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á>> igsho you ho( scence qsath can add up@(o a geat meal. can add up@(o a geat oswinning ea earned her aa teen éprobably dit kfast. >> the facts aboqt a stangely simple state flag. >> pita chips fom scatch nd our on spil @p. "!then, but i'l $ell yo)aen uc.arine# who really "ba@d( tgether. >> o joan usnog for tis "bweek's "teen kids news."
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>>@.elcome to "tn kids news." >> an i'm sie. w'l start wit our top spory. [ school bell rngs ] >> thes fth drs arn't goig to ym or t lunch. they're o@ their way ta classom wit no walls ad a they're o@ their way ta classom wit no walls ad a lot of irt. paping n arig.(y éhere @nd ietita andng@ut explo"ig, and we never know ghat were onna fid when wáae >> today's ig@iscovery was a pretty lar prying man(s. >> r. o'nel, fnd it on a >@ he's probably eatinthe lkwe ug(m >> bqt th mafos is on the(m ([>> [ snsaell it again? a dot know that smells@jusp like basil,
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although it's purple. >> whether (ns pur ler more common en, bsil is the main ingret in dhe next spage of this@proect -- taking what they grow in dhe garden @ using it in a recipe.(m >> we're making bruschetta $atoday, and we're jest geing make ht.eve"ything (e need to it's bacto the classroom. >> okay, we have different types of toatoes here -- ron tomates and beefsteak. and we havegarlic that we grew, as ell. >> ut this is not a home-ec lesson. gardein there's also the scice nd mat -- teaching the kids how to quadruple, triplel double recipes. cut it in hal. rmv the seds (ausing ftons in measuring, that's her we incorporated the >> a fun way tlearn math.
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>> we're onna take a minute to use our senses in order to describe what we see. we're gonna be ung our sense of tast. observation skills learning how to use their senses to describe things today, we're actually working with an acid. vinegar is an acid. by addg the vingar to the tomatoes, you did create a gheae now changed the properties of thtomato nd t basil a the garlic. (aokay, it can no longer go back to the way it was. >> i learned little bat about chemistry. learned tha the vinegar broke dwn a@l the stuff then t ade the flavor@m out. >> delicious. >> i tught it@was rally fun. it wa a lo more fun than just lookg at the board. lookg at the board. >> oh, and there's one more lesson mr. o'nel wanted to teach his students about vege(bles. >> i learned that you should try énew stuff, because y can really like it.
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>> learning has never tastad so god. >> we have a lot@ore@to tell you abo%t. >> so stay with us >> high-profile anvestigations washington.are consuming revelations hve surfaced that thinternal revenue servce,$ and oher consarvative pol ical groqps. the oba administrat@&ays the presidt was unaware of the action nd accuses he irs, an inndent agency, of abusi public trust. >> look at what thindependent inspector generals said in thei reprt and o congress on friday -- that, one, no evidence tat there wa# any outside influence to this other than -- that this came directly from the irs, and, to,@(hat this was not necessarily based on politic motivation. >> republicans suspect a cover-. we're gng tcntinue this investigation, get tthe @ottom of this. who knew? wenid they know?
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why did they do t@is? high up i gove@ment did it go? people have no trust that their government is being impartial. this is arrogance of pow, degree.f power, to the nth >> the associated ppess accuss the jusice department of violatinits con#titutonal righd of freedom of the press by seizing a.p. reporters' talephone recordc. the d.o. contends it was investigating a leak to the a.p. about a foiled al-qaeda plot in yemen thad it sayc osed a threat to national security. >> this is among -- if not th most serious, it is within $@e top two or three most serious laks t@at i've evar seen. it put the american people at risk. >> the a.p. claims it withheld the story for five days to check with government officials before publishing it. it accuses the d.o.j. of harassment and interferi in ne ghering. >> it has a chilling effect on sours for the press. a.p.'s not going to be intidated. intimdated. vid lee miller,ds news," i'm "fox news channel in the clssroom.e
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>> time now for "health bites." [ crunching ] >> it's e most important meal of the day, and yet many of us skip it. of the day, and yet many of us skip it. jax hubbard is a nutritionis downstate lng island college hospital. hi, jax. > hi there. >> ax, is bpeakfast really that important? á>> yes, it realy is. if you skip a healthy breakfat, are you'l be less alebt, you'll have a shorter atntion span, and yo)ol feel increasingly run-down as the day goes on. >> so i'm guessing doughnuts don't exactly ft in ticture here? >> definitely not. carbs alone will make you burn out fast. ink of a combo ack -- pb@tein plu carbs... >> some ki skip breakfast because they don't ant to put on weight. what about that? >> they'll probably end up @utting on more weight. kids who skip breakast tend to eat more than they should at
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their next meal, and they snack more between mls. >> what about not having time to eat? >> trust me. the extrfew minutes of sleep jst aren't wor$h it. set our arm a bit earlier. if ou're still worrieabot having enough time for breakfast, here are some suggestions. suggestions. hard-boid egg or a peanut butter and@elly sandwich. then in phe mrning, xo can grab ando. and take along an orange or an appla, too. and take along an orange or an appla, too. >> okay, i'll think of it as the >> good idea. >> thanks, jax. with "health bites," ig ellie. >> this rport is bought t you by the nationaroad safety fundtion. over t @ast few months, we've been "epo"ting on this year's(m driveblife contest. it invited kids across the country to come up with a áp.s.a. -- that's like a tv n. the winer was 16-y-ol@ oliv aavore. olivi hadearned ab the contest from her high-school teacher. i, anso, she found is one and asked me@f wanded t it. so i avit a shot. and asked me@f wanded t it.
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>> her shot was a home run. of more than ,d00 ideas that were sent in, the national road safe(2 foundation worked with schlastic to choose olivia's. >> my mom called min th(m middle of schoolp@and i thought it was comething bad, but it wa( actually really good, so i kind of got out of clacs antold my s we were really excited. >> as part of her prize, olivia gas brought to new york city to rk with an emmy award-wining director. >> hello, olivia. >> the director introduced olivia and her mom to the tv crew... t@is ãyo directr of otogrphy. >> hi. nice t meet you. >> and you've alreadmet the >> hi. nice t meet you. >> and you've alreadmet the associate producer. tour of the location where (y(m were gonna shoot the p.s.a. >> why don't you sit down? let's go through the s(oryboards. >> storyboards are a series o pictubes the production team uses to visualize the senec thex need to sho. then they discuss some of the props to be used in the p.s.a. also, we have t make up ifon, yo%@feel that red's nab a prolem. >> no, think the red is gonna pop bepter. >> while the crew got ready for the firct shot, olivia helped
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te associate producer crea(e one of the messages on the driveway. and she had one other important job ( do. the driver in the p.s.a. >> like, s my had going (, like, pretend to, likel@turn the down and seeing the no?looki >> i phink you're just looking >> oky. >> youe thinking about turning on the radio. yosee the note annw youre not gonna do it. >> all right. >> what do you think? >> it's good. >> all right. >> finally, it was time starp shoo$@. the first shot was a bit tricky. to be able to see over the ar to t message written on e driveway, the cameraman needed to be hi up on a ladder. >> what you did the stime was perect -- the 'ayo nt. >> mm-hmm. >> same ting. can you go a little faster this tme -- st a litple faster, not too muc faster? okay, sdandingy. >> next. >> next. the coming around the corner onm the family. so, what do you think? (a>> i like it. >> so, we come down. grandma and grandpa are waving.
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god! excellent. thkyou, folks. >> and the pcenefter th god! excellent. thkyou, folks. the lemonade stand, where we're gonna have two kids. one is gonna be pouring lemonade. and the other is going to be ys "no eating while drivin." >> mm-hmn ip's@ood. >>ll right, ready to go? yep. >> let's keegoin >> excellent. i thinwe got it all, righp? kristen, we got all the shots? >> mm-hm. that was o last one with the two ds. >>ll r, so what do you thk? >> it was od. >> wt all right? >> yeah >> well, congratulations. >> thnk you. (a>> niely done. >> we'reeady to go. >> with e shootin completed, $the nexp ctop was the edit roo. working wit rack the editor, oliv saw how all the different eleents are brou tether to e@ ( p.s.a. mm-hmmp >> nd i found a little prtt the end.(m here's the end, by the@.ay. [ up-tempo usic plays ] [ music stops ]
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>> yeah. >> co then the key s to, like, mx the two togeter. >> @. >> he directr came an, and t@e pruction tm watched the fnal edit. [ up-tempouic resumes ] [ cellphone chimes ] (m now she has to present the p.s.a. to (e nation road approva.otndation for their we'll have that report next week. >> in "flagfacts," w salute phe heritage of ot@r oe of our great states. >> this@loos more like a rad sign than a state flag. for starters, it's often flown as square instead of a rctangle. but tat's not an "x" in the >> the flag is based on the saint andre''s css, which also use ts deep, dark red know
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as crimso. >> and the color crimson is a clue to this flag's identity -- if you follow college sports. nickname of the universi of alabama's sports teams. >> the flag o alabama looks simple, but it echoes a more complex and controversial symbol -- the flag of the confederacy from the civil war. >@ this i@ot a concidence at all. the flag of alabama is based on the confederate battle flag. >> much later, alabama was a different kind@f battleground during the civil-rights movement. dr. martin upher king jr. not only mached here -- he was bor here. and so was rosa parks -- the african-american woman who the move to the back of it may be a simp fla but alabamians take pride in it. in addition to the pledge of allegiance to the stars and stripes, students in alabama recite a special pledge of allegiance to their state flag. with "flag facts," i'm katie. >> grab a pen. aubrey hasnother great recipe from the clinary institute of america. >> hi, everyone. i hope you're doing well.
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today, we're going to make really, really easy and pita chip.hummus with homemade earlier, i cut and toasted my ...lier, i cut and toasted my ... squeezed the juice out of a lemon... ...and i peeled some fre ga"ic. i have all of my ingredients ready. we have 2 cups of chickpeas, half a cup of olive oil. we have 2 tablespoons of tahini, which is a sesame paste thatou can find in any grocy store. we he garlic. i peeled more rlic than i need, but once i do it, i can use it for the rest of the week all of the food that i make. we also have salt and the juice of one lemon. now, all 'e'll have to do is put everyth into the food processor... our chickpeas... olive oil... tahini...
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one clove of garlic, unless you like it very garcky.. lemon juice... lemon juice... if you notied earlier, i didn't salt or season the pita ips. tha's bacause i salted the hummus. remember, salt is only optional. now we'll placi right on top. [ food prcessor whirs ] now unplug the machine, take off the top, and we're going to help the hummus along by scooping around the sides with a spatula. now, i otice that it's a little bit thick so i'm going to add a little bit of olive oil.
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now put the top back on, plug it inl@and keep pulsing. [ food processorhirs ] and be nice to your pares. clean up@(he food processor when you're finished. mmm. now that we have the hummus perfectly smooth, all we have to do is scoop it into our bowl. and now we're ready to eat. hummus is so delicious, and now name is aubrey. fro the culnary instute of america, have a great day.
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>> if you missed any othese recipes, no worries. they're all lis( on the "teen kids news"ebsipe. >> here's aother re* in ou" series on first-aid basics. >> what is heat exhaustio? >> heat exhaustio ocurs when the bod! gets too hot. >> hat causes it? >> well, our body cools itself by sweating. so phen we're in the heat for a long time ore'ra doing physical ac$ ity r a long time withut repleni@g those(m flui@#hat we lost thpough sweating @then the hypothalamus -- a part of the ébrain that ontrols @eat
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regulation -- is actuall! overwhelmed. we end up proucing re@eat than we release. >> what are some sig to look for? >> the pesos skin will be cool to the touch. it'll moist, and they'll be heavily sweating. they miht appear pal and flush. they will probably@e complaini@of a headache, feel dizzy and weak, and maybe even nauseous. "!>> okay. what should we do? >> e're gonna move them to a cool place first.( then remove or loosen any tight clothing topromote@heat loss. then spray them with water or even apply cold, wet clths to the skin. fan@them.$m$[and if conscious, f conscious, then we give them a small amount of water or sports drink. ift any time they refuse that liqui or they start to vomit, call 911, 'cause their situation's getting worse. >> heat exhaustion can be rious, and if t quikly treated, it can worsen, causing heat stroke. and that can be deadl2. so let's go over what you ned to do if seoneas heat exhauston.
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when it comes to first aid, that's why the red css has an app for smart phones. it gives simple, easy-to-follow information, andt's free. althoug, if t helps save . for "tkn," i'm emily. >> you can find out more first-aid tipc on our website.(m justollothlink. >> i bet you didn't know (hat the u.s. marines have a regularly scheduled battle right it's actually onof the highlights of a proud tradition called "evening parade." nicole tells us more. >> every friday eveni@g dring the semmer,@the public is invited ont@ the marines' oldest military post.
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called "marine brack wasingt," the post was established in 1801 to protect our nation's capital. >> in this day nd a, we are more famo%s fáour ceremonial ma"hing uts and our musical and "the president's own" u.s. marine band. >> and during evenig parade, both bands get to strut their stuff. officially called the "!u.s. marine band, it was cread by an act of cog"ess in 179 >> we played for john as and his wife and a sl party of guests before@john dams left office, but it as realy thomas jefferson, who too gave us the name he presiden$'s own." >> the preside needed his own musical unit to perform at different white house functions r foreign dignitaries and those that may a$(end, well, his very nice estate. >> we've played at every angural sinc thomas jefferson, and i beleve that's 52 a)gurations over 210 years.
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so we're very proud of that >> the marine band is composed of people from all ovr the the best are allowed io the unit. >> the and do ot go through$m basic training. their sole duty is to provid "!musical support for the p"esidenp musicians were members of the marine band. >>he ost proinet all is jhn philip sousa, known as "the march king," and he was the one who wrote "the stars and tripes forever." [ "the stars and stripes forever" plays ] we plalot of his marches,we are, because, manly, he wrote most "the president's own." >> i'll have more on theare bands at the evening parade when we return. so stay "tuned."
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> $o, we'v already met the marine band kown as "the president's own." [ bugle musicplays ] now meet the marine drum and bugle cor@s. they're known as [ rhythmic rumming ]" >> well, "the commadant's own" was esblished i 1934 to supplement the marine bnd at te ceremonies here th barracks. and they became so good that decided tat he was gonnhav his own musical unit. marines, you know, a@usical unit of his own, the commandant better have his own, as wel. >> and we're ao vry different in that w py only drums and only bugles. they play evepy other kind of isprunt out there there . but we are, dsay 10 tis as [ mahing-band music playig ] >> all th marine$ in
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"p@e commandant's n" re fully qualied to o t w. we are marines @irst, sicians second. >> ty're infantry-trned, and then they have to pasc a musical auditon before they come into the marine corps if they want a sition in the unit. on they acquire a position in the unit, they come here (o marine bras washington, d.c. they're the best of the best of marine musicians who try out for the rcruiter$. [ marching-band music playing ] >> out on what's cald the parade deck, there's a bit of friendly rivalry between "the cmaan(nc own" and "the cmaan(nc own" and >> one tries to out-flh the other as they pay their songs ac"ss the parade deck. >> not all the muic played at evening parade is instrument. the marine band's rendition of "proqd to be an american" brought the audience to their feetp >> ♪ god bless the usa
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>> iwas really good. i'm reall excite, becaue i'm actual enisted in the marines, (o be in the band. so seeg@this was a really good perience for me to get me perience for me to get me toee what i can becom. [ marching-band music playc ] >> the evening parade is open to the puic. admission is free. toind abougetting tickets, c@eck out our website. éfor "ten ds news," i'm nicole. >> that's all for this week. thanks for joining us. >> we'll ee you net time with more "teen kids ne.b
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>> wrate to@us at... u
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>> welcome to "skyweek." i'm tony flanders from "sky & telescope" magazine, and i'll be your guide to the
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astronomical wonders that are currently on display overhead. let's see what's happening in the sky from monday, may 27, to sunday, june 2. a half-hour after sunset on monday, jupiter, venus, and mercury form a very tight triangle low in the west. they form a jagged line on tuesday, and the line gets longer each evening for the rest of the week, as jupiter sinks lower and mercury rises higher. jupiter and venus are just a finger width apart on monday and tuesday -- a splendid view through binoculars. and telescopes will show both planets' discs, as well as jupiter's moons. later on, as the sky grows fully dark, virgo, the maiden, is stage center in the south. its only truly bright star is spica, but this year spica has
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an even brighter companion -- the planet saturn. virgo's other prominent feature is the upraised arm ending at vindemiatrix, her second-brightest star. virgo is an agricultural constellation. "spica" means "spike of wheat," and "vindemiatrix" means "grape gatherer." to stargazers with telescopes, virgo is famous for the virgo cluster, a collection of roughly 1,000 galaxies between vindemiatrix and denebola, the tail of leo the lion. of course, the galaxies aren't literally between these stars. denebola is 36 light years away, and vindemiatrix is 100 light years. the galaxies, by contrast, are 50 million to 60 million light years from earth. but even that's dwarfed by an object called 3c 273, which appears not far below the virgo cluster.
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this is the brightest quasar in the sky, and the most distant object that's easy to see through a typical backyard telescope... two billion light years away. a quasar is a supermassive black hole that's consuming gas at a furious rate. roughly half the material spirals into the black hole and is lost from the universe as we know it. the other half is ejected as high-speed jets, emitting vast quantities of light, x-rays, and radio waves at the same time. next week, we'll see how 3c 273 was discovered. until then, this is tony flanders from "sky & telescope" magazine, wishing you clear skies and great views. >> brought to you by... manufacturers of telescopes and binoculars.
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[irish flute music] ♪ - here there's a lot of sheep in ireland. [sheep bleats] - baa! both: sheep! - baa! both: baa! [sheep bleating] - and in the northwest, there are more sheep than people. in fact, a traffic jam in these parts consists mainly of sheep. [irish bagpipe music] there's more to ireland's northwest corner than sheep alone. famine history runs deep here, and one of the main geographical features, croagh patrick, is a major pilgrimage point for the whole country. but the most interesting part of this region is its time capsule effect.


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