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tv   Journal  PBS  November 5, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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captioned by the national captioning institute welcome to the journal. >> the final campaign day for the u.s. president and his neck- and-neck rival. a last-minute scramble for votes. >> the syrian regime steps up its campaign of violence as the oposition struggles to unite. >> argentina is on a roll. citizens of buenos artists discovered the joys of riding a bicycle. >> they have been battling it out for the past 18 months. spent of billions of dollars of their campaigns and the still the polls show that the u.s.
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presidential election is too close to call. both presidential -- both president obama and his republican challenger on the final stance of the campaign, promising to get the country out of its economic slump. >> the election could come down to a handful of battle-ground states. making final pitches to u.s. voters. >> mitt romney began his last day of campaigning in stamford, florida. in 2008, florida voted for obama. but he hasn't kept his promises, says romney. unemployment and the national debt are higher than ever before. >> one day away from the first day of a new beginning. my conviction of better days are ahead. it is not based on promises or rhetoric. it is based on solid plans and proven results and an unshakable faith in the american people. >> we made a promise. >> bruce springsteen threw his
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weight behind obama, accompanying the president on his final day of campaigning. if in wisconsin, obama reminded voters of his foreign policy achievements of the first term. >> because of the service and a sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform, the war in iraq is over. the war in a afghanistan's coming to a close. al qaeda is on the path to defeat. osama bin laden is dead. we have made progress the last four years. >> both men traveling across the country. polls give obama a slight lead, but both candidates will be campaigning until the last minute. >> so, while barack obama and met ronnie are vying for the nation's top job, having a job at all remains one of the issues most important to voters in this election. >> the economy and specifically
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unemployment have dominated this presidential campaign and the voters have made it clear that they want the person living in the white house to work harder to get us new jobs. >> president obama wants to keep his current address. but his republican challenger is also keen to move in. which of them gets the keys to the white house will be decided by voters. >> the most important issue is the economy. we need to get people back to work so our government and have the money it needs to perform the way it needs the economy bew too many people who are not doing well because the economy is not been run the way it could be. >> the major issue this year in the election for me as the economy, the creation of jobs for americans rather than sink jobs shipped overseas to places like china. >> 9 out of 10 americans want to know how the candidates plan to create jobs. the unemployment rate remains high, despite economic growth.
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americans are shopping more freely again with consumer spending at its highest in five years. three out of four voters are also concerned about medical bills. the republicans say if they win, there will overturn obama's health care reform. it will soon make health insurance mandatory for everyone. >> i know that there are a lot of people who lose a lot of money when they get an illness. i think it is important to not have that happen. >> health care, very important because i monday and. i am getting to retire and my husband is getting ready to retire. >> i think barack obama did the best he could. given the situation with health care. >> another key issue has been education funding. rising university fees are causing growing concern.
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many feel that college education is becoming a privilege that only the wealthy can afford. >> the cost of education as high for my children. it is very expensive. >> education is very important. i have a 3-year-old. we need to think about that. i am for the teachers. i am for education, for sure. >> it is a big issue for me all of the time. i think it is something we need to invest in more in this country. >> obama has promised to spend more money on health and education. while romney has pledged to create jobs. the issues that matter most to voters will decide who takes up residence in the white house. >> to talk more about this, we are joined by a correspondent in virginia. this is one of the tightest races in u.s. history. what are the latest polls sang about the studio canids.
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>> they are saying with the have not been saying the last couple of weeks. this is still a dead heat. we have no clue who is going to win this race. especially the popular vote. it is usually tied -- . this is much too close to call, as you know, in america, it is not the popular vote who decides to become president. it is the boats out of the state, call in the electoral college. whoever wins the state, they get all the electoral college votes from that state. for example, florida is a huge stage. ohio is pretty decent, too. >> speaking of battleground states, we know the candidates are crisscrossing the country, heading out to those battleground states, including virginia, where you are. >> right. in virginia, too close to call.
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it is a traditionally southern state, but a lot of people are moving to northern virginia, which is close to washington. it is hard to say here. ohio is the big prize because everybody says whoever wins ohio, the nation goes. obama has been ahead by slight margins but consistently. no republican has ever won the presidency without ohio. >> you are at a republican rally in virginia. how has the mood been? >> the mood with the republican of voters -- the romney people, it has been very good. they are fired up. a lot of people say they are more fired up the nea supporters of the president. they say that the obama people, the obama campaign has a better ground game. there are better organized. in the end, it comes down to turnout.
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whoever gets these people to show what will win the election. >> thank you very much. we turn our attention now to syria. activists say a suicide bomber has killed at least 50 government soldiers. it comes as there is break out between regime troops and rebels in damascus. >> violence in the capital escalates. they are holding talks. there are under pressure from the international community to find common ground. >> there is no and to the violent images emerging in syria. this time, it is where they brought more dead and more wounded. the military is not shying away from heavy weapons. a suicide car killed at least 50 syrian troops.
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and the diplomatic front, russia says dialogue is the way to peace. >> we fully support the regional quartet initiative that has been launched to resolve the syrian crisis. >> that quartet comprises opponents of the regime. egypt and saudi arabia, as well as syrians ally, iran. calls for dialogue are in directly aimed at the syrian opposition which is meeting to search for greater unity. the national council and opponents within syria itself. hear, the groups under pressure from united states are seeking compromise.
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>> we will find a way to choose -- they will find a way to choose their leadership. in this case, the owhole world will be behind them. >> there are concerned about losing their influence. still, the hope to come to an agreement with other opposition groups by thursday. the goal, to form one body that would gain recognition in the international community. >> well, the former head of the aerospace is recommending that france used shock therapy to get out of its current economic crisis. >> his proposals include cutting 30 billion euros from payroll taxes, relaxing labor laws, and reducing the sales tax. it was suggested to boost
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competitiveness. it is said that the measures are too expensive. the french president has promised to make what he calls a strong and decisions. turning to spain, unemployment there has risen to its highest level in 16 years. things looked set to get worse before they get better. >> spain is still struggling to recover from the property market crashed in 2008. that left banks and other sectors particularly vulnerable to the euro zone debt crisis. the unemployment rate has risen to 25.8%. the government's austerity measures are exasperated the situation rather than improving it. greece is facing another week of protests over the new austerity package proposed by its government. >> trade unions say the reforms are deep in the recession and
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will destroy the very fabric of society. in athens, commuters have faced travel chaos. >> it was just a taste of what residents can't expect this week. taxi drivers joined the protest. on tuesday, agreed unions have called for a general strike. businesses, doctors' offices, banks, are due to remain closed. ships are wrong -- are expected to remain tied up. it is all in response to the government's austerity plans. spending cuts and tax hikes which parliament is expected to improve -- to approve on thursday aimed to save euros. changing the retirement age from 65 to 67. further wage cuts to public sector workers. a relaxation of job protection laws making it easier to hire and a fire workers.
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the new austerity measures are creating cracks in the coalition. some have announced that they plan to vote no on the package on wednesday. >> on to the markets and renewed worries about the eurozone combined with some disappointing earnings to sell off shares at the beginning of the week. we were sent this summary of the trading session in frankfurt. >> the most important topics of discussion on this very first trading day of the week with the major political issues that are due this week. the u.s. presidential election, of course, but also, the leadership change within the chinese communist party. there will have an enormous influence on the way that economic perspectives are being seen also here in europe. that is why i have all this, investors were a bit reluctant to take any decisive action on the markets.
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>> a closer look at monday's numbers and of the dax finished the day -- across the atlantic, at this hour, the dow is trading flat. 2786. the biggest budget airline has raised its profit forecast from 440 to 520 million euros. >> the ireland based company reported a surge halfway through its fiscal year, boosted by the olympic games in london. it helped in part by a lower- than-expected fuel costs. we will be back after a short breaks to do not go away. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. one week after hurricane sandy cause destruction, tens of thousands of people need temporary housing. >> both the storm and the government's response to it are expected to have a significant impact on tuesday's general -- general election. while president obama's handling has given him a boost. many struggled to recover. temperatures in new york have dropped to just below freezing. in neighboring new jersey, almost 1 million households are still without electricity. >> she is back at her new jersey home for the first time since the storm, but there is not -- but there's not much left of it.
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>> the only thing we had was the clothes on her back. not expecting to come back. nothing. >> many houses were destroyed by the storm were burned down. homeowners are rushing to stay ahead of the flooding. her mother is 77. her house is still standing, but she does not have electricity and temperatures are close to freedom -- are close to freezing. >> it is really terrible. in new jersey alone, nearly 1 million homes are without power. that is leading many to search for emergency shelter just to stay warm. schools and public transit are reopening. but for many americans, it will take much longer for life to return to normal. >> european leaders are aging investors in asia to invest
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despite economic woes. -- made the call which has just kicked off. >> more than 40 countries have leaders meeting at the capitol. the summit is expected to end. the meeting is taking place at a slowing time of economic growth in asia. europe is busy addressing its own sovereign debt crisis. the two regions can profit from one another. >> for the first time, we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel for the european debt crisis. i want to convey that to our partners here so that asian investors regain their trust in europe.
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>> it will chart its own course. >> the german foreign and mr. called for a quick approval of the stalled trade agreement in europe and asia. his appeal was echoed by the chinese prime minister who called for free and fair global trade. >> coming right up, a look at how the city of buenos artistire getting people to swap their cars for bicycles. >> the queen has sworn in the new government. the sarin was broadcast live on television and the internet. the coalition was put together after narrowly beating the social democrats in the election. >> the vatican trial has begun for a computer technician charged with helping the pope's former butler -- former butler steal documents. he could face up to one year in prison if convicted.
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last year he was given an 18- month sentence for stealing information and passing it on to journalists. >> a fishing boat has been intercepted off the coast of italy. the boat was flying a greek flag. it was stopped by authorities. officials say that those in charge of the vessel could be charged with human trafficking. well, and german chancellor angela merkel struck a hard fought deal on monday on disputed government benefits. >> after more than seven hours of negotiations, conservatives and the pro-business democrats agreed to balance the budget. germany's election is less than one year away. >> despite the economics, the balanced budget promised was a major win for the democrats
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party. >> we want to work together as a coalition to fight for a balanced budget by 2014. this is a great sign of stability. >> the meeting of party leaders was intended to put together a coalition. the democrats finally got their way in securing a pledge to do away with additional fees for doctors of visits. conservatives wanted to keep the fees, but the compromise to get the support for new child care subsidies. the money will go to parents to keep their parents -- who keep their of using a public day care center. many would prefer to see the funds used to create more day care centers. angela merkel's christian democrats also made headway on a key to demand. they want to raise it for
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retirees, despite paying into the system for years. >> it was important to discuss the issue again. many politicians to understand how difficult it is for low-wage workers. >> the criticize the plans as an expensive bid to keep the peace. >> on the sports, they have extended to seven matches. >> one week after beating them, they also down to them, but they had to fight for it. >> it was a nervous finish, but they hung on to get their wind. they took the lead early, chipping the ball after 15 minutes. they look like a team without a plan, but in the 40th minute they pulled it out of thin air. there were deflected off.
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the opposing team hit the back straight away. after the break, disaster. making it 3-1. held on to take all three points. >> sunday's other match came out on top. >> playing at home, the first to score with him and the 11 minutes.
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he sealed the deal with a kick in the closing minutes. there it is. bang. around the corner. the world's major cities are all trying to get more people out of their cars and onto their bikes. >> it is healthy, environmentally friendly, and a fund. buenos aires this trend to get their citizens on board when it comes to biking. the traffic jams are long in the air pollution is intense. until recently, few people rode a bicycle around the city, but things are changing. >> i'm trying to use the car or public transportation. >> bicycling is good exercise and a cheap means of travel.
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they are converting cycling with a major campaign which means better-by-bike. the goal is to make the city more friendly. it was clear from the beginning that people would use their bikes more if it were not for the traffic. that is a major concern. so, we started building a network of safe bike paths to encourage people to use their bicycles. there are now 90 kilometers of bike paths. the goal is an expanded network of over 200 kilometers. the routes are clearly marked but they still have to watch out. >> so many poor drivers. it is dangerous. >> the city initiative also includes koses teaching beginners how to ride a bike. it is not just kids who are learning. many adults are trying have two wheels for the first time in their lives. 21-year-old has decided to give
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it a go. >> there are bike lanes now and if you rent a bike you get a map with all the lanes marked to. i know from france that you have to be very careful. when us -- buenos aires is not get a cycling paradise. but they hope to make it as common as it is in europe. >> it is a question of time. is normal for new ideas to encounter resistance at first. i think attitudes are slowly changing. it is clearly healthier and cheaper. >> a better buy bike can service cities. more blacks on the roads means
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of fewer traffic jams and less pollution. that is something everyone can be happy about. >> berlin is definitely better by bike. i was in a taxicab and on my bike today. >> yes, but you take to the bike rain or shine. >> yes. >> i do not. i like my car. >> hat and gloves are out. >> thank you for joining us. >> and join us again for the next edition of "the journal."
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