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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  October 17, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome. coming up, a debate. high schoolers answer the call of the social leaning -- socialist leaning student union to marshal yanda the interior minister. eight magnets of anger. after a 15-year-old was taken away in front of her class late -- classmates, heard deportation to cozumel. her father claims she is not even close of our. as for
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france's top cop, writing hiatus -- writing highest, is calling this sterile, a useless polemic, shrugging off politicization fellow cap it members. he deems himself as the antidote of the rise of the far right onto far. we will be seeing how this story is playing out in the media with james later on. let's begin the hour in the newsroom and say hello. >> thank you. these are the headlines. there are no winners here. barack obama says the american people are fed up with washington after a last-minute deal on raising the debt limit and reopening the government. corrected -- a date is provisionally set to end the war in syria. the come -- the country's deputy prime minister making the announcement in moscow. an expulsion of a 15-year-old rohmer.
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thousands taken to the streets in several parts of the country. first, to the u.s., where all federal herbs is are up and running again after a lawmaker struck a last-minute deal to reopen the government. it is widely seen as a victory for barack obama. early, the u.s. president said there are no winners at the last few weeks have damaged america's economy and credibility. >> t few weeks have inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy. at a moment where our economic recovery demands more jobs, more momentum, we have got yet another self-inflicted crisis that set our economy back. for what? there was no economic rationale for all of this. >> here is our washington correspondent, philip, on
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obama's speech, indicating he is feeling pretty smug. philip also told us about the fiscal fights ahead since the debt eel offers only a temporary solution. >> he said he would not negotiate over the debt ceiling and the government shutdown. he got exactly what he wanted. no changes to his health care overhaul at all. what he did hear a half hour ago was to use an expression from american football. he was celebrating in front of the people. spiking the football. celebrating in front of the republicans in the house of representatives who got absolutely nothing out of this. a bit smug. he says if you do not like with the president does, go out there and win an election. he believes he is justified by winning the election victory in 2012 but also by what happened in the last few hours and over the last few weeks with the government now opened up again. the debt ceiling has not been raised, and the president got exactly what he wanted.
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>> the deal only offers a temporary solution. more fiscal fights ahead. >> yes. washington does temporary solutions well indeed. the government has opened up again but only until january. both crises could very well come back and we could be playing out exactly the same scenario again. chances are those republicans who, many would say, were responsible for the government shutdown in the first lace, they might well have learned their lessons he does their poll numbers went down and down further still. you had to agree with the exact deal the democrats wanted. what the president did well today was telling us pretty much what his priorities would be if they got along. he would like a balanced approach to the budget. he wants to get back to immigration reform. this has taken up a lot of washington's time. barack obama wants to get back
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to his priorities now. no more fiscal fighting with republicans. >> in other news, there has been another series of blasts in iraq. more than 50 people were killed thursday. most bombs going off in the capital, baghdad. at least seven car bombings there. two communities also targeted today by suicide bombers. this is a major holiday. november 23 and 24th, that is where a conference aimed at bringing both sides of the syrian conflict together should take place. syria's deputy prime minister made the announcement in russia, which has been trying, along with the u.s., to organize the talks for months. there are still challenges ahead getting all sides to the table. >> more than a year after geneva agreed to a more traditional -- transitional plan, the syrian deputy prime minister confirmed
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the united nations has tentatively set dates on the 23rd or 24th of november. he would not be derailed by infighting in the syrian opposition whether to attend the talks or not. >> the geneva conference is fate for all of us. it is fate to take part because everything has reached a dead end. >> last make, i met the head of the umbrella opposition coalition and said he would not negotiate with assad unless the killings stopped and he agrees to hand over power. the largest opposition group within the coalition, the syrian national council, has said it would not negotiate until assad is out of office. many islamic roots condemn the geneva talks, wanting neither western intervention nor a future democratic date. lester's roadmap remains a blueprint that the syrian regime disagree on the details, most
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notably the future of assad and whether he must be forced to step down. >> a canadian lawyer kidnapped in february has been released. the u.n. says he appears to be in good health. according to the news agency, the syrian foreign minister handed it over to a u.n. representative in syria. it says he was kidnapped in damascus by terrorists. that is the government's term for rebel fighters. france's expulsion protests -- sparked protests this thursday. thousands took to the streets to voice their anger at the government's deportation policy. an illegal immigrant was detained in front of classmates last week. speaking to some of the students protesting today -- >> everyone has the right to go to school. it is everyone's right.
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a student is also a citizen. >> high school students are angry. we are here on the streets for one thing. for the united to come back to france. >> staying in france, re- examining the case of a nursery worker fired for refusing to take her veil off. a civil face -- case for unfair dismissal has been thrown out. mitchell has the story. >> the daycare assistant was sacked in 2008 for refusing to remove her veil in the paris suburb where she worked. the case went all the way to the highest court of appeal, which ruled in her favor in march. it said the strict secularism rules did not apply. legal wrangling continues and the case is now being heard in the paris appeals court. >> i believe this court is aware of its responsibilities and
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realizes it had -- it has to come down one way or the other on a social issue. this is about society's joys on universal values, our republican model, and the sectarianism we try to avoid. >> the case has become high profile partly because it is rare for a lower court to review a case already decided by a country's top court. the question of religious neutrality, where young children in particular should be confronted with his place of religious affiliation. he says his client is the victim of racism. >> this court is acting against a current trend in society. french justice here is reflecting a deep islam a phobic currents within french society. >> the paris court decides on the case at the end of november and it could at that point go back to france's-feels court, keeping the debate about wearing it alive. >> six days after his death under house arrest, it is not clear whether the body of a not
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see war criminal -- where it will end up. various cities there and in germany and argentina, have decided against offering a final resting place. his funeral tuesday was halted a miss angry protests. hundreds of people in the italian city clashed with not see sympathizers. right up until the end, they were unapologetic for his part in the massacre. responses parliament has lifted the immunity from the prosecution of six lawmakers. the latest move in a crackdown on the far right party that started off with the fatal stabbing of an antifascist wrapper. lawmakers walked out before the vote, which sought near unanimous approval. according to the government, the party operates as a criminal organization and our governing -- say they will back a proposal in parliament to do spend state funding for it.
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schools of wildfires are burning across australia's most popular states, casting an orange haze over sydney. more than one dozen blazes out of control as unseasonably hot temperatures and strong winds fanned flames across the landscape. several homes in wales have been destroyed. no reports so far of injuries or deaths. this is one of the most fortunate jokes life has played on us. joel and his fellow filmmaker brother received the highest honor. two weeks before their latest movie comes out here. oliver reports. >> france's highest cultural honor for two of america's filmmakers, decorated wednesday with the commander. even spoke of the positive reception the two films have enjoyed in france.
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>> our characters are very local and very american. maybe because of specificity, they speak to people in france, as well. sometimes, they do better in france than they do at home in the states. >> france's culture minister presented the award and said it was only natural it he given to directors who have been four times prizewinners at the festival. >> we have extremely strong links between french and american cinema. it is natural there is a recognition, these rewards, for two of the greatest directors in the united states today. >> france's order was established in 1957 and has three grids, of which commander is the highest. previous americans to be decorated include bob dylan, clint eastwood, and as well as. >> that is it for now. time to cross over for the
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debate. >> thanks. claire in the newsroom. her name is leonardo. last week, the 15-year-old girl was on a school outing in eastern france and in front of her classmates, customs police seized her and wisps her off. france's outspoken minister, on tour at the french caribbean, downplayed what he called a useless and sterile controversy. outraged high school students have protested. within his own socialist ranks, ministers and party leaders have denounced the deportation, now subject to review the case of lien andra of how to handle france's policy and the deportation of illegal immigrants. that is just part of the story. in their 18 months in in power, socialist strategy to counsel the rise of the far right is a two-pronged one, a leadership of
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republican values and an interior minister you might say plays that cop, much in the style of one of his predecessors. you might remember he who once used his job as a springboard. opinion polls suggest it is -- he is the most popular politician in france, more popular than any current presidential hopefuls from the left or the right. france may be out of sync with most of his government, but how about public opinion? today, in the debate, has the interior minister gone too far? with us to talk about it, he is from the socialist party's youth wing. welcome to the show. you are a student but not in high school, university level. i guess. >> thank you for being with us. also with us, with the association, how would you translate? thank you. also with us, welcome back to
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the show. welcome back as well to this reporter of the news agency. join the conversation on facebook and twitter. our #. leonardo has been speaking to the press pack that has descended from paris. let's hear what she had to say. >> the police took me from the bus and drove me to the police station. they took photos of me to put on the white document to give to the airplane. >> the father has since gone further, telling the news agency, my whole family, wife, kids, were born in italy. we lied to authorities when we said we were from constable. >> it is not just me. the children would like to go back to france, too. they have not stopped crying since we arrived.
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they do not want to be here or go outside and play. the neighbors make fun of us, saying, look at the french, they do not know how to speak our language. not only are the children frightened, but they feel ashamed. i would like us to return to france as quickly as possible. that is where we were. >> your reporters, speaking to the father there. he says he was born in cozumel and not the kids. why would he hide the fact they were born in italy? >> it begs the question, because if they were born in italy, we suspect they are italian citizens, and then you think, in that case, they could come and live in france. free circulation of people in
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europe. possibly, he would have hidden the fact --
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>> a great deal in france, she was in the country. so, they belonged to no country or all of the countries. that is a very complex issue. >> on twitter, we have a comment, sadie says it is hard to imagine adults do not really care for rowing innocent kids in the mix of politics. is this an exceptional case where does this happen often? >> there are families deported in france. i think this case and the way it
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was implemented was, as far as i know, a bit exceptional. >> during a school field trip. >> exactly. still, what we do not do any more is to put them in a detention center. in the beginning of 2012, -- it is only a year ago france stopped doing that? >> yes. the prettiest girl would have to wait in may and june 2012, to have a new regulation permitting the detention of families with children. still, there is still the deportation order towards families, with children.
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with this situation, it is how it was written. >> it is not just leonardo. the girl sent is also a 19-year- old paris high school student sent to armenia over the weekend. his schoolmates angry, that has triggered a wave of protest that this thursday swept the capital more. >> note to deportations. hundreds of students took to the streets of paris demanding the return of school friends. 19 and 15, 2 students recently expelled from france, the -- deported because they were not granted asylum. >> students are very angry and we want our friends. we will carry on protesting until they are return. we will not back down.
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>> ruled by a socialist government, but it feels right wing. it is nonsense. >> some protesters tried to march toward government offices. they want the resignation of the interior minister, who has previously shocked the nation with harsh comments against the people. >> they have crossed the red line. when you've got a family doing its best to live in france, using school as a way to integrate, it is ridiculous. where is france's sword? >> thursday, a dozen high schools were affected by the sporadic strike. students say they will not return to class until the government allows their friends to return to france. >> what do you think?
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the girl and a demonstration saying the government should be socialist and it feels right wing? >> i do understand what she meant when she said that. i would like to remind people he is a minister and not just one who signed a deportation order. he was not really responsible. i would also like to remind -- do you agree with the minister? he was quoted on his trip and pthe news agency picked up on it as saying this was a useless and sterile polemic? >> i do not agree. the way it was done was inhumane. it shows the school is no longer a place where kids feel safe. obviously, she was deported in front of her friends and the cop arrested her. the way it was done, it should not have been done like that. i would like to state the fact many -- has not voted, has not
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made any immigration reform, no immigration reform was voted since since he was minister. >> where is the left going? when you have a situation where the minister is saying, they are just applying the law and enforcing the law. that is just his justification. >> he is not the one who made the law. >> you think his justification holds? that is not what the education minister thinks. >> that is not what i meant. things should have been done differently. he announced yesterday he wanted to reassure all of the socialist because a lot of them criticized him when leonardo was deported days ago. the prime minister asked for it two days ago. just until we have all the
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elements and until it is finished, we should not just accuse him like it has been done. >> there is one element i want to highlight here. to hear her speaking french, she is a poster child for what many accuse the people of not being. >> yes. of course. every situation is different. it is nonsense to say all these people do not want to integrate into the country. yes. there are people who do integrate and do go to school and succeed in school.
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so that is exactly an example of how school is the best way to integrate in the country and the best integration tool in the country. >> with or without a school field trip, should leonardo have been expelled? >> if we stick to the facts, the family has presented itself and its case six times in front of the administration and the judicial power, six times, they have asked for a refugee status. it's times, the branch of government said no. it is a shame to send them back after four years in french but -- in france. there have been decisions. they should be respected. i agree the way to send her back is the humiliation of taking her in front of her classmates, that
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was not a good thing. if it is confirmed by the investigation. there is a law and it should be applied. >> nicholas. you have been following this story all day. what have been your thoughts? >> in a sense, i agree with what you have said about the judicial aspect of this. they have exhausted all recourse foseeking political asylum in france. you can agree with that. on the other hand, you have a most unfortunate case where she was brought off the school bus and essentially, thiis really a political crisis, where a lot of people more or less agree with theough stance. >> is it a political crisis your? we have those who are in agreement. >> we are not exactly in agreement. i did not agree with the last thing he said.
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the family asked for asylum x times deed. i would like to remind five times out of six or during the sarkozy era. >> what does that change? >> the president changed the policy. >> it is the justice system and justice is blind. >> we are changing and trying to make it better in front of all the unjust laws. >> the deportation happened. >> yes, i know. that is in your regularity. no immigration form has been voted since many of us entered in the function. we need to wait until the investigation is finished. i would like to add one other thing. we should not just wait for what he said at the end that we should just respect the law. sometimes, it has limits when it comes to humanism. it was not done in a humane way.
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his sister was born in france. she has a sister who is french. for that reason, the child should have been allowed to stay in france and have the exact same chances of all the people in the country. >> there have been six judicial decisions. on top of that, if her parents were sent back, what is the point about letting a small child in france along without her parents? i do agree the way it was done might not have been good and it should be improved and not done that way. it was also done because police officers went to their home and took their mother. five of the children. unfortunately, she was not there because she had a school treat. that is why there was this humiliation and we should not prevent those kinds of things to
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happen. there is one more lesson about that. justice should be quicker in france. taking four years, six different steps, that a family has no right to stay in france. it is too long. there should be procedures in order to end the judicial procedure. i do not know, about one year or two years maybe, but at most. >> yes. i do not know. i do not think -- i do not have any information about that. they have in 2009, it was rejected six months later. they went to court for an appeal. they were definitively rejected in september 2011. >> your right to say it is already too long. the system in france is in crisis.
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the rate is still very low compared to other countries. when you see, many because of seekers, together, so, that is something not going right there. then, the reception system is not going right as well. living in france today. this is why so much is rejected, this is why hen you have to thiy single day, where you going to sleep tonight? how are you going to eat tonight? i have no information that their >> it ia big problem. we will take a big break. stay with us.
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welcome back. before we resume, a sample of the stories we will be following for you at the top of the hour right here. no winners here, says barack obama a day after press conference. he says the american people are fed up with washington after the last-minute deal on raising the debt feeling and reopening the government. a 19-year-old high school student -- thousands taking to the streets in several thousand -- several parts of the country. 11 nobel prize winners right to vladimir putin asking the president to drop charges on greenpeace activists and journalists currently being held.
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we will have those stories and much more for you at the top of the hour. welcome back or welcome if you are just joining us. all of france is a light over the story of a girl on a school trip with classmates, except i customs police and list off with the rest of her family to coast of oh. the father now claims his family is not -- the daughter was born and her sisters and brothers were born in italy, for the most part. this story has been front-page news. in the eye of that storm, the interior minister. outspoken, opinion polls put him as france his most popular politician right now, ahead of his for -- ahead of his president. the head of right wing politicians.
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a trip -- on a trip right now, asked by reporters if he considers himself to a socialist. >> i belong to the left because i believe in policy that respects the law and people's lives. the policy must be firm and properly applied as far as immigration is config -- concerned. >> i believe i belong to the left because i'm applying the law is basically what he is saying. >> you are right to say the law has not changed yet. we are expecting a new immigration next year. then again, a margin of
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appreciation -- once again, i think what is very joking with his taste -- case is how it was implemented. you don't go and fax -- fetch a schoolgirl to put her in a detention center. it is not something that should be done in a country like france. >> is emanuel a socialist in your view? >> i do not think a socialist should embrace legalizing all illegal immigrants. i think it is a caricature. i think he could be a socialist. tough on security. i think it is logical to be tough on security and the protecting the law, the implementation of flow. the law protects is the weaker
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and less fortunate. i think i would say, to prevent -- assure the implementation of flow. therefore, i do not see why you should not be considered as a socialist. >> we have a treat -- a tweak here. he says it is inhumane to behave like that in 2013. france is supposed to be the country of human rights. what do you think of the image of france? >> i agree the way it might have -- she might have been expelled from france is not a good way. we could prevent doing that again, clearly. i agree. nevertheless, in the end, i think we should let them in because otherwise, it is a signal that immigrants should use public opinion to stay in france and they could push more immigrants to try to use france. on top of that, from a political point of view, i think that is a
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socialist government that is coming back on the decision of justice. then it would be tremendous for the far right and the national front. >> the interior minister has had run-ins with the justice minister over prison reform. he has had run-ins now with education. he has for now the support of the prime minister. do you think emanuel belongs in the government? >> i believe he belongs in the government. it is a social -- socialist government. it is an example of the diversity of opinions you might see in the socialist party in general. look at the government. you have people from different socialist sides. >> is it a bit surreal? this thursday, you had the high school student union, close to the socialist party, calling on
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people to march. >> it is not against the ministry of interior. it was just asked him -- >> not from socialist. >> i think he is in a peculiar document and also the left position on the whole story is a bit confused. if you look at the figures, the manual is very popular. more popular than the president. three times as popular as the president. he has got 75% backing in the french population. a lot of those people must be from the left, who support him, and some must be from the right. some of his popularity must come from the tough line he has abdicated against migrants and people who occupy the legal camps like you have got up there.
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in many towns, we have to realize expulsions and deportations are a matter of daily life in france, as they are in many other european countries. a lot of the municipalities and towns where this is happening have socialist mayors only happy to see camps are cleared. what happened today is truly a perfect storm. it is -- you say it is a perfect storm. do you think it is going to hurt or help emanuel's star power? >> that is a great question. go by the saying, all publicity is good publicity. i suspect, at the end of this, emanuel probably not come out less popular. i think he will probably come out more popular.
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that is the result of every polemic and controversy there has been about statements he has made about hard-line positions he has taken. he has come out on top. >> the interior minister -- is he just playing out of the same playbook? >> it was a very effective playbook. i think he has taken it. he has adapted it to his own style. yes. i think that is accurate. he puts a lot of the same -- he has a lot of the same flavor to the office. >> born to a staunch republican father, painter. his parents went to alone afford his birth so he could be born on spanish soil. he obtained french citizenship when he turned 18, speaks spanish. his mother, italian. on a trip to barcelona last month, he was asked about his presidential ambitions.
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they asked him, can a president of france be born in barcelona and he said of course. he said it is not the order of the day for the time being. there is a 900 pound gorilla in the room. that is the president of the republic. we do not hear from him when this sort of thing happens. shouldn't he at some point weigh in on this? >> is not his place to do so. it is the prime minister's place. i am not shocked by the fact he did not react to this. >> i agree he should have been the first one to intervene. it was not clear enough. >> yesterday -- he was fine about it. >> right now, the position of the socialist party is very weak. he is on the good side of the opinion.
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the socialist party seems to be torn in two parts, with one part willing to legalize all illegal immigrants and one part backing emanuel. the impression of the population, i think, is the majority might be wrong, that the socialist party is against emanuel, and i think it brings a bad image to the socialist party and the french people might have good confidence for a manual dealing with immigration, but a lesser confidence for the socialist party. >> on that point, could the socialist party be out of touch. when you look at the numbers, 75% of approval ratings, could the socialist party be out of touch with the voters of the left who have perhaps moved to a
7:42 pm
tougher line when it comes to the issues of immigration? >> i do not think so. my line has not changed. a lot of people's lines have not changed. what shocked us the most about this affair is that it was relayed by one article accusing the minister of interior to be -- of being responsible for what happened, and that is why people were actually shocked by it there it however, i think if the immigration reform that we expect for next year is not -- does not touch our expectations, we might be really disappointed in him and we might ask him for explanations. that is the only thing. we ask him explanations. we are still waiting for an answer. ask all right. we have a viewer who says immigration policies aside, removing a schoolgirl like a
7:43 pm
school -- from a school trip could never be justified. that gets back to what you are saying. the uneasy feeling -- feeling between socialist ranks. i know you often times cover what goes on, finance ministry, where there are a lot of different voices there and a lot of competing voices. it is a completely different style of leadership from this government compared to the previous one. emanuel, for the time being, forever roaming free and saying what he wants and acting how he wants. >> i think that was just right. we have not heard on the story. the question is, well, how does he feel about it? does he feel the rate that was done? the form was wrong? but the law is right? or does he secretly disagree with the way this was handled? i suspect he supports emanuel. and he supports the tough line
7:44 pm
on immigration. the problem, and this is partly showing up in opinion polls when you look at the detailed accounts of why people are so dissatisfied with him, he does not make clear where he stands on these issues, which, like you said, very much divide the french left and the socialist party, where you have people like emanuel who say, law and mortal -- law and order, we must uphold. >> he should be weighing in? >> it would bring a lot of clarity. it would also give people the sense he is the maestro, the one setting the tone for his government team, his dad -- his cabinet. at the moment, you have prominent socialists like the president of the speaker in parliament, who says, this sort of thing is killing the soul of
7:45 pm
the left. it is mixed messages. does he have the support of his allies or not? again and again, this type of crisis comes up and it poses the same question. where does the government stand? does it stand with him or a stronger left point of view within the government? all types of issues where there has been a divide between centerleft and far left. i think he probably has an interest in coming out and voicing his views -- sending a message out. >> a message of support or rejection, that is all. that is the message aspect. what about the practice? how different are the policies of this government when it comes to these issues from the previous one? >> there was a difference in the speech.
7:46 pm
compared to previous ones that fell short. it was a relief, because you observe -- adding very worried. there was not so different a speech. back this, the law was the same. a couple of regulation and access to nationality. they have very small impacts. it was still slow. the practice today in france, it is much more impacted by the financial crisis. and foreigners, always the ones who take the most and the first.
7:47 pm
-- migrants are impacted the first by the crisis? >> yes. the conditional -- worse than before. they have to rely on the social emergency center, and that causes a lot of pressure on the system. on the other side, i do not believe if you cut rates -- it will have an impact of the so- called perfector. the situation is still worse. these people are coming here to get hope. we had a tragedy two weeks ago. it was a tragedy. i was expecting another tune about immigration. it does not seem to happen, at least here in france. maybe we will see in italy it
7:48 pm
will happen. in france, it does not seem to happen. there are people ready to die to come here. i am not saying we have to open the border for everybody, but we have to address the issue in a different way. we are not doing that. for me, what is happening now, and it is exactly to follow up on the course we had before. >> you were kind enough to join us a few weeks ago when we discussed the issue. since this tragedy, do you personally have a different eye toward the issue than you did before? >> i do not have a different view. i understand the human feelings that pushed us to say welcome, we will help you. nevertheless, if we let the borders open and let the people
7:49 pm
in the accident, citizenship in italy and elsewhere, what will happen? more will come. more will die. the trouble is it is by being strict and tough, applying the law, putting more controls on the borders, fewer will come with more controls, we will be able, also, to prevent the deaths of people when the boat is sinking. therefore, i think to prevent more deaths, we need to be stricter and firmer on our borders. that is not logical, but i think that is the best way to be human. >> can i say something about that? >> this is exactly how european -- not only european, people have been thinking for the last 30 years.
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you see it today. it is a major fear. how can you say that? once again, i am not telling you we have to open the border for everybody. that is not what i'm telling you. it is just we have to think a different way. how can you say that? people in somalia -- it is a country undergoing a war for 20 years. most of the refugees are not coming here to europe. they are not here in europe. there are 15 refugees in the world. they are living in non-western countries. the biggest refugee camp in kenya, with somalian nationals, 500,000 people. more of the refugee population than we have in france. we have to change our perspective. i am not saying we have to open the border for everybody.
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this is not working at all and it is creating tragedies. >> we do not know whether there will be a lampedusa effect in france. when we get to the french parliament wednesday, there is a definite effect. >> it is just not possible. things cannot be done this way. the rule of law must he enforced in a humane and sensitive way. those on the ground in charge of carrying out these decisions need to show diplomacy, which was not the case at this time. >> the socialist house is clearly on fire. they are competing for the worst gas each week. the slogan is changes now. i do not believe french voters would have back them. >> i think we are in a poisonous environment with regards to our society. there is stigmatization notably
7:52 pm
from abroad from those who would put others in difficulty and as a result, it sometimes leads to mistakes. >> i support him and the way in which the guidelines derived are being implemented. >> what is tougher to take for a socialist, to hear the opposition and people asked the socialist or to hear the former interior minister, also from the conservatives, loud -- say what a great job he is doing? >> the worst thing -- i agree with when you said -- it is strange because i am socialist. i felt ashamed yesterday when i heard about what happened to her. what shocks me the most is that she was sent back not in a really humanistic way. she is from the roman population
7:53 pm
and sent from a country when people like her cannot go to school and are not allowed to. the governments gave a place, they offered a year of rent to the family. there is clearly a racial issue in the country when it comes to rome. it is like murdering the girl. she has no future. in four years in france, she has learned a language, went to school, her parents were starting to get used to the life. she has a little sister born in france. we just sent her back. what about the four years she just had in france? what is that supposed to be e psychologically, how do you explain that to a child? she is 14 years old. still going through puberty. we put her in -- >> is the interior minister damaged goods? >> i do not think so. he is not directly responsible for what happened. he has response ability.
7:54 pm
it depends on his minister. he is not the one who signed that. until we have all the elements, we need to take a deep breath and relax. >> we will wait for all of the elements to arrive and continue to watch this story. i want to thank you. i also want to thank nicholas for being with us here. before we say goodbye, let's say hello to james. this story is resonating. >> it certainly is. you can see here it is on the front pages of most french papers this morning, the face of that schoolgirl sent back. also, there are quite a few of the manual, because he is another big player of this whole drama. he is getting the whole lack of public ire for that decision. take a look at these photos. you see him doing the rounds on social media.
7:55 pm
a lot of those panels being held up by students, education, not the partition. he is really taking the full brunt. one of the reasons paris has seen such a strong amount of people taking to the streets is because other students last saturday or sent back to armenia, a guy in the high school in the norse of paris in the 18th district. take a look at these photos. #blockade. they are actually being blockaded as we speak by high school students. basically, they are taking this seriously, as you can see. they will defend what many see as their schoolmates from being deported. >> there is a big obstacle to their movement. friday night, the kids are off from holiday spirit quest will they stick around? maybe not.
7:56 pm
in any case, for now, it is a lot of opposition. this is one of the reasons the manual is getting so much stick, because he came out with strong declarations against the community at last month, saying they should go home and they will not integrate in france, etc.. >> where is home? that is the big question. >> that is it. politicians have been speaking strongly about the leader of the far left party. they said he needs to resign. yesterday, the speaker of the parliament also criticizing a manual. now, there is a new scapegoat for the socialist party. the head of police, the super intended of the police for the region where the girl was deported from. a lot are saying he was appointed to the ministry for national identity. a very controversial ministry. he is now the head of the region where the girl was deported. it is allowing socialist to say,
7:57 pm
this was not our interior minister. it was the guy appointed to the controversial ministry. do not blame us. >> james, we will leave it there. we will blame you for everything we find. >> thank you very much. i want to thank our time -- panel. thank you for joining us here. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> the headline says it is done. finally, the u.s. debt ceiling nass -- mess is over for now. but what about perceptions of the u.s. debt market? >> at the markets in times square new york. with washington wrangling, the s&p 500 hits a new all-time high.


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