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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  August 17, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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week south asia." and this weeks episode episode -- the nation teams -- the opposition asks the government to give a befitting reply and
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restore the dialogue process with pakistan. and, jihad with india. pakistan admits for the first time that he was living there. now, for the details. the pakistan army has violated the 2003 cease-fire, with a special team committing this act. it is the 10th incident of cease-fire violations in one month, sparking massive outrage in india. the opposition and the strategic community are calling off -- demanding calling off the dialogue. here is a report.
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>> the indian army says five soldiers were killed when pakistani troops fired at a post near a cease-fire line in the amount and region. the incident would threaten peace talks that were scheduled to resume. the indian military called the attack a gross violation of the 2003 cease-fire between india and pakistan. when the cease-fire was largely held, such sporadic violations are not uncommon. killing civilian soldiers evoke strong reactions from politicians, the army, and the families of the dead soldiers. >> the pakistani government admits the hand of its soldiers -- unless they admit, i do not
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think there is any reason for talks between india and pakistan and we should name and shame the action of the pakistani army. this is when the indian government should mount pressure on pakistan to say that pakistan has done it, and use the world pressure to say nothing has changed in pakistan. >> the prime minister in pakistan says he is saddened by the incident and has expressed his desire to carry on the dialogue process with india, which is a refusal to deny the role in the killing. india has had a specialized team of the pakistan army is behind the attack -- said a specialized team of the pakistan army is behind the attack. >> it is now clear that a specialist group in the pakistan
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army were in this attack, crossing and killing. we all know -- we all know that nothing happens from the pakistan line of control. we do not support assistance and direct involvement of the pakistan army. naturally, this incident will help concentrate us on our behavior and for our relationships with pakistan. our restraint cannot be taken for granted, nor should the capacity of armed forces, or the government. it will be noted.
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>> the newly elected prime minister of pakistan are -- is expecting to hold discussions on the sidelines of the united nations general assembly next month, but in the wake of recent attacks the proposed meeting could be derailed. india had stalled the piece process when -- peace process when two soldiers were beheaded by the pakistani army earlier in january. >> i see this latest attack as a part of pakistan's recent policy under sharif, where we have learned that they swear to
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increase terrorist activity, draw maximum mileage and exploit the situation. >> india has yet to come out of the shock and order of the barbaric -- horror of the barbaric act from the pakistani army earlier this year when two indian soldiers were beheaded. after the first attack, the prime minister said it can be no business as usual with pakistan. it remains to be seen how india can go ahead with this pakistan policy. >> i am afraid that the government of india today has all of its facts and figures wrong. they think that pakistan is going to be friendly with them.
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pakistan is not going to be friendly with them because they are with china. we have boundary disputes from china. we have boundary disputes with pakistan. >> i feel that concern and the pain and i feel the responsibility as we are in government. he have a responsibility. we do not want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. we do not want to create a situation that in the long term become detrimental and destructive of india security and peace. [chanting] >> the anger against the
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barbaric act committed by the pakistan army. [chanting] in fact, the wife of one of the deceased soldiers has refused compensation from the government, demanding action against pakistan. while experts suggest that india should delay and even stopped the dialogue process with pakistan, the government believes that talks are the only way out, however there is a realization that sharif's hands are tied as the pakistan army calls the shots when it comes to dealing with india and it is the army that is largely responsible
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for the carnage. will sure off the able to sell -- sure off be able to sell the sentiments to the army -- it remains to be seen. meanwhile, it seems the pakistani army is working on an agenda to derail the dialogue process, indulging in at least 10 incidents of cease-fire violations in the last one month and is continuing it. >> while the pakistani army continues to violate cease-fire on the border, the newly elected civilian government intends to insist on resumption of the dialogue process. ironically, pakistan has no -- in no way stop providing. during the address, there was an
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open thread to spread jihad across india. the prime minister's top adviser admitted the underworld kingpin who orchestrated the 1991 mumbai bombings is in pakistan. is it not double standards? >> deli has been put on high alert after the intelligence bureau had input a stunning speech delivered by the mastermind of the terror attacks in mumbai last month. sources say the intelligence agency gathered input that say he could be planning an attack in the capital. they have issued alerts for other meshing -- metros as well. they had prayers at the famous stadium. despite india's requests that he
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be brought to justice and there is a 10 million dollar u.s. bounty on his head, he remains a free man in pakistan. posters dotted lahore and he tweeted with a strong anti-india message, which is likely to have a direct impact on the tension between india and pakistan over the killing of five indian soldiers by terrorists backed by the pakistani army. >> he gave an incriminating speech in lahore, which is again stoking the emotions of the local people, talking about jihad, and linking it to myanmar and palestine -- a familiar kind
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of chatter. i would say at this stage one has to put a question mark on the ability of the government to deal with this kind of fervor, which is so evident in pakistan. >> in the wake of such activities, india is likely to delay its response to islam about's proposal daschle islam -- islamabad's proposal for secretary-level talks. posters in lahore put up by the parent body of the terror group that carried out the attacks in mumbai openly invites people in the media to attend the prayers he will lead. he has been seen addressing rallies in the capital of pakistan.
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accessed on says it has no proof against him. they arrested him twice after india's allegations, but on all occasions he was let off by the court. in another significant element, pakistan, in his first mission, accepted the underworld man was in their country, but now he has been chased out. the unexpected revelation came when the pakistan prime minister's special envoy for improving relations with india said he was in pakistan, but i believe he was chased out of pakistan. if he is in pakistan, he should be hounded and arrested. we cannot allow such gangsters
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to operate from the country. now the government is in favor of taking action against criminals who not only affect pakistan, but other countries, whether it is india, afghanistan or wherever. we cannot allow criminals to flourish in the country. if they come to us, we will take action and that is why i think he has left pakistan. >> he repeated the commitment of the government to holland and apprehend -- holland and apprehend gangsters and terrorists. whether the now our sharif government will be able to do this is a big question mark. >> however, the experts here in new delhi are taking this revelation and seeing it as a diversionary tactic.
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the talk of taking action against the anti-india forces is rhetoric. >> pakistan is this guiding india -- misguiding india. it is a red herring so that the discussions are diverted from the escalations on the border, and now he is been given a new personality, a fake passport, a new address and is hiding underground in pakistan. he has not shifted. this, the intelligence agencies will have to monitor and verify. >> pakistan has exposed once again that the double standards have derailed peace talks.
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>> time for a quick break, but stay tuned because coming up after the break, working women in afghanistan anxious about their future after the withdrawal of foreign forces. and, the sequel of once upon a time in mumbai all set to release. >> welcome back. you are watching "news week south asia." women in afghanistan have made considerable progress since the overthrow of the taliban, but they feel the enterprise and freedom they have achieved will fade away when foreign forces depart the country and they feel they will be pushed back to the taliban era if the international community leaves the country. here is a special report. >> working women in afghanistan say they are worried about the
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future and expressed concern about whether they will still be able to learn -- earn a living. they fear that opportunities to work and remain active in public life will scaled back drastically. merely 150 women working in a factory are earning money to support their families and children. [speaking foreign language] >> she earns $250 monthly to feed her children while her husband is a drug addict.
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siro of the telamon in 2001, women have one writes such as voting and jobs, but beatings and forced marriage are common. there is a growing fear among many in afghanistan that a withdrawal after elections in 2014 could undermine the position of women and see them retreat, especially the taliban increases its political hold. this will with six children called for continued support from the international community. [speaking foreign language] >> the world bank has said the
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withdrawal of foreign troops will have a profound and lasting impact on the economy and is likely to be accompanied by a decline in assistance, causing this businesswoman overseeing the construction of buildings and some of the most dangerous provinces of afghanistan, a woman in a traditionally male dominated center, with projects worth as much as $800,000. she is worried about the future if the taliban gains a stronghold in the country again. [speaking foreign language] >> there are signs the government might be failing to detect the freedom won by one and since the overthrow of the taliban. [speaking foreign language]
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>> women's presence in government is being discreetly rolled back. in may, a legal requirement that women make up at least one quarter of all provincial officials was quietly removed by conservative male parliamentarians and only discovered by winning numbers about 1 -- women numbers one month later. [speaking foreign language] >> the u.n. says meaningful as a
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patient that women in the peace process is jeopardized by the fact that there are only nine women in the 70-member council, a group created to broker peace. there is a high record of violence against women, the u.n. said. >> let's move on to bali would now. secrets are -- sequels are back in fashion. part two of the movie "once upon a time in mumbai" is set to be released. here is a sneak peak. asked the levers -- makers -- >> the makers are leaving no stone unturned in promoting the film. the evening saw the presence of
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politicians that dropped in. they were a few among the many that came in. [speaking foreign language] >> the director along with the lead actors of the film were also spotted at the event. the film is set to hit the theaters on the 15th of august. >> and with that, we come to the end of this addition of "news week south asia." we will be back next week with more news, views and analysis from the sub continent.
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keep writing into us. i am signing off on behalf of the entire production team of "news week south asia." said goodbye. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> one of japan's old capitals is known as the cradle of culture, welcoming over 19 million visitors each year. in the late 12th century, it was
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chosen as a new capital for this mri government -- samurai government that had replaced the earlier aristocratic rule. hills surround the city on three sides, while the fourth side faces the sea. this geography divided natural defenses against any outside attacker. access to the city is by narrow passes through the hills. you can still walk the forest at pads today -- paths today. archery is a symbol of samurai culture. during the festival, mounted archers in samurai hunting
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costumes demonstrate traditional skills with the bow and arrow. at the heart of the city stands the stage for political and ceremonial activities as well as a religious center for the samurai government. one of the summary events is the paper lantern festival. about 400 lanterns line the approach, decorated with hand drawn pictures and messages from local cultural figures. ceremonies held here to ward off summer diseases included the purification rite and the dance performed by meetings -- maidens. the festival is held each august 9 to commemorate the birthday of the third shogun.
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when darkness falls, crowds gathered to enjoy the paper lanterns with her eliminated pictures and poems. it was japan's political center for about 150 years. the legacy left by the unique culture developed here includes many magnificent shrines and temples. a famous landmark is the great buddha. this 11.3 bronze -- meter tall bronze statue was a peak achievement at its time. directed to protect the -- you directed to protect the people, you can see it expressed the strength and the beauty of samurai culture.
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this is the oldest wooden structure. here, the samurai venerated the god of learning. >> this was the first buddhist zen temple, lane a major role in teaching and spreading the zen path of rigorous meditation. another zen temple dates from the second half of the 13th century. members of the public are always welcome here to take part in zen
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meditation practice. zen training had a profound effect in shaping the spirit of the samurai. the temple garden expresses the distinctive zen view of the world, landscaped around the natural rock formations. nestled among its unique natural fortifications, the old capital preserves much of the legacy of the samurai cultural tradition.
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hello and welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm keikichi haneda with the latest at this hour. egyptians surround a cairo mosque where mohamed morsi is apparently holed up. the protesters took refuge in the mosque


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