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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  May 21, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> officials in oklahoma revising the death toll from monday's devastating tornado downwards, but they're facing a monumental effort to rebuild homes and lives. >> german software giant sap recruiting people with autism as i.t. experts. >> april aeronaut and exorcisms. a papal blessing on viral. -- a blessing, not an exorcism.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> even in a state all too familiar with the destructive force of tornadoes, this one with the exceptionally violent. >> it took down buildings built to withstand it tornadoes and wind. >> ever did to crews found out across the devastated southern suburbs of oklahoma city. >> initial casualty estimates have been revised downward but they now have a massive job of restoring crucial services. >> the tornado reduced a wide swath of this oklahoma town to rubble. many people have lost everything. dozens of children trapped in their school when the twister hit.
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authorities say the number people killed is lower than initially reported. the tornado slammed down on the town of moore, spanning more than 3 kilometers clocking wind of more than 320 kph. was down 1% ever reached such wind speed. one girl told a local television station how it felt when the storm hit. >> the tornado went in and i was hanging onto one of the desks. i fell back and all the third started getting in my eyes and on my clothes. >> the tournedos date on the ground for 45 minutes leaving chaos in its wake. they went to work as terrified parents looked for their children. oklahoma called out the national
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guard and president barack obama declared the region a disaster area. he pledged to cut any red tape blocking federal aid. >> the people of moore should know that their country will remain on the ground there for them, beside them as long as it takes for the homes and schools to rebuild, businesses and hospitals to reopen, and parents to console, first responders to assist, and children who will need our love and attention. >> many residents are without electricity or water. residents will be needing all the help they can get. >> is the help getting through? we are joined by max hoffman in washington. what's the latest on the rescue operations? >> there was just a press conference by a local and
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federal authority. they say they have a preliminary number of injuries. they believed at least to a record 37 people injured and of course this number should rise. but no official number on how many lost their lives because officials are not sure how many people and how many casualties have been brought in. fema is on the ground, the federal emergency management agency, they came down because president obama declared this a major disaster which it then the capability to bring in funding from the presidential disaster fund to moore in oklahoma city. their biggest concern right now is finding shelter for all the people who lost their homes. >> the original death toll has been revised downward the considerably. why is that?
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>> in the beginning when that hit, all of the telephone lines were down and communication was down. there were departments working in the gutters of a have to figure those things out -- have to work together. the devastation is so big. everyone is waiting for this one number. >> what kind of warning did residents receive? is there anything that could have done to protect themselves? >> everyone knew there was severe weather. there were a lot of storm warnings and they had seen what happened further down south with that storm system so no surprise that there would be tornadoes in the area. as you said, they are accustomed
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to that kind of weather phenomenon. the thing with tornadoes does that happen very quickly. you cannot predict when they're going to go back down and up again. it's not like a hurricane for you can observe fo days on. 50 minutes warning is not that bad. yawp to find shelter underground. not everyone has a basement door storm shelter suited and some people just did not make it. >> as ever, max hoffman, thanks so much. >> israel is accusing syria of launching an attack. israeli soldiers were patrolling their side of the cease-fire line when they came under fire. >> this video released by the israeli army on tuesday plans to
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show troops exchanging fire with syrian soldiers. it came after an israeli vehicle crossed into their territory, the syrians claimed. this could drag in neighboring countries and to the conflict. this incident also comes amidst the rising tensions of the widening involvement of israel in syria. >> aid agencies voicing growing concerns for the plight of refugees and there has been a call for church officials to speed up the process for the silent sufferers. >> here in germany, at least they feel safe. they fled after he received threats from the syrian secret service for protesting against the president. he says no one in syria is safe. >> one of his fighter jets killed my ogles family, his wife
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and five children. a missile hit their apartment and now they are all dead. >> most syrians who can afford to leave the country do so. many go to neighboring jordan or lebanon. they have each taken in about 475,000 syrians. some are heading for refugee camps in turkey, iran, and the rock. -- and iraq. 11,000 have applied for asylum in germany and churches are calling for them to be given refugee status with immediate effect. >> people have the chance to integrate. there are no restrictions. they get language courses. it makes sense to alleviate the process by giving them refugee status. >> the protestant charts want them to take in about 1000 syrians. he hoped to return one day, but
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he says while he remains president his family has no future. >> pressure on the german defense minister is growing amid questions about his role in the canceled euro drone program. >> the defense ministers already under fire for withholding information from the federal audit office and our german newspapers as they knew for years that the euro hawke would not get the necessary certification to fly in european airspace. >> why was the project told so late? he is expected to answer that question when he addresses a parliamentary committee in early june. >> the program has been canceled, but questions about the decision to abandon the surveillance plane remain. opposition politicians say the financial damage could have been limited. they put the blame on the defense minister.
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>> given that he knew about problems coming needs to explain why he applied for more funding from the budget committee even though it was clear that the project had failed. he needs to reveal the truth. >> the opposition has other questions. why did he not mention the euro hoc problems at a cabinet meeting two weeks ago? he called it a central component of the reorientation. why has his ministry withheld documents from federal auditors? the defense minister is not saying. the free democrats are concerned about the implications for a planned nato surveillance drone program. >> germany has committed itself to provide 400 million euro and we urgently have to prevent that from becoming another financial disaster.
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we need information about how the data system is proceeding, otherwise we will pull the emergency brakes there also. >> conservative policy makers agree that they will find out more in two weeks when he will appear before the parliamentary defense committee. >> apple ceo tim cook has denied claims that they avoid paying u.s. taxes by shifting profits the foreign affiliates. >> testifying before the senate committee he said that apple paid all the taxes that they owe and that it is america's largest corporate taxpayer. the also called for a major role on all of the tax code. he testified after the committee accused them of giving -- using a web of offshore business interests to avoid paying billions of dollars in u.s. taxes. >> let's get a check on how the stocks shipped up on tuesday. we have this report from frankfurt. >> back and forth coming up and down.
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the real difficulties to make a decision rather -- whether to sell or not. despite some positive news, the german bundesbank expects a strong recovery after a very disappointing per quarter. spain could successfully collect fresh money from very good conditions and spain could profit from the lax monetary policy in japan. investors are looking desperately for a higher interest rate. >> for a closer look at the market numbers. just a slight gain on the day closing 0.2% higher, but still enough to get the index to another record nonetheless. eurostoxx 50 lower. positive momentum continues were the dow was trading at 15,408. euro-dollar is at $1.29 one.
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-- $1.2901. >> carnival has cut their earnings outlook for the second time. >> they have been struggling with falling revenue after a series of disasters. last year, the concordia son killing 32 people and earlier, almost 3000 passengers were left adrift in the gulf of mexico after their ship lost all power. german software giant as ap plans to recruit people with autism to do pro to -- -- sap plans to recruit people with autism. some people with autism can perform complex mathematical tasks much better than the average population and that is exactly why they have turned to a recruiter professionalizes in placing candidate with autism. >> >> she has a kind of autism
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that makes it difficult for her to navigate social situations or do more than one thing at a time and that is what the employer is looking for. here, she calculates -- looks at cable routing. she can work at one task for hours on end without losing focus. >> at this company, the accommodate our needs much more than the other way around, to a certain degree at least. >> her company has hired special people like her. they are all specialists in their field. they have set out to change the way autism is perceived. >> it's amazing. the complexity of the constructions. we really need to make sure that
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skilled people like this get the opportunities in the corporate space. >> among their force bombers, big names like microsoft and now they're looking to profit from the same vision. >> coming up, it was not an exorcisms. >> we explain why after the break. back in a minute.
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>> welcome back. the catholic church has issued an explanation denying reports that the pope conducted an exercise mat a mass on sunday. >> millions of people viewed online pulte francis performing what son took to be -- what some took to be in excess of them. the pontiff was simply prying with the man. >> is long, buddhism, and hinduism -- islam.
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>> after saying mass, mingling with the faithful and one camera caught an incident that has some wondering if the pope performed of exorcisms. >> these images were broadcast by the official station of the bishop's conference. he blessed the handicapped person and then moved to the next. after a few words, he put his hand on the head of the young man who appeared to shudder ran the slump down in his wheelchair. t be 2000's as professional exorcists are sure that he was performing an exercise some, a prayer to drive the demon out of a possessed person but the vatican was quick to deny the claim. >> what happened was a meeting with a suffering person, which some have interpreted as an
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exorcisms. this is baseless and on true. the holy father did not perform an exorcism. he prayed for a suffering person. >> exorcisms remains a recognized right in the roman catholic church. priests may perform a they have the approval of their bishop. the president of the international association of exorcist is a former priest to has said to perform thousands of such rituals in his career. many people in the church are skeptical about exercise some. they see as a throwback to medieval times that has no place in modern church. >> john has been viewing the video and analyzing this for us. he joins us now in the studio. john, was that an exorcisms? >> i don't think it was. and exorcisms as a driving out of the evil and there are very
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formal prayers and symbolic gestures associated with the ritual in the roman catholic church and having looked at that video, i'm pretty sure it was not one. >> why is there such a stigma about exorcisms? it's fairly popular in other religions. >> it is, through all the world's major religions and even some of the minor ones. and exorcisms occurs on every christian baptism. not all christians are aware of this, but every baby who was baptized in the christian church, orthodox church, roman catholic, protestant, they actually undergo a particular form of an exercise some. the reason it has become really rather sensational in the west is because about 40 years ago all the blood got on to the idea that they could make exciting horror films about exorcisms
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with sex and violence into these horror movies and people associate that with it. it is a rejection of evil and it would be stranger than a religion to not reject the bill. >> what do you think was transpiring? >> it was a very intense personal encounter between the pope and this young man who was suffering and was very touched and overcome by the fact that he was being touched by the pope. i have often seen people in tears to have had personal contact with the pope. it's a unique experience in their lives. it's not surprising. in this case the young man was disabled and possibly also mentally handicapped and he had a very intense experience. no more than that. >> john, thank you were the insight. germany and spain have signed a deal to help tackle the youth
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unemployment crisis that is running rampant in spain. >> more than half of young spaniards are without a job and many companies in germany are struggling to find trainee's so now there's a new agreement aiming to bring both sides together bringing young spanish workers to germany for training. >> it is a drop in the ocean comparing to the hundreds of thousands looking for work, but for those who benefit, it is a repair rate of hope. -- it is rare. >> youth unemployment is running at a record high 56%. many say they have given up on their chances of finding work in their own country. >> it's an alarming situation. every day, there are more people without a job and all we can do is go look abroad. >> over the past three decades, the number of spanish migrants to germany has risen
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dramatically. the figure was almost 30,000. german labour minister regard the youth unemployment as one of europe's biggest problems. together with her spanish colleagues, she signed a deal in madrid aiming at promoting the mobility of young people. >> we have vacant training positions in germany have a moment. we're very glad we have young spanish people were training in germany. >> at the madrid brunch, at the two vocational programs have long been a part of the company's philosophy. during the apprenticeships, they also attend vocational college in this approach could prove to be one way out of a hardship for spain's young job-seekers. >> we will be getting a sneak peek at preparations for the all-german champions league
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final in london this weekend. >> iran has announced former president cannot be a candidate in the elections next month. he was known as a moderate and a reformer when he was in office. the iranian interior ministry did not give a reason for the decision. >> the human-rights watch has criticized afghanistan for its failure to address the violence against women. they also said more and more women are being jailed for so- called moral crimes often referring to women who have fled forced marriages and domestic violence. >> a new sculpture unveiled in hong kong by a french builder. it is 5 meter high elephant balanced on a man's back. it's part of events celebrating french cultures in the former
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british colony. this reflects the burdens people have to bear in life. in dortmund, going to want all the power and skill that they can get in the big match on saturday. munich is on a roll and they will not be easy to beat. >> the spectacle of an all- german final is fascinating for the host. england and germany have a very competitive tradition. >> are reporter paid a visit to wembley and found a certain memorable year is still echoing through the ages. >> their golden memories for football nations in and around the iconic when police station, the magic number 1966 is ubiquitous. it was the world cup final and england's most famous victory, the controversial bolt that sealed the win. it is still the highlights of wembley's illustrious history.
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>> this is the actual crossbar, the original from the 1966 world cup final. the england striker, his shot crashed against that crossbar and in england, we know that the referee and the linesman had laser vision. they could clearly see it up the ball had crossed the line for that third goal. >> now, the germans are coming back, this time for an all- german champions league final on the hallowed wembley turf. what are they to make of that? >> i think there's always a lot of passion between the english and the germans because of the 1966 world cup. i think it is just that general feeling of that we would rather be there, obviously, because it's in england. >> it could have easily been
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barcelona and real madrid, two spanish teams, so we are europe. why should not be two german teams? >> of the wembley tour takes visitors through the entire stadium. they can find out where the supporters will be sitting and what path they will take to their seats. the referee locker rooms and the team changing rooms. there is a code to open the doors and legend has it that it is 1-9-6-6. finally, the climax of the tour, the tunnel through which the teams take the field. next saturday, byron munich and more -- bayern munich and dortmund will take the pitch. >> we will look after you. yes, very good.
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>> and why not? there is no erasing the memories. 1966 and the magic of wembley. >> dortmund is breathing easier in spite of the transfer of their most talented younger player to rival bayern and star striker. >> he has confirmed that he at least is saying. the international had been rumored to be weighing a move possibly to barcelona and they said last weekend's injury will not be stopping him from joining the line up for a match against bayern on saturday night. >> stay with us less than less thandw. >> thanks for watching. we will see you next time.
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