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>> i'm miranda esmonde-white. join me for a "classical stretch" workout that will loosen your upper body and shoulders. >> "classical stretch" is made possible in part by iberostar hotels and resorts, with beachfront resorts around the world. each resort features extensive gardens and large swimming pools with maximum respect for the surrounding environment. iberostar hotels and resorts. >> air jamaica-- soaring to new heights. ♪
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>> i'm miranda esmonde-white. thank you for joining me for a wonderful "classical stretch" workout here in a beautiful jamaica evening. it's so lovely here. i wish you were here with me. it's great. the weather is perfect, and the sound of the caribbean sea is just magical. we're gonna start with a warm-up. deep breathe. just bend your knees. stretch your knees. so just bend... now, when you bend your knees, tighten up your stomach, tighten up your legs. and up. so as you keep your legs tight, you'll notice that it's a lot easier to do a knee bend, a plie. [exhales] if you just drop, you're dropping into your joints and your knees might hurt, but if you contract your legs and pull up, then it doesn't hurt.
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[exhales] turn your feet parallel. down. [exhales] up. down. stretch up. down and stretch. now, we're gonna just work the feet just a bit, so you're gonna go heel, point, down. heel and isolate your toes from your ankles. you real have to work on that. if you have any restriction in that articulation of your foot, work on it a lot. you can work on it watching tv or with your feet under the table at work. shoot off the shoes and get working on your feet. you're gonna have much better feeling in your whole legs and hips if you do that. [exhales] so this workout, we're trying to work on frozen shoulder, so we're starting with the feet, but now we're gonna get into the shoulders. frozen shoulder is just a nasty, nasty experience if you've ever had it.
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a lot of people get frozen shoulder for many different reasons. usually it comes after an operation or a broken arm or breast cancer. a lot of people after any breaks or sprains and their arm is restricted in a cast, and you lose the ability to get your arm above your shoulder. so what we're working on here is trying to help people loosen up and completely rehabilitate themselves from frozen shoulder. so among everything else we do, we're gonna focus today on frozen shoulder, and i have had--this program has had phenomenal, phenomenal results with frozen shoulder. there was a woman that came to work with me, susan from new hampshire, and she'd been 4 years with a frozen shoulder for various reasons, and this was a psychiatrist. i mean, not a fool, and previously,
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she'd been a synchronized swimmer, so she knew about taking care of her body, but when you have frozen shoulder, let me tell you, there is no pain like frozen shoulder. and when you can't get your arm up, it changes your whole life. one more. so, anyway, susan did 2 hours a day for 6 days, working with me, she and her husband, and after 4 days, she came up to my daughter and i, bawling her eyes out because she had dressed herself for the first time in 4 years. she hadn't been able to get her arms up. so that was very motivating for me to know that what we're doing, which is just so very, very gentle, actually can really make a profound difference in someone's life. like, i haven't experienced that myself, not being able to dress myself, but i sure would be panicked if i couldn't. and they wanted to operate on her. so, anyway, now she's
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doing quite well. i heard from her recently, and she's doing quite well. ok, keep just working. so, the trick to exercise, if you can't do something, you have to have faith in the human body. so just move side to side. you have to have faith that the human body is created to heal itself as long as it's not a disease or a broken bone. that we can do a great deal to heal what's wrong. you just have to understand how the body heals and how the muscles and the ligaments and tendons and bones function. ok, keep circling around as though you're going around a table with your bum tucked under. all right, now, we're gonna go up and imagine that you're wiping a round window. so just gonna keep circling around
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near your body. lift. go the other direction. your muscles are made of blood. tons and tons of blood and billions of cells. and the cells have the power to live or die. the power they have through your blood, they can bring in healing nutrients and restore themselves, or if you just sort of do nothing, your body will-- the blood won't come into those muscles, and the muscles will be sent a message that they're not needed anymore, and they will shrink, and they will die. so those little cells die. and that's what's atrophy. so a lot of people with frozen shoulder are so afraid to move because it hurts.
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and slowly, over the years-- and big circle around-- the muscles start to atrophy, and you absolutely don't want that because once your muscles have atrophied, that actually means that you've lost them. but until you lose them, you can keep reawakening and-and the cells are programmed to reproduce themselves. so you have to just keep working. have faith in your own body and have faith in this brilliant machine, the human body. press. press and 5, 6, 7... and twist. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. stay here. lift the arms, but don't lift the shoulders. just your arms. 5, 6, 7, and shoulder blades in.
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push. pull those shoulder blades. press. in. out. in and diagonal. in. bend. stretch your upper arm. pull. 2. 8 of them. 4, 5, 6, 7. change sides. bend. stretch. pull. and go. 8 of them. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, 6. bend those legs. in. out. push. push. 5, 6, 7. and bend those legs. keep them down. so now we're getting 2 birds with one stone. the legs and the arms. 7, 8. down. flip those wrists. and rotate. right in the joint, but don't rotate the joint. just the arms within the joint.
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stay down. down. all right. stay here and lift. this is an uncomfortable feeling. 4, 5, 6. now stay down and suffer with your legs. put your hands on your hips. lift the heels. 4, 5, 6, 7. and faster. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. slow. 1. push. 2. drop. 3. and down. 4. and drop. 5. drop. 6. down. 7. down and 8. down. lift your shoulders. pull them open. stretch out. bend those knees. bend those knees. cross. cross. lifting the shoulders. open. and open. do it again. cross. and cross. you'll feel the shoulder blades.
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now you're gonna go forward. bring the arms in. rotate the shoulders. push the hands together and shoot towards the tv. and pull back fast. 1, 2, and use your legs. pushing those knees out so you use your gluts. in. out. and in. out. and in. and in. in. open. open. cross. cross. open. open. cross. cross. open. open last time. little figure 8. stay down. down. sweep. and up. reach. back. the other arm. right over. pull those sides. never waste a chance to pull a little more. stretch and down.
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hoo. that felt good. strengthen up those quads. work the chest. now bend your knees. stomach tight. shift your weight around. so, we're going to just rock down, and in honor of susan, we're going to remove the sweater. so here we go. arms up. and into a nice front lunge. open your chest. you're gonna push one hand forward, tummy in so that your stomach supports the spine. forward. and forward. windmill. up. hand open. now you're gonna take your back hand... imagine you put a ball on this hand. so you're gonna lift it up, place it down. sweep. put the ball on the fronnd
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down. sweep around. place the ball on your front hand. so you're having to work right through your abs, your quads, and your back. bring your legs in. push away, round your back. you're gonna do a wash 4 times. when you do washes, make sure that you're feeling your ribs. [exhales] and we're gonna start again, removing the sweater. so drop down. move around. let your head go. remove the sweater. and you see how much work the shoulder requires just to lift up and pull a sweater over your head. go forward into an open chest. one arm at a time. press. use your abs. use your quad. and press. sweep down.
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we're gonna start placing a ball on the front hand. pull. down. so you're sweeping, rotating on your spine. down. sweep. after years and years and hundreds and hundreds, thousands of people, i have now changed my whole attitude towards fitness and what it can actually do for us. i mean, it can really change people's lives. [exhales] we just have to understand how to use fitness to change our lives. ok, drop down. start again. [exhales] and you sort of have to think of your life and...don't accept the status quo. if you find yourself being blocked by something physical and you can't do activities that you wanted to do
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or you did as a younger person, and i'm talking like young people. like, i know people who are in their thirties who have knee problems and sort of accept the status quo, not realizing that they could completely heal their knee problems with not that difficult and big an effort. everybody's like that. it's just totally amazing. [exhales] so now we're gonna go and get a chair, and we'll continue on with the workout. so, make sure when you're
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holding your chair that you hold it slightly in front. a wall, a bannister work well. ok, bend your knees, and you want to be stretching your achilles, so don't just do a little weak, wimpy bend, but really get into the bend of your knees and stretch out those achilles. then you're gonna lift your heels, bend your knees, pushing the heels forward and then keep pushing your heels forward as you stretch your legs. and you're gonna feel the shins being stretched. when you stretch out your shins, what you're doing is you're lengthening the muscles of your feet, and you're liberating your feet. when you stretch the achilles, you're stretching out the muscles that run underneath your feet, and you're liberating your feet. so suddenly, you'll-- when your feet are liberated, you have a lot more energy. movement becomes, like, fun and easy. ok, heels up. stretch. now, you're gonna go
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one foot at a time. so you want to try to do that same thing, stretching, but loading up one foot so it's tiny little bit harder. and don't use your chair as a life-support system. use your chair just to stop you from falling over so you can focus on your strengthening of your ankles, ok? and up you go. heel up. stretch your leg. down, pulling in your stomach. lengthening your spine one vertebra at a time. always pull up. and lift. next. gonna flex your foot in front, and you're gonna point your toe. keep your knee straight. now we're gonna go fast. so flex and flex. and flex. so you want the speed. 6, 7, 8. bend your knee. turn it out. lift. now, if there's any position one you can't do,
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some people can't do because they've got very weak inner thighs, bend your legs. or a lot of people can't move with speed. flex and flex. that means that you should do more of these. so repeat them. so if you can't do something, that means that that's your focus till you can do it. so don't say that exercise is not for you. what you have to say to yourself is, "oh, god, that's the exercise for me." all right. so now-- first, i want you to just put your foot flat on your chair, completely flat, and stand close to the chair. so you're gonna rock your weight forward, but try to keep the heel flat on the ground. and you're gonna feel this muscle here, which is one of your hip flexors, it's called the iliopsoas, and that pulls your spine, and it makes your spine straight. now bend the knee
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and drop right down and, see, i'm... see if you can do this, lifting your foot off. so all the weight is on the chair, and you pull that knee right to the ground, and you really stretch the quadricep. so now put the heel back down, and you're gonna feel that little muscle. so we're working right now to rebalance your hips. this is... this is the small muscle of the hip, and now--whit-- bend. big muscle. so if you only get one muscle, then you're wasting your time. you have to get-- when you want to liberate your body, you have to get every muscle of every joint. ok, so change your legs. so what we're doing here-- heels down. drop your weight forward and try to really feel that you can bend the knee and tuck under and force the heel back
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to get this soas. now into the quadricep. see, anytime there's an imbalance, there's gonna be pain. there's going to be a potential injury. so what we want to do is to rebalance the whole body. ok, stretch out. and drop down. and it's really easy to rebalance the body. you just have to know- do the correct program that will actually rebalance your body. so this program, "classical stretch," is intended to rebalance the body. we're gonna rock back and forth. and when we go back, what you're going to feel is the group of muscles that run under your leg. your hamstrings. but you're also--so 3 times. you're also working into your group of muscles that we all know, gluteus groups, and forward.
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and back. now just shift your weight. just wiggle the whole bum. so this way, we're getting into a lot of muscles in the bum. so we're working through to rebalance that whole joint. now bend your knee, stretch your arms above your head. if you need to hold on to a wall because you're weak, go ahead and put your chair near a wall. ok, stretch your arm to the ceiling and keep your leg bent. reach up and walk down an invisible stairway, and as you walk down, make se that the arms stay close to your ears so you're not going down rounded back. you're going down straight back. and this way, you're going to stretch these long muscles of the spine. that arm is a lever, and it's pulling right into the tailbone, into a group a muscles--big, big, group called the latissimus dorsi. it also works through all
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the smaller spine muscles, and it'll help stretch and strengthen your spine. big circle. [exhales] grab...your foot. and then you're gonna go to one side and go to the other side. go over sideways and get inside that leg. so you want to just rotate your leg and change legs. ooh. that was fun. ok, so we go forward and go back. deep breathe. [exhales] try to always sort of remember because i can't keep saying everything over and over again. i talk too much. so try to remember to always deep breathe. [exhales] because breathing-- breathing will pull the, um, oxygen into your muscles. so as we exercise, we breathe.
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[exhales] the oxygen goes in, feeds the muscles, removes the poisons. you feel great. move your hips around. wiggle those hips. so one of the things about "classical stretch" is that we're deep breathing. flex your foot, rotate. arms above your head. we're breathing and we're stretching and strengthening. the stretching is flushing the blood through the muscles and removing the poisons. so after one of these workouts, you feel terrific. you don't have any pain. you don't have any soreness. big circle. and the reason you don't is because of the oxygen. it's a stretch program. [exhales] pull. go to one side.
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really stretch as deeply as you can. go to the other side to get that long muscle inside your leg. press down. you're gonna feel great right through the inside. so now we've just-- we've just stretched out your entire hip socket. the whole hip joint. all around it. so just stand up. [exhales] gonna just lift your arms above your head. stretch up. take your hand and pull that hand back. grab. think of your spine. reach up. bend over. little waist rotation. pull that arm, though. so pull. now we're gonna do the other side. reach up. deeply. grab that wrist. pull up. little waist rotation. round you go,
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pulling the whole time on the arm, and that will pull on your spine. so if we don't let-- if we keep the synovial fluid in our joints and we don't let ourselves shrink, then our bones will stay healthy. ok, pull back. which is everybody's plan. stretch up. everybody's plan is to be healthy, pain-free, and looking great. you got to keep pulling it up. pull everything away, pull everything up, and strengthen your body. so i hope you had a good workout, and i'll see you soon. >> "classical stretch" is a combination of scientific formulas and graceful movements that unlock muscles, leaving you with a more flexible, relaxed, and strengthened body. the exercises reach into muscles and ligaments not normally worked and are set in routines that release tight muscles
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one by one. "classical stretch" targets the needs of everyone, from women and men of all ages and all levels of fitness, including olympic and professional athletes. >> you can find out more information about "classical stretch" by visiting our web site at >> you're watching "classical stretch" with miranda esmonde-white. season 7, part 1, episodes 1-15 is available for 39.95, plus shipping and handling by calling 1-800-801-3433. season 7, part 2, episodes 16-30 is also available for 39.95, plus shipping and handling. "classical stretch" with miranda esmonde-white. credit cards are accepted. >> "classical stretch" is made possible in part by iberostar hotels and resorts, with beachfront resorts around the world.
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each resort features extensive gardens and large swimming pools with maximum respect for the surrounding environment. iberostar hotels and resorts. >> air jamaica-- soaring to new heights. ♪ gyxqñqrqyqiqiqñq
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>> ted kooser was an insurance man for 35 years before he became poet laureate of the united states. he lives with his wife and two dogs near the town of garland, nebraska, where he writes about life on the great plains. >> here, on fine long legs springy as steel a life rides, sealed in a small brown pill that skims along over the basement floor wrapped up in a simple obsession. eight legs reach out like the master ribs of a web in which some thought is caught dead center in its own small world, a thought so far from the touch of things that we can only guess at it. if mine, it would be the secret dream
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of walking alone across the floor of my life with an easy grace, and with love enough to live on at the center of myself. ( applause )
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