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tv   France 24 News  PBS  August 2, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> the u.s. weighs in on egypt's crisis, explicitly citing with the army. the leaders supporters prepare a new show of demonstrations. a zimbabwe is on the edge of post electoral unrest. the opposition cries foul and we hear the calls fallen on deaf ears. >> the first-round front-runner , the former finance minister. thank you for watching. restoring democracy.
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they claimed john kerry, the first of the military's actions. >> a civilian government, they are very concerned about that. >> the brotherhood camps in cairo, despite a government warning. catherine, hello. readying itself for confrontation, has there been reaction to his comments?
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>> as far as the missing brother who are concerned, what they're calling themselves the pro- democracy camp. critical of the u.s. all along for not saying what happened was a military coup. they have to stop and reconsider the $1.5 billion in military aid. they are now firmly behind the new authorities here. the middle eastern boy is due to arrive in cairo tonight and is
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going to meethe foreign minister tomorrow, pushing for both sides to reach a compromise. >> can you give us the name of the situation so far? >> despite the warnings from the authorities that they intend to disperse the sentence, the muslim brotherhood has called for huge demonstrations today. they are gathering and at cairo university, 33 marches from different mosques around cairo joining those citizens. you heard that they intend to block access to those sites within 48 hours. they are going to let people leave but they will not let people and. they say they don't intend to disclose those citizens by force. interestingly, the state newspaper has secret
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negotiations underway between the state and the muslim brotherhood to try to get out of this crisis without blood being spilled. the state had asked the day that allow the police to protect those sit-ins', to protect them. this could very well see what they are seeing here. >> thank you very much for that. the cairo embassy is in a number of delegations that will remain closed this sunday. the state department announced the measure in response to a security risk -- concerns. treading on eggshells, they deliver their verdict.
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the presidential poll, they are choosing their words carefully. as nick baker reports, the election is already in dispute. >> this friday morning, the headlines are clear. the party is likely to wind up to 75% of wednesday's vote. the monitoring mission gives the final call. >> the election is free. >> several strongly disagree with these findings. the human rights watch claim that the missions have a poor track record.
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>> elections that were clearly flawed. >> she still reject the results. a second group led by the committee also declared that the election was free and peaceful. but it added that it was too early to call the vote affair. they urged both parties to accept the outcome of the election. >> he began by telling us about the regional politics. >> it has residents in some corners of the african union. it does not mean to say that as a whole, it that, but if you go back to the disputed alexian, they were divided on what to do. they called from very tough action, and similarly, they have
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been split with botswana and particular taking out a tough line. there is a big player in the african union and in the southern african community. south africa, because it has a long border with zimbabwe, it has always been very cautious. the analyst i spoke to said that south africa has acted as a kind of break on formulating language which would otherwise have been stronger. >> the first official figures for the parliamentary poll in zimbabwe, they have 2/3 of a majority.
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a 20% rate in the first round, the prime minister, having failed to secure an outright majority, they will face the runner up. the election is the first since the military coup and sparks the political and territorial process. >> a fresh start or a return to turmoil. they have the results from their presidential elections. the prime minister is known with 40% of the votes but failed to get an outright majority. he is still ahead of his main rival that did manage to push past 20%. claiming abuses of the polls. >> the lawyers have revealed a lot of irregularities. it will make our candidates for better, but no matter what, a
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second round is absolutely necessary. >> a second round should help defuse the tensions built up over the past week, threatening to send an already divided country to a boiling point. >> this collection was to unite people but it can take a wrong turn and increase the division. >> the piece will vote was a step towards recovery after 18 months of unrest. they're worried that divisions could tip the country back into instability. >> melissa has returned and tells us that he has secured a sizable lead, the runoff could be in danger.
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>> we were told he was likely to win this first round. the second round would not be needed but that is not the case. that means everything will be played again and the arithmetic changes entirely. if you look at the scores achieved by those allied to him, nearly 10%, you add them all of and they are officially on the record. you get closer to the score that was done, they will also have allies that rally around him. they believe that the parliamentary way to of their block is such that they have a very good chance of winning in the second round. the cards are entirely redistributed at that is excellent news. there was such a great deal of skepticism of how the first
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round had gone. the opposition screamed fraud and for many people, suspicions about what had happened since it seems not to reflect the figures by various parties throughout the vote. whoever wins it is probably the best of all. two men facing off against each other, it will be quite tight and it will give a democratic legitimacy. >> that word has has not figured out where he will live in russia. this is after temporary asylum. moscow oppose the move could derail the upcoming summit.
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>> free from the airports at last, he has officially entered russia, prompting his father to thank the russian president for saving his son. >> i thank them for their courage, strength, and the humanity that they have demonstrated, and what i believe is this noble action of protecting my son and keeping him safe. >> but he warned his son to stop releasing government secrets. >> my son's work was done with this. >> it may not be easy to ensure. >> he assured me he is not planning to publish any documents that blackened the american government. he gave part of the material to journalists but he can't take back. how much additional and what cae
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published, i don't know. >> the refusal to hand over the contractor has infuriated the u.s. they claim he is not a whistle- blower and needs to face american justice. >> we are disappointed that despite our requests, they will not have him expelled to the united states to face the charges against him. >> it has caused a strain between russia and the u.s.. the americans are reevaluating if president obama should attend the upcoming summit in moscow. >> authorities have declared a nationwide level to whether emergency. the disastrous effects of a very hot summer.
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>> a record-breaking heat wave wreaks havoc across china. tires exploded and a billboard burst into flames, sending plumes of smoke into the air. a bus tire explosion left two people injured. >> i was sitting on the see above attire and i felt a strong pain in my legs. i have no idea how i rolled to the front of the bus. >> several people have died of heatstroke as it went to the hottest temperatures and 140 years. experts blame the lack of rain for the scorching heat. enough in some areas to cook eggs. the heat wave is expected to stay put until mid august.
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stay tuned. >> welcome to this week in the americas. the u.s. army private bradley man in, what impact did the whistle blower have on america
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abroad? and negotiating with the colombian rebel group. and the villagers that take on the drug cartels. but first, viewed as a hero by some and a traitor by others, a soldier who blew the whistle on america's military and diplomatic secrets, found guilty of espionage and theft charges, but acquitted of aiding the enemy. >> when carrying out the air raid on baghdad in 2007, these pilots could not have imagined the video would one day be made public. the footage showing the killing of journalists and several other civilians sparking controversy. this is among the data and over by bradley manning and he has
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been convicted for it. they released a series of top- secret documents just as damaging. hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables. >> the battlefield consequences are potentially severe and dangerous for our troops, allies, partners, and they will damage our relationships in debt -- a reputation in that part of the world. >> it is clear enemies of the u.s. will take careful look at the documents. the americans discovered pleyel's of data. at the time, president obama seemed rather skeptical. >> i am concerned about the
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disclosure of sensitive information from the battlefield to potentially jeopardize operations. the fact is, these documents don't reveal any issues that have not already informed our public debate on afghanistan. >> what impact did they have? >> there has been at the fact that is hard to calculate. it has had a pretty significant damaging effect on our relationships with countries whose cables or discussions have been disclosed. >> they have a super power.
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>> instead, they see him as a man on the front line in the war against whistle-blowers. >> the colombian government has resumed peace negotiations in the cuban capital of havana. 19 soldiers and a number of rebels were killed in clashes. 200,000 people have died and millions have been displaced since the conflict began 50 years ago. they headed to havana to make one of the negotiators attempt to reach a deal. >> a long way from the colombian jungle. negotiations with representatives of the colombian government. >> we are comfortable in this environment. we are interested in the most important thing for columbia, that is peace.
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>> they are taking a more conciliatory approach. >> we have approached these negotiations with a reasonable proposals. >> the rebels and the government. >> we have agreed on a series of 25 points but also other issues that we don't feel the same way about. we will tackle them later. they are fundamental questions like the land issue. we believe it is vital to talk about this and put an end to the conflict.
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and to eradicate inequalities in the colombian countryside. >> at the talks might be progressing in cuba, but fighting continues. they're calling for a ceasefire. after 10 years of radio silence, they have seized a platform to justify their insurgency. >> if you want to know why one sector took up arms, it is because of the decades of terror. we need to solve these problems. >> sometimes it seems that they get nothing in exchange. they are selfish and don't want to share anything. >> determination and resolve, columbia will have some time to
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wait before the end of the conflict. >> drug traffickers have terrorized numerous villages and towns using extortion, ray, or murder. some residents are beginning to stand the to the cartels that fight back. we went to visit some very brave people. >> she was just 17 when she was inducted and raped. several witnesses, but nobody to rescue her. >> after that night of tr,they e same neighborhood and had to endure his mockery. she realized justice would never be served. >> everybody knows who they are but nobody said anything.
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he asked me some questions. he asked me if they were part of those people and i said yes. he said he would contact me and i gave him my e-mail but he never contacted me. >> everybody around your nose to those people are. the knights templar, a mystical name for less noble reality. a bloodthirsty drug cartel that acted with impunity for years. until last 24, men took up arms to hunt them down and they were able to take them by surprise. >> they thought we would never stand up for them. >> these improvised policemen now stand guard.
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he now divides his time between his job in defense of the village. >> this is what keeps us alive. carrying armed men and then we get ready. >> they are not paid a penny, but their safety is priceless. the farmer was shot in the leg three days ago. >> they start by intimidating you. they said, you're going to do this or that for us. what can we do? >> they sell lemons at five pesos.
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they also took a days worth of wages. those that resisted paid with their lives. >> if they were angry with someone, they gutted them alive. this was just 2 kilometers from here. in a single execution, his family could hear the screams. he told us they are executing someone over there. >> as absurd as it may seem, they distributed a code of honor even in the city hall. a chivalrous behavior rule book. >> i promise to fight to protect
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the widowed and the orphaned. the rate of 14 girls and got them pregnant. everybody here knew they were men. no one has been arrested. >> we will disarm ourselves. the army is here and we won't dare to come like they used to. there will only become one by one. we know they are already in town and they will try to kill us off one by one.
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>> nobody knows how much longer, but they are willing, if necessary, to die on the battlefield. >> a former airline pilot that flies with the help of jet powered wings had his first display at the state's alongside a be-17,. the swiss national has flown across the channel in the hopes to inspire those who have always dreamed of being able to fly like a bird. we'll be back next week at the same time.
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welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. u.s. governmen officials are warning al qaeda may soon launch terror attacks in the middle east and north africa. they're taking defensive measures to protect american facilities and citizens. state department officials say they'll temporarily close embassies on sunday in 17 muslim countries including iraq, libya, egypt and afghanistan. they issued a global travel alert based on information suggesting al qaeda members are planning ta


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