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tv   Journal  PBS  October 17, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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peace negotiators for the colombian government and the farq rebel group are in talks to end decades of conflict that have claimed tens of thousands of lives and still on the nation's economic and political development. >> the fark is thought to have about 10,000 rebels, but that is down from twice that number a few years ago. >> they have been tasked with reaching a deal with rebels. after months of planning, both sides agreed to a close-door meeting in oslo. >> we are leaving now with hope, with moderate optimism. we do not believe ij and false expectations, but we think that the structural elements exist that will allow us to have hope, and hopefully, we have good news for columbia -- colombia. >> for almost half a century,
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leftist farc guerrillas have waged war, financing their campaign through drug trafficking and hostage-taking. their most prominent captive was the former colombian presidential candidate who spent six years in a jungle camp before her release. the fate of other hostages is still unknown. their families hope their concerns will be heard in oslo. >> we feel the pain, and we need to know the truth. these people need to be reunited with their loved ones. we are appealing to the government and to farc to put this at the top of the agenda and listen to victims. >> peace negotiations have failed three times before. now, the people looking to oslo for the long-awaited break
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through. >> colombians are longing for peace, but what exactly are the biggest obstacles that the government and rebels are bringing to the negotiating table? >> we put that question to our next guest. >> i think there are at least two big obstacles. one is to solve one of the biggest challenges of colombian history. difficulties to survive in the rural areas does feed in the war on one side and in the narco trafficking and drug production on the other side. it is one of the crucial issues that parties have to cope with. the other is to find equilibrium between the possibilities for the farc to participate on one side in colombian civil politics
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and the rights of victims of violence of all sides, all armed actors in the conflict on the other side. >> we will have more on the situation in colombia later, but regional calls are backing calls for the cease-fire. >> the arab league and turkey are on board, an iranian state media says that tehran has also thrown its support behind a plan. >> the syrian peace envoy proposed the deal this week during a second tour of the middle east aimed at stopping violence. >> inside syria, the fighting continues. rebel fighters say they shot down an army helicopter. >> criminal proceedings have started against a key opponent of president vladimir putin. >> he has been a prominent leader of protests against the
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president, and authorities claim that a documentary on a pro- kremlin tv channel shows evidence that he plotted mass disorder. >> civil rights groups and critics say it is part of a broader clampdown from russia. >> police raided his apartment in the early hours of wednesday and arrested him. officials accused the russian opposition leader of plotting a coup and planning violent attacks against the state. >> for those who think they can with impunity organize riots, plan and prepare terrorist attacks and other acts that threaten the lives of russians, you underestimate the russian special services' professionalism. >> prosecutors base their accusations on what they say are secret recordings, said to show an anti-government activist who has organized mass street protests against president
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putin. his supporters were dismayed by the arrest. >> this is another step in suppressing the opposition. it is worsening every day. i do not know where this will lead our country. >> they think we will not protest without him, but he is not making me take to the streets. it is my conscience and my hatred for the regime. >> the opposition leader was later released, but he has been barred from leaving moscow. if convicted, he could face 10 years in prison. >> russia's opposition is feeling the pinch. it seemed a documentary aired on pro-kremlin tv is enough to open a case. the putin administration is showing less and less restraint when it comes to silencing his critics. >> u.s. president barack obama and his republican challenger mitt romney are back on the campaign trail today visiting key swing states just hours after squaring off in a
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confrontatioal tv debate. >> obama is visiting the swing state of ohio. mitt romney on the other hand spent the day in virginia, another key state likely to determine this election's outcome. >> last night's debates saw a obama back in rhetorical form of less than three weeks to go -- with less than three weeks to go. >> after a listless performance in the first debate, barack obama promised to be more aggressive in the rematch. after preliminary niceties, both candidates went on the attack. >> the middle class has been crushed over the last four years, and jobs have been too scarce. i know what it takes to bring them back. >> when he said behind closed doors that 47% of the country considered themselves victims, who refuse personal responsibility, think about who he was talking about. folks on social security who
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have worked all their lives. veterans who sacrificed for this country. >> mitt romney again criticized the president for the attack on a u.s. consulate in libya, prompting one of the night's many heated exchanges. >> you said in the rose garden the day after the attack it was an act of terror. it was not a spontaneous demonstration. is that what you're saying? >> please proceed, governor. >> want to make sure we get that for the record. it did the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> get the transcript. >> he did. >> i think it is great to see obama come out in full force. he showed us what campaign obama looks like and he wants to fight for our country. >> i have to say, romney was more articulate, but obama had more points that i think will stand up to fact checking and
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scrutiny. >> barack obama and mitt romney will face off one last time in florida next monday. in germany, the government has raised its economic growth forecast for the current year, but as the prognosis for next year. berlin says growth in 2012 is likely to reach 0.8%, 0.0% -- 0.01% more than forecast. the move follows similar changey germany cannot remain immune from the downturn in the global economy. >> investors, on the other hand, seemed to take the news in stride, sending stocks higher on wednesday. our correspondent has more from frankfurt. >> traders are currently not worried about the danger of a recession in germany. a big relief came from ratings
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agency moody's, which did not lower spain's credit rating as threatened. this decision had a strong impact on the bond market, bringing down spain's borrowing costs, and it helped the euro. it was also a record date. the index of germany's mid-size companies reached the highest level since its creation in the year 1994. >> let's get a closer look at market numbers for you. we say in frankfurt where germany's blue-chip stocks higher on the day. it was a similar story for the euro stoxx 50. in new york, trading is still under way for the dow jones industrial average. it is fractionally lower. the euro trading for $1.3134, near a one-month high on wednesday. >> germany's political parties have agreed on a framework for new electoral laws.
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the kind -- the country deal is expected to be hammered out in coming weeks. the country's highest court ruled that existing laws are unconstitutional because they disadvantage smaller parties. the new legislation aims to make the german parliament a better reflection of the national vote, but some say it could also result in substantially more seats in the bundestag. soccer fans in germany still searching for answers a day after sweden roared back from a 4-0 deficit in their world cup qualifier against germany. the game was played on home turf. >> the swedes took home a tie score with four goals in 30 minutes. to say the result left germany stunned would be an understatement. >> it was an unprecedented collapse as the team threw away a four-goal lead at home in berlin.
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>> it was psychological. you are up for zero, everything is running smoothly, and the first guy runs a little slower. in the second guy. you lose the ball. you lose the one-on-one battles. >> to all the more stunning since the german side dominated the swedes for the first hour. the total blackout -- fans could not believe it. >> sweden will gut. germany went to sleep. a purely psychological reaction. -- sweden woke up. germany went to sleep. >> no german player was capable of slowing a swedish onslaughts. >> we have to learn our lesson. you cannot slacked off at an international level. you have to give your best for 90 minutes and take every ball and throw in seriously. >> a disappointing end to a
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disappointing year for the german team. sweden, on the other hand, will be celebrating their amazing feat for years to come. >> what a game it was. let's go live to our sports correspondent, who joins us in the studio. you were at that game. what happened to the german team? >> the game did not end after 60 minutes, as a seemingly wished it would. despite the bad results, germany's midfielder was right to say that those 60 minutes -- the first 60 minutes in that game -- were probably the best 60 minutes of football germany had played in a good eight or nine years. their attack looked extremely fluid. it was up to a downright spanish level of fluidity. basically, what happened is what the team manager said -- one guy after another after they took a 4-0 lead started to slow down, started to try less hard. after those goals went in in two
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minutes, i too was a failure of will. there was nobody there to take the game by the scruff of the neck and settle everything down. >> speaking of failures, this has happened before, a confident start only to blow it in the end. has the team simply lost its magic? >> i think it has, and i think that is probably a good thing. this is a team that has been really fettered by the press, by the fans, not just in germany but abroad as well for their lovely play. maybe they were over-praised too soon, since they put on the display that they did in world cup 2010. this was treated as a team of destiny. a prominent magazine compared them to the 1972 european championship-winning team, a team some think is the best german team of all time, but they did not learn anything. now maybe they got a reminder that they need to work for every bit of success. >> thanks so much for that update from last night's game.
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the long road to peace -- a colombian delegate -- delegation meeting with farc rebels. stay with us for that story. >> that is next.
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>> welcome back. >> the colombian government and four rebel group are in -- farc rebel group are in talks today. >> the struggle has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. peter headed into the colombian jungle, deep into farc territory and found a population scared by the conflict. strongholds of colombia's farc guerrillas. we power of the river toward
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ecuador. the dense forest along the border offers protection to the rebels, who have waged an armed struggle for almost five decades. soldiers at a military checkpoint are instantly mistrustful, and they searched our baggage. at times, it seems that everyone within 50 kilometers is aware of the presence of foreign journalists. officials warned us that the guerrillas and far-right paramilitary groups are terrorizing the town, and they said that local residents would be too afraid to talk. the recently executed one man as an example. only one soldier was willing to speak to us. >> the people are only doing what they are told. they are scared and just want to stay out of trouble. they avoid everything that could cause more problems or more deaths.
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>> back in bogota, the government is read to talk peace wh tel decisive victory. >> both sides have tried their utn nmthatand police force. we have a stronger military >> the rebels have carried out defeat farc the estimated 5 million people have been displaced by the fighting onotsin comb.
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>> srt eipntakik ha announced it will no longer onr armstng, based on growing evidence armstrong h miedhe cpa forth aece. >> inure,itpuic esreouinov t economicnvonntf st o biue, e european commission announced a major coecon iit pics at uld eventually seehe sto sceday bac >> commiiorsay n pross t today send out the icwoav t move onto ausy, new generation of fuel that do tomteit danfo fo. >>urea erg commissioner and the european commissioner for climate action did n acy pse ute front. they've announced plans to restrict the growtfioel
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onis pushing for stronger emissionstaar f n mor vehicles,hile the others concerned about the impact on thaumovendtr >> iisboaiy arg e burden between the manuurers ofar ama vecl, de have to take into accounterinntes th wl fe how european manufacturersomten ob maet oenghas come under fire for leerero t cak inhich he wrote about pushing forleblinrptaon o emissions standards. greenpeace says hisffts amnto bbng >> what worriess ihahe s qtelelyonibed to puttingoool io l gain cmate change, a law that will makearmo efcit. thliteomssnewa caful no triticize her colleague openly. >>ece aris d n sve
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se baue were busy handling the economics. the b trick f europe rit now is how to combine the exit of allheris,nd believe it is doable, but not by pleasing iustry. alsoy putting up requirements and regulaon t iue ofu standards has exposed deep rifts beten e european commission's environment and industry officials. >> germany and france are on a collision course over the future of t eurozone just ahead of thsd' k smiof roan lde aed at setting out a framework to deal with the crisis. >> while german chancellor angela merkel has stepped up her campaignorudt cuts a handing brussels more power, french president francois hollande on the other hand ntemgey measureso stabilize economiesig now. >> some leaders are starting to question the current crse, and angela merkel has boma im target f political cartoonists, being cast as the austerity clean.
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>> le heurea lears, anla merkel is used to getting her picture taken. for the media, the chancellor is a front-pa pture, but she is also a favorite with europe poses political cartoonists. the greek daily showsilar meel telling the greek prime minister to stand at attention. he timidly asks for a bit of wiggle room. the athe newspaper casks -- casts the chancellor in a slightly better light. d in french weekly, a cartoon merkel visits agrees, saying she hopes her reception did not co too much. the berlin-based political journal cicero recounts the encounter with alexander the
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great. the nobel peace prize for the eu has been another big motif for europe's political cartoonists. the announcement provided plenty of comedic inspiration as france' represented -- representative quick to that they may have won the peace prize but would have to do without the award for economics. in berlin, a peace dove blissfully unaware of the vulture behind it. the scavenger warns europe not to celebrate too soon. the conservative spanish paper shows protesters demanding their share of the 940,000 euro nobel prize money.
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in the barcelona daily, even the german chancellor is looking to exchange the metal for cash. in france's paper, shows greece sweeping in to collect the cash while the rest of europe bidders. but for spain's biggest newspaper, the most powerful woman is the one to receive the award. she gives a patronizing thanks to those who have stood by her in tough times. >> thanks so much for joining us for this edition of the "journal" here on dw. >> we will see you next time. captioned by the national captioning institute
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push for peace. the u.n. and arab league envoy to syria tries to rally support for a temporary truce. muslims mark the holiday of eal al hada as a feast of sacrifice. the u.n. and league envoy to syria hopes people there will spend it in peace. lakhtar brahimi wants them to agree to a cease-fire during holiday. he says a pause in the fighting would alleviate


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