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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 23, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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chance to proveheirlaonanhemeinr ofcis okla i tyo onoctober 11thk styi t enoc impact of thstin tsl opio >> janese disaster managementes sri lanka.theve was held luo. the goveme officials and teedt4 kiedbo3000eoen sri lanka.ho uveitpresr advised that qck estimates the
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height of the tna a iue wain tresident. >> youav tirha peen in the tsun the he fst owdgsreyuc for the future disaster work. trosstrse importance of gathering information about pa tnasom aie geological evidence and said is once in a few hdr ar two os aircraft dlodokiwa o ocbe1s carried out the first nighttime training exercises. one took off at the u. min rpait abt p. lalim o tuesday. the other aend aut 2 mitelar.e rs ooseercay ke lipt, propellers forward and flew off tohenoh.eecd one tk off after
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running along the rwa wh erolls. it appears the infraredeves ar bngheed figti fligs. people in okinawa against the p. they see the safety of the aira a neiul gifu oraonf e lttor aircraft.> has rejected arguments the cotrhanoin toit th daparance of her mother she spoke at rlyn tyo on tuesday and described out north korean agents abducted her and caerother in 19n the seaf pae idhr m aaued her an her mother on their wayom and rejected north kre' platn d attackers were not japanese. the nation insists tha her mother never entered t
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country. >> translator: my mother is now over 80 years old. a pl f yruprto help bring her back to her home as soon as possible. >> so the return to japan ten years ago with four other abcts,ut h moerat is unknown. they say north korean officials warned her s sul kp h moh uthehe returned to japan. tech fans will tooning joining or rejoining long lines ifrt of aletos. no t lest business news. what are they waiting for now? >> katherine, apple fans have another reaso tbexced abt cae theye ingo betaing in line for a gadget this time a little smaller. apple has invented the smaller tablet to fdffrong mpetition a market they created.
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the move will tighten the race with the electronics makers. >> this is ipad mini. [ applause ] >> mediarom across the globe are converging on the california news conference. the ipad mini has a 7.inch screen measuring about 20% smaller than the full size tablet. it weighs about half as much. th lea expensive model is selling at a price point $329 lower than previous versions. apple pla to release the new device in the u.s., europe, and japan on friday next week. >> we told you earlier this year that you would see some incredible innovation. >> apple now enjoys aeay 70%
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share in a global market it created with introduction of the ipad two years ago. th firm's latt co-founder, steve jobs, had expressed reservation about developing a smaller ipad. he was concerned demand would be low. apple executives went ahead with the smaller device citing stiff competition from its rivals. google and a.m. zob started with smaller tablets less than the full size ipad and those sales are trending upward. microsoft is set to enter the tablet market with its own model this friday. the product comes with a cover that doubles as a keyboard. industry watchers say apple executives are feeling the heat as competitors introduced unique tablets with features the ipad was lacking.
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>> i mean, it will certainly expand apple's market, but i think the smaller form factor, if it is a cheaper price, that will get a lot of people who had not purchased a tablet before and were maybe thinking of one but didn't want to spend the $500 it costs to get an ipad. >> the technology rivals are now vying to get their products name on holiday shopping lists around the world. let's check on the markets for this wednesday morning. despite apple's announcement of its new ipad mini, its shares fell. u.s. stock prices overall tumbled following a batch of disappointing earnings results with renewed concerns about the debt situation in europe. the dow jones industrial average was down 1.8% to close at 13,102. to see how stocks near japan are opening, we crossover to ramin at the tokyo stock exchange.
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ramin, earnings season is taking a center stage. we also saw the euro weaken on concerns about spain. >> yes, indeed. earnings in the u.s. certainly came into play beating down overall sentiment, and also we did see the euro coming into play as well. it weakened against the yen as well as the dollar, and i followed down grade of five of spain's economic regions by u.s. rating agency moody's and that also caused a bit of a jump in spain's government bond yields, so that was a major effect there. let's have a look at the opening levels for this wednesday, october 24th. the nikkei and the topix trading down, the nikkei down by 1%, 8925, and topix at 743. the nikkei did end yesterday slightly higher, extended gains to seven days, doesn't look like it will do that today. i must add yesterday the last couple of days has been on lower than average volume. we'll see how it plays out today.
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basically what are investors waiting for? the answer may very welcome from the bank of japan meeting due out next week due to convene next week and investors seem to be expecting japan's central bank to get ready to take extra measures to boost growth and perhaps increase its asset buying program which includes such things as real estate funds, exchange trade funds as well as corporate bonds. so a lot of focus there on what the bank of japan may do next week. we'll have to see. that does seem to explain a little bit of hesitancy that we're seeing in the markets today. definitely today the follow through we're seeing from the u.s. markets. >> speaking of the yen, we have seen it gain against the euro. tell us more about that. >> a look at the currency levels, of course, we have seen some shifts there, specifically with the euro and just having a look at some of the charts now, the euro is retreated to the 103 levels after trading in the 104 yen levels most of yesterday. you can see the 103.62 to 67 and
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in other words the euro is buying fewer yen today than it did on tuesday because of spain's bond yields spiking higher after moody's moved. the dollar remains at the upper 79 yen levels, having touched 80 at one stage yesterday and may stale in a bit of a range ahead of the two-day fed meeting that wraps up on wednesday. i mentioned earnings in japan. we'll get results later today. they include yahoo! nintendo, and kddi, the second biggest mobile phone operator and along with softbank it carries apple's iphone. a lot of focus there. we'll see how earnings both in the u.s. and japan play out for stocks. yuko, back to you. >> thanks always, ramin, at the tokyo stock exchange. the chinese economy has been losing steam. the pace of growth slowed down to 7.4% between july and september from a year earlier. was that the seventh straight quarter of slower growth. what's happening to the chinese
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economy? >> reporter: the shopping district is located in the heart of beijing. people hearsay they used to hear from them. >> translator: they say consumption is expanding, but i don't think the overall economy is that good. >> translator: our company made a lot of money last year, but not this year. our managers are telling us to cut the costs down. >> reporter: the city of dongguan in the coastal region is home to factories making clothes for overseas markets. surprisingly, a business is booming in this town. rows and rows of sewing machines are on sale at this machinery store and came from nearby clothing factories.
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clothes makers are going bankrupt in increasing numbers amid struggling exports stemming from europe's debt crisis. >> translator: so many firms are going under. that's why we're getting so many of these secondhand sewing machines. >> reporter: at this trade fair some 25,000 companies are trying to promote exports. the european crisis is casting a dark shadow. this company makes slides for large four-wheel drive vehicles. exports accounted for 95% of the products it mfrds, but they have been showing a significant decline. >> translator: we are seeing a particularly sharp drop in east europe from the way orders are falling, our exports in the
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future are going to show a precipitous decline. >> reporter: now there is another reason for worry. since last month the relations between japan and china have been worsening because of the dispute over a group of small islands in the east china sea. the dispute could affect some 20,000 japanese companies in china. it also warn that is both countries will face a heavy price to pay as a result of the dispute. they are spreading a campaign to boycott japanese products. toyota motors said it is down
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50% from a year earlier. this plant in tianjin is halting most of the production line this is week. workers are becoming increasingly concerned about their livelihoods. >> translator: i can't make ends meet if they cut the working hours. i need to look for another job. >> reporter: auto makers have been unable to make up for the slowdown in japanese car sales. this situation could hurt some contractors like all parts makers and also consumer spending. many inside and outside china are wondering how china can stimulate its economy in the midst of domestic and external troubles. nhk world, beijing. and that's it for me for now. i will hand it back to you, katherine. >> thanks very much, yuko. japan's dispute with dhien aover the senkaku islands is straining
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40 years of ties. the ripples have spread to a city home to one of japan's oldest china towns. a chinese resident is trying to stop the dispute from driving a wedge between neighbors. >> reporter: a photo exhibition marks the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between japan and china. the display opened earlier this month in kobe next to osaka. his grandfather moved the family to japan. he was born in kobe and has lived here all his life. he belongs to a community group of overseas chinese. through these photos he wants to revisit past friendship building events organized by local chinese like him. >> translator: i want everyone to know the history of the chinese living here, developing close relations with the
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japanese. >> reporter: he has always been part of the local community making lots of japanese friends. after a massive earthquake hit kobe in 1995, cai sprang into action. he rounded up supplies for evacuees sheltering in a school for chinese. >> translator: i did it as an individual. it was all about personal ties, whether you were japanese or chinese, it was irrelevant. we are and will be part of the local community. that's why i value my friendship with my japanese neighbors. >> reporter: last month the dispute sent anti-japanese demonstrators into the streets of chinese cities and in kobe a school for chinese nationals was torched. playing havoc with the
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friendship event cai was organizing. >> translator: it was cancelled, just so you know, it is just too bad. that's the way it is. >> reporter: the event was to have marked the anniversary of normal ties between japan and china. a chinese from the mainland was to have given a speech but the office cancelled it. >> translator: i don't think we can hold the event, at least not this year. there is nothing we can do about it. it is just too bad. >> reporter: september 29th, the same day the normalization went into effect 40 years ago cai held a gathering, the annual viewing of the men at a chinese temple. 200 people packed the room. both chinese and japanese attended. cai felt it was high time to strengthen local ties. it was just like it used to be in happier times.
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>> translator: china and japan have political differences, but here we can shut them out. i am glad to be here sharing a meal with the chinese. >> translator: during 40 years of normal ties things sometimes got out of hand like now. both peoples need to meet the challenge by reaching out on a personal basis. >> reporter: cai hopes differences between the two governments will not interfere with the relationship between kobe's chinese and japanese residents. when afghans break bread, almost all of them break the national bread.
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they have to depend on imported grain to make it. now japanese researchers have stepped in to help afghans get back to their roots. >> for generations him and his ancestors have farmed wheat in northern afghanistan. to escape the war, he and his family fled to pakistan. they came home nine years ago and returned to growing wheat. >> translator: when the karzai government took over i heard there would be international aid for agriculture, so i was really excited. >> reporter: it was harder than he expected. >> translator: these seeds come from america. they grow well with lots of water but we don't have much water. the plants are weak. >> reporter: afghanistan gets little rain and most of the fields have no irrigation.
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seeds produced only 20% of the crop he was counting on. he has seven children. despite his wheat farming heritage, he is considering a switch to opium poppies. they can grow in extremely dry climates and fetch a high price. then a welcome offer came from a japanese research er. >> translator: what we have here is a collection of againgenetic resources of wheat gathered in afghanistan in 1955. >> reporter: almost 60 years ago a japanese research group studying the origin of wheat traveled to afghanistan. they took back around 500 samples. he is reading a research project that kept the string of wheat
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alive all of these years. he wondered if the preserved grain would sprout in its native soil. he reached out through an aid group to plant the seeds in afghanistan. >> translator: the nation has lost everything due to war and civil war. i was wondering what i could do. i figured our research could be a little bit of a help. >> reporter: last november ban came up with the afghan government officials to soe the first seeds. eight months later the wheat had flourished. apart from some mild discoloration, almost all the plants were healthy. >> we are grateful. we have afghanistan wheat again. >> reporter: professor ban plans
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to begin cross breeding the wheat next year. he wants to create a strain that is more immune to disease and gives bigger ears in dry climates. >> translator: our goal is for the people of afghanistan to grow wheat in their own fields and to harvest it and feed their people. >> reporter: he says this is only his first step. his ambition is for afghan wheat to spread once more across its home country. it is time to check weather conditions around the world. people in southern areas of the philippines are dealing with stormy weather. >> that's right, kathleen. the tropical storm formed just off the east coast now producing stormy weather across the southern half of the philippines. now it is a tropical storm packing sustained winds of 65 kilometers per hour with gusts of 90 kilometers per hour and
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looks like it will make landfall within the next several hours and then cross the country towards the northwest and out to sea by friday morning and as it moves over the warm water, it could intensify even more and then may make a second line sunday morning local time. rain intensifying as the system approaches. we anticipate more than 150 millimeters to fall for a wide area for the next 72 hours or so with locally 200 millimeters or more, so that could certainly enough to cause a flooding as well as landslide. stormy conditions also battered much of japan yesterday and things have changed. we experiencing sunny skies across much of the nation but the exception is going to be the northwestern side of the country, light showers and snow showers will continue for the next several hours. out towards the west a belt of high pressure is blanketing the korean peninsula and much of
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china and snow showers is intensifying a little bit across inland china today. temperatures are quite warming up, 10 degrees, about two degrees higher than average and meanwhile moderating into typical levels and 18 degrees should be warming up to 21 on friday. tokyo is 4 degrees cooler than yesterday with 21 degrees expected today. all right. heading into the americas, we're seeing another tropical activity over the central caribbean sea. this is tropical storm sandy. a tropical storm packing sustained winds of about 60, 85 kilometers per hour and moving at a slow pace towards the north and likely to move through jamaica by wednesday afternoon and then eastern cuba by wednesday night as hurricane strength and after that it will move through the alabama and then veer towards the northeast and then become a remnant low aiming for bermuda. we have hurricane warnings in
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place for jamaica and eastern cuba and that means hurricane force winds are expected to occur on a wednesday here and heavy rain is already occurring and of course rain will be intensifying as the system moving through because it will move at a slow pace and could be about 300 millimeters likely. mud slides and flash floods are a high risk in addition to that storm surge combined. up towards the north things are looking wintery because a series of low pressure system has been drumping mountains of snow and it will be quite heavy any parts of southeastern wyoming as well as the sierras. we're anticipating 45 centimeters of snow to fall in the sierras for the next 24 hours. meanwhile, rain showers will develop from colorado up into minnesota and turning quite severe in the upper mississippi valley from wednesday afternoon. we can see this clear
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definition, this is we're expecting thundershowers to occur on wednesday but behind a system quite chilly, only 6 degrees expected in winnipeg and warming up to 29 degrees in oklahoma city on your wednesday. here is your extended forecast. that wraps up this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us.
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