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tv   Arirang News  PBS  November 19, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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after it in front. the eye thep session. walked out of the national assembly. place the second demanding more concessions to the party after it accepted or not this request to discuss reforming the nation's intelligence agency in front. i have an appetite for electricity prices as of the race and use the power to overhaul the nation's inefficient energy industry cover and
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cook and operators that is not crippled. when you are planting into the steel rods to stabilize the site. expert it tells us what's at stake the stores and more. my friend. i'm ten years at least eight nov nineteen here in korea won from solange from wednesday so much for joining us. we began at the national assembly where tensions between the rival parties remain high as that for the first day of applying a problem and requesting session was interrupted by a walkout by opposition party lawmaker its business person but that day and that with little progress. richmond hill reports on the ongoing political impacts the rulings handed authority on the main opposition
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democratic party continued to bicker over the team he's too bad for a special probe into allegations that state institutions medals in last year's presidential elections tuesday's into police in section at the national assembly was shrouded in confrontation with the tp reiterated its call for a special also broke into the election scandal. on monday the second of the party rejected the proposal instead accepting a circle one that a special parliamentary committee to undertake the task of reforming the nation's intelligence agency to go without much progress to speak up on tuesday they took a late session broke down to key lawmakers want to now. they did so in protest after spending a party lawmaker you chris i stuck the key lawmaker and atone for its minor scuffle with presidential security agents outside the national assembly building on monday the opposition party called for an official apology from
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the ruling party and representative the fifteen key lawmakers also filed a motion tuesday called for the dismissal of two ministers from the justice ministry and the minister of the trucks on veterans' affairs at the head of the national intelligence service for their alleged attempts to cover up allegations of state interference in last year's presidential campaign the interpol agent session is scheduled to resume on wednesday with a focus on national security and the occasion. however with the two main political parties are allies open matters of contention there's doubt that he'll be able to set aside their differences and made a new complex. i did onions the south korean government unveiled a new stack of decades old documents containing new discoveries in japan's past wartime atrocities. they include information on hundreds of screens that fell victim to massacre were subjugation by colonial to an itn news is
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for spares course fine on sunday as details on how the news comes as more steps forward to seek compensation the sixty seven volumes of documents i failed by the national archives of me on tuesday with more than two hundred thousand victims of japan's colonial rule of kirby yet in the early nineteen hundreds. a split those killed during the march first independence movement and the catch the massacre as well as those for instinctively verified japan's colonial authority the documents contain the health information that i've not previously disclosed it is expected to be useful in determining the kind that is illegible for compensation as it provides information like their date of birth and address its recon available in previous documents. at the south korean embassy in tokyo in june and their belief to be prepared in the nineteen fifties could be used in negotiations between
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south korea and japan the findings have that south korean victims of forced labor are seeking compensation from japanese company. and they're expected to serve as cool as it sits sixty five at the sixty seven documents contained information on forest workers locked up and claims that the issue of compensation for forced labor was settled under a bilateral agreement in nineteen sixty five south korean court several that the individual rights of south koreans to seek compensation remains intact seoul's foreign ministry said that new documents once again highlight the wartime crimes committed by japan you will. which shows once again how much drawn to and injuring its colonial rule korea japan must acknowledge this fact. the guy that it is currently conducting a review of the documents and their baby has identified more than a thousand victims were previously acknowledged and expects to confirm our victims of japan's colonial
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era. once it goes through all the documents. she eats. if you currently live in korea or you may notice a difference in your electricity bill starting this month the government is raising their rates by an average of five point four percent starting this thursday to read in consumption reduced to rest in part for defense and enhance the teacups korea has reduced electricity rates for the first time in ten months but the biggest margin in three years in an attempt to reduce the nation's ever rising energy consumption the ministry of trade industry and energy announced on tuesday that it'll raise electricity rates by an average of five point four percent. starting this thursday. rates for the industrial sector will see the biggest jump by six point four percent. like this to retreat generally used mainly for large office and department store buildings will rise five point eight percent and those for
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households will increase by two point seven percent. it's the nation's first step in trying to streamline the current energy every system which has long been criticized for being inefficient the aim of the energy rate system reform is to fundamentally sultan problems stemming from the nation's excessive energy consumption by rationalizing the pricing system between electricity and other forms of energy the line. officials added that the relative index and fitness. electricity prices in korea has led to an abnormal increase in energy consumption which could eventually result in power shortages and taking into account criticism that electricity rates for in past years have been sick and ethically do well worded and those for households officials said they adjusted the rates for private consumption by the lowest level possible. from next year the government also plans to impose an individual
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consumption tax on electricity get everything clean coal. while reducing taxes on elegy and kerosene oil which can be used as alternatives to electricity and then. i didn't need us the kerry everett has finalized its basic pension bill which outlines the mayor and maximum payouts for senior citizens a sixty fine and about the legislation which sparked controversy when it was unveiled in september a week's approval by the president this week before it is sent to parliament for final pass our attention. the cabinet on tuesday confirmed the man giving adam x men one aged ninety dollars in its basic package in the alps to the lower seven percent a contract head of senior citizens aged sixty five and about. the final us bill specifies a bad thing given that ninety five dollars and that's made of one or two to ninety dollars but this
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criticism is that an earlier proposal allowed to care for the deposits reached a speed that schemes of the future after it was scaled back from this impact it has election campaign much. on saturday to repeal of the apl every five years a stop at a level of average senior citizens the current inflation rate to rise to a level of destroying a separate national patient at grant the brick its impact as the main point of contention by making delaying the senior citizen subscription to the after picture pratt ran the bases for lori. he makes the basic picture program that boss which led to the presentation of the former health minister craig its strong backlash from opposition parties hansen said the prius the idf penalizing subscribers to be at their pension scheme. now that the bill be passed on to the assembly attention is being drawn as to whether the opposition party will improve the skill that
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version of press packs of ritual camp he latched onto shoe. i can use. the oecd has released its latest economic forecasts for korea reflecting lower expectations for the country's growth rate in two thousand fourteen new report however expressed confidence that the country would still be able to break out of this economic slump and the coming years. a poly gives us more details the organization for economic cooperation and development says a breeze but connie will be caught in two thousand fourteen. as it continues to recover from a prolonged economic slowdown. according to the oecd economic forecasts released tuesday the local economy will find its greatest gains from a rebound in global exports and business investment over the next two years. i will report that assesses economic trends show that korea's gross domestic product is expected to pose a two point seven percent growth rate on here for two thousand thirty
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one ten per cent from its estimate back in may. as for its two thousand fourteen economic forecasts. the oecd said korea's gdp would jump three point eight percent in two thousand fourteen on year that's slightly lower from earlier this year due in part to concerns over the nation's highest level of household debt. the paris peace organization said the mounting household debt problem is likely to hamper private consumption growth through two thousand fifty other concerns include the koreas declining working age population and falling prices in the housing market the report did acknowledge that the korean government is addressing these issues head on with stimulus packages that include tax relief measures and restructuring proposal that. in comparison to other major economies the oecd race korea's future economic growth rate near the top of the list. output growth is projected to stay within the four percent range
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in two thousand fourteen and two thousand fifteen days to a moderate increase in world trade bill korea remain sensitive to global economic conditions due to its reliance on exports. the oecd says the country's budget surplus and low debt will lay the foundation for faster growth and help it weather market uncertainties in the near future. ball g iv on . however in japan. operators at the crippled with a minute apart plants started that the commissioning of the reactor site. officials began removing fuel rods from one of the reactors in the first step of the decades long project for tg on walks as through the intricate process. japan started removing fuel rods from nuclear reactor number four at the pizza menu but man on monday officials say the process is an important first step in the finance long term conditions
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the operator to pose as it is removing the dross from a storage time using robots and trains. the cranes are used to pull the fuel rods out of the rack and put them in tact past which can carry up to twenty two assemblies for transport. they will then be taken to a nearby pool above ground which is considered a much safer storage plate. it goes as smoothly all the fuel out of the actor for a well taken care of the end of twenty fourteen operation to remove the peels from the actor's wife and two and three is expected to take about thirty to forty years experts warn that if the rock creek or oing the rems i'd be radioactive gases can be released into the atmosphere. the actor's five and six litre off line at the time of the tsunami in euclid disaster in twenty eleven are considered to be in a more stable state than the other four but will most likely be the commission as well. and yes i mean. and foreign experts take on
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what's at stake here and a possible implication into a neighboring countries including korea which point my doctor spoke to me a professor of nuclear engineering at seoul national university is to give thanks for joining us is footing the night lights has been seen from his packet to look like an intricate process fraught with uncertainty and balances to make jewelry there's good reason to be actually you know they're talking about removing these fuel bundles in a time of two beefy two hundred and eighty p there's going to any one nice thing then it's going to be a disaster because the source itself is like a thousand nuclear bombs. i can think of both the hiroshima it opened above ten thousand times more break and the chills this the hottest spot on the potty. so i can see how they may have had to leave to the clean up until they got everything in order
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but why did it take over two years to get this point to some it's not actually long enough in fact you could take a look back at the nineteen eighteen the united states the baby five years. just one reactor only partially molten in this case the coconut creek school the more convicted spies before it reaches fifteen hundred field on those high up in the ear. so if you think about it then they should avoid the extra really long way to the topic the right time but it looks like they're just moving forward. paul quickly read the non technical. mm think i think about all my mother's safety eat fish right now but if it takes thirty years to be commissioned the plants which take effect after more than thirty years the alley he actually picking up. to be eating them. even today
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but the nice if it comes to me addicted matures of fish the matter back rolls a matter of minutes he was just a matter of trust. and both the japanese and korean cup must have dropped the ball and that is close to trust some only what the state but at least i'm not listening to them either. so it has to be done in a creamy white. maybe banning all imports from japan least one only around the property there have been growing calls from the international community to reduce reliance on nuclear energy. the korean government last month announced that it will also set a target to reduce its reliance on nuclear energy but are there the next generation nuclear technologies on the horizon that would make it safer. if it comes to seeking nobody can make sure because so far the cps been a week ththe reactors themselves but in the future of chile in the foreseeable future at the cp has to be going with the. ok so different story
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it's not technically that makes my pcp now but. social scientifically they're not quite see because the. dose not have but trust in this space just a matter of making this trust. very weak and what they can go at this new clip but until then nobody can make sure that there's any hope in the foreseeable future is first nucleus concert. but to pass the perfect one country that gives your skin the eighth of an earthquake or tsunami out what will be the consequence of mine. in the republic we must wear and to pay in japan what others think. the bill be the real disaster became ill probably final blow because one more earthquake or a place in the needs and they can lead the rest of the plant's cooling on the thai each one. actually unique one. three for eight to shut down but what more could be really ruining
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the other will remain the key which plant used to it there's six more fun. so this going to be a real disaster which he became highly in action. so we can only hope there's nothing that we can physically do to reduce the risk i don't think so because the shutdown of a better job in terms of sonny bill's place but the sort of didn't pay too much attention to this site so all those plans are on the wrong side so what can be cool but it just keep their fingers crossed. i suspect this i think it very much for joining us this evening the things you planned the world. the explosions near the iranian embassy in beirut let it not have killed at least twenty three injured more than one hundred fifty others. local sources say the iranian bastards eleven on a safe but the all pro
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active day at the embassy avram and sorry has been confirmed dead on the exact cause of the class is currently unclear. local authorities believe the first explosion came as a result of two rockets being fired in the area. the second by a car bomb explosions were powerful enough to dennis at least five buildings in the area and no one has claimed responsibility but some are speculating that the prom is mainly due to the ongoing conflict in neighboring syria as world powers gear up for another round of talks with iran about its nuclear ambitions united states is calling on the rogue state to prove that its nuclear program is solely for peaceful purposes. in response to iran warns that unjustified demands could obstruct the path to a win win agreement. and then reports on the ongoing nuclear standoff. u s air carriers they don't carry on monday urged iran to finalize an agreement to prove its
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nuclear power is solely used for peaceful purposes. i have no specific expectations with respect to the negotiation and gave accept that we will negotiate in good faith and we will try to get. a first effort for him in and hope that the round will understand the importance of of coming they're prepared to love create a document that can prove to the world that this is a peaceful program last week a senior us official said iran in the six major parts of the geneva talks were edging closer to an initial agreement officials from iran and so called p five plus one the us russia china france britain and germany will resume talks on wednesday radiant presence of some raunchy on monday warned against excessive demands. as this may complicate the process towards a win win agreement iran insists its nuclear program for peaceful
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purposes. the most of the international community believes tehran is using its nuclear program to develop atomic weapons. washington's push for an agreement has sparked tensions with israel which was tougher sanctions on tehran to force it to completely dismantle its nuclear capabilities. a proper agreement to prevent iran from producing that area is used for nuclear weapons the six world powers and negotiate a proposal to ease sanctions on iraq. tehran suspends parts of this program but many in the west the year is aimed at developing nuclear weapons capability. have been added and eight. the one the korean brand create havoc at the bakery and racing in an assist for the last spring but it looks like that's all about to come to an end
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stephen took jade joins us now to tell us more about it stated. hey guys the korean ground for it is included in the once provisional calendar for two thousand and fourteen the race will likely get the axe in the final cut leading german car magazine auto motor enforcement bill that formula one management exclusively until they threw five calendar for next year at the u s ground freed last week and then to be excluded races in korea mexico and the u s state of new jersey the three circuits were included in the parliamentary f one schedule but it seems that the recent big quakes change their minds the formula one will make its final decision on its schedule early next month now moving onto the pitch south korea and russia are gearing up for their friendly match set to cost in dubai in about half an hour. south korean squad is coming off an uplifting to one win over switzerland last friday and is looking for its third win in a row that is the hometown boys once again banking on towering striker to say no to
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stop taxes on the offsets meanwhile the russian side led by fabio capello will fight an uphill battle with striker andre our shopping sitting of the match. finally let's talk about tuesday struck a deal next up the eq and health and stickles road trip to want to take on people who probably action starts off hot as in the land has been able to stop the onslaught in the painted wall phone bill has no answer for ricardo powell he puts in a few before the halftime buzzer goes and it's time for one forty one at the half double from these cute little niece was eating the dirt. he finishes the sixteenth but it's the elephants with an edge going into the final period. they're the right to and pull ahead. powell ends the twenty seven points seven boards and four assists. some young son puts in fifteen and you feel and it's one book eighty four to seventy one that does it for me here to sportscenter this has been stephen checked a bag at
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midnight to the latest in the local sports. before your dna. and another began. get the latest line soul expert analysis from h's heartbeat with the viewpoint of the covert its local network and why. for the odd rifle that has seventeen always on standby. south. weather here in the country has taken a definite turn for when her with the help of covert strike him down at the weather center of town macedon and ck if the court wasn't enough to convince you that winter was here nearly two meters of heavy snow piled up on my tv overnight and that is rarely seen and
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november. it's a color that the current conditions across the nation. at the end of the high pressure system which is why where it seemed like clouds across the nation today felt about three to four degrees colder than actual temperature due to the strong cold winds tomorrow morning will be the oldest out this season so far i've lost package deal more about starting friday acting and just in time for the weekend. have you in the east coast regions in the spirit to keep yourself hydrated because it's dry weather warning is felted bags. will they not see it enlarged ratings challenged the top the day at my desk three degrees with a high stud and the law pay went with some kids ten and eleven degrees respectively. tell us that not every day and said this morning love rate is eight degrees before heading off in the afternoon. he loves has been told to go eat and eat a lot tougher now and i'll be back to what they did a bang. after broadcast on this tuesday nights and ease the pain sell some and thanks
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for watching will see it the news and i do. i am. i am in june. i mean. the drum programming work locally mined the sponsors and underwriters local contact us at sponsors to any team that works out or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. from the beginning i think and i embrace them dressed up in the kind of acting family your mind my
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brother's new system musician my sister's neck is my mother's an actress director and my uncle's an actor. and i was so years old and then my mother saw an ad in the news paper about doing some ancic and spoken at the royal dramatic theater in stockholm and she said you wanted to address that yet why not. am. but sita for me and said well you do get some couple hundred coolness in him. for every show. i was just thinking about that i have remote control car deck and by the said yes let's do it. i mean. and then it just rolled on from there the answer for users from tv or radio came to the theater and i started doing some as a kid the lead up working in the city theater. up until i was twenty one i think in the mind to stop because that was a moment where i thought that um. i was beginning to think that this is my choice or o or so stop doing theater that i did some film
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speaking i still enjoyed it but. i stopped yelling engaging and i'm really trying to get to. to be interested in more jobs. i started doing music instead of eating them. i was in court with a band. and two thousand and five. we had just released. our first single and we were doing some some promotional exam in some parts in this and some are bad news and i when i'm onto the stage firsts. after they introduced the band and there was about thirty thousand people in the audience going i felt like a rockstar and i was. those are really cool moment because i thought this is really really cool. but still i was a dj in the back row and the other two guys rapping and singing came on and i was looking at them scratching and i was thinking that. they are exactly where they want to be right now and i was out it was more like a hobby to me and him. and then
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so that's that was what i expected to step back in the night till the guys couple weeks later that i wanna apply to the to the theater academy and the night i was accepted so i let stuff go. there are four different feeder schools in sweden. the is one is unstoppable. but i know like i couldn't be here because i had so many calls like paco de da de da tonight or tomorrow night then. and i love it so stupid i still want to say no but i need to leave everything and then moved to mumbai where unknown nobody in it so hopefully difference. seal of the city and and. so i started in this in this class of people cool and knew nothing else but theater which was very odd to me because because i had all the life of other than the mei tai and the music. i guess i attended my way. the school as well
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you knew evening woohoo. i live. double bull ring to it the korean embassy bay recently leaving dozens dead and scores injured on the number of victims is expected to arrive. i ask obama to bring might add that to life. the us towards her is missing it's not with human rights creature posting announcements of it and that's all the troubles


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