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tv   Journal  PBS  June 9, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> walked onto the "journal" here on dw tv. libya after gadhafi, world leaders meet to map out a new way after gadhafi. the euro's alone signals a hike in interest rates. angela merkel says that a move to end nuclear power is the right thing to do. moammar gadhafi is holding on to
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what he can while much of the rest of the world is planning a at the b l what he is history. leaders from the u.s. to kuwait met to map out a post-gadhafi libya. they poured millions of dollars into an international fund to help the rebels. he said that the end of gadhafi may come sooner than we think. >> delegates believe that gadhafi's days in power are numbered. hillary clinton says that the closest allies are seeking talks on a transfer of power. >> we are putting the economic and political pressure on gadhafi. his isolation is growing. the list of officials that have abandoned him are growing.
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>> at a nato meeting in brussels, germany said that it was willing to help with reconstruction and the defense minister did not rule out sending troops if there was a u.n. mandate. >> we are hoping for a solution that does not involve a military presence. perhaps helping to set up new security forces. if things turn out differently, and when -- we will examine constructively what is needed. >> there are calls for the end of german involvement in the air campaign over libya. >> the president of senate gaul is calling on moammar gadhafi to step down. he is the first african head of state to do so. he also offered to help them relinquish power. the president is visiting the rebel stronghold where he has met with officials of the
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transitional national council. his former allies should step aside in the interest of the libyan people. for some women in libya, the end of the gadhafi era may come too late. there are allegations that his troops are using sex and drugs and using rape. our next report contains emotional and disturbing footage from one woman that says she is a rape victim. >> looked at what gadhafi's militia did to me. look how they violated my honor. the scenes played out in front of a tripoli hotel in march. she said that she had been kidnapped and gang raped by troops. she was soon carried away.
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now the u.n. ' s chief prosecutor says that there was evidence that rape was used as a political weapon. they were given aniti-impotence drugs to help them to attack women. >> we are getting the information back in detail concerning the policy. we are trying to see who is involved. >> the prosecutors issued warrants for gadhafi's arrest last month. now they are considering rape charges. >> she managed to leave libya and is now recovering from her ordeal in romania. >> more syrians are fleeing their country as the country continues their crackdown on
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protesters. turkey says they are taking in about 2500 people. turkish ambulances have been standing by to rush any wounded refugees to hospitals. aid organizations have some of tent camps in provinces to provide emergency shelter for the refugees. tanks are descending on the town. relations between syria and turkey have been healthy. could a wave of people leaving syria stem those tides? >> they say they have good relations with syria. they do not need that again, the catastrophe that happened when the kurds came in and all the people died and turkey was stuck
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with the kurdish fighters for decades to come. they were trying to keep things stable in syria. they were supporting the regime and calling for reforms, but not calling for the regime to step down alike in egypt and elsewhere. we have ben seeing a lot of frustration on the turkish part. they are just not going anywhere. last week, a member of the turkish parliament said that they have been talking to the opposition. the town of voice is becoming more frustrated towards the syrians. we are seeing a shift happened. >> steve is here to tell us about the inflation watchers of europe. >> it seems that interest rates might be heading higher. the ecb left rates unchanged on thursday. they have been talking about the
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greek debt crisis. >> ecb president rejected a proposal by the german finance minister to get private bondholders to swap current funds for bonds with more maturity. that would give greece and extra seven years to pay. >> we exclude all concepts of which would not be purely voluntary without any evidence of compulsion. we call for avoiding any credits event and selective default. >> the ecb left its benchmark rate unchanged. trichet indicated that a rate hike could take place next
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month. >> the outlooks are on the upside. accordingly, this is warranted. >> it is a difficult balancing act. the ecb is trying to keep inflation down without stifling growth. >> the greek cabinet has tackled a new plan to tackle the budget crisis. it involves cutting spending and extensive privatization program. thousands of greeks took to the street to express their outrage on austerity measures being imposed on the country. the package still has to be approved by parliament. international monetary fund report of the says everybody involved in the discussions is opposed to any involuntary debt
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restructuring. the finance minister had a campaign on debt maturity. germany's fine -- private financial sector is exiting the greek market. >> a german finance minister made a deal with german banks in may, 2010. the financial institutions pledged not to sell greek bonds. a deutsche bank ceo pledged to back the plan. >> if a house is on fire and surrounding homes are at risk, it is not productive to hold a debate on the structure of the house. the fire has to be put out first. >> financial times reports that the banks have sold almost a third of their greek bonds. despite german central bank figures that shows that german banks held 16 billion euros
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worth of greek bonds. critics accused german banks of breaking their promise. apparently, a business is business, especially when it comes to shedding millions of risky bonds. >> i asked him at if the risks are simply too high. >> i am not sure whether it is correct that there is a lot of selling activity by financial institutions. certainly it maturing bonds will not be automatically replaced by new bonds. the amount of bonds may be declining on balance sheets. i do not think there was a big selling spree because the prices for great bonds are very depressed. there is a huge risk premium in
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the present crisis. it is the decision of every investor saying i will stick to my exposure in greece because the policy is credible. they are saying that there will not be a sovereign default. >> let's have a look at the share markets. we can have a look at the market in frankfurt. beginning the day at 71.59. the dow jones industrials also gaining 12,124. the euro trading at $1.45. they may have sold 147,000 cars. much of the increase was due to a strong comeback for b&w ' s mini brand. it will increase production for the traditional compact car in
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britain. they have pledged to invest more than half a billion a year rose -- euros in britain. >> his head is almost too big for that money. one last chance to argue her case. angela merkel told parliament that now is the time to begin and in nuclear power in germany. parliament is expected to vote on legislation which called for all the nuclear reactors to be shut down within the next decade. >> the chancellor knows her credibility is at stake. not only does she has to present a realistic road map to klose germany's nuclear power plants by 2020 to, she also has to explain her policy u turn. before fukushima, she was
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willing to us -- except the rest. >> this is part of our overall energy policy. i now want to say unequivocally to this house, fukushima has changed my attitude to nuclear energy. >> at merkel's beach was met with derision from the opposition benches. the social democrats accused her of copying her policy from a decade ago. >> you have the nerve to stand here and present yourself as a pioneer of germany's energie transition. astounding. the new clear exit was set in law and it was presented in the place of her opposition to 10 years ago. that is how it was. >> the social democrats have indicated that they will
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support the new legislation. the greens are undecided. >> the death toll from the e. coli outbreak in germany has reached 29. they found the deadly strain on cucumber scraps at a family that had fallen ill. that was not enough proof because the cucumber was in the garbage too long. the number of new infections is declining. scientists warned that because of the outbreak may never be found. time for sports news. the nba finals are moving to game 5 of the best of seven series. on tuesday, the dallas mavericks beat the miami heat. the dallas fayed is largely tied to their star forward nowitzki. he battled a fever and a torn tendon in his finger to lead his
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team to victory. >> he is taking care not to pass on what he had on tuesday. he is looking fitter. >> the feeling in your head is what bothers you down. the fever is what makes you feel as weak as a baby. the important thing now is that it is under control. you can forget the rest. >> the dallas mavericks will probably be glad to see the end of the season approaching. most of the star players are nursing some sort of injury. >> playoffs are hard going. for a month and a half, you are only thinking about basketball. you go to your limits. you can hardly sleep after it is over. that wears you down after a couple of months. >> game 5 is crucial. after he helped the mavericks may get a 2-2 tie.
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they are hoping to beat the heat, and his fever and the miami heat. >> he is here in the middle of your screen. he won the fourth stage. the overall tour leader is br adley. she is an internet superstar. she has her on website and fans on facebook. she is the cross side -- cross- eyed possum. she is going on display in the tropical house. she shot to fame when her photograph appeared on the internet. now she is set to become the
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star attraction. i wonder if she was sending pictures of herself to people on facebook. stay with us. i will be right back with our in-depth report.
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>> will come back, everyone. the german the park -- parliament is discussing the phase out of nuclear energy. what will fill the gap once all of the reactors are taken off line? there are other initiatives are around the world that could show germany the way to a totally renewable power grid. first we go to brazil where today's garbage is being used to produce tomorrow's electricity. >> instincts, it rots, and it never stops growing. the residents of sao paulo
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produce 14 tons of rubbish every day. it ends up a garbage dumps on the outskirts of the city. as it decomposes, it in mets and a large amount of methane. this dump is different. here the ravages covered by large plastic sheets. he has been working here for the last six years. what it was leaking gas, so we've spread a plastic sheet over it. recapture the gas through these vents. >> the aim is to use it to generate electricity. the methane gas collected at the dump is transported to a pipeline located several kilometers away. there is used to power turbines and generate electricity. the regional government has recognized the potential of the environmentally friendly energy. it is helping to subsidize the
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garbage dump. >> the city of sao paulo is not a commercial enterprise. it regulates and promotes the use of energy sources. for us, it is about getting the rubbish dump to serve a new purpose. >> this is where the electricity goes, too large complexes such as the mall. it has been using the bio-gas generated since it opened. it is much cheaper than conventional power from fossil fuels. >> this is one method that we are convinced really works. this electricity is very sustainable. we do not need any other source of energy. >> the city of sao paulo is determined to go ahead with the low carbon option.
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plans to build as many as 150 bio-gas plants. if there is one thing that authorities can rely on, it is a solid supply of rubbish. >> while european authorities are looking to replace fossil fuels as their primary energy source. greece gets about 50% of its energy from coal-fired power stations. the country is now looking to capitalize on its power stations. a hybrid power plant is being built on an island. that could serve as a model for the rest of the country. >> this island has more than its share of wind and plenty of streams and rivers. ideal conditions for its new hybrid power plant. the energy cycle begins at this dam. surplus water is diverted into
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the valley. the new power plant will convert it into energy. wind power will be used to pump the water backed up into the dam, completing a sustainable power cycle. the project originators are pioneering the field. >> we have circles of energy from the wind park. we are going to pump the energy up so that we will have this available for making energy again. >> it is still a huge construction site. it will hopefully look completely different in a year. >> we are in the place of the first powerhouse, which has to be built. a little bit to our back. that will be the first phase of power generation. through the water. >> clean energy to replace the
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old diesel fuel power plant. the dilapidated power lines are also being replaced. the grid had not been able to keep up with the island's power demands, especially during the tourist season. the power generators were not able to make up the difference. the inhabitants are happy to be getting stable power. >> we have always had an electric. >> the pilot project is scheduled to be finished by late 2012. the power plant will meet about 40% of the island's power demands. in winter, that number could rise to 80%. crete has already signaled an interest in the technology. greece is not the only country with plenty of wind and water.
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>> in the future, our energy needs are likely to be met by a mix of renewable sources. geothermal power is possible. it taps into heat from the earth's court. it has been used as a source of heat since ancient roman times. now, it is being used to heat buildings like this one in hamburg. >> this is the window behind the window. the building has a second class front, behind which fresh air can circulate. that makes air-conditioning superfluous. the use natural resources whenever available for cooling and for heating. the building draws warm water from as deep as 80 meters underground. it is called the geothermal energy. >> the earth has a constant
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temperature of 12 degrees celsius. in the winter, it is brought up through a heat pump and converts it to 40 degrees and is brought through the floors. in the winter, you use the 12 degrees and let it cool the building. that is the geothermal principle. >> the future occupants of these offices will not notice any different from conventional oil or gas heating. the gas piping transport the geothermal energy to every corner of the building. >> it reduces the energy requirement considerably. >> by how much? >> there are reference buildings to compare your own building with. we need only 70% of the energy that another building needs. that is considerably less.
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we save 30%. >> most of the new buildings in hamburg's revitalize district save energy in similar ways. if you add energy seat -- saving internal factors such as led lighting, it uses less than a quarter of a traditional office building. is it worth the investment? >> there is a general belief that it is all terribly expensive and no one can afford it. we have not had to make the kind of exceptional investment that you say will not be worth it. in the long run, you actually save a lot of money. clots that especially applies to future heating bills. once the technology is installed, geothermal energy is
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free. >> that has been our in-depth report. thanks for watching and thanks for the company.
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