into a massive building site. work will begin within weeks. a saudi investor and its turkish partner are going to build 10,000 new apartments here. they will be up-market properties designed to appeal to turkey's burgeoning middle class as.
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studio apartments cost the equivalent of 30,000 heroes. a luxury 200-sq mi to report it will cost 300,000. -- 200-sq uare meter apartment will cost 300,000 euros. >> seeing the economic structure strong enough, and there are real chances to make money here in turkey. >> istanbul is witnessing a construction boom. the new shopping malls are opening up on an almost monthly basis. the skyline is changing rapidly. the city grows up boards and outports. downtown real-estate prices are now comparable to those in london. istanbul is at the heart of what has been dubbed "turkey's economic miracle." gdp has tripled in the past 10 years. in 2011, the economy grew by 8%, and public debt is just 35%
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of gdp, half that of germany. an international analyst says there is no end in sight to turkey's boom. they believe the country could become the economic powerhouse of the entire middle east region. >> i think it has many advantages over other economies, lots of economic instability has been lost over years, and we see that continuing. i think in many aspects, turkey could become a regional center in this region in terms of food processing, agricultural, research, automotive, as well as being a great tourist site. we can see in a number of areas, turkey could be a regional leader. >> turkey's biggest trading partner is still europe. its nest with middle eastern countries is in -- is growing fast. it has increased threefold over the past decade. turkish companies looked east
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and arab investors are pumping more money into turkey. one says it is all thanks to the religious conservative prime minister. >> we are at my ring, and we are supporting, the policy. he has tried to achieve collective policing, open the door is issuing the rules -- doors issuing the rules. >> the first apartments have already been sold. the businessmen is expecting a return on investment of at least 10%. >> another country with a lot of growth potential as mexico. large enterprises have found ways to profit there. >> as for small and medium-sized businesses in germany, they have been hesitant to enter the mexican market. there is a conference in germany
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that is trying to change that. >> aviation and renewable energy are two of the main topics under discussion. these sectors are growing in mexico. mid-size to german companies could get in, but many are sitting on the fence. >> the reason that smaller companies have a harder time going to mexico is the same reason that small mexican firms do not come here. they lack the resources of a big car company like audi or volkswagen. they cannot just send a few people to another country to explore opportunities. >> mexico is also struggling with a mostly drug-related crime wave that spread from the north to other parts of the country. residents of the capital have taken to the streets to protest. plenty of companies still see mexico is a dangerous place. >> this is a problem that hurts
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us. it also creates insecurity. we are convinced that we will get the issue under control and we are trying to right now. the crime rate has already gone down. >> despite the violence, larger german companies are continuing to invest in mexico, and conference organizers hope that small and medium-sized companies will soon follow suit. >> as far as business goes, europe needs asia and vice versa. a good example is in the energy sector. >> japan and germany are dealing with the widespread and popularity of nuclear energy. alternatives are in the focus, especially renewable. >> year is one example of the german-japanese cooperation. >> this house requires zero energy from fossil fuels. the 1300-sq meter dwelling as a heat pump. the device extracts heat from the outside air and pumps it inside to heat the house.
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>> we work with an air water heater that wrist -- that uses the outsider. we used a compressor to increase the temperature to a higher level. that is used to heat water inside the house. >> a hot water is then neutralized for under-floor heating. this building is where the company is based. the owner advises homebuilders on how they can save energy. a japanese company makes the heat pumps he installs. the two companies have been working together for more than 20 years. >> in japan, there is no nuclear power plant working right now. people are requesting to use the energy consumption.
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consumption will become hire, and eventually, they have to believe we have consumption in the longer-term future. to save energy is becoming more important, as well as to generate energy. >> solar panels on the roof generate all the electricity for so-called 0 -- the so-called zero energy house requires. the two are currently testing a new kind of roofing. it reflects sunlight better and makes the solar panels more efficient. for a house to be truly zero energy, its entire construction method has to be aimed at saving energy. >> deciding the insulation, of the windows, technical equipment, they all have to be optimized to contribute to energy efficiency. it is a question of finding the
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right very -- variations. >> the technology is still expensive. the house cost more than half a million euros to build. it will bring lasting benefits, not just for the environment. >> business news now. a rogue trader has begun an appeal against his conviction. he says his employer was aware of the deals he made. >> his dealings led to a bank losing nearly 5 billion euros in 2000. he was convicted of forging a trust and computer hacking. he was sentenced to three years in jail. he says he is being used as a scapegoat for practices of evading risk controls and that management knew about his deals. the character of modern art conflict is changing according to the stockholm international peace research institute.
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>> the 2012 yearbook is being published today and it addresses the booming industry and changes in national arsenals, especially in asia. >> their books as western governments are no longer willing to spend money on missions such as the one in afghanistan. they are trying to streamline operations, making them less costly and more effective. that means less funding will be available for alliances such as nato and international peacekeeping mystic -- missions. in terms of statistics, it is the first time in 13 years that global spending on weapons has not gone up. the u.s. is by far the biggest standard, accounting for 1/3 of the world's total. the report also says there are 1500 fewer nuclear warheads than there were last year, with some 19,000 in all worldwide. money is still flowing into new
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systems. india, pakistan, and china are consolidating their status as nuclear-arms nations. the arms trade is booming. the u.s., russian, and german companies are the biggest beneficiaries. the issue was spotlighted during the arab spring. the report suggests that little has changed. india has surpassed china as the biggest arms buyer worldwide, while china has wrapped up production to supply its ultimate pakistan. while the west tries to save money, asia is growing its arsenals. >> sports news. it is the long the suspension in the history of german football. a player has been banned for over seven months. it was his role in a chaotic play of last month. he punched a referee in the back of the head. they lost the game and launched legal action to force a rematch.
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the wait is nearly over. there are less than four days until euro 2012 kicks off. one of the favorites, germany, has now arrived in poland. >> germany opened their campaign against portugal on saturday in a ukrainian city. they are in what is known as the group that includes the netherlands and denmark. >> stay with us. captioned by the national captioning institute
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