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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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hopefully the government will figure out it's spending bills to shoot for the stars instead of remaining grounded. that will do it for now. i am megan lopez. hello and welcome to "newsline." a north korea vice minister urged the united states to drop the hostile policy. >>. >>translator: the only way to
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assure lasting paeps on the peninsula is bring the hostile u.s. policy to an end. >> he urged the united states to agree to transform the 1953 arm cyst into a peace treaty. the two remain at war. he did not mention the six party talks on north korea's nuclear programs. he says the dialogue is open to improving relations. the north has been demanding the talks. the u.s. government maintains north should take concrete steps toward giving up the nuclear programs as agreed in the sixth party talks. south korea held its first military parade in five years tuesday to mark the anniversary of the founding of the country's armed forces. tens of thousands of onlookers cheered as the tanks paraded through you the streets.
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a range missile was displayed for the first time. one spectator said the site gives them a sense of security. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel attended the event along with the south korea president. >>translator: we have to build strong deterrents against north korea until the north abandons the nuclear program and makes the right choice for people of north korea and peace along the peninsula. >> she says she will secure strike cape kts for defensive purpose sps launch her own country's missile system. they recently carried out a come bust test used for long range missile. north is thought to be restarting a nuclear reactor. rvelths japanese and u.n. and foreign defense meet to discuss
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meet cooperation in light of china expansion. the two plus two meeting includes chuck hagel, u.s. secretary of state john kerry and their counter parts defense minister and foreign minister. security in east say sha is high on the agenda. discussions include revisions on united states japan cooperation guidelines. japanese officials want china to help maintain security in the region. they want china to abide by international rules and keep the military budget transparent. they say the senkakus islands will be discussed. they want to reaffirm they're in the treaty. the islands are controlled by japan but claimed by china and taiwan. lawmakers in the ursz are digging in their heels. the republicans are standing by their decision to make an
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agreement on con ting ens of delays obama care. they're demanding a ransom for doing their job. >> they've shut down the government to deny affordable health insurance to millions of americans. the president warned the full impact of the shutdown may not be noun for some time. the last time it happened in the 90s, it hurt the u.s. economy. hundreds of thousands are told to stay home. national parks, museums and monuments across the country are close. a range of services are unavailable. operations related to national security and public safety are continuing. lawmakers in the house and senate have resumed deliberations on legislation to fund the government. there's no sign of bipartisan compromise on the budget for the new fiscal year that started on tuesday. the prime minister of israel is urging the u.s. and other nations to keep up the pressure
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on iran. they say they shouldn't lift sanctions until iranian leaders completely abandoned the nuclear program. >>translator: a wolf who thinks he can pull the wool over the eyes of the international community. >> he accused iranian president of master mining the strategy to advance the country's push to build a nuclear weapon. he says rowhani's goal is the same as his predecessor. he argued the only way is to demand tough sanctions against the military threat. he says israel is ready to stand alone. zarif said unlike israel iran
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would not attack another nation. seifi says israel should not think about attacking iran. rowhani showed he's taking a different approach to dealing with the u.s. the iranian president took a call from president barack obama last week. it was the highest level contact between the nations since they cut off diplomatic ties more than three decades ago. a team of weapons inspectors has crossed the border into syria. it's part of a u.n. security council resolution to eliminate the country's chemical weapon arsenal. 20 experts from a chemical weapon watchdog will talk to officials about how to proceed with inspections before destroying the arms. dozens more of inspectors arrive in syria to begin inspections
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next week. the watch plan plans to pursue the chemical weapon facilities in 30 days and destroy the stock pile by the first half of next year. syria is estimated to have more than 1,000 tons of chemical weapons. authorities in zimbabwe say 90 elephants have been killed in the worst case of ivory poaching. the animals died after drinking from water holes that were poisoned. the caucuses were found in a national park. some had turned skeletal. police arrested nine people. the poachers hid ivory tusks in the park. they are illegally exported to asia. trade in ivory is bad under international convention. prime minister abe has ended more than a year of speculation and debate and decided to raise
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the nation's consumption tax. members of his cabinet have given approval. >>translator: we must return hope and viger to japan's economy along with the confidence to grow. we will preserve people's trust in our country and pass on a sustainable social security system to the next generation. it is the responsibility of my cabinet to pursue these tasks simultaneously. today i have decided to raise the consumption tax from 5% to 8% by 3 percentage points starting next april in accordance with the law.
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>> the government estimates a boost annual revenues by $80 billion. he says the funds will maintain the social security system. abeaid out measures to minimize the negative impact of the hike he says government will draw up the budget worth $50 billion. some money will go directly to low income earners to support their households. abe says the government will consider scrapping a corporate tax designed to raise money for reconstruction areas in areas hit by the 2011 disaster, set to expire end of march 2015. abe wants to ends it a year early. the prime minister spent months weighing the cost and benefits of the con sujs tax increase set in motion by the previous administration. he examined the wide range of economic areas before deciding to press ahead. he said economic revitalization can work together. business leaders say they
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back abe's decision and are confident his administration can limit damage to japan's ongoing economic recovery. >>translator: the $50 billion economic stimulus includes measures to ease the burden on household finances. the government is also promising to lower tax as incentive for firms that increased capital investment. those proposals off set the economic impact of the tax hike. >>translator: there are signs of recovery in the japanese economy and the tax hike might have a negative impact. but we expect the government will off set this with various stimulus measures and tax breaks. >> he also says the government
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may need go ahead with the second tax increase scheduled for 2015. he says japan should show the world it's serious about fiscal discipline. it's time to take a brief look at the market figures. electronics companies are competing to come out with the newest, sleekest most cutting
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edge products. oled television promises enhanced experience. the screen is ultra thin which means the speakers need to be tiny and pump out big sound thanks to a japanese company's thinking and use of materials. this is lg electronics television set. the panel is 4 millimeters thick. this has been made possible by a new type of thin speaker. it's 1 millimeter thick, 1/30th of conventional tv speakers. >>translator: to offer high quality sound, we want the speaker to directly face the viewers. that's what i want as an engineer. to do that, we need a speaker unit thinner than or at least as
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thin as the panel itself. these speakers have been developed by leading device maker. here the white part is attached to a board and vibrates when voltage is applied to it. in an speerexperiment, beads ar on a plate. when voltage is a plied to the element, beads move and down. the vibration causes the air around it to generate sound. in the past, electroelements were believed to be unsuitable for speakers. because of their narrow sound range they were mainly used for buzzers and alike. when music is played through the speaker, it comes out tene.
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then the shape of the resigna resignating board was changed. it's still not clear enough for a speaker. resempers decided to use resin film rather than metal commonly in use so far. in contrast to metal, the film is soft and they thought could cover a wider range of sound from high to low. they used a super computer to simulate the way the materials vibrate. then they actually made a speaker and measured if it could generate a wide sound range from high to low with enough volume. they found their speaker could
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reproduce mid and high frequencies well and with sufficient volume. low frequencies could not achieve such volume. >>translator: our focus now is on low frequencies. we'll aim at creating a powerful low sound range especially with frequencies of 100 hertz or less. >> sound waves are almost non directional. you can hear almost the same volume from the front or side. this is expected to encourage their use in many fields. >> for example, in a car electro speaker can offer the same tone quality of sounds to everyone in the car. also in the car's speaker is lighter by a few grahms, it can save on fuel. >> speakers have been in use for over a century. now their long history may be
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about to undergo a fundamental change prompted by rapid advances in technology. the the japanese government won't allow many residents near the fukushima plant back to areas of high radiation. the environment ministry started trial decontaminations in no go zones. officials have designated parts of seven municipalities as unsuitable to living due to radiation. the government has delayed major clean up in areas. personnel have begun trials in five areas to find out how much can be removed. that work will continue until the end of the year. the ministry wants to determine clean up cost and will study ways to control radiation workers are exposed to. after these step, officials can decide on how to decontaminate the zones.
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workers at the plant are cleaning up after another toxic spill. rain water contaminated with radioactive materials have overflowed. the power company says four tons of tainted rain water seeped into the ground. a tropical storm passed over last month and rain built up in containers used to store water. workers pumped the water into a temporary tank. the tank overflowed during the process. the officials say the radiation level of the rain water just after the storm was five times higher than the government's safety limit for release into the ocean. workers are analyzing contamination levels in the immediate area. nuclear regulators have expressed concern about the way tepco handled the contaminated rain water.
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tourists and residents have been enjoying the results of a major facelift. the reopening event for the 100-year-old hub last year was a high-tech spectacle. organizers covered the station in a brilliant array of images. projection map aing has made a huge impact on entertainment and advertising. now a group of japanese artist use it to transform the sky. >> on japan's northern island, it is famous for this natural
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sea of cloud caused by the inflow of damp air and is popular with tourists. last month the the group of computer graphic artists from tokyo arrived in the area. they brought with them four large format projectors, the kind used in concert venues. the artists are veterans are large scale projection mapping. usually they shine promotional images onto buildings and man made structures. this time they're trying something completely new using clouds as a natural screen. >>translator: when i was young, i used to sketch on paper. i often used to dream it would be fun to do the same on clouds.
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new technology is making it possible to turn my childhood imagination into reality. >> japanese companies have led extraordinary advances in the field of projection. as the market has grown, artists are producing ever more remarkable shows. images are now on complex surfaces. >> a final prfrontier is the sk. the project began a year and a half ago. from the beginning, there were numerous problems. >>translator: i asked meteorologists if it's possible to project images onto clouds. they all said that although clouds seem thick when seen from below, they actually have a low density so it wouldn't work. >> undeterred the artist
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approached an air conditioner maker. the company has developed its own equipment to create artificial clouds. the technicians collaborated with the artists to test different projections. finally they found that if the cloud has the right thickness, bright colors are visible when projected onto it. >> under test conditions, it worked. could it be duplicated in the great outdoors? they decided to hold four days of tests. they needed cloud. they had to wait until the third day. they checked the internet constantly hoping for the right amount of cloud after dark. at 4:00 a.m., one hour before sun rise the conditions are
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finally right. up in the night sky, a 15 meter carp appears swimming gracefully. >>translator: it's beautiful. >> then jack and the bean stalk climbing up the clouds. after a year and a half of trial and error, the project has become reality. [ applause ] >>translator: working with nature rarely goes as planned, but this project reminded me how amazing nature can be. i want to do it all again. >> the team already has new projects in the works. when it comes to projection mapping, the sky is the limit. >> it's time now for a check on weather. good morning.
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people in northern thailand are dealing with flooding and landslides. what's the latest? >> good morning. you're right. if you can recall a strong typhoon hit central vietnam monday afternoon and traveled inland over the chie na peninsu and downgraded to a tropical depression and lashed the area. let me show you a video from there. the tropical depression hit thailand tuesday morning causing flooding and landslides. 25 providences have been indated. 23 people have been killed due to floods so far. the system has weakened and moving away from thailand however, rain is expected to continue throughout the week. authorities are warning more severe weather and possible further floods as you can see in this satellite picture. a lot of cloud coverage across the area.
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now a low pressure system hanging onto the border. this will be enhancing the south western flow yet again. we have been seeing a lot of rain across the western seaboards for a few weeks already. the land is saturated. with the storm nearing it, doesn't look like it will give you good news. further flooding could be at high risk as well as landslides and mudslides. we have to keep a close eye on other storms as well. you can see three storms over the water. the water is very warm. the warm sea surface temperature means it will feed the system. we have one to talk about first, tropical storm below the eastern coast of japan. it is now affecting the islands with gusts reaching up to 70 kilometers per hour. this packs 108 kph gusts.
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looks like this will continue. with the rain, we see showers across the region traveling across the pacific ocean with sometimes very heavy rain and with that combined with high waves, flooding at low lying coastal areas are at high risk. another storm system east of the philippines, not affecting land masses now. looks like it will head towards the island fed with warm water. it will become a typhoon status. looks like it will be strong packing gusts of 200 kph. we're lucky to see four meters starting tomorrow. we'll keep a close eye on this. 26 tokyo. nagoya looking hot. anywhere across the areas in japan excluding pacific, looking hot and sunny. reaching 31, summer like
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temperatures. plenty of sunshine. now to europe. quick look at black sea region,. a waterspout has been reported in greece. tornadic activity could be spawned moving east. another system moving to this continent bringing wet and windy conditions. temperatures as fallen. berlin 11. reaching the double digits here finally. still chilly across. moscow only reaching 4 with plenty of sunshine. i'll leave you now for the extended forecast.
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earlier in the program we reported japanese government officials have designated seven municipalities near the nuclear
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plant. the correct figure is 50 mc per year. we apologize for confusion this may have caused. that's it for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine in tokyo. thanks very much for joining us.
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. >> welcome to the new wilson center. i think this is the first time we have used this furniture. i hope you agree that it is beautiful. banks particularly to our director of communications for making this place -- thanjks in particular to our director of communications for making this forsnappy. -- this


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