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tv   Arirang News  PBS  November 22, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the evening. yours. the is the national broadcaster for tomorrow's third anniversary of north korea's attack dog and the elite military forces for joint exercises. in twenty eighteen to his new fighter jets will start rolling it back to the government today confirmed the border from lockheed martin's f thirty five a series. then trying to wrap up their eighth round of retreat on sweater progress was made on exchanging a list of don'ts that its export items on sundays to get them
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primetime years it's friday november twenty second curing realized from small time went into filling in for you she had from when they do so much for joining us. after a long series of starts and stops the south korean government has made its decision on the country's next generation of fighter jets which come with the advanced stealth technology. according to authorities in new aircraft will be pivotal in the defense system against north korea's growing nuclear threat. kinsey and starts to stop. korea's joint chiefs of staff said friday it will be purchased on e marked at thirty by a stealth fighters as part of the program to replace the air force's aging fleet of fighter jets. that
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study by the savvy and felt capability when mentioned acts in the major reason for its selection of the threat of north korea in mind he noted too thick to be prepared for possible nuclear and missile threats from north korea if i did get most of the fittest need to carry out the kill chain or a preemptive attack to neutralize any nuclear weapons ole miss aisles when they use these detectives that royalties will be buying forty x sixty. initially proposed to fit within the fighter proposed budget of seven point two billion scholars. the remaining twenty jets which may not necessarily etf that by the model a special for her of the year twenty twenty four. the decision to select the f thirty five. several months after seoul rejected the purchase of the eighty s is killed by a typhoon and police at the same people because both models had relatively weak self features compared to the acetate and
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eight. korea's defence ministry is expected to sign a contract to purchase the thirty five subjects next year by the jets' starting point. and to be vengeance. u s special representative for north korea policy glyn davies held talks with the south korean counterpart retail and small on this friday after over two hours of consultations that she reaffirmed that the single most important condition for returning to the new playstation talks is north korea's sincerity. on sunday has more meeting for the second time this month south korea. she knew the non bleach with neil and his us counterpart the eighties yes i am that befell the most important condition for returning the six party talks and north korea gets its duty to the new contract. we have no interest in going back to six party talks absent are
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concrete indications that north korea. it is ready to give up its nuclear weapons because that is the primary our focus off of the six party talks process. he and john did not shake and seventy eight for visiting the six party kenya citation talks involving the two kirby as the united states china japan and russia have bean stall since late two thousand and eight a defect that spill in washington that we are here to help out the door. so we're looking for signs were working for the signals were working for. strong indications that north korea is ready to move forward and take the steps. and so far they are absent. a us official who is currently at not getting a good agent or are i can fall from eighty eight after meeting with chinese counterpart miguel a tight the chair of the six party talks and north korea
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close us ally is actively seeking an early resumption of the multilateral dialogue at the officials said they didn't need an environment for a successful meeting must be created in order for talks to resume. domenici said that the two sides will continue to hold consultations about a possible resumption of dialogue the decline to comment on specific time frame is telling folks to see the six parties return to the negotiating table before the end of this year. many antiques. three years ago north korea launched an attack on south korea's jumped on the island killing two civilians and two drinks and today on the eve of the third anniversary the south korean not restate the joint not treat training exercise to demonstrate its readiness against any north korean provocations in and then reports from the sky tensions were high on the korean peninsula in november twenty third twenty
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ten with some produce and artillery rounds were fired all unexpectedly from them or putting south korea's court was not and don't tell killing two civilians and two marines. what the third anniversary o the don't come up that falling on saturday no tears doesn't work on friday along the border to better prepare for future attacks. will members of the army navy air force and marines taking part. underarm ordering from the province would milk the exercises are being held along the border officials after years on the capabilities and readiness to deal with any type of threats from the north. after that point in the fact that we establish a new command post in charge of the northwestern of us would probably respond the frothy stuff the defense minister also dispatch additional often to read along with baby milk a weapon. with enhanced wrecking people built in and around the islands. the bin i didn't use them. to tell us more about how south korea
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is boosting its military readiness against any future prosecutions by the north we're now joined by part time one senior research fellow at the korea institute for defense analysis. welcome to the program. well dr park at leicester with this question what improvements euro changes have we seen in the two koreas meet military capabilities since november two thousand. according to the current youth who sent this made the cake over t seem to know. but though most people to obtain job over to me that most of the payments nice and peaceful. global spending on you don't want to bid of one of the scope of the characters on the pull quote don't focus on the reason it up on past and gone too soon. going into the castle factory chance to pour the cake education commissioner. well it's not about that specific area in your gonna come i linked as the north has increased its
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military capabilities are yes i sing i think so goebbels korea actually the praline to oman and it inconvenient to and flow to fund a freebie to me what to put the candle and toes and the low will call it it grew into fourths. the cucumbers or so the person on this is the truth. so many cruelty to go all the subs can organize an attorney can provide some kind of petunias. when asked we are to undertake the surprise of tech digital candlestick and her staff prepare for men today successfully lines that strike me as a spike basilica and the lessee for the first time which it can't hurt north korean artillery the event that the provocation. but that in mind is pure and possibilities that can be and will carry out another provocation in the future and if so what type of prosecution might be. then we recall that the excuse of
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both the provocation. i think the bulls quick and easy to take one piece and went to school. and kinda bottles to face some difficulties in cologne in quite some time no screw you to meet critical book and some for his cake and the kind of move on to the mosque while the cooking up a double screen and the polka had to do changes of all the receivers. don't go. of course you don't know when you retire. death of tech to boil down to business tick off to clean up command and oakley can sink a little stunned and asked the ticket portions of up to boston which is all packed and who i didn't. oh korea and the united states back in march agreed to respond with combined forces to any future provocations by north korea has this been an effective deterrent sentence of going to go to the scene twenty oh five open a door odious
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bitten by the ghost of school the bt the it forces us to push and see how it can to keep the pests will sew up the spill was the head of eco he can escape a big piece of felt and eat and a supple on meet the intent of other kinds of an escape route east well was still below one inconsolable to commit to paper beat the sox could and i asked if she could tear it to go. yes extended extended because toy sure to offend all squeal of a commute of april location now is a huge meat you could take a step stool that were combined into a corset combined to study the context of the sony open the archetypal he couldn't north korean actions have no control over pollution chc!vez and sixty years have passed since the korean war armistice but the north has declared in nineteen fifty three armistice agreement in ballet and asking in naturally with tron from a
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non aggression pact with the south. and what can and should be done to bring about true peace on the korean peninsula is that the patient's south korea and euphemisms for the sofa had what can keep up with that kind of effort to forestall rodeos but has enough depth and repentance but she was that kind of wool socks and saw her head that came to the rules that the media. but we have to continue to idaho apples fall. oh i don't know what content like exchange north boone also provide an incentive to north korea the carport for the good wishes from people. it can be done by an out of my twenty some squid efforts but we have to take combined opposed to the theme tune essential so that the concluding stages but dr pocket on one thing so much for joining us tonight and sharing your insights. think of it the real world. and in
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the wake of the purity anniversary of the un compiling shelling north korea are yet again reviewed its threats against us now it even included remarks that it would turn the presidential office of town monday into a sea of fire to this old unification ministry spokesperson quito said in a statement released on friday that the ministry regrets the north's continuous attempts to instigate a rebellion despite previous warnings from the south. the ministry also urged the north to provide information on a south korean national was been arrested across the border on allegations that he is a spy. pres and bought today held a summit talks with visiting allow a president that some of the science on at the presidential office that only day where economic cooperation top the agenda the two leaders agreed to develop blouses abundant natural resources using cutting edge technologies from cumbria and signed an mou to join forces with or
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interference and the true cost of coal coal and scrape the second part of the country. billy is the president also agreed to allow three companies participate in the area's infrastructure projects. this entry. in addition korea tentatively agreed to provide lala split forty million us dollars in development aid for the next four years. on many political front end of the mommy kerr and tristan has canceled a press conference for next thursday and is expected by lee to announce the launch of his own political party with the purpose of fielding candidates for next year's local elections political watchers say on party would change the political landscape of korea which is currently dominated by the ruling saturday party and the main opposition democratic party suffered a series of election losses over the past year and a half on a former presidential candidate was elected to the national assembly in a byelection in april and has been popular among younger
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and more liberal voters the eighth round of free trade negotiations between south korea and china trade to close this friday but the concerns among the farming community here in korea are just beginning you're worried about losing ground to cheaper chinese agriculture pa that expected soon went into the korean market for speeches and cassidy tales. saul's train ministry announced friday that reading chinese officials have wrapped up their eighth round of stops for a bilateral free trade agreement. during a five days of negotiations and a stronger international business district in time the two sides of discussions on the rough draft of the trade pact. and on the level of mobilization for products. restrain ministry said the exchange is on the level liberalization were off to a good start. both sites amended list of products to be liberalized they were not in the sense in
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nature and salt off the list included steel. mechanical and machinery products. watch what is the list included some farm products. that is the issue korean farmers are keeping close watch it as they feared their possibly lose their competitive edge against the most expensive times our products entering the market. this week's talks represented the first not up to second stage negotiations the two countries agreed on the basic timeline for the bilateral fta in first east negotiations in september. the two sides are expected to exchange a respected list of sensitive items during a nine run in negotiations inch high nine in january. finance greece is to bring a partner with salt exports to the jena time for a part of that total last year. scrooge is on identities. it's been more than ten years since candy murder and for the chinese market besting rapid growth in sales a year or after year
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decade later isn't stopping there. the company is pushing for an even bigger pieces of pie in china with exclusive models and revamped production audi as well. a motorist on its heels in china reached over seven hundred sixty thousand units in the first nine months of this year representing a twenty per cent jump on year here in beijing. the korean automakers most popular model is the latest country to launch her up. and according to the two thousand thirteen china automobile customer satisfaction index to the sunday vehicles including its cents a day as to be won top awards for customer satisfaction. they can send and three the fruit of the motor is localized in its products and services for the chinese market with prices are reasonable and designs are keen to help with local customers buy it. it was the scene. beijing hyundai in order first launch production in two thousand and three. with annual sales
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starting in about fifteen thousand units. that figure has now increased twenty fold over the last ten years with the league expected to easily surpassed one million cars by the end of the year. what are the reasons for one basic sense is once the exclusive local ice models for the chinese market. you want we are producing core models that customers are demanding significantly increased the efficiency of assembling a video production class hyundai motor plans to complete the expansion of its third manufacturing plant in beijing by next year. and further streamline production to build vehicles in a faster rate to meet growing demand all of the body onions turning out the latest perfect and the unremitting pattern war between stunts on an apple tree is fertile have to dig into its deep pockets as the us jury has ordered
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from some to pay apple two hundred and ninety million us dollars per copy i found in high tech features in its devices for two men killed reports. it's the latest verdict in the pound war between two of the wolves biggest tech firms thus be making more than two years in the latest judgment thirsty and california's sure you order it comes to pay apple to nineteen ninety million dollars for coffee i phone and i have features like using fingers to pinch and zoom on the screen the amal fall short of the nearly three hundred and eighty million dollars apple had requested but is much higher than fifty two million dollars from some city should pay. apple said he was grateful to the jury for imposing costs on scones some said he was disappointed by the decision which it says is based in large part and added that the u s patent and trademark office recently deemed invalid. the korean firm says
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it plans to appeal in august last year and jury awarded apple more than one billion dollars in damages but that was later tossed out by touched to see co its dutch co accept the new perfect comes the local apple a total of nine and thirty million dollars in damages. another trial to find out whether or not. kearns comes on devices via lead apple patents is scheduled for march two thousand and fourteen. so don't get added onions korean films are gaining traction at box offices around the world and hollywood filmmakers have responded by turning korean hits into their own creations watching one tells us more about the screen film remakes old boy he's korean film director a ton of representatives down in london brent prices at the com film festival in two thousand and four and now
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the ukraine with dance drill there has to be made in hollywood. prominent american defectors by the end will be with the east end of the month and the us the president of international for the film's production company good to get theirs. daily tea and had this to say he about fell wasp bite me like the movie the region now is a very bold director. so we were looking for someone who could carry that provocative message of this murder mystery and it's a puzzle of what's happening in this town and we really felt that he was the right one he was familiar with the original movie. so we didn't have to tell him so much about. are you interested we will truly is just one of many korean films that have in the media that lead. this here another three and will their new role. it was also installed the week he chairs. mimi made in pink
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dress. a few dozen more romance a moment to grin and bear is oh so being the main us base here. korean filmmakers on have a very unique of may and straw mat storytelling on that the hollywood is constantly looking for. he now knew why he is an do and perspective on and pay the taxes stories that are are being told here she added that because korean klitschko is becoming more accessible to the rest of the role and not just dumped them stars. oh silly tv drama and heat up the party would teach a new one is realli nice to be calm and covering your tummy. a lot to me. the baseball
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organization held its winter draft on friday the second of the year and stephen j joins us with the highlights below hey guys the video held its second edition of its winter draft which is similar to the major leagues. rule five draft to move around stockpile palate. so in other words reserve players that they contribute more of the field than on the bench were picked up by teams that could use their services. and with the first take the expensive pt ways to ask a pitcher team to what the next three pics by hamas tia aunt and see where all pictures as well with seven pictures will be the first round. meanwhile in other baseball news comes on top that was a lot and japan's constant tigers agreed on a two year eight point nine billion dollars deal with the four hundred and ninety four thousand dollars transfer fee to its feet. and most of the korea football association the nation's football governing body laid out new masters and lofty goals and an eightieth anniversary celebration of
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its founding in stellar. they don't build plans for a different system as well as a unified officiating system and the twenty year plan. but the most ambitious goal he said was to have south korea ranked within the top ten in the world by two thousand and thirty three. it's a tall order considering their current world ranking of fifty six but it seems that the pool too. mel that sandwich friday struck a deal next up the eq and elephants posted the sk nights in its own the sk the knights armor of the bill if i'd like to help with cutting trying to go back to back military needs and design are holding a test case for no fault of their first half points but it's in the lands and sunday was the first half points to give his team to three point lead at the midway point celtic sea salt for a while but the nights when you think it's the fourth at staples on to win seventy two sixty. and yet the other match of the tt sonic boom hands people will
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probably their faults trade lost the final score of eighty five to seventy one for me and a sportscenter this has been speaking to a setback at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. and. the wind dust from china has started to new bin which could keep some of us from enjoying the warmer
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weather this weekend. thus now get the details for marking book down at the weather center pulled out at tgif guy that's fine as well be concentrated in the central regions over the weekend leading to levels that have popped winds as high as normal. taking a look at the current team is and as you can see we have fairly clear skies across the back seat to a high pressure system from the west to see what today is what i would say is one of the twenty fourth season on indicators to post to mark the first snow of the season but it looks like we'll be getting a break from older than average weather over the weekend with the average daytime highs reaching between eleven and fifteen and degrees. and that's ours are forecast on sunday night and wine festival this year but it's ours. moving on to tomorrow's another is called the topic they add to the crease but the high of thirteen team of headlands with the kids and teens. i got to either beat and sentimental over at
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fourteen degrees while mom and that tops out at three well hope you have a wonderful friday night and i'll be back with my kids active and nine. well that's your broadcasts on this friday night i much insurance home and fell and thanks for watching a great weekend will see santa. i did . i do. it is. i do them. we are. to do
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in womb. eu. the mm mm. i am
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we are. knitters. cz the he he. london rules it's ok to sell weapons james just lined up for human rights records as long as you train hard enough to sell the deals to the eye. also this hour as i expect they try to knit plus the food business. they'll wind up of positions on syria to take up most of


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