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the news on him. the israeli foreign ministry has called us was pride that claims palestinian leader yasser arafat may have been poisoned with radioactive palladium will sign up for the assignments arafat's the official medical records say he died in two thousand and four from a strike resulting from blood disorder the swiss report says tests on the bawdy showed an unexpected high activity of palladium which much of lee supports the poisoning theory but his putting was the team's last year amid continuing claims he was mad
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that israel has caused lead in the light of any involvement. many palestinians have long believed that arafat was poisoned. two two shares has been priced at twenty six dollars each had in his debut on the new york stock exchange on thursday by leaving the company has more than eighteen billion us dollars that makes it the biggest market to be for technology found since facebook went in may two thousand and twelve trees that has attracted two hundred and thirty million users since it started seven years ago and it is yet to make a profit. nevertheless there is strong to mom for the shares and the company was able to increase the offer price from sixteenth on the street to share so we traded at the new york stock exchange under the simple with two wto. i eye the team. and more. it is
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eye the new. in the eye . uk jewish film festival is well and truly underway here at the british film institute in london. among the films to watch this year. movies by the cohen brothers wanted this year directed the full name and the opening from the jewish chronicle bike thanks to mac to eat entering thailand. this week. your intuition due to the store elementary students
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the donation cheese which she rattled off the extraordinary true story of the jewish boy who grew up to be a cardinal open the seventeenth annual uk jewish film festival although several documentaries have been made of one type and archbishops of obedience to stand up to do is cuddle is the first feature film made of leather coat of second closest confidants no one was was surprised at the high standard at this year's festival and the director of the film himself in entering thailand. it's the first time opening the festival some very proud of it then. there are two benefits you've always this movie because of the jewish cardinal because meets. surprise that the smores the attracting so many people in the over the world especially here in the uk. he's just as his mother was killed in auschwitz was torn between the jewish religion he was going into courses that catholicism he later confided to me as a teenager. palin says these conflicting sides of one's personality is something we can all relate to. that's what attracted me attracted me to subject is of
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the double identity the paradox and contradiction about double identity and i guess that's what middle school the most universal and it goes beyond tuition kept me can i sum of people that weren't union of suspicion the fish are kept in the back of the movie because they found something that that up to them and because the fall of us have totally been due to some of you know and we have two he was a double that to the side of our pots and cups come to terms with it amongst other big films anticipated at the festival include as many director barry farm and say this the congress. starring a partially animated robin writes who plays herself in the movie. it tells the story of an aging hollywood actors who sells the rights to traditional in its later on has ethical doubts. alongside that seagal as the movie personal stories documentaries workshops and grants for emerging
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filmmakers actors marine edmond says it's the festival's various opportunities that makes her proud to be a patro. in people like specifics and this it has a specific need in maps to show the world how a lab accident. few films can be and not just in case you don't think you can see anyway that kind of things on top of the dorms the stadium on the penalty new ones. i am. it states on its own way all of them bringing them to a market which in the last of the few with you. and to see them closing the festival on the high notes will be the feel good musical comedy cupcakes were a group of friends surprisingly find themselves in the eurovision song contest. more than twenty countries up participating in this year's events which twenty thousand people expected to attend
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the uk jewish film festival and is on november seventeen ict much interest and one in london . that summer spears into government protests turkish prime minister eighteen per cent. gone is open to new front in the country's growing debate religious interference by declaring in a speech to the male and female university students should not be making joint accommodation. i did on said the gunman had already sat down next accommodation and seventy five percent of the ground student dormitories and we continued to do so. a recent announcement of segregation first teams to compete with the age of eighteen has ignited outrage over uconn into sadness into private life has many people concerned over his potential plan to use on my society well i think it is the chocolate. they have a
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plan in the back of their minds and step by step the importing it into practice. do they want to turn turkey into a middle eastern country is headed by all our citizens especially our own admission a new way in saudi arabia. it's tomorrow. the price paid such a ban. yes it is the teacher qantas on a political platform has been accused of compromising the country second conditions. critics point to last two months lifting of the band wearing headscarves in state institutions and to legislation approved in may which respects the sailing advertisement of alcohol prior to his speech and cons opinions and closing down make student accommodation start appearing in turkish newspapers after looking at her clothes torn meeting and is a key party which has been in power for more than a decade and as i shared an array of political stability economic growth. the britain based mostly need asset to
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the call routing with sentenced him to death in his native bonded as for war crimes was addicted to motivate its. sunday morning routine was found guilty in absentia for the colts to a depth of anti intellectuals jewelry and did dishes more independence from pakistan in nineteen seventy one during which street name people were killed he said the convictions were totally unfounded and called the child farcical. under this government sets of the war crimes tribunal in twenty ten to investigate abuses during the conflicts my own business. over the unfortunate and sad state of affairs. one can only say that. this is totally and comment. and that. it really and i was crying. once again since my kid and he called
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my dr in and out. leila deen says he's not guilty of any wrongdoing. in my absence ever wondered then layered and she sewed state although in this column. my goal since she say she is convinced that i'd meet him. to be glad to have no market can confuse things and people that they should be too good to go with it with or without obtaining of them. that is not for this crime called to do with paula the peaceful yet on him in death sentences to the openness of loveland has to go to the old man and he was even surprised to hear that some of the events take an armband on his bike in the ministry but the officials. the additional means to shift the government told the poll is that its muscles and its ruler of . to date no requests for extradition has it been so
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went by the body but the show authorities said the keys to leah toby cadman. the owner a request for extradition to the top two. no is by the government has gone to the internet to see his expedition. they chose not to in his absence. british judge would obviously be able to look at the time to consider whether it would cost you a peace process the exploitative. there are costs. numerous students fish such as the imposition of the death of the human rights concerns and personal situations that call the prosecution said he knew he was bundled out by two group which sold to prevent abundant banished from gaining independence by identifying and killing liberation activists including journalists of ottawa's opponent to wean of the west pakistan army which operate to be bonded and then east pakistan against
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the bungling nationalist movement joined the bank against liberation war the international group that has set out to ensure the destruction of serious chemical weapons only has enough funds to maintain the mission until the end of november and is in need of more money soon to follow through with the elimination of poison gas stockpiles syria's president charles saw estimates the cost of the operation at one billion us dollars. and while experts do not believe it is likely that they still say the cost will be tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. the us has been the biggest donated to the mission getting six million dollars followed by britain canada germany the netherlands and switzerland. syria has and for the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons of the locations of thirty production facilities which contain about one thousand tonnes of chemical weapons while damascus has been praised for school operation thus far. you're an investor to the un samantha
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power said she is skeptical and that much work lies ahead to ensure that serious seven hundred page declaration of its weapons is accurate before the construction phase is entered. nope ecw and syria have to agree on a deep teal destruction plan for the poisons by mid november a major cost that is yet to come is the shipping of raw chemicals out of syria for their proper destruction discussions are underway with countries willing to neutralize the poisons including albania in belgium do you like the kingdom has been exposed reportedly using eclectic equipment to squat on the button to start benjamin jones the end of the move tool from the roof of the london embassy the case diplomatic mission is to me two hundred dollars from the german parliament's and the offices of me were selected representatives including the go. damaging revelations result in the uk is ambassador of being summoned by the german foreign ministry where the british diplomat was
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warned that tapping communication from an embassy would be a violation of international ngo. a spokesperson for uk prime minister david cameron said that britain has an excellent relationship with merkel's government which would continue despite specimens to claim the uk intelligence services operate within a legal framework. despite recent revelation suggesting otherwise britain's cold war tactics were exposed and tokens in the buy american was a blow at this late in the uk and us have now been implicated in a series of clandestine operations which may run country's human rights legislation isn't at school. the us national security agency has also been accused of secretly moment and uncles mobile phone in the teens i knew from german politicians on from the general . european any peas also expressed their outrage with a friend of friends going operations deployed by america. it's going scandals no clean limited to north america and europe china has also been on the clarification us operations in australia alter a sydney newspaper reported that australian indices across asia it will cost
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the u s espionage operation soldiers from australia canada and the melody kingdom previously when did enough to stand up preparing to rights across see on toxic to the southernmost point on the planet team you can i come in nice cars outside will be joined by prince henry in the two hundred and eight minute journey across the arts australian prime minister tony abbott giants not the last riding school when the rice. meaning i would have time to mike stayed for the royal. prince harry has boasted that set he will be boiling them daily. for a hand to shyness elyse is staked in fact that i will be going to believe after prince harry. when the british same. this tag is
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ian having night out gone round and round in ever decreasing circles because of has he gone said their offices and the old man and he'll get strike to the point the soldiers inside the hardest part of the track will be dealing with the kollywood. the death and odyssey me that there's always is the only thing to get a look. once we fought down the toilet. gatti capital in dispatching its eyes to catch the gloves off to come to this living in extreme of our lady's style that front. when you dump a list of august. it seems we're on the tight town south africa in november twenty before heading to antarctica for the rice was likely to be completed in telling everyone to get going for christmas former guantanamo bay prisoner who trains that are keeping them honest and has lodged an appeal against conviction for terrorism down ten hundred us military court. dump the aussie talent and david hicks pleaded guilty in march two thousand starving to providing
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material support for terrorism has got to clear his name seems that the guilty plea was made under pressure after more than five years went on a mount. it's good points of importance given this appeal the first is the goal is to tie ins for inexcusable was not his own sixties included a story is low. but one having committed an offence and secondly for those close to current news. this included physical beatings on the world's top political methods and medical experimentation. the appeal takes is a lawyer hopes to use the example of something hundred on the former driver for someone to martin in her daughter's case the court ruled that material support for terrorism did not meet the criteria are more crimes that can be prosecuted and a military commission. don's conviction was overturned and dad and can cast at least three of the military commission convictions. is that a charge of providing material support for terrorism simply does not exist in international law
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we've known all along but that he is the case but it was part of the deal that i had to do to get out of toronto but cry. the thirty year old hicks who has admitted to attending in paramilitary camp in afghanistan. joining the taliban is married and works in the nursery business in sydney. thank god he answered it the legislative elections to play this weekend intelligent tina your position finally put the stuff to ten years of electoral victories over the picture shows potty. for the first time in the country's history a row by row by bergman was elected as a mom to new members of autumn. we don't lose thirty four percent of the old rabbi surgery tournament with the clear winner and when the scientists in the district. provide goodman is a well known figure in argentina. after the army a
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jewish community center building in nineteen ninety our i started to appear in the media to the streets demanding that those responsible the fall then tried. since then he has become more and more involved in activism and tone of the citizens' quality doesn't eleven. his first real step into politics. he soon joined the patrol was iris mayor morris to match his right wing party with the which he was just elected as a member of the mo warehouse. despite this most recent success britain's involvement in politics of the rabbi has not always been well received by the jewish community. i wish anyone to tell me a great job people from the community who are worried is what exactly are you worried about regarding my involvement they say oh well i'm a rock version i get involved. i answered i'm sorry but iran is not a recent rally is equal to any other citizen before the long forgotten ones the torah and then the community and the media in israel many rabbis and
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political figures to become ministers including some of them didn't do very bad things. to be. many other important laws including jewish figures however support his involvement in politics even go with it don't necessarily share the same political views were now both denied it and who you choose should not in a way and didn't get mixed in on it it's your show and stay in and remain a crime and the reduced. i don't know who might others who knew. if in doubt to anyone on enda nice and cool ones who put in getting both of these debates should be encouraged to school for a vibrant high score in the elections shows that these support as a political figure goes well beyond the jewish community can only be me. i didn't want to mix religion and state of war religion and politics. my practice as a running inside the jewish community in my jewish identity is important
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one as a citizen plus argentina is one of the most wonderful countries in the world in terms of integration of religions traditions and of different cultures and their places in the world where people kill each other because of matters of religion in their argentina. i would say there is no violence and killing in the name of religion for the weekend his blood traces in the writing mainly from the jewish community linked to the governing body of the time in general welcome the fact that the rabbi is not representative. it is now up to rabbi berman to make its voice heard as a member of parliament. this is jillian for a fun day and one can put aside as argentina. i the not recall my kids are exhibiting their finest models of the divine right to shut a novice on the city's economy is firing on all cylinders. following the two thousand knowing label
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financial crisis. my performance systems and human noise driving experience a whole resort often at the annual event that defies both traits into one of the largest in history in terms of schedule. at the jetty purchased from ikea aston martin presented the cc one hundred states to concept off to celebrate its one hundredth anniversary general manager neil slate said the company had doubled its bid to lease sales by selling another of its range is the key concepts. will was the most attractive is what whales are sharing today is our cute concept. it's allowing something to make the cut on his own. since we spoke. it's that he can make any comment he wants. you can with a mediocre on the guard he can make it back. to be how it wants to discuss sheepskin on the floor french court to make it to just use new media costs ntini is one of the exhibits attracting the most attention at the show. all it was soo
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nice and doesn't someone is twenty four percent. all those oval those states in the world. so it's the second largest market in the world statisticians into it device economic rice in the first elf appreciate grateful point nine percent year on year propelled by christ in trade and tourism india china and the us directors device top three trade office. huge red sixty carat pink diamond to be sold for sixty million dollars light of this month in geneva making it the most valuable and was sold to children the article cut sign that didn't stop modeled by an understandably nervous rookie moto was caught and punished from a rough diamonds might like it is somewhere in africa in nineteen ninety knowing some of these jewelry commission chairman david bennett says the diamond is extremely rare. this is a way to the united states can a
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system of this fancy vivid pink and nine. give you some idea if i pass. visiting town is only the arena. a month so daunting. three use the gear and fall of two million dollars. more content and less certain of it. by that tuning in to get lost on his own our auction record is held wide gruff and a twenty five carat pink diamond to or spied on them placed to lead the forty five million dollars in two thousand and ten not surprisingly the jewelry is commonly held under tight security at the nut tree hotel. syria's economy has peed on a downward spiral since civil war broke out in march two thousand and eleven transport tourism communications and mining have all suffered from the conflict and subsequent sections leading to the economy shrinking by at
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the thirty percent the latest victim is us policy change kfc to close its doors to its last remaining broadsheet in the country due to the economics of supply problems. the supply of chicken in its place by two ingredient is in short supply and tends to be made to import supplies from eleven am but these have resulted in rising prices too high for the average syrian who now struggles to survive residents in the capital of damascus tried to maintain a sense of normality in their lives despite the ongoing civil war which has killed at the one hundred thousand people somehow wouldn't increase the city's cafes and my clothes shops businesses and the frame is how the media market but was the type of business as usual this all the posts on kfc has hit the headlines in the middle east in what was perhaps the world's most unusual foster today for a drink buckets of kernels of classic fried chicken peas to make their way from north to teach it to the gaza strip this was stopped out to the egyptian army started to reduce the smuggling tunnels into rubble following the ouster of egyptian prison
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my meatballs this week when you're close to the chinese film festival the details of long lost youth and martial arts help from a non profit organization seven films from mainland china in hong kong are being shown here thinking center in rates in the chinese art in court heard. now in its fourth year film festival opened the city on tuesday to normal as the most projectors college experiences in the nineteen nineties the movie is hong kong actor says he is at its dictatorial to heal her were playing it consists in chinese tv series things eternal. elsewhere a hong kong can face turned green and lofty rivals line despite sixty nine yen has won numerous awards for its acting in riyadh in the fight scenes. the new year chinese film festival presented by the chinese american arts council and the cctv six to
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the channel features a roster he leaned down and see all of which were chosen in two periods in the us china relations after being taken out of its icy creating city area presumably led to some thirty nine thousand years again we're going to spain taiwan. in the college was founded in two thousand ten inside the arctic ice subsidiary of its soft tissue in guantanamo the most complete and preserved please consider your married to him that finding since this is the first time attendee of my life has been recovering most of its body parts well preserved even the brain which has been examined by russian scientists is in good condition and will be used for further mistakes. in the display which will feature more than two hundred items will also be the remains of a thirty nine thousand old friends during our stress that it's on the potty chart makes a thick skin. aye i will. i am. i
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mean. to me. will. or do i mean. will the tsar the day
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the at . . as of. the i
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don't know. says market aside i want to sell tron. during essential standing committee meeting the woman councilor and i say something on the committee proposed amending the party's charter to automatically make the president and chair of the party. the jackal be officially propose that they can tease national congress on the number ten


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