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tv   Arirang News  PBS  November 26, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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saltiness curry flavor. it was awful. please visit our website where you are into today's recipe the next to the broadcast korea's defense ministry said specter and airspace and coaches on two key are linked to the ongoing regional publications from overlapping territorial conflicts. baker start their review of the two thousand fourteen government budget but there are three months late and that has some concerns that the recent parliamentary victory is going to cost the nation to be eight next year when companies that have been hurting for tough sanctions on iraq are hopeful that derives receive nuclear deal will be to the resumption of
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this next time dun miss begins. hindsight is that it's eight november twenty six here in korea life are full and you see them come and thank you so much for joining us. we begin with the territorial controversy between korea china and japan which just got a bit more complicated korea's defense ministry on tuesday said that japan's air defence zone includes the korean island of monaco which is located near cheque island. ps it came to a head after time that expanded its own borders over the east china sea. this incident has her top story it turns out japan's air defense identification zone not only includes korea the little
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island but also encourages on the airspace over by until an island located southwest of atlanta. korean defence ministry spokesperson to me to explain this is because japan's every channel and defend john was t mart needed before the united nations convention on the law of the seat was adopted in nineteen eighty two. the un convention has expanded your brain to the country's territory from three not at home whilst each fault nautical miles from its sea bass line stretching japan's air defences down over both in europe the line model. but the spokesperson said. korea is not obligated to notify japan and pure be any aircraft entering this down meanwhile defence minister to nineteen during a national defence committee meeting tuesday said he will push to expand korea's current era defines talented that it includes e little. he pointed out that japan should have no obligations to the move as a submerged by the eyelets are already controlled by korea the arizona controversy was
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scared of that speech by now announced saturday that it had established a new and defines down over the east by nancy at all for lap two koreas air defense down and includes the little island china said on tuesday that it wants to talk to korea on friendly terms about the change. seems i mean. i mean. no response at north korea get about the state at a south korean citizen who has been held captive in the coming state since the beginning of this month the south korean government says it may seek the help of third parties to secure the release of the detainee id nine muses unification ministry correspondent on sunday has more. the yes minister yet if the case and said tuesday that was during that half the night repeated calls for details about the south korean eat a need for it two straight days the official request but said the nt enter korean pop by tumbling down. the claims
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of november seven that it had rested at south korean spy working for the national intelligence service as its partner and her cat nap. no information about the dt he has eaten at least such as his name or whether he is and crying. idf intelligence agency denies that the man is one of its agents while some christian groups that becky is the missionary base in china. the government set up a taskforce last week to handle the issue. an official at the deputation ministry said that if the north continues to reject souls that passed the maintenance and through a third party such as an international organization. meanwhile the ministry said that the north has accepted a proposal to hold working level talks friday. i'm listing regulations for the past it's putting the patient then passed and at the cannes some industrial complex. then he had the team held for more than she did not fabricate the last but not all the fight in north at the last minute. the two
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koreas have held a number of working level meetings to improve the management at the till in fact rebuilt after it be opened in september following five months of closure. if friday's discussions go well they could lead to the introduction haven't tried since then he is the passage of south korean workers to defend his time as well as the usage of mobile phones and the internet by the end of the sea air however many say that such agreements will depend entirely on how enthusiastic the north it's about the issue. on sunday evenings after months of bipartisan wrangling the national assembly has finally begun working on next year's budget bill that did this huge delay its unclear whether the spending proposal will be passed before the end of the year. and then explains how this be impacted nation's economy. lawmakers are off to a late start and getting to tnty fourteen but did for
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the national assembly but took a step forward but the passage of the government's settlement bell on tuesday. the late start comes in the midst of a prolonged parliamentary stalemate at the budget bill every month behind schedule the settlement bill will be cut out for a vote on thursday. but there's still another hurdle. if the budget proposal does not pass before the new fiscal year begins at least forty percent the next years budget will not be available until the bill is passed. that means the majority of the fund set aside to speed up the nation's sluggish economic recovery will be suspended. recent concerns that the long delay in bringing them back up for consideration. i heard that domestic economy. officials at the ministry of strategy and finance say if lawmakers fail to pass the bill before the end of the year more than one hundred thirty two billion dollars that next years budget of roughly three hundred thirty six billion dollars will be suspended when a new budget bill is not passed within the fixed legal period. government
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spending will be limited to items specified as essential by the constitution. and those items will be based on the budget for the previous fiscal year. the one hundred thirty two billion dollars that could be suspended includes subsidies for some six hundred fifty thousand jobs about one hundred eighty eight million dollars for social overhead capital and roughly one hundred sixty million dollars for research and development discretionary spending in the welfare budget and the amount of ninety nine million dollars would also be suspended. moreover until a new budget is passed the government will be able to borrow money for purposes not specified by the constitution. analysts have urged lawmakers to pass the budget proposal quickly as the tightening of its passage is critical to the nation's economy. and then as a means. a recent study estimates that the signs of the economy under radar of the governments and its tax collectors totals nearly three hundred billion us
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dollars to one reports on the extent of the shadow economy and how accepting the nation of much needed rest according to a beast study by lg condemning the sixties that huge korea's underground economy last year was estimated at two hundred and ninety six billion us dollars. this account when you're the one forty three is not in the gdp last year steely dan around one point two trillion us dollars the estimated share of underground economy in two thousand ten with almost the same as last year. when compared to the elite even and twenty with the entry with about eighteen percent in two thousand and two is proportionate and a quarter is considered high. country a tricky greens which it got worse to be a financial crisis in recent years have larger shadow economy and
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korea. well i can taste the us and switzerland shadow economy every piece and let stand ten per cent of their annual and nominal gdp sides. due to the fact that korea's underground economy the study says the given incorrect. i spent half of its potential maximum tax revenue last year. advanced countries on every skirt that about seventy percent of the potential next non tax revenue. the paper actually gets to read it's better to leave the art underground economy to the nation's total number of hiking and self employed business days which tend to not trip with their actual income to the national tax service. to reduce the scope of the shadow economy. the lg economic research institute suggests that together and then come out with policies that provide incentives for the self employed to report all their business transactions to the national tax service. do i i mean. i
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could taste to seek its right to collective self defense closing a tricky question to regional powers especially neighboring countries such as korea and china but it took us flexing its military muscles to threaten peace for trying to play a role that would promote regional and global stability. for more on the current geopolitical situation involving major players of northeast asia where joined by dr came to an old professor at the korean national diplomatic academy think so much for joining us today. despite tests of concerns by sewing beading it seems to do is garnering increasing support by the international community namely united states britain and south east asian nations that how likely is that japan will carry out this month which depends on mulholland do we see these properties will with this moment if we
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are trained to put in his shop has moved. as the priest of course the revision of the impact and change them auburn evil on a business like me that they bought cleo at this point if off on this topic gets more power with this kind of property and the award is more progressive wolf. and then winning expected unexpected but to win another election in next time alrdy his photo call for the full senior japanese government officials said that under this collective self defense initiative japanese forces were never come onto the korean peninsula without prior consent. i should soul still be concerned though. so onward status of sorts to the oriental ought not to select a picture of katie and aunties. this of the parents but japan but that is what i was a story should be like a morning of the heart to respond to the korean so you know in a true sense that it is. it is. it is not likely that japan was this black immediately taking any action with these arts collective self defense. but korean
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responded to over its use agency in dallas but the responding officer that much and i kind of cool much for spectrum all that japan is making it the source of grave that governments are sociable immoral book called twist was to speak more bottled respond to these folks at ip the korean and speaking of separate korean and the spy korea strong opposition to the idea. a washington seems to be outwardly as supporting this idea of what mr reason behind it says stance and said do you think a soul is being isolated from the diplomatic circles. this took us to common sense is that in other nice to see in the chronic stress at this moment. ah but steve the message right to come back to asia in the name of rebalancing were given to the sheer awe. but steered me in that they need the money or other kind of resources to assess like increasing the apollo war in this mission but as i said to have such a comment over since two thousand financial crisis. so
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often that this is the sum total resources on to the electorate. a key piece of security would seek more security and is the agent isn't. and then it all there luckily for them to pass as they pay them were a blight on the tape itself with you that is it for me at the institute in the name of its connected to the facts made the trek to expand their defense perimeter in quitting as clinton sought to him this is a war and that won't wash of otherness install it on nothing just like okay you hold your assessment of my funnest one another boat owners want to keep this on the contentious industry should be avoided and are picking up the call. so with the us japan on one side and china on the other. what should korea's position the bomb was not much we can go visit all the colors are on. and at the state that we need both. so we need the matter partnership with china and we knew the security partnership with finances as well so it is for a stupid idea to take a one for the other tradeoff to be
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the best and we should do and then what is the best rid of them i would say that in all four job of keeping those partnership with both countries why the two sides are struggling for cousin wanted to hear what we should do is to secure the top two at the agency like i'm in a show for an appearance instead all in all i'm getting those out too highly of vicar of agencies like a candle will always work on grace when even the transmission. because again forty minutes it was so specialized and dislike in a proceeding everybody with him so the water board is kind of vocations for everybody. i just can't thank you very much for joining us this migration. thank you. before your dna. and another began get the latest line from seoul. any expert analysis
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from ages heartbeat with a viewpoint on the cold its global network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. south. over in united states president barack obama has defended the historic nuclear agreement signed between iran and six world powers despite heavy criticism from israel and mixed responses from the middle east are to mean she has the stats us president brothel bomb on monday defended the deal between iran and global powers that seeks to correct her and see a clear program while the us president acknowledged the challenges that lie ahead before the pack and equally in a comment to each at the top cop is not right for us security. we cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of god. tough talk and bluster may be that easy thing to do politically but it's not the right thing for our secure. the geoscience
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sunday as big international opinion. it is drawn strong criticism from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called it a historic mistake he has also denounced agreement to the dentist apt saying it does little to dismantling iraq's new spare capacity. he said monday he would stand as national security advisor to washington for talks with the us on a final due to deal with your eye. he said the accord bring about one outcome. a complete dismantling of the rats nuclear capability. britain has backed israel to avoid taking any action that can undermine the new year agreement. we would discourage any ability in the world including israel from taking any steps that would undermine this agreement and we will not in a very clear to all comers diaz also raced on a second crack of the lead to the widespread removal of weapons of mass destruction in the middle east and all saudi arabia no less enthusiastic said the deal could be the first step toward a comprehensive
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solution. other top state including the united iraq emirates that are issued statements placing hope the deal will safeguard peace and stability. the deal was signed between iran and six world powers falling four days of portraits of geneva in exchange for some relief from economic sanctions iran agreed to curb most of its nuclear activities over the next six months the negotiations on a final agreement see it. the minced onions. therefore the korean economy the iranian nuclear deal may eventually be an opportunity. the landmark deal was welcomed by crane importers and exporters who have been hampered by the strict sanctions placed on tehran to gian reports on the possible impact of resuming business with iraq a new plea deal with deron has given hope to some korean businesses that have been affected by the u s economic sanctions on iraq. well you're on and the sikhs well
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how is hammer out the details of the comprehensive nuclear the men of the next several months. much is expected to change in terms of lifting the sanctions. but if and when the art korean importers and exporters stand to benefit. teacher trainee importers of the uranium oil block on sunday. the plea dl including companies like asking an a she and her naval base which in the past and use the menial imports to supply ten to fifteen percent of its total to three importers a vineyard we deal with iran and the lifting of economic scene says it would reduce a scene at the can out of her then there's a scene which includes trying to find other well supplied years iran has been supplying oil to her yet since the nineteen seventies and has been regarded as the media business partner. but with the u s economic sanctions placed on the run korea which is the u s ally pakistan the decrease its reliance on ukrainian oil in twenty twelve. korean import at
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around four point six billion us dollars worth of the reunion cruise from january to october this year a thirty three percent drop from the previous year. in addition to the korea institute for international economic policy and a central bank of curry etsy though that the sanctions on iran would also give korean auto exporters of this piece to provide more than half of the steel plates he's breathing in automobiles also the international contractors association of korea said it expects positive effects for construction company thinker yet that do business overseas iran had been one of a tough fight marketplace is for korean construction companies since the nineteen seventies before cunning to an abrupt stop in two thousand due to the mania new hq and jam and unions. and taking it out to thailand for anti government protests seemed to be spinning out of control in the rest of the show has prompted the country's prime minister to invoke a special security law. and then has to
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be counts. thailand is an extension of the total security act on monday as tens of thousands of protesters. one major streets in bangkok and surrounding areas. add them to maintain the mainstream to secure the government access to maintain peace and security for the people to maintain law and order the government and impose the national security act. shayla said the measures which include checkpoint security had been a force to maintain security in the order type people repeat national security service is now my turn to protest and were trying to handle the protesters about it if i am. we all wanted senior pilots as dozens of protests this one to define its court date and publicly since ministry on monday the largest demonstration island has witnessed in three years. the protests being led by the opposition democrat
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party was the case is settled law of being a puppet for brother auction was prime minister from two thousand won the two thousand six since noah was ousted a military coup back in two thousand six i was in self imposed in dubai. but is known to surf youtube clips of the current government the mint. i didn't do this straight since frenzy has settled into what i practice over the korean baseball clubs are still making moves to upgrade their lineups to change but the trade deal on tuesday and stephen kaye joins us now with the details lol there. they guys are the biggest trade of the off season so far the tucson their cent in the other units that meet the next in fort onions topped the one for one trade deal will send the twenty year old dude and not be confused with the non pitcher to be gross to
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bolster their already loaded lineup that includes the peacock don't fall into the beers will get the thirty one year old tony pitcher turned outfielder with the big alarm and speedy legs to bolster their defence in the meantime it simple so decided to retain teachers read the night and andy ben hecht in both close the winners last season. now moving on it's the second round in league action started the korean air jungles and the rustic s best be lenient on this but don't both taking the first two sets but the pseudonyms of michael sanchez attack from both sides now it's the third said russian cast aside the need to scrap it out and give it their all. deciding engage in an epic stage with the set finally fall into korean air fifty six to fifty four. the jumbo sweep the best deal in straight sets for three points. and ending off let's check out tina's they stopped epl match up is the lg seekers taking on the pcc and is in town too
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now this acres at the start of the costs of five hundred looking to add more waves first that both teams start off slow scoring a single digits and the first lucky taken up its thirty three the twenty one guilty of that the head. now the thirty cc's come get it done. it's closer to welcome her into bed. with seventeen points. now we built a fort the aegis in state history but it's what don't these people and jefferson picks up the slack with ten points while christmassy end tonight with the sixth and tenth double double and its acres and sleepy just sixty to sixty three. the premier to sportscenter this has been speeding term setback at midnight. the latest in the world of sports. moon aye aye. i am. did. on that. ch
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stg. the nation saw sporadic rain and sleet today that precipitation is going to turn to snow on wednesday but skip the details by going over correcting them down at the weather center. but down a nice out and she had the snow is forecast to start falling from a lady tonight articulate that the current conditions essential reasons under the influence of a low pressure trough that is why
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we're seeing clouds. one on central regions are forecast to get between two to seven centimeters of snow. they still bought want to have a sit in damascus the highlands province with sixty about eight to ten centimeters of tomorrow morning and is recommended that you take transportation it is possible because the snow and a drop in temperatures will be still icy road conditions. other than that tomorrow afternoon temperatures will rise that much compared to the morning show. get ready for a free lecture by that. looking ahead at tomorrow's meeting since lily's house atop the day at zero degrees but a high of one. meanwhile kate went in to feed and six welding on sale either be changed at the dental bill will make it to four and ten degrees respectively all the while mark and then tops out at my next fight. well that's all for now but the fact that my appetite after midnight. that's our broadcasts add this to say that santa came so the job and thanks for watching season i did the eye. i do
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the years. cz the new new new new lulu who who who who who who who. this agreement was made the world are much more dangerous place. we'll make our partners in the region safer. israel sticks to its guns and sends it up security and to washington to get ounces on the need to deal with them and will now miss the old did not forget that night in geneva the aye aye aye the third day of anger and becoming heat in which


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