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. you knew lulu little the new zealand chile and on julie's story and i missed two chilled since his late teens and twenty lbs i knew that they had a dope hitler's secret needs to chill says mueller is buried in mass graves that are voting to extend a treat and was placed up to his death in nineteen fourteen flights in the final days of world war two the whereabouts of the gestapo chief to his poisoning bolton the nazis final solution to extending the cheese has remained a mystery that my agency will
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like adding salt to tracking down on to the will the possibility of new material to jewish sites has enabled the disk space the monstrosity that the death of jimmy stewart's community. united states national security agency is taps directly into the kitchen wing seems like it will be up to the store emails and use information of what the program code named muscular had easy access to the appointed agent e mail yet. hughes is due to that system to lack of oversight at the end it's the activities undertaken at the seats. i don't like. this is tapping into anyone's private finance. it's quite different. to listen to the cbd. monster that was conducted jointly with britain's gc excuse to be in that spirit of the progress reports the ems hundred and eighteen one million records in one week since the two day operation and in the espionage experts say is based on secret and state documents least one bullet to
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try to attend whistleblower it would snow again. i the refuse. and more. and. cz the topic thus the eye the love. but don't. it is i love. the moment. at.
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merit essential intelligence agency may be well known around the world. however its activities on knots. so when in two thousand and seven it was revealed they had been interrogated subjects in the eu territory. there was an outcry from europeans terror suspects for flown by the caa with the help of european countries and held for questioning in secret detention centers around europe. now the european parliament has bowed to the new resolution through to launch an investigation into the scandal. we met with prominent nep hummus before that to get deeper understanding of what the resolution hopes to achieve. we're not complaint is that we still have the burial information from and know many of the member countries. i think it is deplorable that these renditions and detentions of which still plays. i'm not really scrutinized by some
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member countries. the us on fortune again and again was to those of them is a song of acts of the outside of its territory as in the of the boston globe. not that some acceptable. of the fight against terrorism which is very bolton has to be based on. transparent corporation and truly on the base of the deal. so as far as you're aware of these attention schemes are no longer operational. we hope our cooperation with the rest is in bolton again on the legal basis and we hope that these legal basis is not respected that just how widespread was the c i a rendition scandal we met with the belgian intelligence review committee to find out. well it actually don't know exactly. we had some indication suite at the small infestations of college just to action. i mean preparation of a craftsman research we found
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out doors of mormon want to go on to suspect that cit crux. he joined patients. to walk in european countries do in the future to avoid this sort of thing again while he can give guarantees its natural happening to the passing situations have changed in europe than in the united states. so i think it's cracked up. um probable that these things are still going on in europe put it. so looks like the reaction has had some success. i didn't experience it and how will american politicians and journalists react to the resolution across the atlantic. i asked american gymnast craig will be to find out. speaking for the european problem resolution i don't think it will change much because it's a non binding resolution. i think the us the daily care if there is something actually consequential which happened the museum is to do freeze up with european courts that there's an italian court for example is found twenty three. u s
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employees of twenty two c i a operatives and the one us air force colonel guilty of kidnapping an egyptian a mom and in the detention because they saw that this meant that these people cannot return to italy many points because they did go to jail because of that so sold on notice in america i think it has and it probably will. i haven't seen anything. the fact that a resolution as control for six years since the scandal is boring enough on its own. oh no what's more frightening is the fact that they are still some countries such as denmark poland and pain and that is still reluctant to help in the ongoing investigation. and with us politicians on like the scab of the resolution itself the worry is that the e's voice on the world stage is no more than heart that is just a smile to jen one of the european parliament in brussels. and we in the wake of the old crawling over reports that american
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surveillance of european citizens and leaders members of the european parliament expect announced against exploiting between the lines spying has always insisted that we are said to peaceably friend aunt and spying is not something that is easily tolerable if it doesn't have a clear purpose. haskins there needs to be some kind of justification. clearly this is through the allegations but we don't know. if that's the case we need to get the truth is that sometimes parents. german chancellor angela merkel has been the center of events since revelations that america's national security agency had been monitoring the postal communications relations between us and germany now under threat the white house having recently stated that until just a few weeks ago us president a bomb and no knowledge of them wanted to let go. the streets of new york city meanwhile the views of the american be mixed with some believing its mining does more harm than
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good. i don't think it's right on the high and some countries back the distance behind people's backs up the spine to people and aid to states to miscommunication and further conflict between countries. others believe today is nothing unusual in surveillance of all the countries. he will be doing this kind of thing for a long time. and that this is now with all sorts of media and the leeks and so forth this is people are finding out about it. i don't think that of relief that the american . this are really that surprised it's more of those things that you knew was happening but not yet become rich. isn't that so unfortunate reality but of course given the nature of technology and globalization if ever one is intertwined into epic would be nice if the suspects though otherwise though. not surprising not only thing it's that problematic. the revelations of us going and european leaders he spots something of
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a diplomatic crisis has forced the white house the promised reforms to even acknowledge that america's electronic surveillance may have gone too far a suicide bowman has put himself up in the chase he tortured soul to sight see with such assaults since two thousand to you in a country no clapping islamist militants tasted like a awesome apron libya there were no other casualties according to security officials course but the surprise and show the ruling seven this morning. the helpful. i was fortunate to all the senate's college and i couldn't sleep was an explosion at the time bob care of itself. i mean i'm twenty. i danced all except me. i don't go to beach and the dry side though the explosion one bomb. it's all a dream. i never see this in my life
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why are you watch the tv was happening in iraq iran but now in all my life. what does that sentence really spoiled another attack when the rest of it would be suicide bomb a new form of person people dearest to you in the seaside town with mama stayed in a grotesquely responds that it's easier. although the attacks have been connected to al qaeda linked militants and sorrow syria to be good skin disease motor is in its government the ruling in on the islamist car seat and the opposition recently began talks to form a caretaker government prepares for elections and the new constitution the green it is intended to end months of unrest in the country once considered the cradle of the spring the north african state to be invited to the most since july when the assassination of opposition leader he conducted anti government protests that threaten to derail the democratic transition. what's the use of mobile the region due to relative lack of arguments
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up. last weekend's dozens of saudi women defied a ban on driving into to the wheel many posted videos of themselves on youtube but the biggest response and social media was the beginning but sanity comedian his big it was already close to over eight million views on youtube. i know. it's currently the most popular youtube video in saudi arabia and other arab countries and has been the kids around the world which seats are all to jump like these satirical video is set to the tune of marley's no woman no cry. what's changed to no woman no cry the question of whether women should be allowed to sit behind the wheel is highly sensitive within saudi arabia. so perhaps understandably funky he says his show to the success of the video has refused to be drawn on discussing the achievement gaps stressing he's a comedian or some political activists
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sergei is the only country in the world that prevents women from driving that saudi women the thunder octave of the restrictions to women's rights in saudi arabia must be defined but surely in the wall and tribal customs which mean winning meet the male guardian's permission to travel to get tuna busty to blow open a bank accounts married for two bolts. one of south africa it's nice when you open the jays beat the rowing it's a good niche hours to supply its ultimate mothers they killed by poachers and eighty seven and inform my nascent been killed for their forms so fun to see a small baby ryan is to exit only since they'll performance and our new youth coaches. the open each consists of specially designed eviction of buildings and grind of hands is equipped with a custom made my new ambulance make a tutu and fifty km north of japan is that dissent is running the polite moment is when the press command to
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preach on. cool for mom and to see indifferent to it today how do we really stand it either. tonight show everything beginnings incredible but then this unspoken individualized i'll be trying to get to see them to go to ramble. due to personal issues and so unique scientists believe them all the motels in rowing eight to be killed in twenty fourteen but it is the recent drawings and paintings can attribute it to highlight them on and southeast asia with a rhino police told police that sixty one thousand dollars a kilogram and used as an ingredient in medicine that supposedly kids can set contains events. a growing community of harley davidson motorcycle enthusiasts in egypt have gathered this week to promote tourism in the country while also celebrating the u s manufacturers a one hundred tenth anniversary. some two hundred bikers don't their famous black leather jackets
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and gathered at the great pyramids of giza on the outskirts of cairo. we get back to something different but the baby didn't have that debate we decided to do with what i'll eat it the bikers were known in the past for being a gangster like rebellious group now the prices of the bikes range from twenty thousand to sixty thousand us dollars. and so the owners are quite a different breed and they feel they have a moral duty towards their country which has been dropped by political instability for several years they were joined by others on honda's to copy the end of these and more in an initiative to help promote the struggling tourism industry in egypt that once accounted for ten percent of the country's gdp. it said a four shot at tm also for a bit too busy to rule that everyone bought the total for the work that the ship is safe. according to reports the bikers are hoping that the initiative is repeated every month with the revenue allocated to a different charitable organization every time. pfft. it was
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cool seeing soviet republics was the one shown in search of lost and we'll keep you all can see from the us itself to probe into the inefficiency and corruption. top with some welcome inheritance the azeri government has recently accused syria of them did it take to fix the sentence which combine the functions with one critical importance on long routes. we will be on the impacts on the sentence to one the functions of various government ministries to create a one stop shop approach to interrupt the general . like johnny's can visit these sites at the synapses to complete a wide range of pure crap the costs which were previously required separate visits to a whole host of ministries and government agencies. well with ease and convenience. some centers have also been hailed as a breakthrough in the applicant's of soviet corruption. azeri officials
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claim that by bringing together a broad government bodies under one roof. they have increased transparency and make corrupt practices fall more difficult. this wave back and forth in peace to eliminate the circumstances that are making it work. and if we treat people the group will conform to rules. this way but it broke. and in some centers. this is one of the schools effective tools of them but important where it would have to provide it boldly stated necessary measures necessary tools to try to keep these phenomena and in the service delivery and awesome service. he became a place where you use your car. the sun initiative has proved popular with the azeri with the official us on facebook i attracting tens of thousands of likes its first year. it is now planning to expand the us on st is across the country.
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first post communist prime minister paul in addition the soviets he is being remembered by around the world for fighting anti semitism and being a friend of israel as a psp died aged eighty six in warsaw on the twenty eighth of october president of the union of jewish religious communities in poland the author kind of sick said the polish weren't deeply saddened by the loss of the great statesman and friends and that the former journalist will be remembered as a symbol of dialogue and extraordinary wisdom. as of yet. he won elections in nineteen eighty nine marking the beginning of the end of forty years of cold war politics and law. he brought together the round table talks which brought together the soviet installed authorities and the opposition leading to poland's peaceful transition to democracy. i'm sick. also note the name as of yet he had been an activist for human rights as far back as nineteen sixty when he and retain that the fight against
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anti semitism is not any merit or any humanitarian gesture of mercy it is not only a struggle for the dignity of but as much a struggle for our own dignity the world jewish congress also prisoners and get skype for speaking out against anti semitism clearly and unequivocally and exposing war crimes in his role as a special rapport term for human rights in the former yugoslavia and insults the united states congress that dedicates the pasta for british prime minister winston churchill a ceremony in washington d c to the trees attending the ceremony included adults speak of jumping in the senate majority leader harry reid's senate minority leader mitch mcconnell house minority leader nancy lazy and your state to state on kerry. it was churchill after all the other late night party long past its rightful expiration date. you encountered this goes for his own party to explain to our
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west. don't run. got very drunk you are very very drunk the winston without missing a beat look back and said you you are doing. you are very ugly. you are very very ugly and once more tomorrow she'll be sober or to chocolate you tortured poetry from the who concert attended the event still treat perform the classic songs done by me which they said was a tribute featuring us uk relationship as dennis mr georgiou was the best round. the eyes face ever. i was originally named him. i read citizen in the spring of eighteen sixty three. we already considering them. morrow. speaking to the congress should still call america. to stand firm in nineteen sixty three friends to join the intimate chat to a woman citizen of america. however all is to present the promise to his
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first time in two thousand knowing he made a point of everything in the box that will go to the picture show from the white house. in a small southern california city has sued the makers of the wildly popular three rapture brand of hot sauce saying pungent tear inducing odors emanating from the chilly processing plant in town is trading at a nuisance. li fung flutes move its production facilities to bear when gail from two nearby towns earlier this year and city officials say they plan to go to court to force the hot sauce maker to the media the whole production at its chilli factory glory of the case continues. fortunately our residents over the past year to now start to complain about. eyes watering their throats being irritated. in severe headaches. as result of the processing of chillies chile coming out of
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the voice on that tree the last year the crop was destroyed. there's two of which there is no where to put on was only operating at ten percent of what they're doing and it's fifty percent now they're full operation this time next utopia to conduct this operation. and we've had families and children and seniors complain again about the odors and the residual effects. would they can't go outside the red colors three rach a hot chilli sauce sold in clear plastic bottles with a distinctive green cap and trade mark or easter logo is made from locally grown jalapeno chili peppers garlic and other ingredients and ranked as we find foods leading products the company reportedly produces up to two hundred thousand bottles of hot sauce and eight and sold more than sixty million us dollars worth of the product last year. some residents near where we find foods makes the sauce had expressed mixed feelings was something i have been burning while
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others say they are not affected at all. already the station the mindset been bothering me when i could march. i see when they do i think when i cook i sent off in bed. nine die in a touching and feeling the theme. city officials say they have met twice with company executives and a sidenote assigning different for violating nuisance ordinance is all to no avail i can tell you we have thirty to forty people that have been sworn testimonies we get there the family members have been impacted quite frankly and city councils standpoint this more than enough. one solution to the problem is an air filtration system but that could cost up to six hundred thousand dollars it's quite fun foods doesn't find some way to health complaints it's a risk of being forced to close the facility which would lead to the first wholesale price don't want iraq to hike to the songs in the last thirty years. pfft christmas eve to answer a
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guillotine shops in london despite dipping weeks before the festive season department stores and weakens the extension on to christmas theme with help from the unit's main beach next to ballet performances car than the cricket goal in the street when this which would decorate it doesn't help that forests. we have design is eating much but police have not completed the book reading time came and did not see it but i had my and am even still it was that he has had just used to it. crazy colorful. i know i made my childhood home so it's easier to connect the store windows feature vintage gowns from design is getting worse with catherine be widening with a tutu in crops and mr of speakers tools she will perform in the car to them and think oh look see and from december eleven to generate five the average british household spends about eight hundred pounds on christmas presents
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food and decorations each year since your expenditure in the final three months the spirits that haunt sixty thousandseven with spending in december predicted to jump by three point five percent compared to last year. zouk is you. celebrity cookbook way they did with them is finalizing plans to stop to meet unique saw franchise speaking on the middle it was digital book signing for momentous in on the wing repeal is excited about his future ownership of an mls club. it's not hundreds and miami at the time in a miami stephanie one of the places were up in the city. i'm excited to make sauce to the balcony and see them excited about bringing the team and being caught in an accident continued to be upon him and us. in the ft and miami excites me because i think it's a safety that
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ahmed is these very excitable i'm hopping towards a possible with etsy the dolphins play in it since it's either. the people in the city golf. this pope's however the crew refused to respond to criticism by former mentors and on to manage addicks but soon he said in his or her property published this month that back and chose some efforts he overtook holding six steps back and resume also fallen into sin on to coincide with his emotions as a celebrity who lost his starting place with the red devils and following a dispute this but this and was sold to real madrid with the georgia ap onto the unsuccessful two years before making the nukes it needed to make to make supper and the us the multimillion dollar contract with an eight galaxy was agape but complexity to hollywood which the man replied photo and respects because it's not want victoria were trying to crack now with potentially the football team it seems peckham will be trying to stay in the headlines for many is to come it's off
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the coast of the twenty twenty two world cup has room in the statute football is in the teens and gone off to an outcry by religious conservatives who condemned it as anti islam like eliza nation. the sculpture which depicts the dam had boxing it's these markets are at sea in the two thousand seats while the final two minutes just weeks old to being in school. it is still stuck she will now be housed in the air museum of small and aunts the statute debacle comes amid growing international concern over what the world cup was awarded to the towing the cash rich gulf states what summit temperatures can rise as high as fifty celsius patel was awarded the twenty twenty world cup amid allegations of bribery of the ward process which also sold russia when the twenty eighteen world cup at the expense of rival bids from britain united states australia japan and south
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korea. he's the president set the laptop as soon as it was a mistake to war to some opponents you could tell and is now looking to take in the winter. the use of slave labor during stadium construction has also led to calls for the world cup to be what causes it or taken away from it that our rates are too stupid to the guardian's recent expose a field goal and point to me in maine the nepalese mike when walker is being enlisted to construct the venue. but doing so with little or no pay in scorching heat and in cramped and thirty living conditions. dozens of workers of the lights and swap again i. the i will. i go. i mean
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to me. gold. who are. i will the tsar. good thing. and. he
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did. the ac. i do. show. it all. you asked. a week . new
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new. says. i want like a charm. after the national communications commission announced that all high precision industry had planned to commence takes fourth generation mobile spectrum licences. chairman terry clark announced the establishment of the fourteen until information cen


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