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tv   Journal  PBS  September 17, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome to "the journal" coming to the live from berlin. >> here is what is coming up in the next half hour. massive protests in lebanon against an anti-islamic film that german officials are working to ban here. >> the un's war crimes tribunal issues warnings to both sides in the conflict in syria. >> germany's elite commando force celebrates their 40th anniversary. >> protests are continuing our around the muslim world over the anti-islam video produced in the
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united states. at least two men were killed in violent protest in pakistan. >> police were attack -- were attacked and patrol cars were set ablaze in the capital and left can stand. a leader of hezbollah says the u.s. faces serious repercussions it allows the full video to be released. >> it was a rare appearance before the leader of hezbollah who has been in hiding since the 2006 war with israel. but he spoke to protesters rallying in beirut. he claimed recent demonstrations were the beginning of an uprising throughout the muslim world. he called for his followers to prevent the publication of " innocent of muslims" and said those responsible should be punished. >> of the united states is just using freedom of expression as an excuse.
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they need to understand publishing this film will have consequences. >> the controversy surrounding the low-budget film may have come just in time. his support for the long time has blocked ally assad angered many in the arab world. now he can claim to be a defender of the muslim faith. >> the german government is doing all it can to halt the film's public screening here. that decision has sparked a major confrontation with the opposition about censorship and free speech. >> it certainly has. the greens and social democrats say the film, while tasteless, should not be banned the company's interior minister says a public screening would endanger safety and he is being backed up by top police official who once the film could be a spark in several occasions. -- several locations. >> one-party is planning to show the film in berlin this
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november. >> it fell right wing extremists recently won a legal backing to demonstrated from of mosques with caricatures of mohammed. but as -- but if the interior minister has his way, the plan to show the film at peters could be blocked. >> images of masses of people going to the movie would be seen as a provocation. i hope legal measures will be sufficient to prevent that. >> other politicians say peaceful protest is the answer, not legal action. >> if anti-constitutional organizations try to provoke an escalation of this kind of fell, we as citizens must react. -- this kind of film. we must make it clear it has no place in our society. >> adding to the controversy, pro-deutsche land has invited a
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christian fundamentalist preacher, terry jones, to attend screenings. the foreign ministry has barred his visit. >> germany is a tolerant nation, a country of religious tolerance. that is why we will not accept those who preach hatred in our midst. >> the government hopes these measures will ease tension and hope to cool the controversy abroad. >> for the latest on this story, it's got to our parliamentary studios and chief political correspondent. the discussions in germany go to the very core of this debate globally, how to balance freedom of speech and religious tolerance. how do you think berlin is handling this debate? >> at the moment, as you described it earlier, the interior minister is pushing for a ban. he says he will have his ministry looking at the arguments on both sides. that would involve and analysis
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of the constitutional provisions that pertain to this kind of thing. the german constitution doesn't shrine respect for human dignity as a central value. that would be the hook they would be hanging a ban on were they to go forward. the idea would be showing any film what in fact harm people's religious sentiments in such a way that it could be unconstitutional. however, it is a high threshold to get a ruling like that. the chancellor was more cautious, saying there might be good reasons for a ban, but it would have to be carefully weighed. she says this country stands for more than anything else, and tolerance and an open exchange. the opposition coming down against a ban saying that is not the way to go forward. there will be a lot of debate on this subject. >> is there a precedent at all
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for this in post-war german history? >> there is a very high threshold. we have seen that in the case of efforts to get a ban on the neo-not the parties here in germany. -- neo-nazi parties here in germany. it there is a threat to incitement to hatred and security. it is quite difficult and would involve the way of several different constitutional provisions, respect for human dignity being traded off against the right to freedom of expression. >> thank you very much. >> syria has become a magnet for radical islamist fighters and she hottest trying to bring down the hated secular government. >> syria is also seen an influx of iranian and lebanese advisers and mercenaries supporting government troops. that is the assessment of the un, which is both sides are responsible for war crimes in an
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increasingly bitter civil war. >> she has returned to what is left of her old school, here to pick up books to press on with her studies at home. >> this school was a base for the free syrian army, a military jet bombarded it. >> of the school was leveled and is now closed. another sign of how the conflict is disrupting life for children and adults alike. air raids, running street battles and mass executions. the situation interior deteriorates further each passing day. the un commission on human rights gathered to hear a report on a grave human rights abuses committed by both sides. the authors are compiling a classified list of war criminals. >> we have collected at a
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formal an extraordinary body of evidence which will remain in the office of the high commissioner. information collected where consent was provided will be available for future national and international justice mercenaries. >> russia and china have rejected the measure to it give the visit to the hague. another source of alarm as more and more islamists from abroad are flocking to syria adding to their ruthlessness of the conflict already seeing more than its share. >> tensions between japan and china are at levels not seen in decades. a center on islands in the east china sea and the so serious that the u.s. defense secretary has been conducting shuttle diplomacy. he is now in beijing after visiting tokyo, having called on both sides to show restraint. >> this comes after a week of anti-japan demonstrations and
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attacks and japanese businesses in china. japanese businesses have been evacuating workers and shutting down factories amid fears violence will escalate. >> the street outside the japanese embassy in beijing are like a war zone. riot police surrounded building, yet protestors come. the chinese authorities have called on their people to obey the law. at the same time, they blame japan for triggering the violence. protestors have attacked the japanese consulate as well as japanese car dealerships and to panasonic fatories. >> i think it is good chinese people and the government are sending a strong message. we don't want a war or any and necessary actions. i hope we can maintain peace. and we have to give japan a serious warning. >> rivalries have often flared between the two countries over
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the disputed islands. they are uninhabited, rich in resources. taiwan also maintained its own claim over the islands. >> u.s. president barack obama is challenging chinese auto sector subsidies that he says threatens american jobs. during a campaign appearance in the swing state of ohio, he announced the u.s. has filed a complaint with the world trade organization. the auto industry plays a major economic role in ohio. washington alleges china illegally imposes duties of $3 billion on imports of u.s.-made automobiles. >> the summer vacations might be over but the issue that has dogged european politicians, the eurozone crisis, took front and center at angela merkel's press conference today. >> it was a chance for journalists to pound the chancellor with questions. with parliamentary elections due
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next year, she's very aware of the public sentiment on the debt crisis. >> angela merkel's annual luck -- annual press conference consisted of one major topic -- the eurozone press credit -- the eurozone crisis. they queried her on the eurozone crisis and germany's message. her message was simple -- unity. >> in europe must work together. no single country can achieve as much as the european union as a whole. we are fortunate to be unified. >> the chancellor is insisting on increased austerity and budgetary reforms. she is confident it will restore the hall -- the health of europe's economy. >> europe and especially the eurozone will emerge from this crisis stronger than before. i am convinced of that. >> the debt crisis did take center stage, but she addressed
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next year's federal election. she hopes to continue the current coalition, but her christian democrats with the free democrats. >> the european central bank president, mario draghi, has made it clear that extra ecb plans to buy the bonds of troubled eurozone nation under strict terms. but many are sounding the alarm bells. one says it will lead to a high risk of inflation. >> the code-chief executive of deutsche bank agrees and seas of rising inflation as a inevitable outcome of the decision to finance ailing states. many would agree this appears to be the price europe has to pay to keep the euro. >> the debt crisis dampened the mood among investors on monday. our markets correspondent sent this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> the greater thandax was
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slightly in the red at the beginning of the week, but traders to more potential for the stock market due to the money injection by the central bank. inflation risks are leading to higher demand for material assets. shares of the financial sector are over the fear of the widening of the euro crisis is coming down after measures taken by the ecb and the fed. there is also speculation the second largest chinese bank has an interest in european banks. >> let's get a closer look at some of the market numbers on this first day of the trading week. the dax closed just a tad down. the dow jones is currently going down about 0.3%. the euro is trading for $1.31.
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>> austerity measures in europe continue to have an effect in spain. railway staff are on a 24-hour strike and protest that the government austerity measures and the planned privatisation of the railway. the unions say that would jeopardize the safety and quality of the service and a loss of up to 100,000 jobs. >> some trains have been running today as the government insisted a reduced service be maintained in madrid and barcelona. local transport workers also joined the strike. turning to sports -- sort of -- qualifications for the 2014 fifa world cup in brazil has already begun. >> fans can get a taste of the next world cup with the unveiling of the tournament's official mascot -- it is an armadillo. a three banded armadillo, to be exact. it is an endangered species native to brazil. just like the flight, his colors are blue, green and yellow.
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all he needs now is a name. when we come back, a look at the occupy movement one year on. >> dw on the internet. transparent structures, wide- ranging services, clean design. quality journalism in 30 languages, a multimedia platform
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for your global needs. and the media center, all programs on demand. this of us at >> thank you for staying with us. >> welcome back. in new york, police have arrested more than 60 demonstrators who are marking the one-year anniversary of the occupy wall street movement. >> the protesters are trying to disrupt action and blocked traffic around at the new york stock exchange. it's the third day of street action to mark the start of the movement which spread from new york to many other cities from the u.s. and overseas. >> the protesters' still have the same goal, bringing down the ultra rich 1% of the population. >> it 2011, robert stephens family is in big financial trouble. he lets out his anger on wall street. >> that is the bank that took my
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parents' home. they played by the rules. my dad has a ph.d., two master's degrees and a college degree. my mom has a master's degree and a college degree and what did they do? they took their home. i will go to jail tonight because it's not right. >> this is one year later. after his arrest in new york, he joined the occupy protests. the 24-year-old boston says it was worth it. >> there was, for the first time in my lifetime, the feeling that we can actually come together, work on these issues and find solutions with one another without simply voting for a lesser evil and hoping for the best. >> the protests in the u.s. were just beginning. all over the world, similar protests sprang up. the crowd denounced the
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behavior of banks, the influence of money in politics, and the rise in inequality. in germany, occupy moved in at the european central bank in frankfurt. thomas was an almost daily presence here, but in the beginning, he just want to donate an old laptop. >> i just wanted to drop off, but they asked me to stay. we set up an i.t. center to keep in touch with the people in washington and all the world. we kept it up for 300 days. >> it was the i.t. specialist's first demonstration, but he ended up as a spokesman. just like his counterpart in washington, he is still fired up about the issues. >> the trigger was the lack of consequences. the feeling was of the richer you are, the less you have to take responsibility.
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>> occupy had worldwide appeal, but it lacked coordination and leadership. after a couple of months, the camps in new york, washington and frankfurt were broken up. the banks have still not been punished. >> it took our anti-nuclear movement 30 years of protest before the government agreed to shut down nuclear plants. this is just the beginning. >> back in washington, robert stephens says occupy changed the terms of the political debate. >> people have to talk about not just in equality, but immorality in the way our system works. >> even if the movement is no longer occupying public places, it remains present in our language as the 99%. >> coming up, we will look at germany possibly to commandos as
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they mark their 40th anniversary. >> here's a look at other stories making news. >> a suicide bomber has killed seven people in an attack of the iraqi capital. the bomber blew up his vehicle near the entrance of the green some. >> for palestinian islamists have been convicted of kidnapping and murder of an italian peace activists in 2011. two were sentenced to life in prison. he was a member of -- he was a member of the pro-palestinian movement that was later kidnapped and killed by extremists trying to force in exchange for jihad as prisoners. >> police in mexico have on the corpses of 17 men and an area disputed by rival drug cartels. one report says the bodies were mutilated and tied up in chains.
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authorities reported an upsurge of gang violence in the area since the arrest of two major drug lords in recent weeks. >> a giant cruise liner has left a shipyard in northern germany. the celebrity reflection was towed through a narrow gap on to the river thames. the ship, which can all 3000 passengers, will undergo a sea trials of the netherlands before entering service. counter terrorist units from around the world are playing increasingly larger roles in keeping the peace. this was not always the case, especially in germany, because of its nazi past. >> but the massacre at the 1972 munich olympics change that. it is now 40 years since the elite force, gsg9 was set up. the identities of its members are secret, the hostage of his face at an event to honor their service. >> this is the image of germany
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possibly counter-terrorism force -- anonymous but efficient experts in operations. it is now 40 years since west german authorities made a momentous decision to create highly trained police unit. faceless men who have served in that have been honored at a ceremony. >> it is important to remember that every gsg9 officer put his life on the line with every operation and he does it to ensure the security of our citizens and country. >> the gsg was created after the catastrophic end to the hostage crisis at the olympics in munich, when german police forces try to overwhelm the group of palestinian terrorists, a blood bath ensued in which 15 people were killed. the first test was the 1977 lufthansa hijacking.
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the plane was storm that all hostages were freed. their role has expanded with the growth of international terrorism. in 2009, a plan to free eight german container ship from pirates off the coast of somalia was abandoned over concerns that it could and in a bloodbath. >> as hard as government authorities and police agencies try, it's getting harder and harder to stay ahead of cyber criminals. >> a report by the german ministry and that, found more than half internet users were victims of on-line crime and last year. >> hackers need just used to commit a crime at internet users are the ones who suffer. cyber crime is a growing problem, especially for online transactions. german federal police say for lobsters are gaining access to customer data by fishing scans --
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>> the damage was around 70 million euros. >> small and medium-size enterprises are becoming the victims of cyber crime. many choose to keep the tax secret, fearing addition -- additional tax or damage to their image. more and more hackers are targeting smaller funds. consumers tend to underestimate the security risks. >> in effect, smart phones are highly capable computers, so they need the same security infrastructure as a pc, laptop, or notebook. >> a growing number of fraudsters cut and dry -- could turn into big networks. >> a typhoon with winds up to 15512 hours has caused major damage and is blamed for one death and several injuries. >> more than a thousand residents were forced to evacuate.
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power was knocked out in more than half a million homes. air travel and ferry service was canceled. it's the third typhoon to hit south korea and the past two months. >> it is crowded in orbit and another piece of high-tech hardware is on its way to space. >> that is thanks to a european satellite -- we could be looking at reliable five-day forecasts which will be interesting for holiday makers and sports fans. it is even more crucial for farmers. >> the key to the satellites success is that will scan the weather around the globe at a height of 800 kilometers, which is a relatively low altitude. >> this is where weather forecasts are made for berlin and the surrounding area. meteorologist use data from satellites and stations on the ground. soon, other tasks will be boosted by the high-resolution instruments aboard this satellite.
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>> we have high hopes for this new satellite. we expect to have more detailed data that will allow us to base our calculations on better information. >> the scientists hope to be able to make accurate five-day forecasts instead of the current three. the satellite forms part of a network of weather satellites and gathered data at various heights. orbiting at some 800 kilometers above the earth, it will join its earlier version in the task of measuring atmospheric temperature and humidity. the low altitude allows instruments to make highly accurate readings. it can also track when speed and direction over oceans as well as measuring levels of ozone and carbon dioxide, all the vital data for a meteorologist and climate watchers. >> i can't think of anyone who
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would complain about knowing whether a little bit ahead of time. >> i think are among the many millions looking forward to more reliable weather forecasts. >> thank you for joining us. you can find out more news by looking at our website, you'll find plenty more on these and other stories there. >> thank you for watching.
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