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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  October 24, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>thank you for joining us. the debate this evening, we discussed the political crisis will stop the government is dragging its feet. how long can they is thomas -- islamists stay in power? we will put these questions to our guest right after this latest addition of "world news." >>thank you. these are the headlines.
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germany summons that u.s. ambassador and claims america -- it is threatening the latest in the summit. a pilot dies in a crash. the military faces criticism for causing one of the biggest fighters. and football clubs with a tax plan. they are conserved -- concerned it will prevent them from playing here in france. first, germany has become the latest country three days after france do some of the u.s. ambassador over spiking claims. onslow angela merkel dass -- ch ancellor angela merkel complained to president obama. >>completely unacceptable --
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that is how angela merkel described the latest means at that national security agency might have tapped her phone. outrage is echoed by her peers in government. >>we need aaccord. we do not spy on each other's. -- we do not spy on each other. we need to protect the private indications of those were not terrorist sub sects -- subset -- suspects. >> in the opposition camp, the social democrats had criticism on the nsa. that used to merkel of not doing enough to protect germans from the u.s. program prism. >> the accusations seem to clearly prove just what we had feared. the nsa affair is not yet
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finished. accusations are not off the table. right now, we are starting to regress quick vacation on the issue. -- request clarification on the issue. >> the espionage is still a vivid memory for many. so far, they have not denied the charges. it has simply said it is not monitoring her phone. >> the president assured the chancellor that the u.s. is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of the chaucer. >> brussels could be calling on internet providers to get the consent of customers before using their personal data. let me bring you the latest reaction from the white house. it is refusing to say whether or not the u.s. has spied on the german chancellor, angela merkel. >> french u.n. forces are
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engaged in an operation in her venting that insurgents of islam ists. this comes three months after french forces handed -- this -- peacekeepers were killed in an attack. from timbuktu, we have more on the latest anti-rebel operation. >> it is probably the first time the [indiscernible] they are being trained by the europeans. this one is called hydra, as in the greek goddess.
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[indiscernible] potential islamists islamist activity. >> now to australia. a pilot crashed all attempting to draw water on a blaze south of sydney. jonathan crane reports. >> the wreckage of a plane that went down while battling a wildfire south of sydney. the wing snapped off before the crash, which killed the pilot. emergency crews were quickly on the scene. >> we find ourselves in the position where we are trying to recover. we were challenged by weather conditions. >> it hasn't been confirmed one
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of the largest wildfire still burning was started by the -- it hasn't been confirmed one of the largest wildfires still board was started by the military. -- it has been confirmed one of the largest wildfires still burning was started by the military. >> people are trying operations around the world. >> firefighters has spent the last eight days tracking multiple fires across the state of new south wales. some residents were allowed to return to their homes on thursday as weather helped to abate the flames. for the warnings have been issued for an area that has been the center of the outbreak. >> [indiscernible] >> so far, the fires have destroyed more than 200 homes and affected thousands of residents. >> french football clubs are
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going on strike after 75% tax plan. the unanimously agreed not to play any matches over one weekend at the end of november. the tax would affect those are earning more than one million euros a year. the talk about how clubs could be affected. >> the french -- it is not one of the most economically strong with these new taxes. it will weaken them significantly more so than they already are. >> the tax applies to clubs and not players. which ones will be most it? -- most effective? >> players earning more than one million euros or more.
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this will have a trickle-down effect. players -- prices will be pushed her down because they will need to save money for the tax. >> the tax industry -- in the industry as a whole then? >> that is right. also, it can have an image problem. there are high earners. it will not go down well. >> how are -- have french football clubs done something like this before? >> they did in 1972. that was a player led strike. this is slightly different. the president of the french league --
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>> underlay, -- finally, attention all comic book lovers. thomas waterhouse has more on the latest adventure in scotland. >> late at night outside a central paris bookstore and some old french favorites are back in town to revive some reading. yes, it is here again. it went on sale admin 90. -- it went on sale at midnight. >> and looking forward to a good read. i wish them lots of luck and success. i hope the book is good. it will be a marvelous one. >> loved by young and old alike, the comic book characters are the most famous, cartoon comic warriors. this addition season heading to
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ancient scotland will stop -- the edition sees them heading to ancient scotland. >> i went to scotland to show it to scotland people. they were happy about it. they thought it was because of the referendum, when in fact that is not the case at all. and learned about that later. we had no hidden intentions. since 1961, more than 350 million comic books have been sold worldwide in over 100 languages. this latest outing of the cartoon creation is expected to sell over 5 million copies. >> for more on the latest comic up, make sure you check out our website. that is you will see plenty there.
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that is it for the newsroom now. >> thank you. we have a round up of the headlines in a few minutes. the political paralysis in tunisia. they have been in crisis. members of the political opposition has been assassinated . there is deteriorating security situation and economic mismanagement. the situation is reaching a tipping point. who is to blame? what is the alternative? our guests this evening -- an international spokesperson joins us live from london. another will be with us shortly. we also have a researcher in political science. works on tunisian society. thank you for joining us. and social policies in tunisia.
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an expert in tunisian politics. first and foremost, let's have a recap of the latest events in tunisia. >> screaming for the government to resign, hundreds of opposition protesters gathered in central tunisia. the prime minister delivered a much-anticipated speech after an emergency meeting with his cabinet. >> we repeated today our commitment to the principle of relinquishing power in line with the different phases envisioned n the program. >> throughout the day, protesters demonstrated across the country will step opposition had been waiting for a resignation within three weeks. a government -- it continues to govern and make threats and take
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money from people and to drop the constitution. in reality, it was never written. >> the islamists party and 20 other political fascist committed to the political road map. it called for the caretaker cabinet within three weeks. the adoption of th new of talks and the sedulg ofmonth presidential elections. mediators hope the plan will end the political crisis triggered in july by the assassination of opposition l addition -- of the opposition. >> they said they would eventually stand down and pave the way for the creation of a new government. it is supposed to put an end to this political crisis in the country. political opposition is blaming them for failing to make good on that promise. the first question -- a
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spokesperson. she is in london. what is going on? other parties want a firm commitment from your party that the government will stand down? >> the commitment has been made very clearly. there are two other allies. and probably by the prime minister himself. what we need now is for everyone to sit around the table and start on the process with a resignation of the government and adoption of the constitution and a clear date for that election. this is what we need. >> excuse me. let me interrupt you briefly. what opposition wants -- when i say "firm commitment" -- they want in firm writing and a signed document. so far you have not done.
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you agree to the principle that you will sign -- standout, but have not signed anything. >> the president send this two weeks ago. there are pretexts from some people not to proceed with accelerating the process and completing this transition. they do not seem to be in such a hurry. they are delaying the start of the national dialogue. >> can you give us a date of when the government will step down? this is the critical fact. political appointees want a date. the moment you set the day, the political transition can be set in motion. >> and offer has expressed his commitment off the initiative.
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what we need is for this process to start and the resignation of the government. >> thank you. our guest adjoins as in the studio. you are a representative of a liberal party in opposition. what is your take in what is going on? you heard the spokesperson for another party saying government has committed to standing down. they have done so in writing a little while back. now if the political dialogue is blocked, it opposition is to blam what is your position? >> it is easy forhe government to say that. many bad things happened in tunisia and every time the government comes out and says the responsibility is of the opposition. no, it is not the respoibily
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the opposition. we aed the government not to declare its will to resign after weeks. it is a long time now. iran -- in our understanding, the government wants more time. >> our guest has said that they are willing to settle. >> why not today? why not yesterday? why not tomorrow? why not as soon as possible? i have been many times in discussions with representatives of the government and every time they say in two weeks. they say we here you when? >> -- we are going to do it. when? >> the political opposition is
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asking for a firm commitment. they want to date. what is the answer? >> they signed the quartet roadmap. they are committed to the road map. there are allies in that government. the -- there has been expression of commitment to it. once you join the national dialogue, this is another problem. some of the opposition insisted on excluding certain parties who have expressed commitment, but did not want to sign the roadmap. >> let me put the question this way. the program provides that a new government -- and the islamists led government will have three weeks of the political process beginning and a new government
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will be appointed. and you're telling me that if tomorrow the opposition parties sit down with you at the negotiating table, the clock will begin and three weeks from now we will have a new government in tunisia? is that is what you are saying? >> absolutely. sometimes we sit down around that table rather than protesting outside. as you said, the process will start and move and we will have that resolution that we want. >> we have reaction. >> i think the interesting part is that there is a national dialogue that is going on. was started yesterday when was
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postponed because of the killings that happened in tunisia. it shows clearly that the national human development is wanting to discuss. it is a good sign. >> you agree with what was said? to sit down and talk? >> what is happening is from the very beginning, it has always been -- there were different personalities. people coming from other parties. there is a national debate going on. it does not totally true to say that the development is just -- on its possession and not willing to discuss. >> i think at the tunisian prime
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minister had said what she said, there would be no questions. but he was not as clear. what is a problem? why are we hearing two different songs from the same party? >> maybe it is coming off of translation. >> i think your company chance understand everything. -- compatriots understand everything. why are they being ambiguous? >> maybe i can just say that maybe the question is inside. there is division. i think that position is to be in that dialogue, this national dialogue, and push the government to resign.
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i hope the people who are in the government on the other side -- this is the real question that neither is really divided. >> well, i think it is important to remind that the first priority is to get this adopted. i'm not sure it has to do with -- >> it has something to do with -- [talking over each other] >> all of the presses are paralyzed. they should continue with this process. they should have adoption of the constitution. there is a last draft that has been made ready.
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>> will get to that in a moment. ask the political -- fix the political process. it sounds like the panel conversation is going on. we have two sides of the political spectrum. one representative of the opposition and a spokesperson for the other. both are saying they're willing to sit down and talk, but it is not happening. what is happening is that perhaps what is going on is keep. let me go back to you. weeks ago the leader for -- had agreed that the party would -- the islamist led government would step down. now it seems that members within his party are not quite agree with that. what is going on inside the party? >> the party is united and consistent and very clear. i find it amusing that some have
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speculations about divisions. it has never materialized. >> it does not to speculation. we have on the record of him saying he was willing to step down and have a consult natives -- consultative party and did not follow up with that. it is normal for there to be a conversation going on inside the party. >> the position is consistent. the consultant if -- consultative councils get more details. our position is that we want both processes to happen as soon as possible. some are interested in one issue that is a vaccination of the government.
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they have no interest in adopting the constitution or holding elections as soon as possible. some are motivated by the resignation of the government. they should be interlinked. that position is the same. many have expressed the same position as that of the prime minister. he represents the position of the party, as well as the position of the three parties in the government. that is important to keep in mind. many have been talking about that there are three parties in this government. they all agree on an initiative. they all also want to continue
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until they can ensure that we will definitely have elections in the shortest possible time. >> i can hear them whispering. where is the problem on this? >> where is the problem on this? [talking over each other] >> and has been a generally sure problem of getting this done. one of the points of the roadmap is to get this constitution. the but with experts, which is a positive. they should have been written over a year ago. >> it was last july. >> it is a timeline of events in tunisia since that oust of the former president. that was in january 2011. at was sparked by the spring across the region and not just in tunisia.
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the country expenses first free and fair elections that saw the victory -- the country saw its first free and fair elections that saw the victory of -- the beginning of this year, things began to seriously unwind and unravel. a member of opposition was killed. now we have talks of a national dialogue to resolve this crisis. just getting your respective -- perspective of this. the constitution should have been finished in october 2012. more than a year ago. >> that is right. this was a provisional government, if you will. those -- in any case, the government has outworn its welcome. this was supposed to be a long time ago. that is why most tunisians agree
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to have a national dialogue to end the crisis. tunisia is in trouble. that is a real problem. the longer that hangs on, -- 20% today. that is getting down to the hard -- it is perplexing that they do not know what to do with this. >> it is not only the parties negotiations going on. the real situation is economic and social situations. there is a democratic process going on.
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i'm an observer of the situation. i'm quite positive also to see that people are very concerned by the political -- whether they are taking their right seriously and the freedom of speech. political free speech in tunisia allowing us to -- >> thank you. hold that thought. we will be back in a few minutes aftr the break. ♪ >> welcome back. a quick reminder of the headlines. a pilot dies. there is criticism for starting one of the biggest buyers. and engage in a major operation aimed at the venting that resurgence of islamists in the
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north of the country. trench football clubs to have a super tax -- french football clubs to have a super tax. and a record high of french people looking for a job. part 2 of the debate. the tunisian political crisis is reaching a tipping point. there are promises -- still in power even after promises of resigning. the liberal party and a member of the opposition on set with us. you work on tunisian society and social policy in tunisia.
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we also have a professor from the university of paris. we also have an international spokesperson for a party in london. i would like for us to look at the map that we have put together before the show. seven police officers killed yesterday. that happened in the southern region of a city. also, in the north. the headquarters of a party were torched. a lot of these problem areas -- there is a general strike going in the central provinces. a lot of these problem areas and central provinces and improper and -- impoverished regions, that is exactly where the protest began and they ousted
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the former dictator. as a country reach a tipping point? >> well, i think that we should speak of the situation of how it was and why the people protested. social justice -- there was corruption. there was a threatening. it had a direct impact on the economy. >> pre-arab spring? >> pre-arab spring. there was a situation. the world is changing. we can see some improvement in some situations like for the
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unemployment rate. >> it remains extremely high. >> exactly. but there is still, if you look at the figures, the statistics, there is some encouragement. >> i do not think many people in the tunisian society would put the economic management to credit the country. it is one of the thins that people blame his typewritten economic situation. >> -- blame is not improving the economic situation. >> we have this educational system that made us one of the most advanced countries in the region. >> that was already the case before 2011. >> exactly. big challenges. it is one of the issues that needs to be talked about in
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political discussions. >> ok. let's put that question to our guest in london. what has it islamist government done over the last two years in terms of economics? do understand the level of discontent that is being expressed in the streets over the last few months question mark -- two months? >> there is no islamists government in tunisia. >> islamists led government is the case. >> what has the government done since -- let the country?
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the state that the country was left in after decades of corruption and mismanagement and dictatorship, there was a revolution stage. it had an effect on the economy, etc. that is how we evaluate the performance of the government. yes, unemployment is still a problem and it will be for a long time. education was a great priority in tunisia. there was a great mismatch reaching the education system and the market. that has led to a great number of unemployed graduates and young people. since the governments recovering -- since the government took over -- >> ok. understood. >> yes, the situation is
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difficult, pre-have to take into account what has happened over the last two years -- you have to take into account what has happened over the last two years. there is progress and hope that we have. >> excuse me. let me stop you there. you say there has been progress. i understand. how do you expand the numbers from the latest polls? the question being asked of tunisians is who they would vote for in a presidential election? 43% of them said they would vote for the leader of your main rival. let's see where the candidates come. a fourth position and six position. this is a hypothetical. these candidates are trailing
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far behind her political rivals and the current opposition. if your stewardship sees an in the management of the country, how do you explain those numbers? >> we have no problem in giving back to the people and seeing what they think and what has been performed. it is much on the basis of various different results. there were certain predictions post -- posed. we are committed to having elections as soon as possible and to give people their say and whether they want to have a new government or to give a chance to other parties. our party is competing in the space. we are back to the people. >> we have a tweaked.
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we need national actors of talks can take -- we have a tweet -- we need national actors so talks can take place. we have an islamists led government. let me insist, this is a coalition. none of the other parties were willing to step down. >> tunisian has benefited where they have had a coalition were no party has had the majority. that means all parties have been required to compromise. that is good. tunisians finally had the opportunity to express and exercise it. only that -- government can take credit for that. >> sorry. yeah. >> nobody has said that. >> it has made tunisia a unique
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and exemplary case. the armies not involved in politics or business. it is just the army. the tunisians admire and love -- that is partly why there is outrage on members of the national guard who were attacked and killed. tunisians would rally. if there is a degeneration into chaos, there will be a role of establishing order. if this is the tipping point indeed, if that tension begins comes to the big cities in the coast, there are concerns. they have to be wary of this. >> ejection solution? do you mean -- -- egyptian solution?
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do you mean -- >> that is not a solution. that is called a coup. >> i do not think tunisians will get there. >> we do not want a situation like in egypt and the army in power. we want that to be clear. the situation is difficult. let me answer on some questions. there are some improvements. i do not think that there are some improvements. the coalition came to the power with no clear commitment to do some improvement. we agree that economically and social levels, there were difficulties linked it to the economy and many things.
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what is dangerous in that situation created by this is that people are not confident anymore in the political class at all. they do not trust the political -- maybe the poll is saying one thing. people are confident of people who have been getting -- and who are political state persons. >> perhaps let's show some numbers in terms of how the economy has been doing. some of the latest imf numbers regarding the economy, especially -- here's a growth rate. it has improved from last year. the projected growth rate for next year shows an improvement.
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the consumer prices should be going down. unemployment also going down. still at a high level at 17% this year to a projected 16% next year. >> just to comment on these numbers, the state is one of the most employee within the last year. the state -- nine >> the biggest source -- >> no private business. >> this number should be taken into record. just to continue my idea, i think what people should judge this coalition for is for transitioning and why we did not
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make the truth of dictator ship and this is a question of courage. this coalition did not have the courage to deal with that question for which the country has -- >> corruption. >> no clear commitment. this government and this coalition have found it it's -- found it is important to be against media and opinions and artists. i think we can -- a discourse of the same wordings of the former regime. >> our guest in london wants to answer and we will get right back to you. >> can i -- >> go ahead.
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>> i want to answer two points. the transitional justice in which you deal with archives and dealing with victims of dictatorship and torture, etc., it is waiting at the assembly. that is if your party would join now, that could pass and be implemented. it is not been eradicated. today, transparency is ending its 16th annual anti-corruption international conference in tunisia in recognition to combat corruption. it is not something that can be eradicated overnight. there is a will to do it.
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we need to recognize what has been done, as well as the challenges that still lay ahead. >> it is interesting. the point that she was making is that lawmakers walked out of the assembly that is currently passing -- drafting a constitution, it is a little bit of a maverick to say that the transition is not happening. you walked out of the process. >> we walked out from the assembly because of the killing of former deputies. will start to push the country because we were anxious that the country needs to have complete legitimacy after they year of the assembly.
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that is why we are not in the assembly. many other parties -- the government in having the majority has put on the table of the assembly but almost all of the party were working inside the assembly. this -- by the government and the coalition. they did not have enough her age to do it -- courage to do it. >> bowling solution so far is a national dialogue for tunisians -- the only solution so far is a national dialogue for nations. -- tunisians.
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>> the main issue -- we need this constitution. we need these tools. >> it has been three years in the making. my understanding is that it has been written pretty much. >> the final draft was supposed to be voted on the day a person was killed. this is the main thing that needs to be sorted out. this is one of the main things that people are demanding. reject people who are guilty of torture and being the ones who made this dictatorship regime alive.
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we are quite confident that we look at the experience of chile or spain. maybe learn some patience. prior reform of the justice before having the justice able to judge fairly these people. >> give the government some time. i hear what you're saying. you were saying a short while ago that the constitution was about to be passed on the day that an opposition member was killed. that actually, the fact that those two things happen on the same day -- >> would look at -- >> on the anniversary of the opposition a political leaders
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killed, the first them a credit collection and the whole arab world, seven militaries killed. i didn't know if there is may be blackmail or any hidden agenda from the security. >> that is one thing. it is the government who says that terrorist groups have been moved inside the environment and with so many links -- [talking over each other] >> it is about discussion and a
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way of speaking will stop it is about action. since the killing, we ask that there should be a clear policy of security against this group. never this government had a clear policy against terrorists. [talking over each other] >>, the protection of national and -- >> let's hear from someone. his opinion is that of a lot of people who live in tunisia. they feel that at some level there is some kind of connection between a leader and rising violence in the country.
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>> the people of the city are sad. they blame a leader for their lack of security. they also blame the prime minister. >> this coming a day after their seven police officers were killed. >> he is not belonging to any party. i think that if you're looking for reasons there, it is not productive. it is not going to end the killings. why now? >> indeed. he said something interesting here. we do not need conspiracy
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theories. tunisians believe that the current government has not achieved enough in terms of security. tunisians feel that they are not secure enough and that the government is not protecting them against terrorism. >> it is a matter of embarrassment. we should understand that when an [indiscernible] and this person is not arrested, it is a question of courage. we must play not like that or like this. it does not to be touchy with people who are calling to kill him. >> calling into question the political courage. we will have to leave it there. thank you to all my guest for joining me here. >> i think it demonstrates that
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tunisians will build a democracy. >> thank you to our guest with her interesting perspective from london. thank you all. thank you for watching. let's turn to james. he has got this latest addition of what the internet and social media is saying about the political crisis in tunisia. >> facebook and twitter. lots of videos going on. in tunisia, this is a beta we are seeing -- this is a video of one of the seven dead for his funeral procession. a lot of stuff documenting the grieving going on. also, this one. that is the headquarters of a party that was torture. >> that is right.
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-- that was torched. >> that is right. there was evidence on twitter and social media. some media saying this is the price of -- after months of denial and minimizing the phenomenon, the security apparatus -- this is a tweet. he is working to strike. this takes on the serious economic situation. do we need to get out on the streets every time there is an upset of the parliamentary
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apparatus? i think the two economists compare the flu to haul around -- chloera. later on, we look at this image. it was on social media today. telling francois hollande to dare to be courageous. >> very daring indeed. >> thank you for watching. stay tuned. more news coming up. ♪
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>> throughout the week, france 24 keeps you up-to-date. join us for the sports roundup. right here on france 24.
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 ee if they are right. thank you very much. the u.s. federal reserve economic stimulus will continue for now, but asia's emerging economies could very well be at risk when the fed finally pulls up road -- pulls the plug. what will happen to the philippines? >> there was a wave of relief across mobile financial markets and said amber when the u.s. federal reserve announced its decision to keep buying bonds to the tune of $85 billion a month.


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