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tv   Newsline  PBS  May 20, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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u.s. commanders will go with the test of a a long range missile. commanders say they will fire off the intercontinental missile from a base in california. they say they will launch early tuesday. chuck hagel cancelled the test
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days before the launch. on monday they launched two short range missiles from their east coast the third straight day of tests. they say the neighbors may be trying to maintain a certain level of tension doe domestically and internationally.
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>> translator: the launches are part of drills. we are exercising our legitimate right as a sovereign nation. >> the missile launches have triggered a worried response from officials in beijing. >> translator: we hope the relevant countries will strive to ease tensions and secure peace and stability on the korean peninsula. >> analysts say the north koreans may be trying to get tensions from the u.s. and south korean missiles. a boeing 787 has returned to american skies after four months of trouble. the plane flaw from houston to chicago on the first commercial flight of the dreamliner in the u.s. since january. regulators grounded the planes after a series of technical problems. executives from boeing and united airlines took part in a ceremony before the jet took off. >> we are confident in the safety of this airplane.
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safety means everything to us. it's in our dna. it's why we get up in the morning. it's why we endeavor to serve people like united airlines. >> united airlines is the only u.s. carrier with 787s in its fleet. they plan to use the planes to expand domestic and international routes. all 787s were grounded because of problems with their battery systems. one was forced to make an emergency landing in japan. another caught fire at an airport in boston. last month, permission was given for them to resume flights if the jets were retrofitted with a redesigned battery system. sunni muslims are accused of bombing areas across iraq. 48 people are dead and hundreds injured in the latest round of violence between the groups.
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attackers detonated more than a dozen bombs in different cities around the same time. the militants targeted ten locations in the capital baghdad. they planted explosives in cars and on the roadside. shia residents and personnel are also hit in basra and tikrit. they are claiming revenge for a bombing on a sunni mosque last week. 40 people were killed. two car bombs have exploded in dagestan. officials say three people were killed. 44 wounded. one car bomb exploded outside a court building in the regional capital. police rushed to the scene and were hit by a second bomb. the victims include an officer and a court employee. investigators believe the bombers were targeting police. they believe they're tied to islamic militant groups.
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tourists has crashed in central turkey. three visitors from brazil were killed. 22 others were hurt. the president of the company that operates the balloon said it was going up when it collided with the basket of another. it plunged to the ground. many of the injured suffered broken bones. tourists go to the region to see rock formations and volcanic peaks. she's made a lot of headlines. she's young. she's a female executive. she's a mother. no stranger to the media. now she is making headlines for her latest
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yahoo tries to turn itself around under marisa mayer. yahoo hopes to boost earnings. tumble helps people make their own web pages and blogs. they can share information with friends. david carp is 26 years old. he founded in 2007 after quitting high school at the age of 15. some 300 million people use tumblr every month. u.s. stocks ended slower on monday as profit takers cashed in on the recent strong rally. this comes amid speculation the federal reserve may taper its quantitati easing by
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pumping less money into the market. the dow jones shed 19 points to end at 15,335. for more on japanese markets let's go to the tokyo stock exchange. good morning. officials at the bank of japan begin their two-day meeting today. how are things looking? >> investors seem to be taking a step back this morning. let's have a look another the opening levels for tuesday, may 21st. the nikkei is down 0.57% at 15,272. the broader topix is down 0.2%, so a negative start this morning.
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inves investe they will encourage after the government raised the assessment of the japanese economy for the first time in two months. we may want to keep an eye on excellent related shares as the yen looks stronger against other currencies. let's see where the yen is trading at right now. the dollar yen is at 102.20 to 25. moving further away from the 103 level on friday in new york. investors seem to be holding back from buying the dollar as there are worries that the federal reserve chairman may suggest he's start bonds on wednesday. investors will be watching the outcome.
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let's take a look at euro/yen. it's at 132 to 77. we see chinese manufacturing data and somize housing figures from the u.s. later this week. a big focus will be on central banks and the upcoming economic data and we'll see how all of this plays into the market. back to you. >> thanks for that report. the japanese government plans to attract more tourists from southea southeast asia by easing visa requirements. a government task force made up of officials from the transport and foreign ministries compiled an interim report on wednesday.
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they proposed making signs in different languages at museums and other tourists sites. more headlines for you in business next hour. here is a check on markets. chinese premier traveled to new delhi to meet with indian
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prime minister. they agreed to promote indian exports to china. they will encourage chinese companies to help improve infrastructure in india. they agreed on talks to avoid conflict and keep their focus on economic matters. >> the basis for continued growth and expansion is peace and tranquility on our borders. >> translator: economic growth of the two countries will be a new engine for the global economy. >> premier lee described the overtures as a handshake across the himlayas. >> reporter: this visit to india in it first overseas trip shows the importance the chinese government places on its
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relations with india. his predecessor visited india in 2010. and no indian prime minister has visited china since that time. with such a reciprocal visit, chinese officials believe that strengthening relations with india could expand its influence in the international community. the two countries each have more than a billion citizens. and both are emerging economies. in march, chinese president xi jinping visited russia and south africa on his first foreign trip since taking office. this move is seen as an attempt by china to strengthen unit among emerging economies. china remains locked in disputes with surrounding nations over
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territorial issues in the east china sea and south china sea. china appears to be using the visit to india to check other country's moves to contain china's growing influence in the region. nhk world, new delhi. >> indian leaders were flattered that he chose to visit on his first trip as premier. we have more on they how they viewed the relationship. >> reporter: india hopes the meeting of the two leaders will help deepen bilateral economic ties and avoid the worsening of a border dispute. in 1962 a border row in the himalayan region led to
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fighting. many people in india have felt distrust for china ever since. those concerns came to a head last month when the two militaries faced off in the disputed border in the kashmir region. they worry that the maritime activities could expand into the indian ocean. on the economic front, india and china both have huge domestic markets and are quickly deepening ties. indian business owners are seeking major opportunities in china. prime minister has said economic growth is india's top priority. so the last thing he wants is to throw cold water on bilateral ties. he hopes his meeting with lee will help create a friendly relationship with china and
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ensure that any border disputes will not dampen economic ties. nhk world, new delhi. reporters from japan and from the u.s. were both killed last year in syria. now journalists from around the world have recognized their bravery and professionalism. members of the international press institute selected them for the 2013 world press freedom hero award. participants attended the awards ceremony on monday in the jordanian capital. bethel mckinzie talked about their coverage of the afghan and iraq wars. she handed the award to her colleague.
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he was with her just before she was killed. >> i feel the award is a validation of her life as a journalist. without the eyes of the media, the violence in syria will never end. >> ipi representatives said 132 reporters lost their lives in 2012. 39 of them were killed in syria. physicians without borders, or rather physicians with doctors without borders say they're facing some unprecedented challenges in syria. the head of the japanese unit has added her voice to those calling for international action
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to end the civil war. she just returned from a month in northern syria where she worked as a surgeon. she said she couldn't get the government's permission to work there. so she entered the country with the help of opposition forces. she said many civilians wounded in air raids were brought to her clinic, including a four month old baby. >> translator: the baby's left leg was severely damaged, and she was losing too much brood. we put her on an iv drip and give her blood infusions. but unfortunately, we had to cut off her limb. >> militia fighters and weapons are flooding in from other countries. they must try to stop the fighting as soon as possible. researchers in northeastern japan have begun studying the long term hem effects. earthquake and tsunami. it could spur the development of new treatments for disaster victims. researchers will survey 150,000 residents of coast tal communities in northeastern japan. they'll use questionnaires and
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genetic samples to identify diseases and stress related disorders. the project leader says the findings could be important well beyond the communities he's studying. >> translator: i hope the results of this survey will be used worldwide to improve post disaster medical treatment. >> he says he hopes the project will attract medical professionals and help rebuild the region's medical institutions. organizers in brazil are getting ready to host some of the games people play. next year visitors will descend on the country for the world cup. two years later, the olympic games. organizers worry about what criminals might do to tourists. police in rio de janeiro are tackling the problem by enlisting the help of locals. >> reporter: the city's beaches draw a lot of tourists. but if you gaze away from the sand and surf, you catch sight
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of another side of the capital, and it's anything but idyllic. drug traffickers find the narrow alleys an ideal place to avoid the law. the authorities have tried to sweep them out countless times. but the criminals usually return after the police leave. law enforcement officers haven't had much success until now. 7,000 people live in the area. security's so bad here people fear for their lives. this man says he once got caught in a gunfight in front of his
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home. >> translator: the bullets were hitting the wall. it was terrifying. i slept right next to the toilet bowl because this was the safest room. >> reporter: to make the area more secure authorities started stationing police officers. rotating shifts during a 24 hour period. this lieutenant is the station chief. she believes that the police hired to keep criminals from returning it's important to develop relationships. >> translator: we're trying out a lot of different ways of trying to get to know the residents better. >> reporter: she stresses the importance of patrolling the
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area two or three times a day. she wants people to know her name and her face. she also gives out the station's phone number, hoping people will call if they need help. >> feel free to contact me whenever you like. we're conducting a thorough patrol of this area. >> reporter: and the police are reaching out to children too. giving them guitar and reading classes. the officers want all residents to see them as friends. >> translator: it's this string. now slow it down. >> translator: the police were harsh. they're image wasn't friendly at all. now they seem more approachable. >> reporter: these days, citizens and police trust each
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other more. the law enforcement officers receive information about crimes and suspicion people more quickly. and the number of crimes has dropped off significantly. >> translator: now the police can make casual visits to people's homes. we want this closer relationship between the police and local residents to continue. >> reporter: so far, police have stations in only about 5% of the slums. but the method is expected to be used elsewhere.
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ampbl ampblts. a powerful tornado has torn through oklahoma. it destroyed homes a schools. ten people were killed. weather conditions play a major role. we have the latest. >> yes, a vicious tornado ripped through the town in oklahoma state on monday. many houses and buildings have been completely destroyed. search and rescue efforts are under way at this moment. now this is the system which spawned the tornado.
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and also tens of tornados across the mid section of the weekend. hail the size of a golf ball has been reported as well. this system is still packing a lot of energy and enough to trigger more tornados into texas into missouri. the risk continues into tuesday. the system will continue across the east. the nasty weather will continue into tomorrow unfortunately. now ahead. system due to ample moisture from the gulf of mexico, lots of thunderstorms are happening across the u.s. out towards the west, dry. but because of the dry weather we have a risk of wildfires in southern parts of new mexico and towards the north and getting wet across the pacific northwest. because of the rainy weather temperatures will be going down to the lower teens in seattle. however, very warm for chicago, 27 degrees for you. towards the south, 32 in houston with thunderstorms.
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all right. in asia, a seasonal rain band is with you affecting the southern parts of china, taiwan and the southern islands of japan with drenching rain. taiwan, you have had about 340 millimeters of rain over the past three days. it looks like more heavy rain is on the way into the next tree days. mainland china is expecting to see an additional 100 millimeters of rain. torrential rain is also affecting the coast of bangladesh and myanmar. which is not good news. it's because if you remember last week tropical cyclone hit this area causing flooding as well. towards the north, very dry for the northern half of china as well as the korean peninsula and western japan as well and getting drier across the eastern section of japan, but hokkaido will remain at risk of thunderstorms throughout the
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morning hours. 30 degrees in kyoto. much hotter in japan in china in china. 32 in inland china. finally in europe then. wet and wendy weather will continue across much of the continent. the heaviest weather is going to be in poland and the baltic states. meanwhile getting drier across the british isles. a new system will be drifting into the central mediterranean on wednesday. temperatures will be extremely warm across the southeast. 30 degrees in bucharest. 16 in london and still on the chilly side in paris at 15 degrees. here's the extended forecast.
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that wraps up this edition of "newsline." thanks very much for joining us.
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