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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  June 20, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> your watching the "journal" here on dw in berlin. finally they have a government -- the greeks no elected leaders have agreed to a coalition. we have -- we'll go led athens. >> each of its former president really close to death? >> and it england the ukraine to advance to the quarterfinals of the soccer tournament.
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political vacuum, the greek people now have a coalition to lead them. >> on wednesday, the leader of the new democracy party was sworn in as prime minister. >> you will not find people on the streets cheering about any of this. this new government has one headache after another awaiting it. there's no guarantee that this government will leave in last more than a few months like the that is keeping greece from going broke. gravity of the situation was impossible to ignore. after a short ceremony, samaras took on the job of prime minister. greek people.
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>> ask for unity and confidence. with god's help, we will do whatever is necessary to get through this crisis. my government will strive to give tangible hope to the greek people. >> in the afternoon, he met with the socialist leader and the leader of the moderate democratic left. the smaller party is expected to play a key role in forming and maintaining a stable government. >> democratic left party insists that alterations be made that will disengage us from the austerity commitments. we must lift the measures that have literally bled our society. >> but the greek people continue to suffer. and they are looking for signs of hope. >> greece is lucky to have samaras. we would be in big trouble without him. every other politician failed. he is our last hope.
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i do not trust any politician. i do not want to hold a grudge, but i just do not trust those people. they are responsible for this mess. >> in all, the three parties have found enough common ground to build a coalition, but the country's pressing financial concerns remain. >> our correspondent is on the line for us in athens. this has to be one of the most sobering, most un-celebrated beginnings for a government in recent history. these politicians had a daunting task ahead of them. >> certainly there are no celebrations whatsoever in athens to night, nor were there when election results came in on sunday night. mr. samaras said he wants to give hope to the greek people, but the greeks i met today do not have any hope. even though they have worked all their lives, they have been successful businesspeople, quite
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normal everyday people, and you did not expect them to be so dependent. these people have no hope lange government. they did not think it will change anything at all. the eu leaders in global markets will be happy, but most observers i have spoken to are very cynical about the prospects of this government lasting. they did win with a very narrow majority, and they have a strong opposition party, with a state did not take part in all in this coalition talks. damage to talk about the sarcasm in the cynicism that is there. there are reports that the two junior members of this new coalition have refused to sit in the new cabinet because they do not want to be associated with any new budget cuts that, of course, will have to come. >> the terms of the bailout agreement was a big sticking point during the coalition talks. all three parties that are going to be in this new government have distant viewpoints on the bailout situation. i think we will see some very
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difficult decisions made in the coming weeks. i think this government will get off to a very difficult start. they have not actually formed a new cabinet complete yet. that still has to be done tonight. i think there are still a lot of obstacles to get over, and the problem is, as i mentioned, all three parties are a different cut when it comes to the bailout. they want concessions. a lot of breaks up behind that as well. i think if the government wants to pursue cuts, they will see more people taking to the streets in protest. >> it could be a very long, hot summer in greece. as always, thank you very much. well, greece is not the only eurozone country in turmoil. italy is also facing major problems. ts economy is already deep in recession. figures released today show italy's industrial orders were down more than 12% in april compared to the previous year. government officials say that the drop came because of a slump in both domestic and foreign demand.
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>> the u.s. federal reserve is pumping another $267 billion in stimulus program aimed at reinvigorating the economy there. under the brand known as operation twist, the fed is selling short-term securities and buying long-term ones in an effort to keep borrowing costs down. the u.s. jobless rate stands at 8.2%. the government has cut growth forecast for 2012. investors were pleased with the news from the u.s. fed on wednesday. they said stocks mostly higher. our markets correspondent has this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> one step forward in greece, but very disappointing data from italy's industry. traders still have to deal with the euro crisis, but the german dax index improved a third day in a row. finally a new government in greece. markets have been relieved, but there is still the danger that the country has to leave the eurozone.
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some german banks see a greek exit in this year as very likely. floor traders still give greece a chance, and they hope new politicians come forward. >> let's get a closer look at the market numbers for you now. we stick in frankfurt where, as we mentioned, germany's benchmark dax closed higher on the day. your socks 50 was also higher. >> on wednesday, german chancellor angela merkel met with her dutch counterpart to discuss next week's european union summit. the leaders said they agreed that european banks needed more oversight. merkel said that there was no
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concrete plan for a coordinated purchase of the bonds from struggling eu countries, but she said that move remains an option. egypt's former president is in a coma, but he has been taken off life support. the state news agency had earlier said that he was clinically dead. >> but doctors say is vital organs are working, although he remains in intensive care in a military hospital. his ill health comes against the backdrop of political uncertainty with a contagious presidential candidates run off, any military granting itself sweeping new powers. >> mubarak is being cared for at the high-security military hospital that lies behind these walls. a former president's medical state remains a mystery. armed forces have denied a claim that he has slipped into a coma. outside the compound, supporters and opponents have gathered, airing their differences vocally
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but peacefully. this woman carries a sign praising mubarak as an honorable warrior. even on the edge of death, mubarak is a polarizing factor. >> this is nothing. god will dish out what he has coming and will retreat our human rights. of course he has the right to a funeral with military honors. he fought for egypt and sacrificed for our country. >> mubarak pose a medical condition has been the subject of speculation for months. he was last seen publicly when he was wheeled into court on june 1 and sentenced to life in prison. judges found him guilty in the deaths of more than 800 demonstrators. cairo's newspapers featured for the speculation on the former strongman's health, pushing the president's selections off the front page. though the outcome of the vote is still unclear, muslim brotherhood supporters again took to tahrir square.
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official results are due to be released thursday as egypt prepares for the post-mubarak era. >> is still reeling from a terrorist shooting spree this year and now has yet another incident. >> french police stormed a bank and captured gunmen who had taken hostages on wednesday. they had been demanded to see the emergency team to kill the terrorists responsible for killing seven people earlier this year. and the elite police team moved in, bringing the seven-hour standoff to an end. shots were fired, and officials say the hostage-takers suffered stomach wounds. remaining hostages were unharmed. four hours into the standoff, he released a first female hostage and then a second a short while later.
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the 26-year-old claims links to the al qaeda terrorist network. >> the hostage taker wants to make clear that he is not doing this for money. his motives are religious in nature. this is a very important message for him. >> investigators say the assailant is a psychiatric patient suffering from schizophrenia. he recently stopped treatment. shortly before noon, he injured a bank, downtown -- demanded cash and fired a pistol in the air. he then took up your people hostage, one of whom was reportedly the and director. the bank is located just a few hundred meters from the apartment complex where police captured a suspected gunman. the gunman had shot down a few people a few weeks ago. i am in a moment, we will have a roundup of the g-27 in mexico. -- in mexico. >> first, a roundup of other
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stories making headlines. in panama, clashes have broken out between police and protesters rallying outside the national assembly. police used tear gas against demonstrators who were throwing rocks. students and trade unions joined the protest against government plans to sell off some state assets. that 8-has hit northwestern japan. storm unleashed heavy rain and wind. -- >> a typhoon hit japan. another is forecast to this southwestern japan on friday. >> chinese police have prevented dissident artist ai weiwei from attending -- attending a hearing. he said police wanted to stay away. his white, the firm's legal representative, was allowed to attend. >> the g-20 summit wrapped up in
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mexico with development groups complaining that their concerns were ignored. >> they said four countries -- poor countries were reeling from aid cuts, but the eurozone debt crisis hijacked the agenda. >> despite differences at the end of the summit, leaders agreed to work together to promote global economic growth. >> world leaders came together in mexico with fears over the global economy looming large. the eurozone debt crisis dominated discussions at the summit. members of the g-20 urged europe to take swift action to tackle problems. >> the impression of taking away is that the international community wants us europeans to succeed in our task, and the discussions were conducted in this spirit. >> u.s. president barack obama welcome europe's pledged to tackle the crisis head-on and said he was confident that the block could break the fever.
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>> our friends in europe clearly grasp the situation and are moving forward with a heightened sense of urgency. i welcome the important steps that they have already taken to promote growth, financial stability, and fiscal responsibility. i am very pleased that european leaders here said they would take all necessary measures to safeguard the integrity and stability of the eurozone. >> g-20 leaders did not strike any concrete deals, but the issued a joint statement beijing to spur growth, but with strict budgetary discipline. international monetary fund cause a boost, too. its resources are said to be stocked up to help stabilize the global economy. >> after the break, we will be getting an update from the united nations conference on sustainable development, which is open in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro. >> doing a bit of some hopping.
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there has already been some controversy. we'll talk about it a bit more after the break. >> stay with us.
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>> welcome back, everyone. protecting the environment and reducing poverty -- those are the goals of the rio +20 some of that is under way in brazil. >> at the opening ceremony, the united nations secretary general said time was not on our side. ahead of the summit, negotiators agreed to a draft communique, which focuses on encouraging grain economic growth and boosting united nations efforts to protect the environment and promote sustainable growth, but many environmentalists say the statement does not go far enough. >> the summit in rio de janeiro is expected to produce a huge document on protecting the environment and reducing
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poverty, but it is what is not in that document that is worth considering. i talked about that with our correspondent at the summit. >> the final document acknowledges a multitude of problems the world is facing, but it actually lacks the solutions for it. there are no targets, let alone binding targets. there is no road map, no compliance regime. it is basically just acknowledging that there are problems but no solutions. yes, for the first time, the concept of a green economy has been written into an official international document, but again, it does not say what green economy actually means. it is left to the individual countries to define what they want to do, how they want to do business in a more sustainable manner, but since there is no compliance regime, they could also just continue with business as usual. basically, we are at the same point we were 20 years ago at
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the first earth summit when a lot of problems were identified but no solutions. >> we have been doing this for 20 years. why do these meetings seem to always leave us frustrated and wanting more? >> i guess there is one general reason, which means that -- which is the sustainability or a sustainable way of doing business actually means a limit to growth. one has to acknowledge that, and that is a bitter pill for everyone. plus, there are different countries that have very different agendas. the u.s. is the land of big oil. they are interested in fossil fuels as long as there are fossil fuels. they are not really interested in a green economy and renewable energies, so they are always a big obstacle, a big stumbling block, and you have developing countries. they are still catching up to the industrialized nations, and
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they say it is their right to have growth to get to where the major countries are. last but not least, the european union and germany who are actually four -- for green economy, but at the moment, they are just too weak. they have their own financial crisis in europe. they do not have any political clout to reach a more ambitious document. >> it seems like things are a lot more complicated today than they were 20 years ago. thank you very much. one of those who is disappointed in the draft resolution is barbara, who attended the first estimate and would like to see more action. >> she still energized by the goal is saving the environment.
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20 years later, she is still a true believer. >> she still believes it is possible to implement a global, environmental, and climate protection policy. a committed activists, she has seen her share of disappointments over the past two decades. she is highly critical of the draft final declaration. >> the document is not visionary in nature. it lacks clearly mandated political phrasing we had hoped for. nothing is being initiated for the future. it does not even mention the major ecological issues. >> the 1992 earth summit in rio was hailed as a turning point in global environmental efforts. participating nations acknowledged the threat posed by climate change and vowed to combat the core causes. >> we were euphoric, optimistic. we really wanted to achieve something. the illusion was that with the
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end of the cold war, power could be shifted to combat poverty, environmental damage, climate change, and the hole in the ozone layer. >> for many of those who remember the first summit, rio+ 20 is a sad the disappointing affair. >> the red cross says it is a -- preparing to evacuate civilians from the syrian city of homs. >> opposition groups have agreed to temporarily halt fighting to allow the move. icrc representatives say their priority is to evacuate the wounded and deliver medical supplies. >> now for the european football championships. ukraine is out of the tournament. the country which is coasting europe 2012 needed to win against england. they gave it their all but in the end lost 1-0. >> ukrainian fans were hugely disappointed, especially after a highly controversial decision by
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the referee depriving them of a goal. >> it could have been an equalizer for ukraine. the linesmen thought otherwise. john terry hook it out. footing shows it was over the line, but the referee did not allow the goal. ukraine had a few other chances, but it was england that had the game under control. after missing the first two games of the championships serving a suspension, it was england's rooney who scored the winning goal, showing just how important he is to the english team. the rest of their chances were wasted. england faced italy in the quarter finals. >> sweden are out of the
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competition, despite beating france 2-0. >> the suite state was -- their fate was sealed ahead of the match, but that did not deter them. they were ahead just after halftime. they kept up the pressure, and just before the final results, it was 2-0. france will now face defending champion spain. germany gearing up for their big match against greece on friday. german chancellor angela merkel will be on hand in poland. >> one of the players she will be rooting for is the mid-field star. he has played a key role in past tenements and does not let pressure get to him. some would say he could stand the heat and he can stay in the kitchen. >> the chef of the german soccer federation is giving pointers. the midfielder also loves to cook.
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they are preparing risotto, something the chef says is not too heavy and will provide energy for the game. >> conditions for us are bad, but the quarter finals here, so no travel. >> he thinks germany will win, but he admits few in the german camp brought greece would be their opponents in the knockout stages of the tournament. they have been analyzing videos of the games and practicing special place -- plays to make sure they beat the euro 2012 champion. >> you can expect them to defend strongly. they will have to be patient. but soccer games are not just a walk in the park. we will have to work at it if we want to win. >> it was his goals which played a huge role in germany's impressive third place showing in south africa two years ago. he was the highest score there with five goals.
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however, at this tournament, he is scoreless. >> no excuses. i have got to do better, and i know i can do better, but in the end, what is important for me is not scoring a goal but instead helping my team. >> for now, though, he is helping out in the kitchen. for game day on friday, the chef has already planned his menu. what else could it be but a greek salad? >> of russia and germany are celebrating their long and at times tense history -- russia and germany are celebrating their long and at times tense history. >> it kicked off with an exhibition in moscow on wednesday where everything from the state's ski -- dostoevsky's notebook are being shut off.
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>> many artifacts of being seen in public for the first time. >> peter the great most likely pick up this medical kit on a trip to germany. it is on display at the state historical museum in moscow, one of many artifacts from 1000 years of german-russian relations. many of the objects are on display for the first time, such as this manuscript from the 11th century. >> despite misgivings, we have put the book on exhibit. this is the first portrait of a german-russian family. >> the exhibit displays all the encounters in the middle ages, as well as alliances through world manage it -- marriages. it also includes modern history such as the fall of the berlin wall. the darker chapters of relations are also part of the show. the german and russian
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researchers spent five years on the project. >> we think that real knowledge about a long-shared history is very important in order to understand the present and help create a positive future. >> the exhibit kicks off what is being called the russian-germany crossover year. the show travels to berlin in october. >> all right, do not forget, you can find out more about the euro 2012 soccer tournament on our website, do not forget that game between germany and greece on friday. >> you can also check us out on twitter @dw_sports. sign up. captioned by the national captioning institute
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