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tv   Newsline  PBS  August 23, 2013 5:30pm-5:41pm PDT

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you can follow me on twitter. we will see you back here at 8 p.m. welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. workers at japan's crippled nuclear plant are getting ready to dig deeper into a worrying mystery. radioactive water has leaked from at least one storage tank on the fukushima daiichi site. crews are preparing to investigate how it got out and how far it spread. officials with the tokyo electric power company said earlier this week that about 300 tons of highly radioactive water had leaked from a tank. they fear the water flowed through a ditch and into the ocean.
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the tank is made of steel plates bolted together rather than welded. workers checked the joints and surfaces vigily and found no abnormalities. they don't know how the water got out. company officials suggest the water leaked from the bottom of the tank, soaked into the soil and mixed with ground water. crews plan to dig holes next week around the tank and in a nearby ditch, then they'll analyze the soil and ground water. they hope to trace the path the water took and figure out how far it spread. company officials said thursday that crews had inspected similar tanks holding radioactive water. they said the findings showed two of those tanks may have leaked. supporters of egypt's ousted president are fighting for their message to be heard in defiance of a government crackdown. they've returned to the streets to demand mohamed morsi's reinstatement.
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members of the muslim brotherhood urged people to demonstrate after friday prayers. thousands marched in the capital cairo. they passed near a square where security forces had forcibly removed morsi supporters from an encampment. some demonstrators denounced the military and the interim government as terrorists. >> translator: the protest was peaceful. military thought that some of the muslim brotherhood opened fire, but that's a false accusation. >> they say hosni mubarak should not have been released from jail. >> translator: mubarak's release is unacceptable. the military and the interim government are trying to turn back the arab spring while people's anger towards the muslim brotherhood is blinding
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them to what's happening. >> military commanders deployed troops to keep protesters out of major squares and to keep the demonstration under control. reports say supporters of the muslim brotherhood and citizens who support the interim government have been fighting in the northern city of tanta. local media say one person has been killed and 24 wounded. fresh violence in lebanon is raising more fears about the growing impact of civil war in neighboring syria. bombs ripped through two mosques in the northern city of tripoli killing at least 42 people. the explosions hit the sunni mosques at the end of friday prayers. they appear to have been coordinated. along with the dead more than 300 people were wounded. the war in syria has triggered a rise in sectarian violence in lebanon. the shia militant group hezbollah is sending fighters across the border to help troops loyal to syrian president bashar
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al assad. radical sunni groups are supporting the opposition forces. earlier this month a car bomb went off in a hezbollah stronghold in lebanon's capital beirut. the explosion killed more than 20 people. u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon is urging the syrian government to let inspectors thoroughly investigate the latest allegations regarding the use of chemical weapons. opposition leaders in the country say government forces targeted their towns with poison gas. ban is taking the accusation seriously. >> any use of chemical weapons anywhere by anybody under any circumstances would violate international law. such a crime against humanity should result in serious consequences for the perpetrator. >> opposition leaders say forces loyal to president bashar al assad fired rockets loaded with chemical weapons at their
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stronghold in a suburb of damascus. they say the attack killed hundreds of people. government officials say the claims are absolutely baseless. u.n. inspectors are already in syria to look into previous incidents of alleged chemical weapons use. but the assad administration hasn't allowed them to investigate the latest case. ban ki-moon has instructed top u.n. disarmament officials to travel to damascus to press the government for full cooperation. u.s. government officials are also urging syrian authorities to grant u.n. inspectors full access. >> if the regime has nothing to do with these attacks, if there was not a use of chemical weapons here, there's no reason they wouldn't let the u.n. team that is on the ground, available, happy to investigate in, to do just that.
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a former heavyweight in the former chinese communist party is spending another day in court defending himself against a raft of criminal charges. . bo xilai was considered a political star and now stands accused of bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power. bo was the head of the communist party in chongqing. before that he served as mayor of party secretary in the coastal city of dalian. prosecutors say during his time there, he accepted more than 3 1/2 million dollars from bribes in two companies. bo says the charges are a complete fabrication. he says dismissed video testimony by his wife gu kailai. gu says she received bribes on his behalf. bo argue us his wife is mentally unstable and authorities pressured her to make a false accusation. on saturday judges are expected to examine whether bo abused his
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power to on instruct an investigation into his wife's actions. a court has already sent gu to prison for the murder of a british businessman. korean families separated by the border between the north and south may soon be able to reunite. red cross officials from both sides have agreed to organize the first reunion in three years late next month. red cross representatives reached the agreement in a truce village of panmunjom. those with south korea's reunification ministry says people from each side of the border will meet their relatives. they say it will happen next month in the mount kum gp gang resort. they are set to arrange a video link in october for any families that can't go. and they said they'll try to organize another reunion in november. a man from north korea may be about to start a new life in the south. he turned up on a south korean
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island. ministry officials there say he appears to have swum across the maritime demarcation line to seek asylum. a south korean military official says residents of the island of gee o dong reported finding the man early in the morn. it is close to what's effectively the maritime border in the yellow sea. police and military officials took the north korean into protective custody. the man is reportedly saying he came from the north and wants asylum. no one noticed him until he knocked on the door of a home. >> north korean man swam to the same island last september and spent a week undetected hiding in a house. some south koreans are questioning how well their military is guarding the border. here's the three-day world weather forecast.
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that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thank you for watching.
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