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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  June 26, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪ >> hello, and welcome to the "journal" on dw. i am brian thomas in berlin. >> and here are our headlines. >> turkey says it will treat any threat from syria as a hostile act and respond accordingly. >> spain's borrowing rates soar with moody's close to downgrading madrid's bonds to junk. >> germany get ready for a euro 2012 clash of the diet -- titans in and make or break semi against italy. ♪
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welcome. turkey says it would not hesitate to use force in response to any future incidents involving syria, who shot down a turkish warplanes last week. ankara says it has changed the rules of engagement for its own forces and breaches of the border will be met with the response. >> this comes as the nato military alliance, which turkey is a member, discussed the downing of the warplane. on tuesday, nato stood with turkey and condemned syria. >> the turkish prime minister called the downing of the turkish jet a hostile act and one that would not go unanswered. he warned that any incursion into turkish territory by syria would be met with force. >> any military unit approaching turkey from the syrian border that represents a security risk will be seen as a military threat and will be treated as a military target. >> the prime minister said syria
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had come to constitute a danger to turkey and called for the syrian president to step down. he offered his country's full support to "liberate the syrians from dictatorship." but his deputy prime minister said ankara is now considering direct military action in response to the incident, and nato has eight -- made it clear there will be no collective armed response. but the alliance said it condemns the shooting down of the plane in the strongest terms. >> another example of the syrian authorities's disregard for international norms, peace, and security and human life. >> rasmussen said serious actions were unacceptable, and the message from ankara on tuesday it is that turkey would not tolerate a repeat of the incident. >> for more on this story, let's
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go to istanbul and our correspondent there. is this just tough talk from ankara or is a military response likely? >> this is certainly a ratcheting up of tension by the turkish government. this morning and offering full support to the opposition, the words of the prime minister, to bring the tyrannical regime down it is an indication that turkey is hosting many leaders of the syrian opposition. the question remains, will the support extent to arms are facilitating the transfer of farms into rebels in syria? up until now, turkey said it would not do that. a major concern is this warning of syrian forces close to the turkish border. this poses a major dilemma. they have been moving forces close to the turkish border to curtail the smuggling of arms to rebels in syria which has markedly increased already.
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did they withdraw and that the arms smuggling increase or do they fail to keep up the warning? and start a conflict could bring nato in? >> what about the possibility of a turkish military incursion into the border area? the prime minister floated the idea earlier this year. he said he would speak protecting refugees, as he put it. >> he did not receive much international repute -- support, but this announcement for syrian forces not to come close to the turkish border could be a way of bringing up the idea of a safety zone. it the syrian forces cannot go close to the border, that provides a refuge for syrian refugees and also for the syrian rebels fighting the regime. >> thank you so very much for that from istanbul. well, the head of u.n. peacekeeping operations says
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syria is too dangerous right now for u.n. observers to resume their monitoring there. syrian opposition activists are reporting another day of fierce fighting, especially in and around the capital damascus. the u.n. says the situation on the ground is not improving with more atrocities and civilian casualties every day. >> south korea has become the first major asian economy to halt oil imports from iran. the move comes ahead of european union insurance band on tankers carrying iranian crude which takes effect on sunday. the ban is part of a series of measures by brussels and washington and aiming to pressure tehran into abandoning its nuclear program. >> and grease's malia elected government is continuing to have a hard time getting on its feet, overshadowed by health troubles and diminishing funds to pay salaries and pensions. all of this just days before a key ec summit on the debt crisis. >> the new nominee for finance
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minister has made original and new proposal for helping the nation out of its malaise. >> including using state property as collateral for new bonds to raise more than 100 billion euros and sorely needed funds. >> the rocky beginning to the new government of greece filled newspaper front pages tuesday in athens. headlines like, a lonely country 6 finance minister and allies had the ring of a personal act. >> it is indeed a bit strange. was there a reason not to become finance minister? if he had a reason, he should have said so. >> others say it does not matter who takes office as long as that person rolls back eu austerity mandates. but finance experts warn that the sudden resignation sparked more questions about the country's ability to renegotiate the terms of its bailout.
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>> what the troika wants to see is a government that will bring back their rates. so far, the politicians that a part of the current cabinet have shown in the past that they're not able to save the country, so i am very conscious that the troika will accept any major changes. >> the new greek finance minister will face an uphill struggle to secure revisions to his country's mammoth international bailouts. >> cash is increasingly in short supply, not only in greece, portugal, and ireland, but now in spain as well. the cost of government borrowing is approaching historic highs. quick short-term borrowing costs and nearly triple this year as madrid struggles through the recession and undercapitalized banks. and do not forget cyprus, which is also seeking relief. it could need a bailout worth more than half the size of its economy. >> finance ministers from france, germany, italy, and
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spain meet for preparatory talks in paris tuesday evening. the french coast says thursday's summit should lay the groundwork for the second phase of the euro. >> the topics include integration, which signed a long-term will lead to euro bonds. regarding germany, we want to work with germany. >> but the german government opposes euro bonds, saying it would discourage financial restraint and force german taxpayers to shoulder other countries' debt. this debts and not as more eurozone countries come under pressure. cyprus is the fifth eurozone remember to ask for financial assistance from the eu rescue fund. in spain is also in trouble. after madrid applied for an eu bailout to shore up its banks, moody's downgraded 28 spanish lenders. >> it shows how they see us and how solvent they think we are abroad. >> investor confidence in
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spain's banks is already tumbled. the downgrades now make it even harder for them to get their hands on fresh capital. they are sitting on billions of euros of toxic assets. the question of how to prop up spain's faltering banks will be high on the agenda at the talks in paris. >> so far, germany has been able to buck the trend of eurozone economies, thanks largely to strong exports and steady consumer spending to the german consumers are not immune to concerns about the economy. our correspondent has more from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> here on the floor of the frankfurt exchange, the people do not believe that the german consumer can avoid the effects of the crisis in the end. but for the moment, the very sturdy labor market here and rising incomes for german workers are still causing a good mood among consumers. should have been a good piece of news for the shares here, but it was not. it was just too much insecurity on the other hand over the euro
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sovereign debt crisis, especially in security over the future developments in spain. infinian really went downhill. the share lost over 10%. the company had to concede that because of the situation in the world economy, it will not be able to keep its sales and profit goals. >> let's take a closer look at how this has been playig out on the markets. we begin in frankfurt were the blue-chip dax index closed just slightly up, 6136. the euro stoxx 50 ended slightly down, 2127. across the atlantic, the dow jones is going up about 0.5%, 12,570. the euro is trading at $1.2499. >> well, still to come, despite the eurozone crisis, germans keep donating money to aid organizations. >> but first, a quick look at these stories.
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officials in pakistan say the u.s. drone and dacca's killed at least four suspected militants. there reportedly took place in south waziristan near the country's border with afghanistan. this comes amid heightened tensions between islamabad and washington. pakistan is demanding that the u.s. halt all air strikes. >> russian president vladimir putin has met his palestinian counterpart mahmoud abbas in bethlehem. it is the second day of his trip to the middle east. he praised abbas' responsible position in negotiations with israel and called on both sides to resume talks. >> after talks with burmese opposition leader aung san suu kyi, a french president francois hollande says his government will do everything possible to support the democratic transition under way in burma. hollande also said he was prepared to welcome burma's reformist president. >> foreign ministers from the
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european union have agreed to start accession talks with montenegro. they are warned that the former yugoslav state has stepped up its efforts to fight organized crime and corruption, but the decision still has to be endorsed by eu leaders at this week's summit. >> 30 people have been killed and more than 100 are missing after a landslide in eastern uganda. authorities say there's little hope of finding survivors. two villages on the slopes of the mountain were buried by the mudslide which was triggered by days of heavy rain. >> tropical storm debby continues to drench the u.s. state of florida. torrential downpours and high winds have triggered a flood warnings along the gulf coast. debby promises to bring more of the same in the coming days as it moves slowly on an expected path across the state before heading out into the atlantic by friday. well, you think you're up's debt
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woes would have everyone watching their finances a little more closely or lease being a little less generous when it comes to donating money. >> but that is not the case here. a private german charity has reported the third best results in his 50-year history. one focus of the group are drought-stricken parts of the world. >> somalia, mali, and burkina faso our three countries that have been especially hard-hit by drought in africa's region. animals have been dying. for many people, their only assets. the german charity welthungerhilfe has invested 17 million euros in the region to help prevent famine. but it warns the threat is continuing. >> the intervals between the periods of drought or getting shorter, so people are not able to rebuild. >> welthungerhilfe says drought threatens food supplies and north korea, affecting the lives
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and livelihoods of millions of people. the critical time as the interval between the winter and summer harvests. >> many people, including many children, go over the fields with pails and canisters at trying to water these giant fields by hand to stop the plants from drying up. of course, this is not sustainable. it only works to a limited extent. >> if it does not rain soon, welthungerhilfe will start another emergency program in north korea. in the long term, the organization is working on growing drought-resistant plants in the country. >> of britain's queen elizabeth is in northern ireland for a two-day visit. she was greeted by crowds at the scene of a deadly ira bombing in 1987. >> on wednesday, she is due to shake hands with a former ira commander who fought for decades. today, he's the deputy first minister of northern ireland.
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one important meeting. we will be back with more in one minute ride after the break. >> that is right. stick around. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> thanks for staying with us. >> we turn now to the european soccer championships. germany are preparing to lock horns with 18 they have never been able to be dying a terminate, italy. >> the italians went head-to- head against england, taking them down in a penalty shootout on sunday. the italian team are expected to pose a challenge to the young german squad's hopes of getting further than the semis. >> experience and temperature are two of the defining characteristics of miroslav klose. but confidence is helping germany's oldest players stand out. >> i think we're very well-
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prepared and in good shape, too. we are ready for italy. >> it sounds like a challenge, but italy is in rare form as the english and goalie learned on sunday. there is still no word from germany's euro camp on who will take the lead against italy, miroslav klose or mario gomez, who scored three goals this tournament. >> with two great strikers, our coaches lucky. you can pick who he thinks is best for the match. he has shown that he can pick the right man. >> it remains to be seen which striker its the nod from coach joachim low for the semifinal. the german squad heads for warsaw on wednesday. >> excitement is also building ahead of wednesday night's iberian semi between portugal and spain. the winner of there will face off against germany or italy to
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lift the trophy. the portuguese squad has arrived in a ukrainian city to cheering fans to get a headstart on celebrations. the spanish team also got a round of encouraging applause upon leaving their base camp in poland. >> it is no exaggeration to say that a fair portion of the planet sports fans are turning into the euro 2012 matches, whether on tv, radio, our internet. >> in the u.s. alone, if your ship is up 82% over the last tournament in 2008, and fans are coming from all over the world, including from asia. >> we met up with some malaysian soccer enthusiasts and asked them what brought them here for euro 2012. >> for these football fans, finding the way to the pitch may not be difficult, but getting back to the hotel is a different story. >> behind this commercial
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center. >> thank you so much. >> these people come from malaysia. they do not have a team in europe in 2012. they just love football. "football is for the whole world. all the people in this world really enjoyed this game. >> they say does not import for them which team is playing. they have covered the experience, to find out for themselves what european football mania is really like. with travel, accommodation, and tickets for the games, it is costing them around 2500 euros each. plus extra for souvenirs. >> for my girlfriend. for my mom. and this for me. >> this scarf was just borrowed for the photo. but travelers say many people in malaysia do not know much about poland, but all their photos
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could help change that. >> these two have decided on their favorite teams for the day and by the appropriator shirts. >> greece. >> they explained that in malaysia, people play football, but the national team rarely makes it into a major tournament because to many other countries play better. in europe in 2012, their loyalties are divided. >> i am for portugal. he is for china. >> portugal. >> the malaysians' enthusiasm for football goes down well as outside the stadium in warsaw. they say they will be happy whoever ends up winning the
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tournament as long as they can cheer them along. >> now they are having a great time. >> they sure are. >> the deutsche welle global media m four m is taking place in bonn on media facing a sustainable world. education is part of the program. >> millions of children worldwide still do not have any opportunity for an education, and organizations like unesco and the u.n. continue to work to improve their plight. >> at this elementary school in southern malawi, the day begins with a free breakfast. for five years, the children have been given more meals things to the u.n. village project. almost all the children in the village attend the preschool. five years ago, that was not the case. only half went to school. getting children educated is a global challenge. right now, 17 million have no access to education.
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at deutsche welle's global media forum in bonn, participants are discussing are due change that. >> india has agreed law that guarantees everyone living in the countryside the right to work. the government organizes that and financing. using the same funds or other similar finance plans, educating children should be possible. >> poverty, violence, and war are some of the hurdles standing between children and access to quality education. and denying children access to schools has become a new tactic in conflict regions. countries like afghanistan have seen radical islamists increasingly attacking girls' schools. a around 61 million children in developing and emerging nations do not attend school. and 28 million children are living in areas of armed conflict.
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germany and other countries which provide support for developing countries have recognized the new challenges in conflict areas like pakistan and afghanistan and adjusted their aid programs. >> our involvement in afghanistan is bound up with preparations for the troop withdrawal. security in afghanistan is dependent on the country's development. development and security are two sides of the same coin. >> some 13 billion in euros will be needed to achieve the unesco goal of free basic education for all children worldwide by 2015. despite the ongoing financial crisis, germany plans to increase its contribution. >> it is not just in the best interest of the countries where we are investing money, it is also in our own economic best interest.
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germany is an export and trade nation, and we're dependent on the development of the middle class is in these countries. and without education and there is no middle-class. >> unesco cautions that investment from donor countries should not be just determine the possible long-term economic advantages for the donors. it says education is a basic human right. >> for decades, south africa was a mecca for big game hunter is keen on backing the most dangerous of prey, the elephant, the wildebeest, and the law in. but those animal populations are now protected. >> but not all of them. z. oos have been raising lions only to release them in controlled settings for a new generation of big game hunters. here is more on the plight of hunt lions in africa. >> cute, playful, and the top attraction here at the lion park
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north of johannesburg. 15 cubs can be seen daily by tourists. for many visitors, it is a unique and direction. >> [unintelligible] >> but are they really wild in the true sense? a few days after their birth, these animals are separated from their mother and bottle fed by humans. as the cubs, they are a tourist attraction. but what happens when they grow up? it is feeding time in the lion sanctuary, a three-hour drive from johannesburg. 75 lions are kept alive here. left to their own devices, they would starve to death. none of them never learned to hunt. they all come from zoos, circuses, are breeding facilities and have been raised by humans. and that has sealed their fate. >> when they get too big to have
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direct contact with humans, they are sold to a dubious places. and to hunters. >> hunting lions bred in captivity is a lucrative business in south africa. known as canned hunting, it results in the debts of around 1000 lions each year. it is the final link in a commercial agenda begins with the cute cubs and often ends like this. here, the emphasis is on education. school classes frequently visit the sanctuary. for many peoples, it is their first encounter with a real lion. they learn of the hazards posed to wildlife by close interactions with humans. it is a lesson not talk at the klion park i johannesburg. >> if we do not protect them, there will be on the endangered list.
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also, letting somebody touch a lion, it is and experience of a lifetime. i think that is a good thing. >> and so, lion cubs continue to be marketed for their cuteness factor. we're sure they will be sold to circuses and not to hunters, the one thing will be certain, they will never be seen in the wild. >> it was -- it was a much for joining us. that is all we have time for right now dw. >> and you can find more on our website at see you soon. >> goodbye. ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute ♪
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