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tv   Journal  PBS  June 24, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> you're joiningjona" >> welcome. >> here are the headlines. th cl m sermario, the italian baker named new head of the european central bank. friday prayers again and once more thousands of syrians take to the streets in anger at their government. >> and german business confidence risesneecdl in june despite the euro zone's death woes.
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>>ure lloon have a new baking boss. e.u. leaders appointed italian mario dragi. he's been named the new sup mario. he'll face the daunting task of leading the euro safely out of the debt crisis. >> e.u. leaders were caught up in a tussle. the nomination of the italian banker to ecede jean-claude would have left italy with two board members and france with none. afterreur from president sarkozy, i -- the italian bank director offered to st ade
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>> he rang me this morning. and told me he would be taking up new duties before the end of the year. >> when he takes or, t greek crisis will still be a priority. >> i have confidence that the three institutions --he ropean commission, the i.m.f., and the e.c.b., will do their best to negotiate a program that has a good chance of getting results. evyo kwsreeaces a difficult road ahead. >> and no one knows that re than the greek prime minister whose fiscal austerity plan goes to parliament next week. if it passes, they can start negotiating a second bail youfment as an added incentive, the e.u. is offering development grants worth a biioeusin a move aimed at creating jobs and help get the greek economy back on its
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feet >> in syria, more reports of security forces firing on pro democracy protesters after friday prayers. activists say more than a dozen people have been killed. theyrn army has also been raiding villages along the turkish border as part of its crackdown. thousands of refugees have osd toury to escape the bloodshed. >> protesters flee as security forces fire tear gas and live ammunition. syrians across the country turned out in large numbers after friday prayers. unverified video shows violence in several locations. activists say at least 15 people were killed. syrian television is presenting other picture, free from the crackdown on anti-government protests. it's called upon residents to rern to their homes saying the army restored stability from armed terrorist gangs. the town has been a flashpoint of pro democracy demotrations.
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>> the hospital has resumed service and all citizens are welcome to seek treatment. we have people from the surrounding villages coming for medical attention. >> sirans are not expected to return home anytime soofpble more than 11,000 found refuge here with more arriving every day. they don't want to go back until president assad has been forced out of power. >> our reporter has been visiting refugee camps on the turk irside of the border with syria. good evening. >> good evening. i spoke with quite a few refugees today, actually. and i spoke with a man named samir, who lived on the turkish side of the boardser for quite a long time. he was waiting to talk to his brother who just fled sira. his brother said the troops are acting like bar bare dwrans --
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barbarians. another told us the syrian troops have no regard for human life. so these are the reports we're hearing. we saw them firsthand today. we were standing right across the border. we could see syrian refugee settlements right on the border. and there was a commotion there. we got a call from a few turkish friends who told us that a father and son who had been trying to flee the camp to the turkish side were shot dead. all of these reports are hard to confirm because there are no journalists allowed inside to that site. but this is what we're hearing today. >> talk to me a little about the conditions the refugees are living in right now. >> we got actually full access to the camp yesterday. and too be -- to be honest, the refugees seemed really happy with the conditions. there are neat rows of white tents. there are all sorts of social activities, a volleyball net, a movie that plays every night, impromptu barbershops, good bathroom facilities. everyone we spoke to seemed to be really happy and grateful to turkey and to the red crescent
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for providing them with shelter and safety. everyone was smiling, despite the circumstances, and despite the fact they don't know when they're going back home anytime soon. >> all right. our reporter on the turkish-syrian border reporting for us. thank you very much. libyan rebels say they are holding indirect talks with the regime of muammar gadhafi. the rebel national transitional council says mediators were discussing a possible political settlement under which gadhafi would step down. in a move that could mark the beginning of wider talks between the two sides, gadhafi's government released rebel supporters on friday. the men arrived onboard a red cross vessel. some said that they had been imprisoned and tortured by government forces. well, the german interior minister warned of the danger of young muslims becoming radicalized. at a meeting on friday he called for a new security partnership with the muslim community.
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>> in march, a young muslim original whether i froms could voluntary shot dead at frankfort airport. the gunman had become radicalized after watching propaganda from islamic extremists. the group has become increasingly active in germany. lone terrorists pose a high threat because they are harder to track down. germany's interior minister was calling for greater vigilance from the muslim community. >> we're finding that certain groups in particular are targeting young people looking for direction, in the phase after puberty. they're targeting 15 to 21-year-olds. everyone should be aware of this danger. families, mosque associations, schools, and teachers. it's a key goal. >> muslim leaders say the message has to reach imians and their congregations. they are the ones concerned parents would turn to.
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>> muslims have a vested interest in making sure extremists don't get a foot in the door of their mosques. to make that point clear is an essential part of security policy. >> germany's muslim communities are already working closely with services. they would like it to become closer and more streamlined. >> all right. the end of the week. you have some good news for us. >> that's right. german economy upwards. business confidence has risen for the first time in four months, beating analysts' expectations. that's according to the june survey of the business climate in germany conducted by the munich-based institute. the positive assessment indicates europe's largest economy is still going strong, at least for the time being. >> the machines are in constant motion. the order books are full. german firms are happy with how business is running. 7,000 company executives regularly take part in the
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survey. the results are pooled to create the i.f.o. business climate index. though already high, the index increased slightly in june. >> the german economy is booming. assessments show the situation is extremely good. companies are evidently earning a lot, and demand is very high. particularly from emerging markets. >> but global financial problems are threatening to put a damper on germany's prospects. the manufacturing industry in particular has downgraded its outlook for the future. the eurozone debt crisis, the weakness of the u.s. economy, and the economic fallout from the earthquake and tsunami in japan are likely to take their toll on german exports. in fact, economists believe the german up swing may have already peaked. >> traders in frankfurt focused their attention on european banks. for now this wrap-up of the
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day's trading. >> how fit are europe's banks? this question was intensively discussed on the trading floors this friday. the rating agency moody's announced it's going to review its ratings of italian banks. this news caused the stocks of these banks to slump significantly. here in frankfurt, shares of a bank was a big loser. rumors insurance companies might face duffleys passing the stress tests which are -- difficulties passing the stress tests conducted by the european supervisory authorities for the financial sector. >> and a closer look at some of those market numbers in frankfurt, the blue chip dax closed down wards at 7121. the stox 50 index finished down as well, 2715. the dow jones closed down almost a percentage at 11,934.
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and the euro is trading $1.4175. the hamburg court ordered a british oil company, b.p., to continue supplying diesel to a european-based oil group owned by state entities in libya. it's, therefore, theoretically subject to sanctions on libya. but the court said b.p. must fulfill its supply contract, explaining that the company doesn't pass on profit from its german gas stations to the libyan state. the court said stopping supply would only hurt local operations. and this was not in keeping with the spirit of the sanctions. the air show in paris ended today. for european aircraft makers, it was a huge success. the new arizona bus did especially well -- airbus did especially well, collecting 1,000 orders since its launch six months ago.
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the plane has wings and engines which make it more fuel efficient. even airbus was surprised by the flood of orders. u.s. rival boeing wasn't as successful' air show receiving significantly fewer orders. and garbage, garbage. >> yeah, time to take the trash out. they've been saying that for a long time in naacpals. no one wants piles of garbage on the streets, but that is what the residents in napels, italy have been putting up with for years. it's a crisis by the political and powerful mafia mobs that control the garbage clearing business. now a new mayor is grappling with the problem but is finding more than a mountain of trash standing in his way. >> residents of naples are fed up with the garbage piling up on nearly every corner in the city. the summer heat has made the stench unbearable. in spite of years of pro fest
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little has changed. tempers are boiling over. >> this is a petition signed by all of us and addressed to the public prosecutor. it ends with a question mark. rubbish is nonpartisan. we're just the victims. who are we supposed to turn to? >> tons of garbage are lying around here. the problem has to be solved urgently. i'm sure this isn't mayor's fault. he's only been in office for 10 days. >> naples' new mayor comes from a small anti-corruption party. since he took office organized crime sinned cats have been flexing their muscles. they make their profits from the dump and incineration plants. and if the mayor has his way, they stand to lose out. >> the goal for the coming weeks is to make naples more and more independent, in particular through sorting trash and more recycling through composting. >> the mayor is meeting obstacles not only from organized crime but also from the prime minister's conservative government.
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rome has yet to allow the tons of garbage to be transported to other regions in italy. some locals are removing waste themselves. but it's an exercise in futility. as soon as a pile of trash is cleared away, a new one promptly takes its place. >> well, the u.s. actor period of time faulk, best known for the tv detective colombo, has died at the age of 83. he became world famous with his portrayal of the rum appealed -- rumpled investigator. he also starred in tv films and films. he suffered from dementia for several years. >> some sports news. formula one leader failing to shine in practice for the european grand prix. the defending world champion only clocked the third fastest
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time in his red bull. so much for that drink. fernando raised the hopes but ferrari driver is still chasing the last win of the season. louis hamilton posted the second fastest time. and schumacher finished fourth. qualifying will take place on saturday. and i drank a red bull today. soccer now. berlin is gearing up on -- up for the women's world cup which kicks off on sunday. the opening game will see germany face canada in front of a sell-out crowd of 75,000 at the olympic stadium. germany, a red-hot favorite to win its third straight title. they even have the backing of the potential successor, the psychic octopus. >> if the berlin octopus is to be believed, germany will win on sunday. no fewer than eight have been recruited.
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none of them predicted berlin's olympic stadium would be sold out, a rare experience for the germany women's squad. >> if we play well, i think we will, then it's somehow a lot cooler if more than 70,000 fans are celebrating and doing the mexican wave than if it's only 150. >> world cup excitement is building in the german capital as the fans begin to arrive in the city. >> we came just for this. we're making a long weekend of it. we're really looking forward to sunday. >> it's something different. it doesn't always have to be the men. >> we're at the camp site here. we're going to watch all the games. we've seen all the qualifying matches, and we've got tickets for all the germany games. >> sales of world cup merchandising are picking up and manufacturers added a feminine note to the usual this year, especially for the women, starting with lipstick in the german colors, little hearts, a woman's jersey in black, red
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and gold. >> the buildup is confounding skeptics who argued the women's world cup would not draw crowds. >> i want to see her wear those soccer eyelashes. stay with me. i'll be right back with our "in-depth" report.
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>> welcome back. the countdown has started to the fifa women's world cup kicks off on sunday. 16 teams will be competing for the title, bringing back memories of the hugely successful 2006 men's tournament when the world looked to germany and the world cup. the opening game will be played here in berlin's olympic stadium. the other matches will take place in towns and city as cross the country. hundreds of thousands of fans are expected with some 80% of the tickets already gone. all germany games are already sold out. this is good news for the organizers who want to establish women's soccer as a broad-based sport.
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>> my dream is coming true. the world cup in my home country, the beautiful site of 2011. >> the women's squad has been hard at work promoting the competition. germany are both defending champions and host nation of this year's world cup. with the men's team cheering them on, germany's first 11 are hoping for a fairy tale ending. >> ♪ hello >> i'm really looking forward to this world cup. and i'm sure we can score a huge success. >> all over the world support for women's soccer is reaching fever pitch. all the participating teams are eager for the tournament to start. and anticipation is an all-time high. >> ♪ can i kick it yes, you can ♪ >> we're prepared.
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with that preparation comes positivism. >> the speed of the game, the physicality of the players. it's just become more professional. >> the women's game has, indeed, gotten more professional. and, of course, that includes the referees who have been putting in extra training. the officials are full of praise for the teams who have made it through to the final 16. >> the national women's soccer teams that have qualified for this tournament have proven their ability and their talent many times. that's all culminating in this great tournament here in germany. nobody has to prove anything anymore. after this summer women's football will be measured with an entirely new yardstick. >> last-minute preparations are underway, putting the finishing touches to the fan zone in frankfurt where the party kicks off on saturday.
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200,000 fans are expected for the opening matches. germany are the favorites. and people are hoping they'll make good. >> they're better than the men. they're more successful than the men's team. they have proved that. they give their all. they look great. >> it's good that there's a women's event. that's equality. >> the men's world cup held here in 2006, brought fans pouring into the streets in an unprecedented sea of flag waving. nobody is expecting such a turnout for the women's tournament. but organizers are hoping that the women's event will be just as memorable. and set a new trend. >> it's important to us to make women's football history, that we create our own profile. our slogan shows that. the beautiful side of 2011. there will be attractive football, attractive women, plenty of goals, and a great atmosphere. it will be a party like in 2006
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but with women playing the sport. >> and the german women certainly can play, winning the 2007 world cup in china and the one before that in the u.s.a. in 2003. now on home turf, they hope to get their hands on the trophy for a historic third time in a row. >> my dream is coming true. the world cup in my home country. the beautiful side of 2011. >> all right. we just heard from the former germany star steffi jones. she's the president of the world cup organize committee. she hopes the tournament will inspire every girl who wants to play soccer to take to the pitch. it may be hard to believe, but women's soccer was officially forbidden in germany until the 1950's. things have come a long way since then. germany has been the dominant force at the last two women's world cup finals. they face some tough competition from their usual
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rivals, the united states and brazil. but victory at home is something they are determined to achieve. >> even on water they're in sync. jorme any's women's team knows the importance of team work, especially to achieve the ambitious target they've set for themselves. >> we all depend on each other, otherwise we couldn't win a tournament. and that's what we're aiming for. >> coach sylvia knight is depending on the team of experienced and determined players. the captain, the team's most kept player, remains the golden part of the scoring machine. goal keeper nadine is just as crucial. she didn't let in a single goal on the way to their 2007 title. >> i want to make sure the team feels secure at the back and to play a part in us winning. if somebody offered me the chance of another world cup
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with a clean sheet, i wouldn't say no. but i don't think i can beat that. >> other world cup winners sure to be in the starting 11 are defender anika and their midfielder, linda. but the next generation are ready to make their mark, like under 20's world champion alexandra, the striker who was the leading goal scorer into the tournament warm-ups. >> it's unbelievable to be so young and at the women's world cup finals. i'm only 20. i don't have to be in the first team. i'm just happy to be in the squad. >> kim coolying is also at the top of her game. the 21-year-old packs a punch to earn a place in the defensive midfield. she'll be supported. they will keep up a strong attack.
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they can fill every position. experienced teammates struggle to stay on the team. >> it makes it difficult for our owe ponedwronets get a hold on us because we can always swap them around. >> swapping around but with a clear plan. coach sylvia knight doesn't want to leave anything to chance. for the past two months she's been putting the team through their paces. they've had to give everything, on and off the pitch. the german women's side has never been so fit and so well prepared ahead of a world cup tournament. >> i can't say we've enjoyed the preparation bays it's really hard-going. but we have our eyes on the goal. we know why we're doing this. and it is worth the effort. we can take the pain because we know we'll be in top shape. and we'll have to give more than 100% in order to remain
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top as the tournament kicks off. >> 21 players in top form. but they'll need a lot of discipline and hard work to defend their title. they expect cirrus challenges from the u.s., sweden, and japan. they're hoping to save the best for last. >> i'd like to reach the final and play against brazil again. if i could have one wish, brazil would be cool. >> the german women must prevail five matches to get through to the final and then win. the team would love to raise the world cup trophy in front of their home fans. >> indeed they would. well, of course, we're going to have full coverage of the women's world cup here on dw-tv starting with the opening game, germany-canada, here in berlin on sunday. you can find out much more
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about the tournament on our website. just go to that's it for our report. thanks for the company, everybody. captioned by the national captioning institute
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