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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  October 23, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome to "news week south asia." in this weeks episode, polio vaccination camp attacked by taliban militants. and pakistan-backed militants
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infiltrate india, battling for fifth teen days. in an attempt to derail an anti- polio campaign, a polio vaccination camp as once again been targeted by taliban militants. resistance has been strongest in the northwestern tribal areas where the issue has become particularly politicized. >> two people were killed and up to 20 more injured after taliban militants used a bomb to target a team delivering polio vaccination drugs to children. in the latest of a series of assaults on volunteers, nurses, and police officers involved in efforts to confront the country
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's polio problem, the bomb was set off outside the health clinic on the outskirts of the city of peshawar. a police officer and a member of a local anti-taliban group were killed. the taliban have repeatedly attacked vaccination workers, claiming the program is a cia plot to sterilize muslims. the shower has been -- peshawar has fallen victim to at least four different attacks in recent weeks, which targeted a church and a market.
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>> along with afghanistan and nigeria, pakistan is one of three nations were polio remains endemic. eight new cases were confirmed in pakistan last week, bringing the total this year so far to 36 according to the website of global polio eradication initiative, a project involving various national and provincial governments, the world health organization, and unicef.
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>> there are two very simple reasons -- one is the awareness of the parents. if parents are aware, there was no reason polio would not the eradicated. the first would be parental education, parental behavior, parental attitude. another important thing is performance lapses.
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>> resistance to the vaccination program in pakistan has been strongest in the northwestern tribal areas where the issue has become particularly politicized. last year, the taliban said polio workers could not operate in north and south waziristan until jerome u.s. strikes were halted -- drone u.s. strikes were halted. suspicion about the program increased after it emerged that the cia had recruited a pakistani dr. who was asked to establish a fake vaccination program and a plan to obtain dna
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samples from the children living in the compound of osama bin laden. after bin laden was killed and the plan became known, the doctor was jailed for 35 years.
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>> the door-to-door effort to persuade families to give polio vaccination drugs to their children to counter the crippling disease is often led by a woman who is paid just a few pounds a day. when the authorities are unable to provide sufficient security, these women bear the brunt of the taliban attacks. last year, gunmen killed for female polio workers in the city of karachi on the same day, and two women were killed in the shower -- pet shower -- pet sure -- peshawar on monday.
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in nigeria, islamist gunmen killed nine health workers in february. as part of the effort to persuade families to give children the drugs, the program coordinators and pakistan have involved religious leaders and other influential members of local communities to support the scheme. >> there is no letting up or change and pakistan's consistent policy of destabilizing kashmir. recently, the pakistan army aided and pushed militants into the sector. here is a detailed report.
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>> the indian army has rejected the perception that the incident was part of the intrusion of 1999, saying it was just an infiltration led by terrorists, but suggested the complicity of the pakistan army in the episode. the incident with the army had engaged for 15 years with a group of 35 to 40 militants, about 300 or 400 meters inside indian territory, an incident which reminded about the intrusion of 1999 when indian posts were occupied. but the current situation allowed for media speculation. >> no, no, no.
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it was nothing like that. it was an infiltration attempt i-30 to 40 terrorists. they attempted this infiltration in four or five places. we had information about it. they have been neutralized, some of them, and operations are on to flush them out. >> the army chief confirmed that terrorists were provided gunfire to infiltrate. several of the terrorists involved tried to infiltrate from other areas but were gunned down by the security forces. a large number of channels have talked about this being an intrusion. it is not. if this was intrusion, the
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adversary would go and occupy dominated ground, which is defensible, he said. seeking to downplay the incident he said, in this case, they were sitting in and i'll appear in which adversary is going to dominate an area by sitting in a knowledge? it is impossible for the terrorists to do any activity without the knowledge of the pakistan army. there is no way that they can operate there without the pakistan army. he was clear that no terror activity could take lace without pakistan army support -- take place without pakistan army support. asked about the evidence, the chief was also asked by reporters whether the incident reminded him of the cardinal intrusion. instead of saying that it was a
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similar situation, nobody is occupying anything. he said the army was well trained and had adequate firepower. brown said the department that we had not lost any of our boys. asked what army troops have not been able to recapture the positions held by the pakistanis, he said, "let us not hide the situation. there is a word in hebrew, and the meaning of that word is patience." >> our army is highly capable of tackling this kind of situation. just give them some time. what we need to have is a bit of patience. when you see the reality on the ground, then you realize that these things do takes time -- do
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take time. nobody is occupying anything. rest assured. the army generals are very capable. >> yet more desperate attempts. militants >> jihadist are just fidgeted the valley on the void until they can give it their full
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attention after international troops withdraw from afghanistan in 2014. it makes it easy for terrorists to sneak up and see their opportunity. the area on the other side is also not very strong held the pakistan army. however, >> all infiltration hae support of the pakistani army. you cannot infiltrate from that area. we have full deployment on both sides. with that kind of deployment, it is not possible for terrorists to infiltrate without the knowledge and support of the pakistani army.
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>> the indian army claims that 35 to 40 heavily armed guerrillas had attempted to infiltrate at multiple points on the night of september 23 224 -- to 24. a group of 20 to 25 heavily armed and motivated guerrillas used by the pakistani army to facilitate infiltration across the border. some of the guerrillas lying inside the cordon area managed to cross back to the pakistan controlled side. did they have the time and convenience to ensure that the bodies of the slain would be dragged back room of traces of their presence on the indian side for 14 long days? these are the questions which need to be answered by the army.
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>> they are desperate. i think we should be looking at the tire situation in a more positive area. we need to look at the more out of troops. the morale of the army must be kept up. -- we need to look at the morale of troops. >> the largest strategic issue is that pakistan is worried about the valley. the strength on the ground are insufficient to run an effective program.
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they need the skills of more than a handful of terrorist the pot has to be kept boiling. more terrorists may be required because without that, the movement may be in its dying days. desperation is responsible for the current intrusion into terror, which could have been used as a base for further infiltration had it not been discovered. everything is aimed at 2014-15, thenternation troops thdr from inteatiol jihadists can turn their attention once again to the rally. >> it's time now for a break. stay tuned after the break. people protest against oppressive pakistani rule. protests are continuing in
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pakistan occupied kashmir against the autocratic ruler of pakistan. many nationalists say they would settle for nothing less than independence. >> kashmiris some 55 law matters from the capital have stepped up to protests to demand complete independence from pakistani rule . nationalist leaders who have been spearheading the protests say that they have had enough
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and that nothing will stop them from fighting for the freedom of their homeland. >> it was a part of the erstwhile princely state of kashmir, it was invaded by pakistan in october 1927. it has stationed large contingent of its military and paramilitary to continue its illegal rule in the disputed region.
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kashmiri leaders allege their homeland is being used to train jihadist to fight. >> pakistan has been touting pok as free kashmir. every five years, it goes through the charade of holding elections to show that there is a semblance of democracy. the puppet regime, propped up by islamabad, has done nothing to better the lives of the locals.
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b exploitation and lack of economic opportunities have pushed about 3/4 of the population into poverty. locals complain.
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>> pakistan, which exploits the region's rich natural resources, does not pay any royalties to locals. >> and with that, we come to the end of this edition of "news week south asia." we'll be back next week with more news, views, and analysis from the subcontinent. meanwhile, do keep writing in to us. i'm signing off. on behalf of the entire production team of "news week south asia," goodbye.
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hello and welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm ross mihara in tokyo with the stories at this hour. the editors of a newspaper in china are fighting back against media control by publishing a provocative front-page headline. they're calling on authorities to release one of their reporters who was arrested for exposing illegal activities at a state-owned company. the "new express" newspaper is based in the southern province of guangdong.


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