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tv   Journal  PBS  May 1, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome to the "journal" on dw. >> let's see what's coming up. three new arrests in the boston bombing. among them, university classmates of the surviving suspect. >> mayday demonstrations around the world. -- main -- main day -- maiy day demonstrations around the world. and the preparations for the final in the champions league. >> we began in the united states, where federal investigators have arrested free more suspects in connection
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with the boston bombings. bim two of them have been charged with conspiring to obstruct -- >> two of them have been charged with conspiring to obstruct justice. the third is charged with lying to authorities. >> they removed a backpack and laptop from the dorm room of bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the explosion killed three people and injured more than 200. the 19-year-old has been charged with crimes. the older brother was killed in a gunfight with police. for the latest, let's cross over to washington. what more can you tell us about these new arrests? >> you said a lot already. we don't have a lot of information, but the charges of been made public. we know that two of them -- the three who are to appear in court in about 30 minutes in boston were probably from
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kazakhstan. azamat tazhayakov and dias kadyrbayev are their names. they are the ones charged with obstruction of justice. they are the ones who evidently removed a backpack and laptop from the dorm room of dzhokhar tsarnaev. first of all, a backpack with fireworks, second of all, a laptop. computers all -- are always an important piece of evidence. a third man, robel phillipos, is charged with making false statements. he apparently tried to cover up the whereabouts of dzhokhar tsarnaev in the beginning. he seems to have turned around and is cooperating with the authorities. this is completely the story of a cover-up. the important question now, if you put it on a larger scale, outside of america, is did these students know of the
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planned attacks beforehand? if yes, were they part of some international terror network or something comparable? it does not look like that at the moment. it looks more like the story of a couple of students who tried to help their friend. it is too early to tell. we will have more information when they appear at 3:30 local time in boston. >> thank you, max. we will keep you up-to-date with any new developments on that story. >> in other news, here in europe, with the jobless lines growing longer, this year's may day demonstrations brought thousands. , unions have staged a general strike to protest against the cutbacks and some of the highest unemployment levels since the 1940's. >> the rallies saw speakers underscoring that the eurozone crisis was threatening the comp
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-- the continents at -- the continent's hard one -- hard- won economic security. >> hundreds turned out in the city center to add their voices to the rally. the unions are demanding a minimum wage of 80 euros -- 80.50 euros per hour for all workers. they said that the policy of fiscal rigor was compounding the european debt crisis. >> we cannot allow them to destroy this continent by starving -- rescuing europe requires efforts to revive the economy, stabilize social welfare, and make clear to people that it is worth living in a democratic europe. >> many people in greece would agree.
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thousands marched through central athens to protest against the government's austerity cuts. >> we are here to fight. we are here to stay. we are here to win for the working-class people and for our people here in greece. and why not all over the world? >> in bangladesh, thousands of workers rallied with fresh memories of last week's garment factory collapse that killed at least 400 laborers. the lease have arrested the factory owner -- police have arrested the factory owner, who forced employees to keep working in the building even after they pointed out big cracks in the walls. one demonstrator says he deserves no mercy. >> we demand the death penalty for the owner. he should be hanged. we also want compensation for those killed and injured. factories also have to be made more safe. >> meanwhile, eu officials are weighing out whether to change bangladesh's hootie free access
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to the giant european market. -- to the -- bangladesh's free access to the giant european market. >> it is that lack of even the most basic labor standards and the outsourcing of production to countries like bangladesh that has cost europe tens of thousands of jobs. >> unemployment in southern europe is at 50%. there are fears that, for an entire generation, the loss of income creation in their youth will haunt them for a lifetime. >> literally millions are on the move in search of work, not only in southern europe, but ireland as well. educated and talented young people are forced to leave their family and friends to forge a better future for themselves. >> you can only guess at how hard the crisis has hit places like this, a working-class neighborhood in northern dublin. it is home to shannon baker, one of the nearly 170 5000 young
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people unemployed in ireland -- 175,000 young people unemployed in ireland. she is employed as a barmaid. >> you have to put so much work in, so much money into college, into training. nothing came of it. >> the northside partnership is a project dedicated to people like shannon, people with skills but few prospects. shannon says, in addition to the bad economy, many potential employers are prejudiced against young people at the beginning of their careers. >> most people -- it is down to employers as well. most people don't take on young people. most places don't think they have their heads on properly or that they are up to the task. >> ireland's youth unemployment rate is now around 30%.
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for much of the period when these young people were growing up, the irish economy was booming. it was known as the celtic tiger. most people were expecting a bright future. >> poverty and unemployment were not supposed to be part of the picture. then they turned up so quickly that it overwhelmed people. it is particularly tough on younger people. older people have artie experienced hardship in the 1980's, and they know this is part -- have already experienced hardship in the 1980's, and they know this is part of a cycle. but i think young people have had a really hard time. >> that is why young irish people are on the move again. about 200,000 have left the country to try their luck elsewhere since the crisis began. they don't even appear in the unemployment figures. >> let's return to the
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situation here in germany. we are joined by our political correspondent. unemployment in germany is 5.4%. that's pretty good. what has germany done that other countries have not? >> one thing they have done is kept wages low. there has been extraordinary wagers bank -- wage restraint. germany has been able to focus on its export markets and it has benefited hugely from the week euro -- weak euro. a lot of those young people, particularly from the southern european countries, have come to germany and contributed to the germany economy. >> -- the german economy. >> the germans have a pretty good, but there were may day demonstrations today. what can you tell us about those? >> there are demonstrations every year on the labor day here the mood has not been -- on
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labor day. the unions do warn about the growing gap between the rich and the poor. they are worried about low wages. they are worried that people are not saving enough money for old age. that is a growing problem. there are concerns, but the mood is relatively peaceful today on the streets of berlin at least. >> union leaders here and across europe are calling for an end to austerity measures. can we expect chancellor merkel to hold the course on that? >> she has a lot of pressure from opposition parties and from her european partners. we have seen the new prime minister of italy meeting with the president of paris today. angela merkel believes growth is compatible with austerity. she thinks that is the message that german voters want to hear pierce she will not budge from that in the run-up to the elections -- to hear. she will not budge from that in
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the run-up to the elections. >> the president of by munich -- bayern munich admitted to making a big mistake by invading taxes. he told newspapers he felt ostracized by the public reaction to the scandal. "i feel like i have been catapulted to the other side of society in just a few days. it's like i don't belong anymore. i made a huge mistake, but i'm not a bad person." he voluntarily told tax officials about a swiss bank ccount that he held and he is now under investigation for suspected tax evasion. this year's champions league is turning into a nailbiting affair. russia dortmund -- bowl russia dortmund -- borussia dortmund thrashed their opponents last night. >> today, they returned a bit
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worn, but smiling. >> they were happy, but exhausted from the match and the subsequent celebration. >> we are good. we slept a bit. we shared the moment and still cannot believe it. >> after 16 years, dortmund is back in the champions league final for only its second appearance ever. a coal city celebrated the final whistle. but it was -- the coal city celebrated the final whistle. it was a nailbiting final -- the whole city celebrated the final whistle. it was a nailbiting final. dortmund will be heading to wembley on may 25. >> the team did a great job. we are going to wembley. who would have thought? when you had a child who dreams so long of reaching -- dreamed
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so long of reaching the champions league final and it finally happens, that is hard to express in words. >> for the dortmund squad on wednesday, it was back to business with a training session in the afternoon. not for the champions league final, but for a bundesliga fixture. their opponents on saturday, a club named bayern munich. >> bayern munich and barcelona are fighting out their own second lead -- leg. >> the score is currently 0-0. anything could happen in the semifinal. these fans look undeterred. >> ♪ >> we have 18, 19 hours under our belts.
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bayern is our life. that's why there are 60 eightieths on the bus. it is an art -- 60 idiots on the bus. it is our life. >> a woman with a bayern fan has to know what she's in for. >> you need 15 minutes, 20 minutes to put all this on. we have all types. unemployed, a banker, someone in a wheelchair. anyone can write a long, even fans of the other team -- can ride along, even fans of the other team. >> bayern fans are confident after last week's victory, but barcelona is not giving up so easily. >> we can win, even without messi. >> we can score five goals. they will have to take five goals back to germany. >> my head says no, but my heart says anything is possible. >> bayern fans are predicting a
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different outcome. 2-1. 2-2, 1-1. barcelona are world-class, but so are we. >> stay tuned.
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>> welcome back. nations are marking international labor day, mainy day. >> times have changed. the days of the big soviet labor day parades are long gone. today, various political groupings are taking to the streets how much trying to mobilize their supporters. moscow's famous gorky park is turning into a protest part -- spot. , it was the guy -- >> it was the idea of russian president vladimir putin, which is why many people do not trust it. >> this area has been set aside for protests. up to 2000 people can demonstrate at any one time
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without permission from the authorities. organizers just need to send an e-mail in advance. not many activists turned out to the opening of the speakers corner. the authorities say it has a serious purpose. >> we want to make demonstrating safe for the residents of our city and for the protesters. the protest park is monitored by cctv, so nothing bad can happen. >> the idea was put forward by vladimir putin in february, 2012, at the height of antigovernment protests in moscow. that's one reason why the opposition are skeptical. >> the authorities are going to use it as an excuse to ban us from demonstrating in front of the kremlin, parliament, or city hall. they want to keep everyone in these protest ghettos and say, we have set them up, so that's where you should demonstrate. >> the speakers corner in gorky park is somewhat out of the way.
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this appears to the park probably won't stumble across it. that's why this campaigner is at the main entrance, advertising and mass protest on may 6 -- advertising a mass protest on may 6 in the center of town. it has not yet been approved. washington has announced it will not rush to respond to reports that chemical weapons have been used in syria. >> american-led forces invaded iraq on the basis of reports that baghdad had weapons of mass destruction. you will remember they had no such weapons. >> 10 years ago, george w. bush declared the war one -- won, telling troops "mission accomplished." it has unleahed years of civil conflict that cost hundreds of thousands of lives, most of them civilians. >> more than 470 people were
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killed in attacks across iraq. our reporter went to meet the baghdad bomb squad that risks everything to keep the people safe. >> they are the courageous team that defuses bombs in the iraqi capital. the city is much calmer than it used to be, but there is still on the line here almost every day. he has worked with them for the past six years. >> of course it is nerve- racking. we have to feel fear. it is dangerous, but it is our duty. >> a few years ago, he wants had to deactivate 17 bombs in a single shift. they are usually planted to go off between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the streets are filled with people. that's the cynical logic of the terrorists. today, the team has been called out to a suspicious vehicle.
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it has been parked on the street for days and nobody knows who it belongs to. the flashy sports car is probably the pride of its owner, but within minutes, it is being destroyed. he tears it apart in search of an explosive device. in the end, he finds nothing. false alarm. a bomb disposal expert with the team earns about 850 euros a month, scant compensation considering the risks involved. back at base, a gallery honors those who have died while carrying out their hazardous work. the last photo was added only weeks ago. he escaped with his life, but sustained serious injuries on duty. he remembers a loud bang and then seeing his dismembered arm and leg lying nearby.
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he was forced to retire from the team and lost most of his income. >> the truth is that the pension is like a death sentence. the sum of money paid is really only symbolic. 250,000 dinar a month, 160 euros. >> this man originally took the job because there were not many others. now he does it out of conviction. , of course we regularly consider changing jobs, but we are doing this for our country. we always ask ourselves if this will remain our country or if it will be ruled by terrorists. >> another suspicious object has been reported on the middle lane of the city highway. >> dusk is falling. this robot, built in 1982, was a gift from the u.s. army. it frequently breaks down. then the men have to approach on foot.
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it is another false alarm. he says anything can trigger a security alert in iraq. today was a good shift. everyone is returning home safe. >> in just a moment, we need two lutheran churches in germany that are pulling out all the stops to keep their congregations from dwindling further. >> first some other stories making the news. >> brack obama has said he is renewing efforts to close the guantánamo bay prison camp -- barack obama has said he is renewing efforts to close the guantánamo bay prison camp. congress blocks his first-term push to close the facility -- blocked his first-term push to close the facility. a fistfight in venezuela's parliament has left several lawmakers hurt. they came to blows during a recent exchange on the presidential election. the opposition has refused to accept resident nicolas maduro's
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narrow victory. each side blames the other for starting a brawl. >> mexican authorities say they have caught a key member of the powerful sinaloa drug cartel. he was detained near the northern border. he is suspected of growing and transporting marijuanathe sin o let's talk about germany's lutherans. they are descending on the northern city of hamburg. organizers are expecting up to 100,000 people to attend the event which goes on till sunday. >> it is taking place against a backdrop of increasing number of german protestants abandoning their faith. 3 million newly -- 3 million lutherans have left the church in recent years. we visited one church to see what they're doing to stay relevant.
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>> this lutheran parish in the northern suburb has been forced to redefine itself. two months ago, the pastor oversaw the opening of a brand- new building. >> my favorite place is here underneath the window to heaven, as we call it. with this church, we want to show we live under the open heavens. with this wooden building and the warmth of the wood, we want to show that this place is a safe haven. >> the parish has turned the crisis into a revival. it suffered a sharp decline in numbers due to deaths and the departure of many of the when it was merged with a neighboring parish, many members became involved in providing the old church with a much-needed upgrade.
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>> we had to make everything smaller. there were also costs. it involved hours and hours of work. >> we witnessed the construction of the entire building. how each part took shape and grew. >> cooperating on the project changed the parish and brought the congregation closer together. >> all in all, it represents a kind of counter culture,a culture of devotion. instead of thinking about what i can get out of it, it's about what i can give. and then something emerges that is exciting and thrilling. >> contrast that to this city church in the center of cologne. it is more oriented towards the walking churchgoer. the church run café is packed. inside the church itself, a handful of people have gathered to pray, but that is not a problem for the pastor.
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he holds a prayer service every evening at 6:00. >> often times, people don't have a church where they feel at home anymore. ours is like a shop window. people can look inside and get a glimpse of a lutheran church. >> for many of those who enter the building, it is unimportant that the church is protestant. they view christianity in more ecumenical terms. the church is a place to take time out. it does not matter if it is catholic or protestant. >> for me, god is not protestant or catholic. uses isn't protestant or catholic. i'm a christian. -- jesus is not protestant or catholic. >> the church is happy to be a repose amid the city humdrum. it has taken on staff like miriam to focus on the congregation. she looks after youth activities, including the
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church's facebook row file. when she leaves the job this summer, someone else will take her place. >> if the church as a whole wants to attract young people, then it must realize that people come together through other people, not through activities alone. and there is no activity without living, authentic people come a which is why people like me should be hired -- people, which is why people like me should be hired. >> later, preparations for the evening service. >> that all for now. thanks for joining us.
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charges of a cover up. police in boston have arrested three men for interfering with their investigation. they say the men destroyed evidence. police said the suspects are friends of dzhokhar tsarnaev. they were friends and the brothers were responsible for killing three people and injuring 260 others.


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