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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  August 24, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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>> hello and welcome to "news week south asia." in this weeks episode, a series of attacks in pakistan, even
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during a holy month. now for all the details. india has caught a big catch, a close associate of an underworld don. he also worked in close association with the commander. he was captured with the help of the uae and saudi arabia and governments. here is a detailed report. >> the special cell saturday confirmed the arrest of an
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operative who was wanted in at least 33 criminal cases. he is one of the 20 most wanted person sent to pakistan after the terror strike in mumbai in 2011. the 67-year-old is a bomb expert and is adept at making improvised explosive devices. an aide of an underworld don, he was most active between 1996 and 1998.
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>> he used to teach the outfit how to make bombs. he is also close to a man wanted in india for his role in the mumbai terror attacks. >> he has been charged >> he is se
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in the 1993 blasts in mumbai and the attacks in delhi in 1996 and 1997. delhi police had said he was actively involved. they seized a pakistani passport from him for evidence. a carefully crafted operation in the united arab emirates and saudi arabia landed him in jail. he is likely to provide interrogators with more details of the inner workings of operations against india.
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he has evolved from being a terror operative to keep mentor, fundraiser for jihadists in west asia. >> he is a good catch, a very good catch. this is a big achievement on the part of the security establishment. i'm sure a lot of useful information will accrue from his interrogation. >> and 1996, he is alleged to have executed a series of bombings in delhi, the first significant actions carried out under his direct command.
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>> the holy month of ramadan holds a special place in lives of muslims. it is a month filled with blessings from the almighty, in which rewards for good deeds are plenty. islam requires its followers to refrain from all kinds of wrong doings, sins, and injustices throughout their lives, but in the holy month of ramadan, they are especially trained to practice restraint, even from permissible things like eating and drinking, throughout the day from dawn to dusk, but in pakistan, militants did not refrain from committing acts of terror, even during the pious month.
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>> in pakistan, ramadan neither brings much needed peace and harmony, nor is its end a moment to celebrate and cherish. the holy war by unholy warriors continued in the holy month of ramadan to inflict death and destruction on preachers and wohipers. during this holy month, pakistani muslims suffered a cousin of drone strikes by united dates and suicide bombings at holy places.
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>> the government of pakistan and its law enforcement apparatus miserably failed as terrorists continued their killing spree uninterrupted. they struck at a market, a football stadium, the shopping center, on the streets, and on funeral prayer.
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>> the twin bomb attack, which hit a market in a shiite- dominated region of northwest pakistan, killed 57 people. up to 167 people were also wounded in the attack late last night right by the border. it struck as the market was busy ahead of the meal that breaks the daytime fast during ramadan. and another gruesome attack, at least 11 people were killed, including children, and 26 people were injured when a bomb went off outside a packed football ground in the densely populated area in karachi during ramadan. this prominent resident and in peak -- mp claimed that the blast occurred when footballers and members of the club were leaving the ground after the
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football tournament came to an end. >> there were no celebrations in the homes of hundreds of victims, who fell prey to government inefficiency and lack of competence to cope with difficult situations. the only activity their families will have is to cherish old memories and get ready for a tough day ahead.
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>> time now for a quick rate, but do stay tuned because coming up after the break, militants start a major attack. and in this small mosque, several hurt and tensions between two communities flareup. welcome back. you are watching "news week south asia." moving on now. pakistan-backed religions have once again targeted indian interests in afghanistan. the indian consulate is being targeted by militants this time. the terror attack on the consulate was of urdu but seaside bombers killed eight children at a nearby spot. clear attempts are being made by pakistan to offset developmental
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were carried out by indians in the war-torn nation before 2014. earlier also, similar attacks were carried out. >> trained militants belonging to the pakistan-based behind the attack aimed at the indian consulate. according to the afghan authorities, 10 punjabi speaking operatives were sent for the attack. of these, a team of three attackers wearing vests with the objective of committing suicide, drove toward the consulate. but unknown to them, security around the indian mission had already been tightened as the indian embassy in kabul had received an important alert on july 31 warning them of the possibility of an attack in jalalabad. this intelligence was shared with the afghan police, and
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quick reaction teams were deployed along the route to the consulate. >> there was an explosion in front of the indian consulate in jalalabad in afghanistan. while there were no indian casualties, it led to the loss of several innocent lives. we deeply regret the loss of these innocent lives. this indicates that this attack was not only on india's consulate or on the relationship and friendship, but also on society. lex the bomber was stopped at a check post, and an official noticed that while the car was driving, the number plate was old. once the bombers were stopped, two of them came out of the car,
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and the officer opened fire on noticing they were wearing suicide vests. as soon as the firing started, the third bomber blew himself up , and the explosions damaged a nearby mosque and claimed the lives of eight children. a subsequent examination of the evidence picked up from the site of the blast. civilians have also testified that the bombers were speaking a different language. >> indian assets have been regulaly attacked in afghanistan.
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this information has been shared with the u.s.. there has been a concerted effort by the pakistani army. >> the attack on the ambassador for which 500,000 rupees were paid by pakistan isin to the haqqani network have been tracked on interception of telephonic calls. the fact is that afghanistan is now a huge strategic vacuum. the pakistani army wants to control that area as before now that the american forces are withdrawing from there. >> in a carefully crafted strategy, pakistani militants have been targeting indian interests in afghanistan.
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pakistan aims to establish itself in afghanistan after the 2014 drawdown of foreign troops. pakistan appears to be keen to reestablish a taliban regime in war-ravaged afghanistan. >> let's move on to sri lanka now. continued tensions between the minority buddhist and majority muslim community flared up when a mosque was attacked in colombo. a new trend of hatred has surfaced here in the last couple of weeks. >> a buddhist mob attacked a mosque in sri lanka's capital. at least 12 people were injured. the latest in a series of attacks on the minority muslim community by members of the buddhist majority.
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nearby houses and essential colombo neighborhood were hit during evening prayers. hundreds took to the streets to prevent any further attacks in the community, witnesses said. police reinforcements were sent, and authorities imposed a curfew. a senior member of staff at one of the city's hospitals said 12 injured people, including two police officers, had been brought in. three people were still in the hospital on sunday. a government minister patrolled the area on sunday, hoping for calm.
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>> the similes in the area said they were annoyed that an old mosque was taken down, and the confusion over the old and new mosques had parked a confrontation. >> the damaged mosque was built a month ago with the approval of the religious affairs ministry after muslims agreed to relocate the old mosque due to protest by hard-line buddhists.
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>> media reports said that sri lanka's religious affairs ministry had given the muslims permission to use the old mosque and had provided security. two of the injured were police sent to protect the mosque. muslims make up about nine percent of the population, and more than 20 mosques have been attacked since last year. in a separate incident, a hand grenade was thrown at a buddhist temple. it is made up of ethnic minority tamil people, most of whom are christian.
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>> with that, we come to the end of this edition of "news week south asia." we'll be back next week with more news, views, and analysis from this continent. meanwhile, do keep writing to us. i'm signing off. on behalf of the entire production team of "news week south asia," goodbye. captioned by the national captioning institute
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