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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 2, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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was a free day. of course breaking news top twenty. so much. either or situation stocks. while. good news
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thailand say she is not going to resign if she rejects the protesters demand ushi bar to the pple calling i unconstitutional re are protected in ukraine bloc the government headquarters think that the state round the clock rallies against the president you turn on a new trade deals with the eu. ina launch itsirst ever mission in it to them owing to the robotic rover is it to the eye because of her. thanks for guiding us for the pre u n is alrite defiant pride minister of thailand say she is not going to resign. in her first speech to the nations of peaceful protest turned violent. two days ago she
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rejected protested the mount to shift power to the people calling it unconstitutional as requested cannot meet its announcement of the constitution. i emphasize the swimming today it remained to find a solution together. speaking at a thai prime minister also said there would be no violations against the protesters but not long ago police broke up one rally with rubber bullets and water cannons. thank a corresponding is now wolf has the latest from bangkok. it's a resource of the shooting of brewing between police and protesters throughout the day at protesters tried to storm the barricades. government house the one to seize the mango ice is in the capital police for penning them which a guess japan is today. the crowd lol lol this to pursue a poll by the use of more tense atmosphere in the air throughout the day today and just about three hours two hours ago was a number of rubber bullets fired it would seem from the police side
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reaching the ultimate in myself of a couple of injuries but nothing too serious it seems that indeed that there is a an increase in tension. must be said just about up an hour ago it seems that tension has been dissipated. it's unclear why the protest leaders of cold that frontline. members back from the restart and saying that there is some kind of dialogue going on with the snow clear except that it's that also announced it will be an announcement this evening around eight thirty pm local time. be positive for the protesters but again no clear what that information isn't exactly what's happening to mention subsided for now. in that main common house or in what we've seen a lot of violence over the pa state is the talks were held last night between the prime minister and opposition talks that were mediated by the military could that be a bit of this scale back in the process the ridges mentioning. indeed this is what some of the thoughts of imminent ricci was inhat role in that discussion off by the midst of a protest
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leader in the ministry cheap and so as mediator of the country and outside of time an this may seem is something a little bit strange to have him in a tree which should be under the control of the government acting as a political media to the country has seen the eighteen can use it in about fifty or sixty years it's not the un is unusual that the ministry takes on a more political role in the country. so the monitors to speculation about what they said trees cou be all these talks could be a witness. now maybe later on in the evening. but so far yes tre iome talk that the ministry has taken some kind ofedia truro for the concerns that there will be some kind of a need that sort of standing down upon entry to moxie in the country a little bit too soon to say that's not the ascetic practices of the money they lost the cord and spun into them up they say and do not give them the audio that the ruling that they need an apple they should be appointed people's council of the premise that use already said that it's t possible under the constitution that's going to happen and we'll have to be some extra constitutional him in
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interference. well wolf there reporting from bangkok. but tent city has come up in the ukrainian capital of kiev at demonstrators there are state and around the clock protests demanding that governments the president step down. hundreds of opposition supporters are being bussed in to the capital to make sure those numbers to stay up all of the crag joins us now from kiev that what's going on then out the moment the defendants that the minute that you can see that several thousand protested the stages been set up the city's doubts that stretching it a little bit of this that he had been tense since told to act on independence but to make sure that a prominent presence of the demonstration that sol sun and the sort of revolutionary headquarters if you like of the building of the side of the square where they stayed in the press sad to say things are getting older guys what's up what's important to note about this riveting revolution is the gradient cycling as a comparison with the current revelation that a place in two thousand fault is that
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the israelis are determined cross breeds. a spontaneous reaction to the government's decision not to sign this is a state agreement with the european union said to me now that the different forces that are involved in organizing it. coming to get that ends with some taxes but also with the corrected it get well and to add that to take a spirit to the coming together and making some plans for what to do going for but it still barren ok what exactly the planets whatever the demonstrators at the site yesterday already that they're a bit of a mixed bunch. what i think it is today. action said by the center divide the demonstrators were a big disappointment to the vast mass of a ukrainian seperate us to complete the study it's true that in ukraine the opposition has now formed of three main parties on one of them is a practical top of that which is the night with the french national front with other far right parties that in europe is no part to save the size of a right to participate is that kind of is not to stay at seventy and i think are we so yes today
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is that some members of saud and then people to the fact that the right to bed nationalists greeks will add to the team teed up to tuesday's buttons in this demonstration in ukraine is a funny situation paradoxical up to western europeans that's a very extreme nationalists in ukraine can also be very extreme pro europeans simply because the episode of close to russia's domination of this country. thank you for that governor democrat reporting there from kiev. just to recap the country after a race that has truly come down against gay marriage people there voted overwhelmingly to define marriage in the constitution as being only between a man and a woman over two thirds of those who voted in the doors to the amendment but turnout was low at just under forty percent. ukraine has the key texts celebrating themselves to constitutionally ban on gay marriage. right moment to seven hundred thousand signatures to bring about the referendum group in the name of the family courts
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what they want six. they then any government. changing these substances may need to be god. the device without consulting the citizens of the page. nearly two thirds of croatian very to say yes to the question didn't you agree that marriage is matrimony between a man and woman in a predominantly catholic country. the result comes as no surprise. open nine am the sun really do anything the keys to essentials and many friends who'll miss axles. as a mom that i think that a child's emotional and psychological development. it's me the importance of a mother or father died. also backed by the conservative opposition county the referendum is on the lines of its occurrence racial tensions in the recession hit country needs new x men and a gazebo prime minister zoran in honor of h coulter squirts out and pointless has promised to give gay couples more rights in the future. meanwhile
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opponents say the referendum could lead to further discrimination. she marvels me that i'm a cyclist and those who walk their dogs and then the and we know how the land. it's sad isn't it sparingly or a small door attitudes towards heterosexuals have slowly been improving in croatia tried hard to sustain regularly you will be eight under heavy security. gay couples can also register the unions. sunday the dips and constitutional commission finally adopted draft articles for the new constitution the controversial document mostly preserves the military's wide ranging powers but it does allow the president of the election to be held before parliamentary polls. a potential change in the regional road map put forth by the army. that news comes as over two thousand students continued protests in tahrir square. the first time in over a year that islam is not held a mass
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protests there. you can spend some amusement into the streets of collie who was the school and all the stops to create and here's where the protests. it's the first time supporters of former piston hundred mostly gathered in large numbers into his clinic for over a year. the redacted protested to the students to continue to turn this will be cold here the tea room the conundrum. i'm demanding justice for the maths is attenuated twenty fifth goal of the maths is the foreman and domenici room. god willing we will not meet inherent to the manager who is torn down the army has held that means harrison's morrissey was constitutionally they have consolidated their strength so the new trump constitution. arts group c with the states the community courts can try civilians who have attacked soldiers aren't damaged on the property the army can also improve the appointments of the minister of defense and
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knowledge of the parliament building. governments will have control over them and they keep budgets. the new document which appears largely favorable to the manatee. the system and fifty into details. all appointed by governments and even lights and the army again this constitution is beneficial for the people because it clearly establishes obligation to the government to allow the rebirth of the people in her store all the rights freedoms and worse fact that the people must also work in cooperation with the government to build the country. the final tanks will go to the reference and will be bored to zone in the coming few weeks. come back and hit a facile way the government taking a closer look at the content is a shield of sunday working hours. the former boss of the post op this novel by he has handed in a much anticipated report said. and it does seem to be pointing toward keeping sunday most the day of rest. some stores here like supermarkets are allowed to open on sunday but earlier this year. hardware stores your parents went
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against current laws and stayed open as well saying they have the right to do so his french prime minister some people. sunday is not just any day. and we don't want you to become one stupid with it. the new health bill which make sunday a day of racing will not be called into question. exemptions exist by necessity spirit gone to collect his meals with all of it so it's not a question of simply putting on a daily to work sundays. one second places people can already work on sunday. we need to make the best of me to hear about the same class so it's understood what everyone's full retail. this time. these costumes an investigation now is underway in new york over just how and why commuter train tube radio over the weekend. four people were killed and more than sixty hurt when all set in black and jumped the tracks the tree was reportedly speeding at the time of
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the accident. another anonymous source has quoted the train operator is saying the brakes had failed now it's one small step for man one giant step for beijing china has just blasted off its first ever rover mission to the movie. this is the latest step in its growing space program the mission is called saying victory and in chinese mythology ten that is the goddess of the moon and the rover vehicle that will crawl around that there is named the jade rabbit after tax. aw on the stove. two years later and patients received an enormous beast on monday that the successful launch of the moon rockets spectacle is the elephant on the mean according to the beijing airspace control center. the chain those three probe has successfully entered earth's orbit. i can now announce the successful launch of the probe the news
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that china sea the mission the blanket is counting memorable thing he called the cute quirky trumpets which will carry a scientific experiments on the surface of many the group is due to london and intended to send the unit will begin at six thirty mission. examining the surface with a keen eye to resources. you know kinda costly as the afternoon from one hundred to two hundred km away. now we can stand on the main set the stage to face with it and said they could sleep. look it's a great eye for design degrees it's the world's third in the interval for mission following the united states to force the union to need to go. it is the source of enormous national pride for the chinese. china sees the space program as a symbol of that going into national state is a technological advancements. i do still use the limits. china aims to establish a permanent space station by twenty twenty and eventually tantamount to the main. maybe now it is in
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your head up the delivery of your internet shopping was just too slow you are going to love. that's ahead of the adams on has just unveiled the future of deliveries and easy to press it. he wants to use what you've seen here these little after proctor media drones to fly small packages to consumers in just thirty minutes. the us retail giant said its products to require additional safety testing and federal approval but the nonsense what it's calling it a crime they are serving as could be up and running again for the wide effects. the key with the anti god or cares what you can take that to stay with us. like this it seems simple you can get complicated. some certainty when everything can change
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things can get difficult. so cleaning of the sea can give you a better view. see the inside story of the company. calls to the global economy twenty four hours a day. due to the business into you on all the stops in stocks rose in all prices fell this week on the news of a new pay deal between iran and six world powers the reigning government pledge to make its nuclear program or transparent in bhutan western powers relaxed some of the sanctions on the country the deal was also seen to pique the interest of western companies and stay on a return to a market that has been largely cut off the tee to sanctions. it isn't too late to cry of victory all the years of animosity to help with the business side of the story became time to crispin holes he's managing director to nato intelligence
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which evaluates political risks said thank you very much in people being with us let me start by asking you how big of a deal t think that this new quit the law actually is how much progress has actually been. while it's it's enormously important is a huge step forward in principle on the terms all the i truly mean to the economic impact of that is much less than that the principle of progress many feared. this in the context is now thirty four years since the revolution isn't just thirty four years since the us and iran broke off the mark in relation to this is an enormous step forward into it and it amounted to emphasize the economic impact is necessarily limited at t be continuing toe on and negotiate a permanent deal over the next six months. how do you think the process will play out so good is he stops and starts or do you think you will be a fairly smooth
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process. what a good be it through i still missed it too soon it'll be smooth as i think i'm particularly when you have a situation where at least two or three of these governments have been longstanding problems with each other. just communication becomes extremely difficult. on both sides between the us un and iran you have. act two. how awful elements that were cut in on countries that oppose this deal to produce compromise. so absolute didn't expect this to be smooth and that we also think six months is is itself optimistic. um i think it's there all the bones of a moment of an agreement in principle in place in six months that would be a huge result of progress. your father to see some of the hotels that are facing negotiates is set wedgie think those handles all of that big it so to speak it all day inside iran. or is it among western powers and some
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hardliners for instance it is in the us congress. wouldn't we like to split them i think there are enormous obstacles on both sides on. the it is the assumption i think that is being naive and cultivate the new u s congrats and is well result is that we have to wait until the wrong new sanctions in force but the title. so now we should turn the screw when the rains have no choice but to me as if i'll save you a new job is to have a choice. on the regime is eminently papal also bought anything for a considerable period is that sanctions will mind tying to the fullest extent. so do the this plant at auction for the iranians told this progress and i'm clearly i'll get bikes the idea of communication when you have a u s government saying we want to reach an agreement by the us alleges has to put the decision of potentially costing additional sanctions legislation than that there's a credibility issue so you
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know i think i think there is significant open the book of all tools on both sides. oh do you think there is a risk than those that we won't see a dominant team and how big is this risk. is a very significant risk of time the sweet bean milk white this fall down that route before but the various points in the last one to thirteen years to obtain degrees of rapprochement between a role in the west and in the run up to the time. the alteration to force a settlement homes iraqi army out of kuwait in nineteen ninety nine to one store degree of reports mall the period during which the present moment tummy with ron that the administration in an ear on was another period of red it's a rough rough mornings between somewhat steep some awesome thousand the wrought iron and the situation and a tear or two better off to say that this sadly is not a foregone conclusion this is going to progress smoothly all worn off so smoothly towards an ultimate agreement
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of the finger of it and significant risks of this can pull it off. the study of the event that iran could have survived economic eighty four. for some time still even under the sanctions said there is this ongoing debates whether or not. economic sanctions. xd what do you think it was the sanctions though that the role of iran to the negotiating table. i'm at the end of the day is that the reason why why there with them and the prospects. well unto us is the regime kosovo and that i would just new regime could survive while allowing enormous damage to irreparable damage being done to done to the iranian economy. we've seen in the polls in the middle east north africa extended periods of sanctions that don't remove a regime on the puppy mill most outrageous thing is done to the economy into the population larger than one thinks of a day or iraq for its own within the regime could save on for much longer but the regime is intent on
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its longer term survival. and to achieve that. i think the regime needs sanctions. a mediation before the damage the psalms the economy is becomes irreparable will never let us as happened in iraq. in how the state's key thing that they re named connie is at the moment infection this time. growth is basically ignore that. so it seems pretty bad from the from the outside. it is extreme. and given that the economy is very much driven ball in government spending which is itself a function of government revenues that come from crude oil exports limitations on crude exports stronger low economic growth is an open environment where you have a very large scale private sector that operates in isolation from government spending. so you struggle government revenues to strong growth in us exactly what has happened and what was saying is those things that the regime can control things
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like access to foreign exchanges and is currently doing to minimize the impact on and is able therefore to expand its own lifespan while accepting a bit of damage to water column. well in the aftermath of this deal we have had that western companies are once again stopping to buy the ear any market where during the dot to the oil ministry for instance hasn't stopped since that song. toll said he still some contacts through with the west an old mate is who will come of the prize is the wrong man for western companies how interested all that. well i think very very interested is the simple and so on up front to get from where we all today to a point where they idea for us major for example is able to invest korea knew it. in the radio and gas sector which is a very very don't judge him in the dungeons of the recent roaches and into actual scientists to move up multiple layers of us. you
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know actual selections before what happened. but the long term goal is it worth the roof access to the right healing gas sector with its enormous reserves. that being on the developed in the post twenty twenty is that it is to ignore pain that access to more than technology what recovery rates can be improved. but the potential there is enormous but i think any major oil company indicated this would bet that in mind but also recognize that the sec is a very long journey between now and the position where free investment will possible. on top of that you have major foreign companies that were able to invest in iran in the milling season and in the last decade. that ultimately left a wrong because it became too difficult will it that too that experience is going to mold the right the enthusiasm of the business development units within some of the night to come from this law the sexes of the onset of
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onset of the interesting fall for western companies. what are you sure onto would be with which is aunt interesting um you have an enormous market is one of the largest in the middle east or the ghost in the middle east at this point i'm potentially with a very strong source of revenue in you and get set to on consumer goods manufacturing automotive unit or is it an enormous potential market western companies that are interested in the end the iranian all it said should they start to prepare to go back in now or will she think that the risks are still too high and fro from that expected. one thing is it depends on the sector. i mean they see them on or sections of radiation has taken place is a result of this deal in the seconds maybe a chinese milk due to this point does have specific opportunities folk result locomotive company. and
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the european animation companies that were a big export as a modem automotive vehicles on call to iran now have some of that the shackles lifted to his name age and opportunity that i would expect those companies out of school most when the last road signs included what was in use. um will be the first to a top bloke. i think in areas such as medical equipment for example point at the er all in situations where the existing sanctions to prevent exposure on all very complex and multi that promotes clean with having woken investigating what the situation exactly is the new media unlikely that major west and malaysian up like tat manufacturers' could immediately anticipates a free open free access to the iranian market. let's say that the better. there is a dealer. let's say that the sanctions all our old tropes how quickly do you think that the rainy economy will get back on track we
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don't have a lot of time left but i still wanted to ask you that holds the end. and it will takes it will take several years i mean that this is the damage has been done to an economy is not just damage being done in the last couple of years much of the damage has been inflicted by sanctions imposed on auction sites on the country's much of it is also being done only becoming mismanagement within the iranian system so it's as milk and miss mary's off to recovery a toll on but clearly if sanctions were to be removed for double a year from now. then i would expect to see very very rapid growth rights were established in iran. um because the school grounds because all the right to a crisp and also fall into nato intelligence. thank you very much indeed for taking the time speak to listen without we're going to wrap up this program thanks for watching costs and debt
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hse new technology is the latest digital innovations and the impact on society. twenty young mr white said. monday at four forty five pm. i know. as i
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i am. and. always first
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citizens of gaza and celebrate the date of the first president


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