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remedy that. the many courts close in age. the country the you knew me you will the fans. the new jersey and one jewish communities around the world began celebrating hanukkah otherwise known as the festival of lights which traditionally begins with the lighting of the menorah in the united states the us national menorah was living in the white house continuing a tradition that was started in nineteen seventy nine but president jimmy carter in israel crowds turned out to watch the nine products can elaborate lighting ceremony in front of the western wall the holiest site in judaism
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and the last remaining remnant of the ancient second temple in berlin also lived in or in front of the iconic brandenburg gate. hanukkah is a jewish holiday that commemorates the second century bc victory of the market needs and andrew bolton into judea against armies of the saloon sedan the menorah is a key part of the festival because according to jewish tradition the maccabees found only in a ritual the pure oil to like this am o'neill in the temple in jerusalem for one day but the boy in iraq gets that burned for eight dates and this year the festival also coincides with the american holiday thanksgiving. an occurrence that isn't supposed to happen again for some seventy nine thousand years. i the accused. and more. he he. sheesh each. shh
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shh shh. his hour. the anyone house foundation held its annual ball to raise money for the charity. it's been two years since the singer died of alcohol poisoning after a very battle with
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tights. her father says despite christmas hanukkah and rush the sun coming up everyday is difficult without tv. she may be gone but she certainly not forgotten. i visit her iconic image been up for auction at the second annual amy winehouse foundation hall in london. back to black singer died two years go from alcohol poisoning after the witnessed her struggle with big contracts. father nick says there isn't a day that goes by when he doesn't think of his daughter. christmas will be shown on the amount that the results on its own stocks. the city called sleeping pill. next week
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the research team at a terrible tragedy he took a sit stay. the tuk tuk ride reached to the extent we would do it. say it but it costs me one bit. the special relationship they attack with his daughter it was well known. she even had a tattoo on her arm which read daddy's girl. he says that the knee pain he feels that the loss of the celtic tiger is the driving force behind the eighty one house foundation. meditation is like getting on. not all i can watch the channel nine a battle began on what you're doing. level i could do with itself. so if you don't see the question about anybody the sunni party of regions in the teeth without success amy's mother janice also said it was like the singer with a pool of. they please
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ubs ag. a galaxy of stars attended the event to support the charity. back to black music producer and dj mark ronson former mrs mick jagger and monetary home and british pop star pixie lott were just some of the big names tennis courts the evening ended with a performance by ads consequently singer boy george. the foundation recently launched adjust the tension that grandkids twenty schools across england and they have to be in fifty by the end of the academic year. i'm cindy martin st and one. london is on . zz you the answer to the rain ice and snow impacted on some holiday travel plans on the east coast as millions of americans took to planes trains and automobiles to make their ways home for
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thanksgiving. although the fee and widespread gridlock did not happen. in washington at the southern end of the east coast railroad system. their only minor delays due mostly to the large crowds boarding trains in washington and new york traveling between the two cities over seven thousand passengers were set to travel on amtrak trains across the us likely to be the busiest travel day for the rail system. reagan national airport just outside washington. passengers were arriving early anticipating that their flights might be delayed by more than two hundred thirty flights to from or within the united states had been canceled due to bad weather. according to their tracking website flight aware dot com. he quintessentially american holiday also coincides this year with hanukkah which hasn't happened since eighteen eighty eight. one estimate says that hanukkah celebration of the maccabees week cleaning and re dedicating the second temple in jerusalem will again share the same day as thanksgiving for roughly seventy nine thousand years. two lucky
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turkeys have escaped to the traditional thanksgiving carving night cranberry sauce and stuffing after being pardoned by us president iraq obama in office obama crown to the national thanksgiving turkey and formerly pardons to turkey's popcorn and the runner up karen now popcorn a foul in a bid to badger minnesota beat a rival channel for the title which the white house put out for a vote via social media. with the power vested in me. i want to drive. for a full report it. up above. while we do. we wish him well. or what this was the sixty sixth annual presentation of the national thanksgiving turkey courtesy of the national turkey
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federation. the light has been named the winner of the battle to host the two thousand twenty world expo with the announcement prompting cheers and celebrations from the united arab emirates delegation at the final float. the golf commercial hub who won the support of one hundred sixteen out of one hundred sixty four voting members of the paris based bureau international these exquisite shown in the final round run off against the russian city and he kept a dream or it becomes the first a middle eastern city to host the event that the uae hopes will pull in billions of dollars of investments. dubai not that hard to host the twenty twenty fair as a catalyst to transform the emirates of two point two million people into a top of global center for tourism trade and finance. the win also carries risks. some property developers wanted to trigger another speculative real estate bubble similar to the one that burst in two thousand dates to two thousand ten causing dubai
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property prices to crash but more than fifty percent the world next post which participating countries use to showcase technological prowess culture and architecture are held every five years for six months milan will host the next one in two thousand fifteen i hope the paci finals ikea me to bind bringing it to get that seventeen finalists from across the region to back the leaves out a bit tight so keen of drift. but with a shop in trees and dense and defines roads could still like these be encouraging to find seemed to take a life like to race while driving dubai is amazing since the wedding of my favorite thing and the sport's growing so much. that's when a rebel an amazing job. if the councillors not to offend people like this fort stands let's go read what they do
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with safety on defense the pace quickened and enjoy it and the content robbins he got travis great ideas it is bound to the people in it fold in until our budget consultations on in the school. it is educating people to pay his tab for controlled environments and with that thing on the street was closed up about it. while the mythical it's like it's the kids decided the barber shop increase in tax by its roots in the context of the fence top of the sea and the att killed compared to the folks he married in the corresponding period of two thousand. while i stared died in the body says the money doesn't go well wary of bahrain students on the left are all the rides nobody doubts himself on the throne. the site so it means the people that don't know it's going to get hats like this arise. like many things to prevent the accident site but in the right with the eyes of the street but i don't think this anybody can do anything
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it's that this isn't the answer to every driver should say that because they need to be responsible for that one type and so can be responsible for the types of others that the driving next to the wasilla is inside response to the ditzy if you obey the rules that the job and just the standard rules this isn't the only safety after taking the lead in to see bad writing in the name linked to the pcb if you obey just this time that that would be missing out. i think that's a withdrawal tremendously. people come from the backgrounds i think awareness is the best bet for a nail to prevent accidents in the future more communication. the only home to so many nationalities and so many see it counts. i just don't show statistics. bad example the huge ideas into by a statistically the most accidents on to buy skirts what i was younger everybody but when he was and especially the guys the boys. pray that i'll try again and going fast. got this is when you cannot build and execute them to the tenets of most of my day summit to promote says we
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really need to get the ball and baseball the stakes are they going to remove it from the straits. with all the kids up in a cave. it was a mystery prize that are out we just don't teach these children these days teenagers is not gold. there is not common. this isn't a whole new level. drop in demand for it. so i stopped in cts acting on this humble outlets and that the combined driving community see that sounds like base. i just entertainment. the day along with the team and divide grover was still sits just two kilometers from the polish border and well into the twentieth century was halted its western neighbor. now the tiny western ukrainian city says it wants to be incorporated into the european union despite the announcement last week that ukraine would abandon plans to forge closer ties to the signing of an association agreement with the youth. it's nice that
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every city and every citizen scientist doing everything you will not pay attention to the different colors depending on slippers and nation and the government designation of the president of the main thing is you will have to join it. this is our chance ukraine's political opposition has accused president viktor yanukovich and his government that easy he is in negotiations with the eu as a welcoming chicken team to moscow to reach a deal for cheaper gas and moans from moscow. the unrest in ukraine has this if you see it that europe's second largest country meant when she spits into eastern ukraine in crimea side in russia and western ukraine joining the eu independence gold in which the green continued his outstanding in this currency remained in the european union and two in the ninety minute reliance according to that still pitch to scoop up the government
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the comments come ahead of next season every team referendum. now if the fall of reasoned arguments and i would do that to that they give opinion in the dead but keeping spelling of some upcoming citadel but the topmost and that the nato alliance they stand up to some mesa stand up for a reason. however former british treasury secretary of us that the only claims there are a series of poems and it's in these documents the various issues including scotland's future current state and defense policy particularly given the snp has pledged to reopen uk where this place which is to indicate that in scotland the ducks the big questions like the current state. we don't teach keep the time that we don't look of the sea will we use will be of world will re join the euro or whatever. we don't get defence welfare pensions to have the taunts of any of these questions. a recent polls the sunday times found that thirty eight percent it still struck independence with forty seven percent of losing fifteen percent undecided. should scotland voted in favor of leaving
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the uk the country will become independent film on twenty fourth twenty sixteen i do i. the ever increasing popularity of turkish soap operas in the middle east is causing concern in pakistan for many shows which feature alcohol consumption and the liberal relationships are seen to be encroaching on islamic values. the imported shows are attracted to pakistan's tv channel access to cheaper to buy locally produced shows and feature higher quality sets and costumes. the senior vice president of pakistan being a tv channel one tv to the show's our breath of fresh air. i've been a bit of news with the profession if you asked me about turkish trauma. i think they have freshness of the vacations are beautiful and he'd been walking the same tv stars facility is it's the first on people to watch new places and experiencing fresh and new in the fourth episode that is why they have attracted the caucus on the view is they found a
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change. it's been eighteen veteran pakistani tv star of the army has been filming his latest show called up my loved ones in the southern city of karachi his show which follows the life of a young girl after her parents die is filmed on a strict budget is only one camera in one episode only a small living room in the driveway are used for filming. he says he just can't compete with their rivals. moore. six to two shows have very expensive productions and on industry calm afford it. and secondly you in all her panties we are in the doldrums position and socially politically and economically it is a big challenge. so what happened to me and is the ratio of success is very narrow keep up with a tool that is welcome. pakistani tv channels are sometimes forced to wear mini skirts and low cut tops one in turkey scallops actors to carry out the cia says the imported
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john as she began. my knee and the rest of the cost and benefit of our team and conditions. translated that to everyone in the nation which rejects it that everyone has the second piece dedication to our suite is wrong. orienteering i'm too old to teaching and thus pakistani culture they went into it so i'm playing a bit too pajamas along with this man and patient stopped. at any moment to it. it's not the first time tv has been under the microscope pakistan's supreme court has expressed its concern over programs are receiving from neighboring india. those bollywood movies have ended pakistan's local cinema industry. in turkey and tv shows are big business the oxford business group claims that enduring more than sixteen million dollars in two thousand eleven from exporting over a hundred tv series to more than twenty countries when it is growing in money flowing into the turkish television industry is showing no signs of slowing its domination of the middle east media markets
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the mm . the diplomatic route was chosen and an interim deal regarding iran's nuclear development was reached. we estimate of israel's experts on iran to discuss this issue and explain what exactly it means for israel and for the international community professor at the time you but this be looking around what we have deities store opened six months in connection with iran is said taking upon itself a commitment. two and reached over to the nsa still gone with the uranium in return. a whole the plutonium the wars in iraq. and in return. there should be coming off a relief that he wrong with you when it comes to the sultan's
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the chain. and the uneven road or approximate the offset and india as millions to attend. israeli prime minister at the al has repeatedly stated this would be in that the au pair in fact as this the low impact is now. it's a good deal for israel. because it's in the ghettos in accordance with what i think and what i said. iran will go nuclear and basically he's been in line or perception is that the five plus one. sacrifice than me due to an end in moncton. for the sake of the court. so wei rong got here it's kind of a promise coming from the united states. and in no way that includes history. that minute pr. is not in the offing when it comes to the next six months. what do you believe israel should be doing about this deal seems very big deal there's no use to talk about a bad feeling. there is a
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deal. we should do now is just a second american fork by which to make sure that everybody understands what could be the ramifications of an old hymn of that kind of a deal and in tandem the current senate intelligence effort behind the scenes helping the americans and try to find a notice even when it comes to that we take in the future agreement he's going to be this interim deal create tension between the us and is now that is. let's say some cream on your side would say voyages between walking and true to the united states of america is freaking tired and the less strident in berlin. to die in a medium bowl with. middle east issues we may say that in the middle east the compositional for all the so called color umbrella. he's being changed
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much more russians. much more chinese. the expense of the americans what we have to at the piano i was so cute it's kind of a russian american men. and tell of these university can this new generation of students believe in resolving the iranian issue diplomatically. i think that's a boundary to county run as it gets good idea. i mean it's ninety eight to fourteen now and think the new government is like trying to calm and peace and more. so i think it's not not a good way to say that no we don't win it. you know to continue have anything to do with kids it seems everybody's kind of unhappy which it to me thinks it's a good deal of nobodies completely happy. anything that prevents more and sort of makes every kind of equally unhappy and. you know more to go on tours compromise and things are good idea. i think it's
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the end it will be in town that had little chance for peace in the city. obviously no one's going to attack any monday. at least that's what i think. i think are financed it was a bit too loud about it he shouldn't talk to obama i am tired of thinking that wouldn't invest. do you foresee a military options for is now in the future. i don't think it's good to talk about that. this speech is then she'd make your. that this day. that we are not to make it to a deal. or as complete or fooled you mean the end of today. that would make sure that iran goes nuclear. we can knock me out self to accept that. and in that case is l would be responsible for its own destiny or for its own future israel's prime minister benjamin acting out titled the deal with iran a historic mistake allowing what he called the most dangerous regimes to attain the most
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dangerous weapon. he also stressed that israel would not be bound by this agreement. free jn one one c butter bean is around. eye he's really are indeed manufacturers unveiled an array of cutting edge drones another unmanned vehicles at a trade show in the city of racial lasagna. the israel aerospace industries one of the twenty five israeli exhibitors at the show displayed its massive surveillance drone heron tp which measures as wide as the boeing seven thirty seven exhibitors said that there are two new trends emerging in israel's development of unmanned vehicles each year in operation and going beyond military use such terms are now being used for disaster response and long for snacks israel is one of the world's leading exporters of
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the unmanned aircraft the country has sold more than four point six billion us dollars worth of german technology in the past years about ten percent of the country's total defence exports the aircraft has mainly been sold to europe asia and latin america israel often uses the germans to monitor the palestinian territories and to carry out targeted strikes against militants he's really an island in ohio has announced plans to offer to fifteen to coast flights every week to find european destinations from some of the stone team from twenty fourteen fell aisle planes will fly to the knees and crawled through the press than opera and theater. with prices starting from sixty one dollars each way. and little's decision to create the new routes is linked to newark and start agreement between the european union and israel which was sewing up some of the deal announced you can operate this to my pitch to match the planes to and from the jewish state's
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with compressed a teacher to work yet been reached to run in the bin. el al is the flank area of israel the panel and slice the two forty five destinations and off as coach of the meals the cops teaches piano and though still smiled to toe with faisal the sabbath eight twenty two songs from sixteen fourteen relief to be the first printed in what is now the anointed states has sold for just under fourteen point two million dollars second option record for printed. great songs but sold some reason i'm a new york that's twelve million five hundred thousand dollars. so on his telephone at twelve millionfive hundred thousand dollars. fair warning for the twelve millionfive hundred thousand dollars each school to the flamingo american businessman and
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philanthropist david rubenstein who plans to lend it to molly breeze across the country. the previous undeniable sneeze old south church decided to sell the iconic to fund shut your friends and help the local community. like a grown up and hide out in the world were thrilled at that time so that is not subject you been able to replace american with this amazing book in a story the book was produced in british north america just twenty. he is off the pilgrims arrived in massachusetts from england just eleven copies remain of the rest of the songs and it was the first concrete feel that this aisle since nineteen forty seven which also achieved a record auction price for that the north korean supreme leader was seen on wednesday taking a stroll through hong kong's busy shopping district before posing in front of a
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fuel a treat in shops or was he. if you think this man looks like kim jong hoon you're right you guys but it's not the young dictator it's a man who calls himself the world's first kim jong hoon impersonator. let's take a look at north korea's real supreme leader. you can see the real him don't you. it's sobering to think im getting back to. and here in hong kong is our thirty five year old musician who dressed up as kim is an april fool's joke but after videos of him went viral on the internet so we decided to bring a little comic relief to the city streets. while the people attending bailout thing i can make people happy. something that's so depressing. but yea it's that it's funnier. his name isn't just limited to hong kong and you couldn't tell which has since appeared in the controversial tv and fridge for an israeli burger chain threatening new to the attack on the united states but still. let's play some bots will. and that was
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sit down so affiliates of december. it's going. is this going on. howard has never been to north korea nor has he plans to visit the secretive state for the time being since he believes the government is aware of his antics. i. the i will. do. will be. to me will. who are we are. will
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the tsar. the it's just. as i the it makes the world and
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programming for locally mined hunters and underwriters local contact us at sponsors to any team that works out or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. new new new new. since. one cheryl trot. according to my show time is near east china if the air defense identification zone has no impact on your space issues territorial rights for sovereignty. transportation and communications ministry ofme


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