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tv   Arirang News  PBS  November 8, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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it is. the lx of the cast over and brussels future oriented economic cooperation with the eu agenda for president on it's last day of perjury maybe cause for cautious optimism in geneva has drawn a world leader start ups over tehran's nuclear program this year's world's strongest type their kids the philippines would be death and destruction from wind gusts exceeding three hundred kilometers per hour prime time it's a good snack
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a primetime year was friday the eighth year in korea life so i knew to and from limping so much for joining us. we begin this evening in belgium where preston aachen he is spending the final day of her european tour. the korean leader health summit talks with the heads of the european council and the european commission but their prime focus on economic cooperation. the presidential office correspondence was in jail was traveling but the presidents of the stats reports from brussels juliette hughes seven previous history of agreements on economic cooperation. it is not decided to include her ratio which point the european union in july in the korean
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youth retreat a grievance it's the anti korea's export market in the region research conducted by the korea institute for international economic policy shows her waist is included in the trade pact will increase korean exports to your rap line ten million dollars and imports by two billion dollars for the next five years korea and the eu agreed to share in the benchmark each other's policies in this sector of the creative economy. uluru number of times he gets to have tended to do in iraq will. children and it could be. time now. gilbert has some nice dress on krill when i told you that all potential increase in debt. back in administration has curly pushing ahead with policies for creativity to create new markets and shops. but yes a lot in cmon with the eu is new strategy called here at twenty twenty it is not the law says that at
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the bilateral dialogue channel on astro on sea and a vice minister level next year to support korean anger in him. getting ready to get there. riyadh the eu signed an agreement to exchange researchers in the field of basic science and strength into what research into sectors of bio energy nano and information and communications technology. a tangible example be the peak of the joint research and innovation center in brussels maybe not to the north korean issue. eu leaders through full support behind president x press building process and made it clear that north korea must it be and this nuclear weapons program in a complete and irreversible manner. but this year marking the fiftieth anniversary since korea and the eu established diplomatic ties president that get the key leaders describe themselves as well. natural for years and reaffirm their commitment to further strengthening their strategic
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partnership on the issues raised in the bilateral to the global. oh i think it is brussels. back here and they showed in what's becoming a familiar refrain that national suddenly find itself that locks once again. yet another political conflict between the rival camps the main opposition democratic party boycotted every scheduled parliamentary meeting on friday in protest of what they say is an unfair probe by the prosecution into the missing two thousandseven into korean summit transcript instead he has demanded that a special probe be launched into last year's presidential election process. as a result of the walkout all of friday's plenary sessions were canceled. the rulings of the party has criticized the deed before its move saying it would have no choice but to unilaterally go ahead with the remainder of the parliament reschedule if the boycott continues. and it's the first proceeding of its kind in modern korean history the constitutional
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court began work on a verdict that could decide the fate of the left leaning political party an earlier this week the government filed a petition to dissolve the unified progressive party for its alleged ties to the north korean regime act amended reports. the nine judge is on the constitutional court on thursday held their first meeting on the government's petition to these all the unified progressive party earlier this week that second administration to categorize a minor political party as unconstitutional. i requested the constitutional court disbanded revoke the status of the party's lawmakers. removing them from their posts. this is the first time since nineteen fifty nine at the fm band in a time of peace has a ten k to resolve a political party the constitutional court will review the government's decision to disband the unified progressive party and decide whether to temporarily suspend its two big east. the court said it has ordered the dpp to set me
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a defense. and once the date date for oral arguments my cds receipt. if the court decides applying the junction all five gpt lawmakers will be temporarily banned from all commentary to the beast a six cpp lawmaker icky stuff. he is currently standing trial on charges of conspiring to overthrow the government. if i get the key lawmakers are currently staging a hunger strike to protest the government's action. this after having shaved their heads on wednesday in protest he denied the government's claim that they have heidi's the north korean regime. one of the us but permissible party passport to protect the rights of farmers workers at warner people in metropolitan areas. mum was forced to come to peace and cooperation in the two koreas things that we are told north korea or simply an active suppression of employees. you're not north korea followers. if the court
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ordered injunction to utp would not be able to field candidates in next year's local elections will receive subsidies designated for political parties from the government. the utp is give and receive a subsidy of six hundred and forty thousand us dollars next week but is uncertain whether it will get the money now pnc than this. it's been a year since north korea a rustic korean american cats bay on charges of committing a crime against estates and he remains detained tickets to washington now says it is ready to send it on board to turn into lobby for pays for lease. again uses for affairs correspondent on sony acid tests. the united states said it's ready to send its special envoy for north korean human rights. robert came to town and if the hard issues an invitation. us state department deputy spokesperson mary hart said thursday that he is prepared
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to travel to the north korean capital on a humanitarian mission focused on securing the release of jailed korean american and eight. they let the rested and north korea that yr ago and was sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor for committing an unspecified crime against the state. he is known to be the longest held us a visit by the joy of being the team since the korean war. i'm disappointed the possibility of a being that these on the occasion at the american thanksgiving holiday which falls on november twenty oh eight this year. they say the man flint likely a good time as efforts to be open to stalled six party he knew the right nation talks in the meantime the u s human rights envoy is infecting trip to south korea this year an official at the foreign ministry said that king will bid to solve on november eighteen as part of it. he featured for the us envoy had initially intended to visit kenya in august when he was
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in the beach and back north through the air with roommates indication that the last minute. the south korean foreign ministry official said that he was not yet aware of ambassador team's plans to visit ten yes and added that the possibility of such a visit with depend entirely on north korea. on sunday at eating these. all eyes are on the upcoming third plan a month the eighteenth communist party of china which will kick off on saturday and run until next tuesday. expectations are higher than that new chinese leaders will announce plans for economic reforms that aim to transform the country's economy by twenty twenty so well the highly anticipated meeting d and economic turning point for world's second largest economy and possibly for korea. the brain dr condoned and professor at korea national diplomatic academy in the studio. thank you very much for joining us
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good to be a few full professor this plan and is expected to show it the future direction of the chinese economy what challenges are facing president is in pain on what that really i mean she is intended to do with some of those obligations politically home now as a war does expose some time now which one is politics. nolan did say that there are no conflicts between seventeen seventy four was in china's economy this moment the issues you can get this money and force more reports what is he in all their other groups as well for book and sold to pay for his quarter ideology of communism socialism for the beach with scorsese and katie's hall successfully twenty people were fed himself off from the concept of opposition from some but it needs political reforms as much as economic reforms but sort of policy changes can we expect in the political far more so those concepts you can open the commuters and not so spoken so the above or this portrait is have some
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sort of big interest in current system. all i can use it on our bikes. don't they have a job for second round of the retired from film and the use they built a state owned enterprise and then poured a high position one p at the same time they try to persevere when eco benefits as well fly expects extended one spending was still on palms towards more private ones and these could be in town and managed by his son on the family members said they tried to test but the comic and dear to us of course was sought in this way again for a good thing is that all things and it's quite huge so it's not easy to de coco. often then at the same is not easy to just let them leave one behind and then. one is a slight cough point four before me in one sector and. so what would need to happen is for this plan and to be considered a success and how to use force the chinese future. after that i think many are expos to animal is the war according to scientists that this moment expecting some total paradigm shift in chinese economic system
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opening to this page is you know ever shifting these sums oh one issue. now like a big change in the minds of the people and the change in the minds of critically this as well. you do with those pent up pressure to have fun when my kind of crisis coming from outside so that be pressure from outside of what become of the zhejiang for a can of paint on and on the phone to be executed. but at this moment without any kind of series six of the crisis non chinese in addition his principal mort social market economy right if this is the case then it was comatose a pair of tube socks ask for. doherty has again homies was put in issue on people. and what affects both china's push for reform have on korea. what isn't said again this is a pent up to date to between four so total for the sport to its color in the house is in china and the boys would like to take all the socialism things from this economic system depends on which way
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the ball that should have some effects on our were twenty feet in the comic panel a fetus in the industry and peninsula. as you all. ah there was a postcard has been a close tie between china and north korea on time. and i would say that on the ball on the milan won the battle for these cold sky is the kind of id laws car in fifteen eighty two i've not spoken to them at abt two. so the more its finalization of putting up the side i'm not the things they would try for four days i'll post i did to the two countries. the more the aching in all these put one item of the things and then that the relationship between the two classes would be getting pissed on the distant its thinness with the more benefits for south korea. all fascinating insights inky so much professor for joining us deliver me think too much for your dns and another began. get the latest online
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from seoul. any expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint only caught with its local network and one on arrival that has seventeen always on standby south. the trigger on and world powers center on its disputed nuclear program have gotten into a good start in geneva but those signs expressing cautious optimism so could this possibly lead to a breakthrough deal. so the sun reports on the first tee of the geneva tops to six small highway is expected to reward of the rest but also for interim partial deal official from the flight from any un security council members the united states russia china britain and france plus germany. also known as p five plus one break in talks to discuss
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the transplants. you rank in jeopardy for mr abbott's of roxas said. although it was too early to say with certainty whether you'll be possible this week. he was optimistic about it. it was always respected him and he ran immediately stop developing nuclear programs in exchange for the limited lifting of sanctions. it was to court sanctioned architecture would remain. in exchange for concrete verifiable measures to address the p five plus once concerns during the first at the p five plus one would consider limited targeted and reversible relief that does not affect our core sanctions architecture. meanwhile israel as opposed to six d o c northeast oregon state line in grand pre teen appeal of the lease is making reluctance to scoot on. i can use. and taking that into pandora and two years after a tsunami and earthquake devastated the position of
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nineteen nuclear plant operators there will be given delicate and dangerous process of removing fuel rods from one of the reactor units connelly has more on the piano. a major clean up operation is set to start at the feet pushing the eighteen year career plan to japan as early as next week. the first of its kind since the march twenty eleven knots. the head of the plant anti around an announcement thursday that japanese engineers will see you begin extracting fuel rods from the plant's reactor number four. on the reactor numbers one and two the fourteen night meltdown and said that the most fuel assemblies. the operator attack code such as peta process is groundbreaking that require a certain delicacy. in effect purity of the facilities and other potential dangers during a tour inside with the press on thursday. actually no doubt meeting and insurance. we have remained spent fuel
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many times he said to me don't think we are planned to be doing anything that is the eerie dangerous. also announced plans to have all the stuart hwy in contaminated water plants and large teeth and his team seem that its execution system was to be able to bring that up to two thousand times each day. the cleanup operation at reactor number four is expected to take more than thirteen months and it is commissioning or dismantling of the entire plant is expected to take decades possibly thirty to forty years. the announcement of the cleanup operation comes amid growing concerns for his experts see that the fuel of removal process could be too risky. and then a massive earthquake center in me during the reaction. connery idea means i end this year's strongest storm hit the philippines on friday the impact of the island nation on the island nation was felt immediately as it
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took the lives and left a trail of destruction team in galle as pork. heidi and eight category five super typhoon slammed into the central philippines on friday with the wind gusts reaching up to two and two cents five kilometers per hour. that not only makes it the strongest storm of the year but perhaps the strongest storming the court in history powerlines and trees were downed and widespread flooding was reported to rob the central and eastern parts of the aisle in the shed both tories and the philippines say at least four people would know which had been killed. two were electrocuted by fall in coal mines won by a falling tree and another after being struck by lightning. several others have been injured while millions of people were forced to back to heat their homes before high and made landfall on authorities warned that more than twelve million people were at risk including residents of said though one of the nation's largest cities and areas
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still dealing with the after effects of a deadly storm in two thousand and eleven and a seven point one magnitude quake last month an average of twenty typhoon slammed into the philippines every year. typhoon high and is expected to move out to the south china sea on saturday morning. too young to be done needs. concerns have been growing about the health risks associated with the waves of dustin's mom blowing in from eastern china. all he reports on how all up for air quality has sparked a surge in sales of protective gear here in korea the sight of people tightly or wrapping a mask around their face has become ever more common in korea. as clouds of dust particles move eastward across asia. twenty eight and doesn't mind blowing from ten am like freaking cat week that's why i have to wear a mask
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the deer and hazy conditions have led to a dramatic increase in sales of special masks designed to filter out dust and other pollutants according to online retail energy market. the combined sales of these protective face mask drew more than six fold. during the last week of october on the air. sales have also increased for other products that to specialize soap and detergent. even washing away bacteria in heavy metals carried by the toxic dust dust proof windshield wipers had been seen higher sales. one air filters have been a huge hit with consumers as well. i worry alot about my children and possible respiratory problems we can't tell that's why i'm here to find your washer or purifier data provided by load a march show that sales of hand sanitizer is nearly double in late october on month followed by increasing demand for air purifier is carwash supplies and now watch. meanwhile investors have taken notice of this routine biomedical
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industry. shares of local korean help companies that is when it's in socorro made gains of four to eight percent at the beginning of this week's trading forecasts predict that the flow of fine dust particles from china will intensify as temperatures continue to draw likely getting another cruise in sales amid growing health concerns. all of the body onions. the esc champions league is about to wrap up and crowning new club team as the best means to an stephen j joins us to give us a preview of the match between fc seoul and bunko ever brand color. hey guys this season longhorn is about to reach its dramatic conclusion that the top asian teams going head on. on one side it's etsy store to buy striker day i'm looking to become
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the fifth came in to eight years to take on the champions league title on the other side the chinese super league players want to ever grant to become the first chinese club to win the trophy seems to be al may have seen it it's back in nineteen ninety. the first like to place in florida and ended in the team to draw in the final match will take place on saturdays in one show at eight pm local time no moving on to baseball kia tigers pitcher tins of maine and cincinnati reds outfielder trojans who are the top south korean free agent seeking new contracts in the mlb. according to reports the minnesota twins have joined the team still an interesting new the cbo ndp of two thousand and eleven meanwhile reds lead else mention since it has received a qualifying offer but is likely headed out of cincinnati wealthier teens want him along with seattle texas and others. meanwhile japanese baseball sorts of awful slugger you came home left the door open for an mlb
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bush but is yet to make a decision. now let's end off with friday stopped epl match up the mall this team is visiting the teal and elephants in and shot the us comes out that's out the gates but moments recovers but the hat. it's thirty four thirty two small bits of their court system oldest has an on going going and rod benson take up the slack. young scored sixteen points then sin and seventeen and nineteen boards and the mullahs takes to send one to cry. meanwhile casey comes back to beat the acc at home seventy seven to seventy two. now that does for me here the sportscenter this has been stated to check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. do
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already being compared to hurricane katrina that devastated parts of the southern us in two thousand by the super typhoon heidi and has created havoc over in the philippines so will leave the effect of here at the finance offered its alfresco are tracking them down and the weather center but don't really have to brace ourselves this weekend now i see head high and is expected to head towards waters south of china tomorrow morning messing us
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here on the peninsula but it looks like we're going to see some rain tomorrow. anyway at the end of a high pressure system from the east sea which is why over and see how nice guy across the map. now if we get is stepping up to the cloudy and rainy windy the precipitation of about ten to forty millimeters at four ten starting tomorrow late at night and sunday morning shelby said to have an umbrella with you. after that a morning low of twelve set to zero degrees starting next monday sell able to get the idea to take that your winter clothes. looking ahead at tomorrow's temperatures politics is fifteen degrees the mud cake with friends you make it to ninety. a key ally at other meetings at the temple to see if it's seventeen degrees while market that tops out at second. well that's all i have previous evening and on the back of my updates after midnight. broadcasts on this friday nights and you see him so strong when things were
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watching a great weekend will see you soon. he is. there is only a very new. last time isn't this a very open space the chinese. system reviews and acupuncture points to the bell so that she always goes back to. thousands of
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years. it is. the chinese. to be very useful and children there are a little broader there are chinese medicine over to japan in an office essentially the japanese them destitute. it's their own arms. feeling so then. it also has a maximum two hundred years this century and on. the gentleman who made it. resuming on was named an encore she would be futile. as for the first time the disco christian school in nineteen twenty five. aah his system when what he calls got two was based on that impressed. what is one of his students must not
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call centers yes two which includes more striking than it is more than just the pressure comes with just twenty four. the haunted house. the united states and europe with very popular and on. in america especially of east and west calls. just two years on. ever changing and it's also based on the same same principles of chinese medicine but it's a very. we can always feel it know it's it's just you know this many styles. what i do is call there's a chance to us yes which is more emphasis on using your feet. on the exams yet to. yes humans. different shots. basically based on
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the senate yet. but last night and thus far but now coaching. the sells. steve
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you knew long ruling will i was. pa's. the store and finally breaks new tragic records are two documents the surgeon civilian casualties was any doubt database on the growing terror. it has been you know britain's fine team skinned and whistle blowing at a parliamentary committee hearing on mass surveillance dry goods and what all the tough questions britain is a clear g


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