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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  October 24, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> welcome to the "journal" coming to you live from berlin. >> coming up for you in this half hour -- >> germany opens a memorial to roma murdered. >> greece claims it has succeeded in extending the terms of its bailout, but the european union says no deal has yet been reached. >> organizers of the tour de france unveiled a route for next year's race that will be a big
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test for cyclists in the mountains. a memorial to the roma and senti people has been unveiled in berlin. it took 20 years before the project was completed. >> an estimated 500,000 were killed by the nazi regime. german chancellor angela merkel says that chapter of german history filled her with sorrow and shame and pledged to protect minorities in today's germany. >> it features names. a poem has been engraved on the edge. finally, recognition for the group's suffering, but even
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today, roma and senti say they are victims of racism. >> it is not just partisan groups that give voice to this racism. it is increasingly becoming a mainstream phenomenon, and the way that politicians deal with violent far-right ideology is is a litmus test that shows us which lessons we learned from the war and the holocaust and if we have learned them. >> the nazis killed up to 500,000 senti and roma. for a long time after the war, germans overlooked their suffering. it was not until 20 years ago that the german government decided to set up a memorial, a place of remembered. >> by commemorating the victims, we are also making them a promise, which is how i view our duty to protect minorities today, and it is a duty we must fulfill today and tomorrow, not just because of the horrors of
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the past. them more and more sinti -- >> more and more sinti and roma are coming to eastern europe, and they are largely fleeing politician. they say attested german politicians today will be how they treat these new arrivals. >> our correspondent was at the memorial ceremony. we asked him how survivors felt about today's proceedings, coming almost 70 years after the end of the second world war. >> my personal abiding memory of what has been a very important day will be conversation with one of the survivors who gave very moving address here in berlin today. one spoke to him personally, he told about when he was 7 years old and when and how his family at the time in the netherlands, which is where he grew up, were taken down to the local railway
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station to be put on a train to be taken to auschwitz where the vast majority of his family actually perished. he was at an area of the platform where there was a dutch policeman who saw him together with some of his family members, and he saidcen -- he said, "is g to be another train passing through, and when i lift my hat, you will run and get on that train and you will escape with your life," and that is exactly what happened. tony told me that he hopes this ceremony and memorial here in berlin will be a signal that such horrors will never be repeated in the future. however, he did tell me about his fears that the discrimination against sinti and roma reaches such levels sometimes that he is concerned people have not learned the lessons of history. >> we will have a special report on a german sinti musicians coming up later in the program, but now we shipped our position to greece, where the country's
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finance minister says he has negotiated a two-year extension. >> despite claims in athens that a deal has been reached, however, the head of the european central bank was in berlin wednesday when he said nothing had yet been finalized in greece. >> the head of the european central bank, mario draghi, probably expected german lawmakers to grill him on monetary policy, but he was surprised when asked to comment on the extension of greece's bailout. he said that he was unaware of such plans. >> the review is not finished yet. i understand progress has been made, but some parts need to be defined. i do not know anything more on that. i cannot comment on these
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rumors. >> in athens, the greek finance minister told parliament he had reached a deal with the country's international lenders on an extension to meet budget targets, but the german government denied that an agreement was made and insisted that euro group finance ministers would first have to examine a report by the troika's debt inspectors. >> the europe group will look of the proposals when they are presented. and not before or amid speculative reports that have been made up or contrived. we do not even have a date for that meeting, so there is nothing new. >> the social democrats chancellor candidate believes there is no alternative to keep increase in the eurozone. germany willhave to provide funding to ensure a stable europe. >> i expect greece will be granted a time extension, but that means other countries will have to provide additional loan
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guarantees. this has to be addressed by the german bundestag and my impression is some members of the coalition wanted to avoid that. >> it is estimated that an extension would cost at least 20 billion euros. >> we spoke earlier to our brussels correspondent and asked her about the confusion surrounding greece's new budget deal, or is it no deal? >> it has been a day of rumors and denials. the european commission in brussels key to maintaining that there is no agreement yet with the greek government. similar messages kept coming from berlin as well, until the german finance minister got fed up and said people should stop speculating about what a potential agreement could bring because there is no such agreement yet, but it is no surprise that there is speculation because the negotiations between the greek government and its international creditors are entering a very
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crucial phase, and people are pwondering -- will the creditors give greece more time? lately in the past couple of days and weeks, the number of positive comments on greek progress has been rising. lots of people are now saying the greeks are actually implementing the reforms that have been missing for such a long time, and that was the missing building block, so it is looking very likely that greece could get more time, but under which conditions, that will only be revealed after the troika report has been published. >> german business confidence fell for a sixth straight month in october, hitting its lowest level in almost three years. the closely watched survey highlighted growing concerns that europe's largest economy might contract in the current quarter. >> analysts had expected a rise in october, but instead, a german businesses surveyed indicated they were doing worse
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this month than in september. managers do not expect much of an improvement over the coming six months, either. >> let's take a closer look at wednesday's market action, and european shares managed to rebound from tuesday's sharp sell-off and finish the midweek trading session with modest gains. we have this summary from the german stock exchange. >> the german market managed to shrug off the news of the ever declining business sentiment in germany, and this is mainly thanks to two companies. they were the first dax members to come up with their third quarter earnings reports, and both companies -- the software company and the car maker -- managed to beat analysts' expectations by far. both s.a.p. and vw have something in common -- business was strong in asia and north
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america, which means weakness in the european markets could be compensated. >> the dax finished the session up -- oh, no -- it plunged little bit at the very and finishing -- let's call it flat. the euro trading at a value of -- now these numbers are all out of whack. that is the dow crossed the atlantic. it is currently down slightly at 13,084. on currency markets, the euro trading at a dollar of -- a value of $1.2969. the dax was up 5.25% at 70000 hundred 92 points. euro stoxx 50 finishing up by 0.5%. >> between the years 2007 and
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2008, kerviel engaged in risky trades that the bank estimates cost it 50 billion euros. he says as employers knew about his activities, a claim societe generale has rejected. u.s. carmaker ford has announced it will close its factory in a belgian town by the end of 2014. >> like many other car makers, ford is suffering from declining sales in crisis-hit markets in southern europe. analysts estimate the automotive giant could save 350 billion euros with the closure. >> the plant, which ford calls underutilized, currently employs 4100 people. >> "hands off my job" -- the workers at the ford plant do not want to give up, but it is already too late. >> please take note that the
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board of directors has decided all production will cease here. am employees are angry and afraid -- >> employees are angry and afraid. 3400 workers will be out of work when the plant and production -- ends production. >> i just hope that the people who made this decision can sleep well tonight. >> i was not expecting this at all. restructuring, sure, but not this. >> it is a shame for us. for the economy and the region, it is a catastrophe. >> ford produces three models in belgium, but to save money, it now plans to move production to spain. that tough times for belgium. after opel, it is the second big plant closing its doors. europe is also a market which
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has already today over capacity. them and antitrust regulators have filed a complaint against software giant microsoft that could cost the company billions of euros in fines. the dispute centers on microsoft's failure to provide browser choices for its operating system. >> following an earlier antitrust case, microsoft promised to offer a browser choice screen, but for 18 months, this was not available to all windows 7 users. microsoft apologize for the breach of promise. the u.s. giant could be fined up to 10% of its worldwide yearly turnover. authorities in germany and the netherlands have launched a major cross border operation to catch motorists breaking the speed limit. >> thousands of speed cameras have been set up, and extra police officers are on duty to catch speeding drivers. >> there's no escaping the radar gun. even 9 kilometers over the speed limit will net drivers a 15-
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year-old fine. thousands of police are patrolling the streets of the netherlands and germany as part of one of the biggest campaigns against speeding ever, but some drivers still are not slowing down. >> i heard about it, but i am in a hurry because i have to take a test at school. >> police have set up around 4000 speed traps on streets known for speeding as well as an area suggested by local residents, but experts disagree over how effective the international campaign will be. >> this campaign will only really make sure people obey the laws today, but people should pay as much attention to traffic laws every day. >> the interior minister is confident the effort will succeed. >> what is important is that people talk about the controls. we are hoping to make people take traffic laws more seriously.
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there were five traffic deaths caused by speeding in north rhine-westphalia alone last weekend. >> police say the cameras did slow drivers down and resulted in fines for 39,000 speeders. >> we're going to take a short break. back in just minutes time. >> much more to come. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. it was a day of tribute to sinti and roma in germany. after 07 years, immoral and knowledge in the persecution and murder of their ethnic groups by the nazis has finally been unveiled in berlin. >> it was an important recognition of the pain and suffering inflicted by the nazis. many still face discrimination in europe and in some countries, the threat of deportation looms large. >> we caught up with one man from a sinti family in germany
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and can now bring you this special report. >> this guitarist loves jazz and swing. the german-born musician belongs to a minority. he and his family are sinti, an ethnic group that would migrated here from india about 600 years ago. this family has lived in berlin for generations. he is aware of the stereotype of the sinti as carefree that the bonn minstrels. despite the stereotyped, music is a passion for him and a legacy. >> in the 1980's, my family founded a band consisting of my father and my mother's brothers. i was always at their rehearsals and at the performances, and the excitement in between made me a musician. i got infected. >> he grew up in communist east germany when berlin was a divided city. he experienced prejudice early
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on. it was widespread in both parts of germany -- east and west. >> i got a political school because i was the only dark- skinned kid -- i got bullied at school. >> he made up a new identity for himself, telling people that he came from a country that germans liked. >> "why do you have black hair? why is your skin so brown?" "i am italian," and that was ok. then the gypsy, now considered a derogatory word, -- >> gypsy, now considered derogatory word, was a common term for the sinti. during the nazi era, insults and
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discrimination reached its height, culminating in the systematic murder of sinti and roma in concentration camps. the name of the street are heroes of a children's book, one of whom was a real person, a member of his family. it left a mark on the survivors. >> my grandfather would warn me not to play with german children, not to go up to their apartments where their parents were. he was truly afraid i would not get out of there alive. >> it took germany a long time to admit responsibility for the genocide against the sinti and wrote. more assets and exhibitions are devoted to them, but he does not expect those to change attitudes. >> you cannot sign a paper
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saying, "we commemorate you," and signed another paper deporting thousands of roma. >> it has german citizenship and feels himself to be german but with a slightly richer background than most. sinti or german -- that has never been a problem between him and his fellow band member to see the other -- has never been a problem between him and his fellow band member. to see the other as a person and make music together -- that is their way of overcoming prejudice. >> international peace and envoy brahimi says the syrian government has agreed on a cease-fire with rebels over friday's holiday. and he says most rebels he has met are also willing to sign up to the proposal, but a final decision is expected on thursday. >> heavy fighting, such as here
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in this province, may not cease during the muslim holiday which starts on friday and goes on for four days. brahimi announced the move after talks with opposition and the government. he says it would be an important first that. >> all i want to tell you is after my visit to damascus, there was an agreement amongst the serious gap -- the syrian government for a cease-fire, and i believe they will release a statement either today or tomorrow. >> yet, despite his optimism, there is still mistrust between the two sides. the free syrian army says it will hold its fire but only if regime forces stopped firing first. they also accused the government of saying one thing but in doing another on the ground. >> libyan pro-government troops have taken over one of the last
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remaining strongholds of the former leader's regime. >> thousands have fled last month, due to fighting between rival militias in the isolated city. it was one of the latest city to surrender to rebels during last year's rebellion. organizers of the tour de france have unveiled next year's centenary route. we will have a look at that in just a moment's time. >> coming up first, let's take a look at some other news in brief. israel has carried out more air strikes on gaza, killing at least four hamas militants and wounding several others. israel launched the strike after palestinian militants fired rockets at southern israel from gaza overnight. >> a rebel catholic group has expelled a controversial british bishop after what it says were years of discord with its
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leadership. williamson is known for his far- right views and was found guilty in german courts of denying the holocaust. >> jamaicans are bracing for flooding as a big tropical storm approaches. tropical storm sandy is near the south of the island. winds from the storm already peaked at 95 kilometers per hour. board is have urged jamaicans to prepare for sandy's arrival. back to cycling out and the route of the 100th edition of the tour de france has been unveiled. cycling's most prestigious event will feature 21 stages and start on the mediterranean island of corsica. >> race organizers hope to move past the lance armstrong doping scandal. on monday, the international cycling union stripped him of his seven titles. >> many of cycling's top stars were on hand as the 100th edition of the tour de france was unveiled, but the event was
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overshadowed by the lance armstrong doping scandal. >> it is bad. it was kind of disgusting what happened. we cannot forget that we should learn from others mistakes. not only writers, but people behind -- not only riders. >> organizers want to make it clear that they're doing everything possible to crack down on doping. when somebody claims that the anti-doping controls are not effective and we should reinstate previous results, i say today's results are much more effective, irrespective of the armstrong era. >> several riders in next year's tour have been punished for building in the past. he expressed sympathy for armstrong. >> he was my idol, the rider that most inspired me.
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his case is really complicated, and it really destroyed him. >> fans and riders are struggling to come to terms, enthusiasm is lacking. m at the german athlete lost her opening match against serena williams. >> williams was the clear favorite, eventually winning 6- 4, 6-1. well, he is back after four long years. james bond has returned to the silver screen. >> daniel craig once again plays the world's most famous secret agent with a license to kill in the new film. >> the premier was held in line with critics saying the movie was an intelligent and savvy addition to the bond series.
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>> pomp and circumstance for a piece of cinematic tradition. even the royal family could not stay away. as the james bond series celebrates its 50th birthday, prince charles and his wife were among the guests at the premiere of "skypefall -- "skyfall." >> incredible fun. these movies are just one big collaborative process, and we have the best in the business here. >> this is daniel craig's third outing as the secret agent. >> bond. james bond. >> this time, hackers attack mi6, and bond takes them on, but he's got a lot to deal with, especially from women, and in particular, his boss. >> take the bloody shot.
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>> as always, bond gives everything for her majesty's secret service. >> g. dennis has an important role. >> a lot more to do and a lot more challenges. -- to the bench -- judy dench. >> it is much tougher than i thought it would be. i have a real respect now for action heroes. >> a fabulous tales about the ultimate action hero. >> before we go to update you on the champions league match at fourth it -- 40 minutes in, for men and real madrid -- dortmund and real madrid are drawn. >> setting up for an exciting second half. >> absolutely. do not go away. captioned by the national captioning institute
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